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Twenty seven new political parties have been registered.

The 27 new parties have been registered at the department of Law & Human Rights although they are not necessarily eligible to compete in the 2009 elections.

Some of them, such as the Partai Demokrasi Pembaruan, are not new at all, just re-formed. The 27 are:

  • Partai Generasi (Generation Party)
  • Partai Indonesia Muda Bangkit (Young Indonesia Awakening Party)
  • Partai Indonesia Maju (Advance Indonesia Party)
  • Partai Nusantara Indonesia (Indonesian Archipelago Party)
  • Partai Islam Persatuan (United Islam Party)
  • Partai Solidaritas Buruh (Workers’ Solidarity Party)
  • Partai Buruh (Labour/Workers’ Party)
  • Partai Republikku (My Republic Party)
  • Partai Murba Indonesia (Murba)
  • PNI Massa Marhaen (Nationalist Marhaenist Masses Party)
  • PNI Marhaen (Nationalist Marhaenist Party)
  • Partai Peduli Rakyat (Care for People Party)
  • Partai Solidaritas Nasional (National Solidarity Party)
  • Partai Bela Negara (Defender of the Nation Party)
  • Partai Kristen Demokrat (Democratic Christian Party)
  • Partai Orde Baru (New Order Party)
  • Partai Satria Piningit (Knight’s Party)
  • Partai Demokrasi Pembaruan (Reformed Democratic Party)
  • Partai Bintang Bulan (Crescent Star Party)
  • Partai Kristiani Indonesia (Indonesian Christian Party)
  • Partai National (National Party)
  • Partai Damai Sejahtera (Peace and Prosperity Party)
  • Partai Demokrasi Indonesia (Indonesian Democratic Party)
  • Partai Pembaharuan Damai Sejahtera (Prosperous Peace Reformation Party)
  • Partai Rakyat Merdeka (Independent People’s Party)
  • Partai Demokrat Sejahtera (Prosperous Democratic Party)
  • Partai Kemerdekaan Rakyat (People’s Independence Party)

Meanwhile Jansen Hutasoit of the Partai Damai Sejahtera complained tempo about the registering of a party called Partai Demokrat Sejahtera, saying that its name was too close to that of his own party.

As of May 20th 2007 the Justice department says 53 new political parties have been registered. tempo

13 Comments on “New Political Parties”

  1. Hassan says:

    in politics, less is more….

  2. isbandiono says:

    New party was born because we have no real politician.We have the objective partai regulation : No financial support from the government.

  3. 1ndra says:

    Those crowd will make people confused…not including the campaign on the street, at tv…

  4. Tomaculum says:

    I want to anounce my new party:
    PMHTPK (Partai Mau Hidup Tenang Perut Kenyang=Party to get peacefull living and enough to eat).

  5. Badrut Tamam Gaffas says:

    In fact many old & strong party spent more time not in people side, they move for their own importance & business, Pop out of many new party represent the voice of change.
    Let’s people free to choose, More Party give more choice, if the existing party disobeying people voice, people free to select the ‘best’ party which can support their desire and fighting for their aspiration.
    It’s the long way for healthy democracy. exit from strong chain of demo-crazy.
    Let’s people hope and decide ‘the best & trust-est party’ for their better life.

  6. Mike&Miki says:

    How many political parties have been registered at the Law & Human Rights Ministry eligible to compete in 2009 elections so far? 100?

  7. You may like to list this Partie on your Website!

    One new Political Partie where the Head of the Partie understands the issues which need to be addressed to make Indonesia move into the right direction!

    ( P.N.P.B )

    Ketua Umum
    H. Suhardi Somomoeljono, SH

    Gedung Golden Jl. Majapahit No.26 AF Jakarta Pusat
    Tel. (021) 3866092; 3453601; Fax (021) 86607714
    Jalan Radoen Saleh No.91 F Jakarta Pusat
    Tel. (021) 3919565; Fax (021) 3161569

    Registered at the Law & Human Rights Ministry NO.63 the Juli, 2007

  8. Dear All,

    We would like to add our political party named Partai Kongres as registered in the Department of Law and Human Rights of Indonesia.

    In order to obtain further information and references of our new established party, please kindly visit our website at: And we may be contacted by email address:

    Thank you.


  9. dekrit says:

    Too many parties with no real program. Visit their respective website, you will find nothing there. What is the purpose of making a website for then?

  10. Henri Goh says:

    Could you advise me at where I can obtain the addresses of political parties of Indonesia.

    Thank you

  11. Hope says:

    Wow.. so many parties now in Indonesia.. much much more than before.. how can it be? All of the parties will only spend a lot of people money.. only ask donation like usual.. why Indonesia just have 2 parties but with a lot of President candidates.. it will be more simple.. As you know the condition of Indonesia right now.. is it still a lot of people want to be a President??

  12. funny says:

    the only parties that matter to me (and all people who dances, loves fashion, appriciate traditional clothes, have some ideas as to what globalization is, etc. well at least it should) are PDIP and PDPS.

    They are the only one who walked out of that ridiculuos, yet-to-be-socialized, one-sided, and just plain moronic piece of a RUUP named anti-pornography that claimed it’s to protect women and children.

    *mutters about heavier penalty to rapist, human trafficker, domestic violence*

  13. Richard says:

    This is insane. How many party is there in Indonesia? Every party has it’s own agenda and I believe almost 99% percent of indonesians are not politically literate. Do you think this is a healthy democracy? How come they choose the right party if they don’t even has a good picture of the government itself and our political system? Indonesian education system is completely messed up. Let me ask you something about indonesian education system. What is Indonesian economic system ? It is socialist.. The prove : The government own a bank and various companies.

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