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On the “quality”, or possible lack thereof, of expatriates in Indonesia.

Visitor Parvita, on the dating Indonesian girls article, makes these, somewhat stinging, remarks about expatriates in Indonesia.

I’ve gone out both with Indonesian and expat men (western and eastern) and my lesson to learn is: expats are just for fun and not to be taken seriously.

Most of them that comes over here, especially the westerners, are those who cannot “compete” in their country. And when they come over here, they make better living because our country pays expats waaaaaay better than nationals. Then they became like kings, thinking that they are superiors, and some girls fall for them. For instance, would you think a very successful and smart lawyer, or businessmen in England would move to a country like Indonesia? And the houses they live in in Kemang, when they go back to their countries, say, Italy, they will just live in a one bedroom apartment (or a studio) with no driver and a really small car, commuting to the city? The place I live and the car I drive currently is much much better than what they have.

I deal with lots of western expats, some of them are my friends. They told me that when they are here, they are handsome. In their countries, they are invisible. There you go, a confession from an Australian.

Some expats are even so obnoxious, having to live in the states for long, I know they are the loser kind but when they are here, they are surrounded by women and think that they are God’s gift to women.

When a smart, rich, independent Indonesian women dates an expat here, that expat must be a really damn good one! [bold added]

Certainly some home truths there, but the “Most of them…” part may not stand up to analysis.

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  1. chompers says:

    im not an expert on this but as a native indonesian, may i say that the word “bule” to the locals simply means foreigners doesn’t matter if you’re european or hispanic. Please pardon them for most of them do not know the original meaning of it as in albino, the word passed on as a way to define a foreigner (not to differentiate) without any intention to be racial at all, not to mention i believe looooots of indos have certain fetish on foreigners and to some extend to even think that they are better.

    However we could openly have an eye to eye conversation about the originality of the mistranslation of the word whenever we have an encounter with the locals who use that phrase, that way hopefuly there will be more and more indonesians becoming aware of the racial sensitivity inflicted by such a word. As for the “orang asing” who anyway anyhow use the term bule themselves, do we need to educate them on it too? i kindo sense that most of them know the albino related to its meaning? hmm well… if we wana look at it from a positive side, im sure they dont mean it in an offensive way n probably doing so when they joke around among themselves and would probably be happy to appologize should anyone in fact get offended by it.

    the other thing i cant help to contribute on comenting here is about the riot mentioned above resulting in chinese comunity getting killed,raped, i strongly disagree its got any religious element in it since indonesians are well known for their high tolerance on that matter. it was more of a social economic issue where the chinese are reputated to be mostly rich, the abuse n crimes done to them was more like a statement on getting fair and square from the so called “economicaly less unfortunate” which off course not true either as it was conducted by organized mobs ( not the Sopranos type off course)… Buuut i could b wrong 😉

  2. New English Teacher says:

    I have recently arrived in Jakarta; 3 weeks ago. I took an online TEFL which took me 5 days to complete and I passed (it is not that easy mind), I now have a full time position teaching English in a school here. Anyhow I am deeply concerned by some of the comments posted, more to the point I am deeply concerned by how people might perceive me as an English teacher in Jakarta.
    I thought I would at least make my case clear before further judgment is bestowed! I get paid 7 million rupees a month, 1.5 million I spend on my humble room no tv, no internet, no kitchen, I work 6 days a week 8 hours a day more like 10 with the traffic. I came here with the clear intention of giving something back to Indonesia not taking anything away. I’m very sorry that other ex pats have taken advantage of your people but to throw us all in too the same brackets is like me saying “your all Muslim’s you are all responsible for bombing bali or the embassy” which is utter codswallop. Some of the things you say are reprehensible and are utterly morally moribund and completely at odds with a clear democratic thought process. YOUR COMMENTS INCITE RACE HATE do you as Indonesians really wish to step back to the days when you attempted to debunk the Chinese community. You as Indonesian’s and we as guests in your beautiful country need to tackle these issues together.
    Ingrained in Indonesia culture are some formidable problems just like in England and all other countries I have visited From where I’m standing Foreign English Teachers are the very least of your worries, Real concern’s should be: we have way to many people living here, we are devastating our forests everyday and nothing is being done about it, prostitution is ingrained in our culture and our woman are being used as sex slaves abroad, Until your government policies change and corruption is axed then Indonesia is going to keep getting exploited.

  3. Achmad Sudarsono says:

    Mr. New English Teacher,

    Friend, all the bad thing is is ever teach by the White Man, when he make a colonization for 350 years. Indonesian is Religious Person and very Moral. It is the White Man who ever bring a moral collapse from the West.

    Friend, English teacher only ever drink at Jalan Jaksa and make a relationship with the maid, who should be marry with Good Muslim or Pancasilas man.

    Please, I think it is better if you read some writing from the Justice and Prosperity Party.

    Is Oke ?

  4. New English Teacher says:

    Dear Mr Achmad Sudarsono, Indonesia is colonizing Papua and Kalimantan right now, the unification of Indonesia is basically an experiment in mass colonization which is now starting to looking more likely to succeed than fail. (success and failure hard to judge I guess)So I find your point hypocritical to the extreme about white men and colonization.

    I have extensively traveled throughout Indonesia and have visited all the major Islands. I have seen for self the poverty and degradation people live in. I’m an English Teacher I have never drank in Jaksa is it good; The piousness of some of you guys is extraordinary. Id say in general you are very religious people, morals though mmm there is no morality in throwing your litter in the river there is no morality in killing your forests there is no morality pumping all your raw sewage into the living ocean, morality though is going to be an ever changing goal post as you guys get reluctantly or openly swamped with globalization and all its pitfalls and opportunities. WHITE GUYS ASIAN GUYS BLACK GUYS we are all complete idiots destroying the world

  5. R. Kumar says:

    Expats are kings, specially Bules a wrong notion. It’s not competition, in my country or your country. It’s question of Company’s or assignors interest on other country or the interst of the local business owners who afford to pay for foreigners they invite and sponsor to work. All are agree if there is no sponsor no expat. It’s not what benefits the company offer or what they enjoy, but it’s leaving their beloved ones in their own country, and 24 hours standby in a foreign country. Almost in all countries there is expat, say in U.S.A, one Indonesia company expand their business, and that’s sure the chief there not going to be from U.S.A, ofcourse from Indonesia with a high paid salary and all expat facilities compare to his/her present status or pay in Indonesia. I have seen after people coming to Indonesia on any mission say tour, travel, job, exhibition or family meet up, they fall in love with Indonesia as this a beatiful peaceful country adorned by Beautiful well cultured people. It’s not what house they live, but it’s that with those they share their heart. Let’s be not jelous to people those who are more capable from us, rather learing from them. Not to get depressed on the condition what we are, but keep focus and contribute the best to reach our determination. Let’s open our heart, and give respect to our sisters and brothers irrespective of their creed, race, sex, nationality, social/economic status. All is made by GOD and GOD has already decided who become What? This is my Personal comment and Have Peace. God Bless to all !!

  6. Achmad Sudarsono says:

    @ Mr. New English Teacher,

    So you are admit: You are Ever lead Immoral Lifestyle. Is cannot. Sangat cannot. Friend, please understand, we Muslim people are moral. The Bule is immoral. He do the Free Sek and bring a Free Sek Budaya (culture) to the Indonesia. From that immorality comes destruction of forest, of community, and of culture. The English teacher, as we PKS cadres say, is the ‘Ujung Tombak’ – head of the spear. Please you go to Jalan Felatehan and see what sort of people the Bule are.

    @ Mr. R. Kumar,

    Please don’t use so much garlic in your cooking. God may have made all people, but humans make the bau ketek, or bad armpit smell. Indians are Olympic champions in bad armpit smell. I think is better if you understand.

    A. Sudarsono.

  7. deta says:

    Pak Achmad, I am trying to figure out how free sex can lead to forest destruction. Does it have to do with the excessive use of tissues?

  8. sissy agatha says:

    Sometime, the diffence makes indonesian woman prefer like expat because the foreigner has a different world than Indonesian men as usual and than you know when Indonesian woman has a relationship with foreigner, (read : bule) their prestigue will be grow up.

  9. martha says:

    I like bule..yummm…LOL

  10. Coral says:

    I love expat men and I would love to make you feel so special. $150 per hour (Rp1.500.000) will give you the absolute pleasure. Text me on [deleted] and you can tell me your fantasy. I am 24 year-old female, indonesian, light skinned and will do what you want with condoms. Your privacy, safety/health from (sexual infection/hiv/hepB,etc) is guaranteed. Love, Coral.

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