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On the “quality”, or possible lack thereof, of expatriates in Indonesia.

Visitor Parvita, on the dating Indonesian girls article, makes these, somewhat stinging, remarks about expatriates in Indonesia.

I’ve gone out both with Indonesian and expat men (western and eastern) and my lesson to learn is: expats are just for fun and not to be taken seriously.

Most of them that comes over here, especially the westerners, are those who cannot “compete” in their country. And when they come over here, they make better living because our country pays expats waaaaaay better than nationals. Then they became like kings, thinking that they are superiors, and some girls fall for them. For instance, would you think a very successful and smart lawyer, or businessmen in England would move to a country like Indonesia? And the houses they live in in Kemang, when they go back to their countries, say, Italy, they will just live in a one bedroom apartment (or a studio) with no driver and a really small car, commuting to the city? The place I live and the car I drive currently is much much better than what they have.

I deal with lots of western expats, some of them are my friends. They told me that when they are here, they are handsome. In their countries, they are invisible. There you go, a confession from an Australian.

Some expats are even so obnoxious, having to live in the states for long, I know they are the loser kind but when they are here, they are surrounded by women and think that they are God’s gift to women.

When a smart, rich, independent Indonesian women dates an expat here, that expat must be a really damn good one! [bold added]

Certainly some home truths there, but the “Most of them…” part may not stand up to analysis.

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  1. Aluang Anak Bayang says:

    Truth sometime hurts. Keep it up, Fred! Tell it like it is.

  2. Fred Floggle says:

    Well what pissed me off was a local girl (Parvita) made comments and a bunch of unemployable bums shouted her down.

    Its typical off the audacious arrogance displayed by these people. If you don’t bend over and kiss their boots (or ass) for their teaching efforts they abuse and ridicule. But they cant take it themselves when its dished out.

    Its worth noting that NO ONE at all had disputed the fact that these bums arrive in Asia with a four week certificate and nothing else.

    Let me make it very clear.

    ESOL = 100 hours of training.

    TAFE Work Skills = 450 hours of training
    (This course is for people who need to update their skills to remain in or return to the workforce or who are unemployed.)

  3. Tammy Ho says:

    Concerned Teacher:
    What do you mean by giving Fred Floggle’s IP address to your friends? Could you elaborate more? My worst fear is that you’d gather on the table and try to hack FF or worse try to locate his whereabouts and harass him. Please tell me I’m wrong. Because honestly, as much as I’m pissed off to read FF’s posts, and I know he insults your profession, he doesn’t insult you in reality. Your life doesn’t change.

    Fred Floggle:
    I don’t miss your point. Since the beginning I already said that if the unqualified, uncertified English teachers raid Indonesia, that is our own fault. Everybody is trying to make a living, some descent, some with whatever it takes. And if there is an opportunity, and lack of control from our government, we couldn’t stop them for coming to Indonesia. Just like the US with their forever immigrants problems.

    But we see the same thing from different point of view. I tend to blame it on my own people, Indonesians, who think that anything white and big are always smarter and better than ourselves. You, on the other hand, blame those bules.

    And again, as I mentioned before, Parvita made comments about her colleagues, counterparts, bosses, clients, vendors, those people she meets on daily basis at her work. That’s why I said that there are more than enough good bules and not all of them are bad. So how come you suddenly attack English teachers?

  4. Rambutan says:

    Fred, I don’t care about your English teacher shtick. But your elitist, narrow-minded attitude is aggravating. You are talking about “unemployable bums” that “live on the backs of decent educated honest bules”. Can it possibly get more holier than thou?? I being to understand your world view: Heart surgeons are the pinnacle of good, ethical behaviour.

  5. Fred Floggle says:

    Go back and read the comments that bule “guests” made to Parvita!!!!! Parvita is a well educated professional executive in a multinational. The guys making the comments aren’t, yet act like they own the place.

    Who the hell do you lot think you are? This isn’t 1890s India, days of the British Raj.

    you may not like my “aggravating” attitude to fellow bules. Ohhhh dear, I will go and cry over my beer.

    I don’t like the “aggravating” attitude of many “pseudo expat” English teachers. acting like little gods in Asia. I am even more sick when these guys were packing bags in supermarkets before they morphed into “teachers”.

    I do notice Ram, that you still fail to provide ANY job in the west they you can get with four weeks training”¦”¦ Until you do you haven’t got a leg to stand on.

  6. Achmad Sudarsono says:

    Fred Floggle,

    I think the person that needs some education is you, mate.

    Bules of all stripes can’t be more than about .003-.005 percent of the population or less.

    Most Indonesians don’t really give them much thought at all. People like Parvita might, but she’s got her own romantic and work reasons for sour grapes. Firstly, she was upfront and said she dated a couple. Secondly, she’s said she’s worked with them and they’re overpaid. But Parvita’s in a minority.

    For YOU it’s probably different – perceiving Indonesia constantly through the lens of how people relate to Bules. I don’t know what your Bahasa Indonesia is like, but without it you’re just a tourist, a babe in the woods. Can you read the local newspapers ? Do you bother ?

    The reality is, pal, that bules just aren’t that big a deal over here. Some are underqualified, so what. The more native speakers the better. There are plenty of University-educated Indonesian staff well-trained in grammer at places like EF to make up for the poor standards of foreigners. (I’ve spotted quite a few errors of tense and usage in your own posts, sunshine).

    One last thought: if an Indonesian speaks a high standards of English, you think he’s white. I love it.

  7. Fred Floggle says:

    Achmed my old friend, you are repeating yourself. What on earth is the point of the percentage of bules in Indonesia. There was one Adolph Hitler. There was one Winston Churchill. Percentages don’t matter, it’s the visibility and impact of the percentage.

    I would much rather you spend your timer answering my question: what job can you qualify for within four weeks in the West???

    Yes there are grammatical errors in my posts. But I am NOT a ####ing English teacher mate!!! I probably couldn’t do a heart bypass, but I am not a heart surgeon either.

    You didn’t speak a high standard of English. I didn’t hear you speak – it’s a text based discussion mate 

    What I did see was you write with colloquial expressions and words like:

    “¢ Here’s another thing.
    “¢ ballpark guesttimate
    “¢ bloody unimportant
    “¢ Granted, some of the”¦
    “¢ methinks,
    “¢ hapless stragglers
    “¢ my friend.

    Chances are you are English, early to mid 40s, educated in UK. What you definitely are not is a pribumi.

  8. Achmad Sudarsono says:


    Job with four week’s training in the U.K: Waiter, prostitute, ditch-digger, toilet-cleaner, business manager in Indonesia. Why are you fixated on English teachers.

    The point is “Bules” are a peripheral, unimportant part of life in Indonesia. They don’t count for much. They count for something in your mind because you are one – you perceive life here as a constant state of interaction between Bule and Indonesian. That’s not how Indonesians see it.

    On the English front: I read books. I travel. I watch T.V. and movies. Perhaps you’d prefer me to be grovelling, rolling my “Rrrrs,”and serving you. ( “Hellooo Meeessteerrrrr, Oh Meeessterrr”).

    Question for you now: do you speak or read Indonesian ? Can you read the newspaper ? Do you have Indonesian friends who you talk to in their own language ? If you don’t how do you think that affects your perceptions of this country ?

  9. Fred Floggle says:

    Tidak, aku tidak bisa bicara bahasa indonesia. kenyataannya aku tidak bisa baca tulis.
    Koran cuma buang buang duit saja.

    Aku punya beberapa teman dari indonesia. Cewek cewek itu ngasih aku sex secara gratis. Aku tidak bisa bayar untuk itu

    Aku cuma bule yang tidak penting. Kalo kamu gimana?

    Kamu mau bilang kalo orang yang ngajar bahasa inggris di indonesia itu pelayan, PSK, penggali, ato pembersih toilet?

  10. Cukurungan says:

    Fred Floggle Said:

    I neither like the fact that a reputation I helped build, and a reputation I am judged upon, is sullied by a group of backpackers who want to shag as many Asian girls as they can.

    Cukurungan :

    The existence of the bule backpakers are a good for our society. ..theirs function is like a birds corpse scavangers, they were helping our government to reduce numbers of hooker (psk) in our streets …a good Indo girls won’t hunt bule for her husband or companions because We are the real men is a much better choice for them

  11. Achmad Sudarsono says:


    It’s ok. It wouldn’t get you through Tempo, Gatra, or Kompas. Sorry, mate, koran cuma buang buang duit saja doesn’t cut it.

    This narrows it down though:

    Cewek cewek itu ngasih aku sex secara gratis. Aku tidak bisa bayar untuk itu

    Self loathing. That explains the fixation on English teachers. But once again, you haven’t really answered (except through sarcasm), the ultimate lack of relevance, really for “Bules” in Indonesia…

  12. Fred Floggle says:

    Hey Achmad, you just won me a bet. 🙂

    I bet someone you were a bule, and as such when I replied in bahasa you would back off and reply in English. Why? Because you realised I might catch you out.

    In a land where bullsh*t reigns supreme, you are indeed a king. 🙂

    Self loathing? Ahh now you are a psychologist. I was actually being sarcastic.

    Jadi ahmed, ceritakan tentang negara dimana kamu dilahirkan and pekerjaan kamu di indo. Uangku mengalir ke kamu karena kamu guru bahasa inggris yang lahir di UK. jangan kecewakan aku sobat……..

  13. Janma says:

    I bet someone you were a bule, and as such when I replied in bahasa you would back off and reply in English. Why?

    ummm….. maybe cause this is an english language blog?

    *deaducated guess*

    Well I have to say, I’m confused… fred is hopping mad at semi illiterate westerners who come to indonesia and shag the local girls….
    but then he/she says… and I quote;

    The problem is bought on by how the Indonesians see Westerners, and if they see backpacker English teachers shagging the local underage girls (as I have frequently done) then they will judge ALL Westerners by this standard.


    Aku punya beberapa teman dari indonesia. Cewek cewek itu ngasih aku sex secara gratis. Aku tidak bisa bayar untuk itu

    A. It’s only ok for educated western men to have sex with local indonesian girls.
    B. It’s not ok for anyone to have sex with indonesian girls unless it’s free and they have a degree…
    C. It’s not ok for anyone to have sex with indoneisian girls except you, and you’d like to cut down the competition…
    D. All of the above.
    Since you are highly educated I’m sure you find the multiple choice type of examination easy, so give it a go mate….

    *who knows plenty of backpackers who teach english to locals for free too*

    Shagged a few underage local girls yerself hey fred? Naughty! :0

  14. taxpayer says:

    Actually Fred, the requirements for teaching spoken English are the same in the west. TESOL/CELTA/TEFL training, generally not on-line certification.

    You can take a look at the job offers from the west, at any ESL job site, with their qualifications and you will find them to be the same.

    “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing again and again and expecting different results”

  15. Fred Floggle says:

    No Jama,

    Achmad thought I didn’t know the language. Twice he referred to reading local papers (god knows why, they are full of sh*t, as he will discover if he reads one).

    When I demonstrated some limited competence it took the wind out of his sails. (kehilangan rasa percaya diri). Suddenly he realised I might be able to pick faults in his use of the language and destroy his pribumi myth. So he replied in English to cover his backside. (Melindungi reputasinya).

    As for your other post: You need to read the entire thread. Parvita complained about the quality of bules in Jakarta. She was promptly attacked. I agree with her. The majority are poor quality because they are uneducated men who are in Jakarta for easy sex with girls they couldn’t get back home in Scunthorpe.

  16. Janma says:

    Well you see, cause you said “if they see backpacker english teachers shagging underage local girls (as I have frequently done)”.
    That to my mind says that you have frequently shagged underage local girls yourself, but now I’m hazarding an uneducated guess that you mean you have often witnessed this yourself…. am I correct?
    If so, I stand corrected…
    But you are sounding like you aren’t getting enough action and are resenting the shagging parties…. and it also sounds like if you are educated then it’s ok to shag…

  17. taxpayer says:

    Having read a number of the psots I think that there is a misunderstanding of the terminology in regards to ENGLISH TEACHER.

    There are 2 types of English. One is ACADEMIC English. This is the English we learn in school. Grammar, writing an essay, etc. Than their is “SPOKEN” English. This is natural usage of the language, linguistics, etc.

    Most BULE English teachers are “Spoken” English teachers not “Academic”. Most are hired on the basis of conversation and natural usage, NOT teaching grammar.

    I teach SAT I, SAT II, ACT, TOEFL, GMAT, GRE, and TOEIC.These tests are necessary for Indonesian students to be accepted through admissions to go abroad to universities and CANNOT be done with a local teacher though I have many local teacher friends who have excellent English and are capable of advising in these courses.

    Based on this, YOU TELL ME AGAIN HOW WE ARE NOT IMPORTANT TO INDONESIA OR ANY OTHER COUNTRY WE TEACH IN. If the University system was so great here, there would be no BULE English teachers. For one, no one would want to go to Europe, Australia, Canada, Singapore, The USA, Etc for University degrees so these tests they must score on would not be necessary. Education is an INTEGRAL part of the future growth of this country.

    TAMMY HO and FRED: My mistake in terminology when I said IP address. I meant USER name for the forum. I apologize for the misunderstanding.

    FRED: The definition of fluency is not perfect English. The definition is communication of thoughts and ideas amongst 2 parties with minimal misunderstandings. Being that you self-admit to NOT being a teacher, imparting wisdom on the language abilities of others would be unwise and certainly mute due to the attitude towards us lowly, scavenger, loser BULE teachers.

    As a final note, jobs you can receive in the west with 4 weeks training:

    A) Real Estate Appraiser
    B) Insurance Adjuster
    C) Real Estate Salesperson
    D) Garbage Collector (Which pays $60,000USD per year in the USA with full benefits)
    E) Tourism adviser
    F) Almost ALL management jobs
    G) Maybe Pilot in Indonesia (Just kidding)
    H) Bank Teller
    I) Immigration
    J) Airport Security (Possibly all security)
    K) Lawyer ( if you can pass the bar exam as a walk-in)
    L) Veterinarian
    M) Nurses Aide
    N) Mail Carrier
    O) Bus Driver (Public and Private)
    P) Long- Haul Drivers (Semi- Trucks AMe and Lorries BRe)
    Q) Florist
    R) Hair Stylist
    S) All Sales
    T) President of the United States (Satirically funny)
    U) Taxi Driver
    V) Day Care Provider ( FRED—LOOK—-Children—-Start a movement)
    W) Amway Distributer (HEHEHEHEHE)
    X) Police officer in certain areas
    Y) Zoo Keeper
    Z) Bartender

    Should I keep going?

  18. Janma says:

    A veterinarian??? really 4 weeks? I don’t think so…
    *not picking, just heran!*

  19. Aluang Anak Bayang says:

    LOL .. well said, Fred. Everyone’s here lost for words.

    The latter-day Bules are junks (well most of them) but like Sheikh Cuk said, we do need them as they tend to go for unsightful looking local women, sometime marry them, which otherwise would be unmarried, destitutes and a burden to our government. Brown men and Bules certainly have different taste. We go for cute looking chicks. The situation here is not as bad as in the Phillipines and Thailand, as we have FPI on the guard.

  20. Tuan says:

    Fred has not said much about him “shagging” local underage girls. It sounds like the hypocrisy of the country has rubbed off on the visitors there.

    But I do agree what he said about percentages and that the impact of a small percentage has a greater influence. Impact of a few radical “Muslims” who killed thousands on 9/11 had a major impact on how Americans view the Middle East and its foreign policy.

    Concerned Teacher- Vet and Garbage Collector are iffy. I do not believe a Garbage Collector makes that much and a Vet here in the USA needs to go to Vet school which is HARDER than med school. I knew a few Vet students and its does not take four weeks. Maybe a Vet Assistant needs four weeks of training but definitely not a full Vet.


    I don’t miss your point. Since the beginning I already said that if the unqualified, uncertified English teachers raid Indonesia, that is our own fault. Everybody is trying to make a living, some descent, some with whatever it takes. And if there is an opportunity, and lack of control from our government, we couldn’t stop them for coming to Indonesia. Just like the US with their forever immigrants problems.

    Well in the US even though the immigration issue has a lot of gray areas. We have segments of the population who are vocal about it on a national scale and there is attention drawn to it.

    But we see the same thing from different point of view. I tend to blame it on my own people, Indonesians, who think that anything white and big are always smarter and better than ourselves. You, on the other hand, blame those bules.

    It takes two to tango. Though honestly, I think if the supply isn’t there there wouldn’t be a market to begin with. Its all about values and the distinction between right or wrong that needs to be taught at home.

    ~Tuan – Indonesian American Muslim

  21. Fred Floggle says:


    Good point. I need some tips on my English!!!
    To clear your confusion:

    I haven’t shagged any underage girls. I have however witnessed bules with girls who I strongly suspect may have been under the legal age limit.

    I myself have had sex with Asian girls. I did not however take up my field of employment BECAUSE it took me into contact with those girls, or place me in cities where the girls lived. My work took me there. I didn’t pick my work so that I COULD get to the girls. (my work also took me to Middle Eastern countries where my genitals would be removed if I looked at a local girl. Funny I didn’t meet many English teachers there).

    Now lets not kid ourselves here. Everyone reading this thread is well aware that the big attraction of teaching English in Jakarta or BKK is the girls. F##k me Jakarta is hardly a tourist destination is it? No one goes there for the picturesque scenery and cultural attractions.

    As Concerned Teacher points out you can work in the West as an English Teacher (at far better rates of pay). Instead a lot of young (and not so young) men work in the sh*thole that is Jakarta, with its traffic, pollution, corruption and dirt.

    Why???? In a word Girls.

    Concerned T:

    You make good points in your post, and I agree with much of what you say.

    However please try to understand the point I am making. Let me make it in simple sentences, so there is no room for error.

    1. Parvita complains about the quality of Bules in Jakarta.

    2. I agree, and state that most of them are English teachers.

    3. I state that most of those English Teachers have (at best) four weeks of training.

    4. I state that most of those English teachers are in Jakarta for sex.

    All of your are putting the wrong emphasis on what I am saying. Maybe I am losing my communication skills, so let me say it again in a different way:

    Young man wants access to easy Asian pussy.
    Young man discovers that 4 week ESOL course gets him work in Asian Pussy city.
    Young man moves to Asian city FOR THE WRONG MOTIVES.
    Parvita complains about these young men.

    Now to be frank I don’t care what they do and to whom they do it. But at least take it on the chin when the locals like Parvita put you down, because you act like a bunch of sex tourists. (and I have met enough English Teachers in Asia over the last 25 years to know what I talking about).

  22. Tuan says:


    I state that most of those English teachers are in Jakarta for sex.

    As opposed to Manilla or Bangkok?

    Now to be frank I don’t care what they do and to whom they do it.

    Honestly you should, and anyone else for that matter, if underage girls are involved.

    ~Tuan – Indonesian-American Muslim

  23. Achmad Sudarsono says:

    Um, Fred,

    I replied in English because I’m sorry to say your Bahasa Indonesia is crap. I just don’t think you’re that bright a guy.

    More on that later

    Concerned Teacher:

    Good point. The Bule teachers here are often hired for their speaking ability and not grammar. There are some bright, 20-something Indonesians English students around who can teach the syntax, but not enough.

    Overall, don’t worry: yours is one of the highest callings. Fortunately, in many parts of Asia teachers are given the respect they deserve. It’s a hugely underrated and under rewarded profession.


    Also good point.


    Now for the fun.

    As mentioned, your Bahasa Indonesia isn’t really worth a response. It’s about the same level of the English of, say, a satpam at the airport. (Maybe a bit better). But let’s indulge you. And help you.

    Now while the local media has its shortcomings, they still have armies of reporters – armies. Despite all the mistakes, certain patterns emerge. And, like Patung on this Blog, you can pick up many things the English-language press misses.

    A few friendly tips:

    Don’t think in English and translate to Indonesian.

    Aku tidak bisa bayar untuk itu

    (I don’t pay for that, or precisely, I can not pay for that. What you really meant was, “Saya tidak bayar,” or saya di kasih gratis, not saya ngasih gratis.

    Also, if you’re going to write in Indonesian, use the written form, not the Indonesian you learnt from one of your bar girl skanks.

    Tidak, aku tidak bisa bicara bahasa indonesia. kenyataannya aku tidak bisa baca tulis.
    Koran cuma buang buang duit saja.

    Correction: Tidak, Aku (Saya is better), tidak bisa berbahasa Indonesia.

    Aku punya beberapa teman dari indonesia. Cewek cewek itu ngasih aku sex secara gratis. Aku tidak bisa bayar untuk itu

    Correction: Saya mempunyai beberapa teman cewek dari Indonesia. Mereka mengasih saya seks secara gratis (hardly likely, mate). Saya tidak harus bayar untuk jasa seks tersebut.

    Aku cuma bule yang tidak penting. Kalo kamu gimana?

    Correction: Saya hanya seorang bule yang tidak penting. Kalau kamu (as your my social junior, you should address me as “Pak Achmad,” “Saudara,” or at the very least, “Anda,” which is a little insulting because it suggests we’re on the same level.

    Kamu mau bilang kalo orang yang ngajar bahasa inggris di indonesia itu pelayan, PSK, penggali, ato pembersih toilet?

    Correction:Apakah Pak Achmad mau mengatakan guru bahasa inggris di Indonesia adalah pelayan, etc….

    So as you can see, my friend, the one who needs education, from a Bahasa Indonesia teacher, is you.

    But why bother when you can shag the girls for free ? Or was that only the English teachers who are here for the sex.

  24. Fred Floggle says:

    And finally, before I give this up (hooooray):

    Comments from this site:


    You will find it hard to argue when you read comments like this…..

    I know of a few guys who only give the girls 100k for the night when the girls are new on the blok. They work as english teachers in jkt. There are two sorts of English teacher – professionals, and backpackers. All the professionals are here for the long haul, and without exception …”

    “Something I find shocking on the blok these days is the number of young guys there. There are now far more young, good looking guys on the blok and far fewer good looking syt’s on the blok than in the old days. I’m not sure what kind of jobs these young guys have in Jakarta, but there are alot of them. How many english teachers does the town need? They can’t all be english teachers can they?”

    “The biggest employer of teachers seems to be English First (EF), better known around town as Easy F##k. 🙂 I went for an interview at their Blok M Plaza branch many moons ago and was offered a job working from 9am to 9pm – for the princely remuneration of less than Rp 10 juta per month. When I politely told them to shove it where the sun don’t shine, the boss (female) gave me real “nudge nudge, wink wink” look and said “But the girls – lots of girls!” “But I’ve already got lots of girls!” I replied, and walked off into the sunset”.

    “I mean, classes full of beautiful young girls who always seem to get a crush on their teacher, who sit all through the lesson gazing and pouting at you, who lean dangerously close as you check their classwork, who are keen for lots of extracurricular activity to improve their language skills (especially the oral ones), who wear tight jeans and skimpy tops in class. . . I could go on, but I think you’ll get the picture.”

  25. Tuan says:

    Can someone translate what Fred said?

    ~Tuan – Indonesian American Muslim

  26. Achmad Sudarsono says:


    I just translated for Fred who not only is familiar with the Blok M website, but actually sites it, underscoring my comment about one of his (horrid) skanks.

  27. taxpayer says:

    I have a totally cool idea. Check this out.

    How about if…………..Indonesians only stay in Indonesia and Chinese only stay in China and Americans only stay in America and Australians only remain in Australia and Canadians only remain in Canada and Mexicans only remain in Mexico…..Etc……Etc.

    This way….the whole world could be completely segregated. Cool huh?

    Hey…wait…..let’s take it up a notch.

    Each country divide up into religious sections. The Northeast is for Catholics and Christians. The Northwest is for Hindus. The Southeast is for Muslims. The Southwest is for Buddhists. The North is for Taos and Zionists. The East is for Mormons. The West is for Latter Day Saints and the South is for Atheists and the rest.

    Oh and….Each individual section of religious tolerance per country can sort each person by color.


    And that way no one will argue or have stupid forum discussions that go nowhere. We can cleanse our individual groups according to preferred qualities, personalities, traits, etc.

    And then…….the United States will no longer be the Big, Bad Wolves of the world and we will all get along.

    We can hold hands and dance in the fields. We can tinkle our toes in the watery, fresh springs.

    We can eat Ben & Jerry ice cream and sing camp songs.

    Imagine the possibilites!!!

    HMMMMMMMMM…….I wonder……HMMMMMMM…….It’s so dreamy…….Ahhhhhhhh


  28. Fred Floggle says:

    Achmed my old fruit loop, you are the one trying to pretend to be a local, not me!!! I don’t need the language skills to cover a fake nationality, you do”¦..

    As I said earlier, I demonstrated “limited competence”, that was all. I used what Concerned Teacher described as Spoken” not “Academic”¦. conversation and natural usage. Certainly enough to know that the local rags you suggested I read are (as you later confirmed) crap!!!! I noticed you fudged over that a little bit”¦..

    As for calling you Pak don’t make me laugh.

    Please note – you mean CITE not SITE when referencing a source (At least you learned something tonight).

  29. taxpayer says:

    Reuters: October 24th, 2007 11:26pm

    The whole world is segregated. People rejoice in the streets. Rebels, Jihadists and Military forces have put down their guns and are handing out flowers to the people. The world is pure again.

    Reuters (Canada): October 24th, 2007 11:29pm

    As the world quiets down into a melting pot of racial, cultural. national and religous segregation, Indonesia warns habitants of Sumatra of a possible Typhoon Tsunami that may hit 20 minutes ago in the Aceh region. Several volcanoes have rumbled to life due to the traumatic force in which the Typhoon Tsunami quickly hit the shores of Aceh, Medan and Batam causing 42 separate earthquakes to occur with the largest maxing out at 9.42 on the Richter scale (EDITORS NOTE: Due to the segregation of the world, the family of the founder of the Richter scale now claims that the scale was not designed or created for the use of any people other than those in the Northeast sector of Germany)

    Reuters (Tibet): October 24th, 2007 11:29pm

    The air is still thin. Global warming is amiss!!

  30. Fred Floggle says:

    Can someone translate what Fred said?

    I asked Achmed to confirm for me that he was UK born and worked as an English teacher, so that I could win a bet.

    He doesn’t seem to want to tell me.

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