Poso Violence

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Poso in central Sulawesi has been wracked by civil disturbances and bombs the last few days.

In the wake of the execution of the three Christian men, Fabianus Tibo, Dominggus da Silva, and Marinus Riwu, last week a number of violent incidents and bombings have taken place. These acts of “provocation” seem to be succeeding in stirring up sectarian passions among ordinary people.

The disturbances seem to have begun on Friday 29th September when a police helicopter, carrying the new Central Sulawesi police chief Badrodin Haiti, landed in front of the Pamona Timur police station, at about 15.30, in the village of Taripa, about 100 km’s from Poso town. Coincidentally, nearby, there was a gathering of about 3000 local people who were carrying out some sort of traditional harvest ceremony. About 200 of these people came over and attacked the helicopter and the police station, throwing rocks. Badrodin Haiti escaped in his helicopter. The crowd then proceeded to burn several police cars and motorcycles.

Pastor Ade of the Central Sulawesi Christian Church, who was on the scene, said he tried to control the masses but failed. Some people threw rocks at him as well. Pastor Rinaldy Damanik, the chairman of the main Protestant church synod in Palu, 320 km’s away, said he believed the masses were angry at the execution of Tibo, et al. He advised that the chief of police, if he wanted to visit Christian areas, should inform people there first, and ascertain the mood of the people before descending on them, out of the sky.

Later in the day, separately, at around 19.30, in Poso town, two men on motorbikes threw one grenade each at the Police Mobile Brigade station in Sayo district. The grenades did not explode.

Then the next morning, Saturday 30th, between 01.15-02.45, three homemade bombs exploded, the first at the front gate of the Eklesia church on Pulau Seram street in Gebangrejo, Poso, with the second and third bombs going off at Tambotoki street, Sayo, Poso, in front of a traditional fish market or about 50 metres from Poso’s bus station. No-one was hurt but the explosions caused panic. (Antara and Kompas)

Then later that night, at around 22.00, two more bombs went off, one in front of the Maranatha church in Kawua district, and the second, an hour later, in front of the South Poso local government office on Tabatoki street. After the first bomb went off dozens of policemen descended on the scene but were attacked by local residents. After the second bomb went off it appears that there was a tense stand-off between mobs of people from Kawua and Sayo. Batalyon 714/Sintuwu Maroso Poso of the TNI was then assigned to patrol Kawua while the Mobile Brigade was given responsibility for Sayo. (Kompas)

In the early hours of Sunday, October 1st, a church on Pulau Nias street, Kayamanya district, Poso, was burnt down by a mob at around 02.00. A policeman arrived on the scene by motorbike but was chased away on foot by the mob. Then his motorbike was set alight. No-one was guarding the church and no fire trucks arrived. At around the same time gun shots were heard from the Tanah Runtuh area of Gebang Rejo district. (Media Indonesia.) More tense stand-offs ensued between rival groups in the town but no clashes seem to have occurred.

Also on Sunday a mob attacked a bemo on the Trans Sulawesi road in Poso town and stabbed one of the passengers. The bemo was on its way to Toraja, South Sulawesi, and the stabbing victim was Jelin, 20 years old, from Tanah Toraja. (Metrotv.)

That night, at around 19.00, a police post on Pulau Irian Jaya street, Gebang Rejo, Poso, was burnt down.

In response to these events three Mobile Brigade companies (Satuan Setingkat Kompi (SSK)) were sent from Kelapa Dua, Jakarta. Previously two SSK Brimob units from East Kalimantan and two from South Sulawesi had already been sent to Poso. However by late evening of October 1st Major General Arief Budi Sampurno said TNI units had been withdrawn from Taripa, where the trouble began. He said he had met with community leaders in the area and found no hatred or desire to fight in their faces.

16 Comments on “Poso Violence”

  1. Bas says:

    I find the following blog interesting:


    The content is ok but look at the stats… Unsurprisingly, very far from any other country, Indonesia is the one with the most travel/danger warnings…

  2. Kupal says:

    BARBARIC. Enough said.

  3. JP says:

    The violence in poso is sad and disturbing.

  4. Mark says:

    I first watched it at YOutUbe! I felt sad, though I’m not Indonesian! I can’t believe humans can do that! Very depressing! 🙁

  5. noel says:

    Just watched the violence in Poso at Youtube. Situations like these need divine intervention. Let’s pray that peace and righteousness will prevail over this place.

  6. Vinz says:

    ….To the Indonesian government “SHAME ON YOU” you let this happened to your country men…. Calling to the international human rights commission please take an action to this because the Indonesian government cannot handle and stop the conflict…

  7. Bryan says:

    The chaos is very depressing. I cant believe that even an innocent child will be killed by these animals (killers). I hate them a lot.

  8. kristianne says:

    While I was watching the movie, I’ve felt a great fear in my heart and so as pity for the Indonesian people, Mixed emotions washed up all over me, I can’t believe it, how can the government take it!!! Knowing that their people is out there killing each other, “PEACE” is not on their vocabulary.
    Crime is all over the place, many people died including adults and children, for me it couldn’t be political crisis, because even the army/police couldn’t do anything about it. No one can stop them from killing each other, as what they said and as what I’ve observed, there’s a possibility that it is a war between religions, between the Christians and the Muslims.
    I’ve watched a different version of it in the internet, and hey said that the muslims don’t have anything to do with the deaths of many people, because other think that the muslims are the bad ones, but no, they said that it is the Christian who is responsible for it. . . But for me, both sides are held responsible for the said action.

  9. DannyUSA says:

    I want to grow old and watch my kids grow up and see my grandsons grow up as well. These people don’t have a chance. By the time they are 30 they are probably dead! I don’t wanna go to that place. . Gangsters will turn pussies when they see POSO video in you tube.

  10. el szeduszo says:

    Holy Mary Mother of Ali! The War will never be over unless we stand together in the name of one another! This is what they stand for and we can’t do nothing. . . Those people died and let’s just hope they found eternal hapiness. . .

  11. Bert says:

    I couldn’t imagine how this incident occured. I was not able understand why does this thing have to happen. I couldn’t believe it. I never thought that this incident can be done by human beings. I was so afraid upon watching the video in YOUTUBE. I was horrified that I closed the video right away. I couldn’t bear the pity and fear while watching the video.
    The video freaked me out. It even dwelt in my mind reminding me the picture that I had seen. It was so scary, freaky, and horrible.

  12. jerome molina says:

    My friend tell me “why did you try watch POSO in you tube , that is terrible.”
    Then i try to watch, it’s true that is amazing.

    I can’t believe for what I see, I feel there people who do something to the other people was have a “POWER OF EVIL”, that is not ordinary person to harm your love one. Then I ask myself that is a “LAND OF EVIL.

    I wish the people who die, have a new world in the name of GOD…

    Just pray always and make God’s with you.

  13. Jay says:

    No words could describe the violence in the Poso video. You can see people being chop off to pieces. Children getting decapitated. The poso video shows an endless cycle of violence deep rooted in society. What triggered these people to do such a vicious act remains unanswered. Is it because of religion? If their religion was built on a foundation of love and peace. How could these people, who claims to be Christians, do such a thing? “Thou Shall not KILL!” is even structured and strictly followed in their religion. I didn’t finished the whole video not because of graphic scenes (yes its disturbing enough) but i was so sick of people trying to attain something they couldn’t reach. So if it was to kill people, slice of their limbs and discord their heads from their torso to accomplished their divine calling. They are willing to go through such lengths. If they are trying to convert muslims into christians then I strongly believed that no one would ever be converted into their religion. WHY? because people wouldn’t want to be labeled Sadistic Criminals.

    Be warned the video is…..

  14. smart lady says:

    i havent watch the vid. i just cant ,,just hearing the stories from my friends who already watched it,, it makes me shiver..why do the government of indonesia cant do anything for this! this is so horrible! are they aware what is happening to their country men?

    and i feel so pity to those kids who are killed! GOD! they are so innocent,,
    i cant imagine that they are chopping themselves.. killing each other,,i just cant understand why? can anyone tell me why does this happen in their place?

    do they know the meaning of peace and love?


    please have mercy on them make them realize what they are really doing clean their minds and hearts for the peace and unity of everyone..


  15. eman of Philippines says:

    The video was very disturbing! As if the people were killed like pigs in butchery! My God! How is this happening? As if they were killed by a Demon! My goodness, even innocent children. I can’t believe this is happening on Earth!

    Let’s pray for the peace of Indonesia, particularly in Poso…

  16. Sojourner says:

    Muslim or Christian, this is not how a human should act. May all responsible suffer a thousandfold!

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