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Yusril Ihza Mahendra is instructing his new wife, Rika Tolentino Kato, in Islam.

Rika Tolentino Kato and Yusril Ihza Mahendra, the secretary of state, married recently in Jakarta. Rika, 22 years old, is of Japanese descent but comes from the Philippines and in order to marry Yusril she converted to Islam.

Rika Tolentino Kato
Rika Tolentino Kato.

Yusril, who is a former chairman of the Islamic party, Partai Bulan Bintang (PBB), is apparently teaching Rika about the mysterious ways of Islam, including the matter of Ramadan fasting. He also says that he plans to take her on the pilgrimage to Mecca, as a learning experience not for a honeymoon.

See Rika’s pre-marital profile. She may want to update, or perhaps delete, it.

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  1. Munafikbangetloepade says:

    o ma gawd….

    how on earth somebody would marry someone as unattractive as yuzril????
    I simply can not understand it.

    I know “beauty is relative”….,
    but “ugliness is absolute” and yuzril is ugly.

    He’s ugly because he’s such a hypocrite.

  2. Molisan Tono says:

    hahaha… that’s cruel.
    but i do agree with you.
    so, you wish her as you wife better than yusril???

    can’t be worst right?

  3. Think in a Blink says:

    There is no official statement from Rika ’bout her reason marrying Yusril yet ???
    Can be make sense or even insane :))
    Looking forward for it… 🙂

  4. Marsel says:

    Haha..it’s more likely to infotainment than news.
    Btw anybody knows what’s going on with Sukaesih? His former wife?
    Maybe Rika follows Siti Nurhaliza’s path.. 😉

    I know “beauty is relative””¦.,
    but “ugliness is absolute” and yuzril is ugly.

    Cruel but funny.he2

  5. seseorang_bernama_alex says:

    what happened to this world?

    are they going insane?

    God, have mercy on us…….

  6. Molisan Tono says:

    not insane alex… just got a bit wacky. cheers, you’re in candid camera.

  7. Julita says:

    Come on, it has to come from the heart, or perhaps she loves him madly. Don’t force people they become unhappy human being. If he loves, her he won’t force her on anything.

  8. Hassan says:

    hey cheer up guys. for the jomblos out there, there are still a lot of beautiful unmarried women :D.

    and let yusril enjoy his gift from God, don’t be so jealous of him. remember the saying “sirik tanda tak mampu”. so step up the effort, my jomblo friends! 😉

  9. Miss Indo 07 says:

    hahaha, I agree with u Hassan. ^^

  10. Molisan Tono says:

    what a lucky guy, he got fresh graduate housewife… hahaha.

  11. Vivien says:

    Please tell me, Mme Rika, what first attracted you to this old, ugly, rich, powerful man?

  12. Molisan Tono says:

    hmmm… let me answer that… he is rich and powerful… old and ugly? I think she just simply don’t care. as soon he die, his money belong to rika…. hahaha.

  13. Thomas Gardon says:

    God works in a mysterious way…….

  14. Jack Hawkins says:

    Hassan: let the rich fat ugly Muslim patriarch enjoy his trophy wife, who under Islam he is free to beat and abuse and then divorce at his every whim? any non-Muslim woman marrying a Muslim man needs her bumps felt IMO – voluntary enslavement is insanity

  15. Hassan says:

    Jack Hawkins: nice try, you can’t pull my chains that easily.

    is there even such a thing as “voluntary enslavement”? if there is, then our places of work is currently enslaving us voluntarily (for money). hey, we’re all corporate (voluntary) slaves everyone!!

  16. Jack Hawkins says:

    Oh I think I just have pulled your chain Hassan! you can’t deny what I’ve said and still be a good Allah-slave can you?

    being a wage-slave is entirely different from being a mind-slave to Islam

  17. Hassan says:

    Jack Hawkins: what is the difference? the motivation? the first was driven by money and the second by God? i’d rather be driven by God than money, like most capitalists.

    and by saying “you can’t pull my chains that easily” I meant that your ignorance of other religion should not cause any harm or emotional response. and it didn’t.

    The very idiom “voluntary enslavement” is a paradox in itself. the word “enslavement” means to force others to do things that they didn’t want to do. while the word “voluntary” means doing something as an act of free will.

    if you combine two contradictive words the result is a paradox. which one did it suppose to mean? the forcing or the free will?

  18. Jack Hawkins says:

    Hassan, I have made it clear that its not the difference in motivation that is the problem – perhaps you should read my post again? Comparing employment to the subjugation of intellect and reason that is Islam is ridiculous IMO.

    Ignorance of other religion – what ignorance Hassan? Please point out this ignorance Hassan. Or is this a reflex statement made without much thought? In fact a rather IGNORANT statement?

    As for emotional response, I think you’re in denial;) – or is it taqqiya?

    No, voluntary enslavement is not a “paradox” (or even an oxymoron if you wanted to use more elegant language) – if you were a student of history and human nature you’d see it’s perfectly possible to be voluntarily enslaved. If you read Julie Burchill you will see her use the term of Muslim converts in fact.

  19. Molisan Tono says:

    is it still about fresh graduated housewife or kinky religious stuff??? hahaha… chill guys…

  20. Hassan says:

    Jack Hawkins: if you’re saying that my reply to you is emotional, then you don’t know me. ask around.

  21. Jack Hawkins says:

    That’s not exactly what I said – and you’re intellectualising to avoid an emotional response.

  22. Vivien says:

    Jack Hawkins, perhaps we’re wasting our time talking to Hassan. We might get a more reasoned response from Hassan’s grandmother, mother, sister, wife, daughter.

    Then again, perhaps not, if she’s been brainwashed, sorry “instructed,” by men like Hassan.

  23. Hassan says:

    Jack Hawkins: ok, here’s my response. “Ignorance of other religion – what ignorance Hassan?” to me ignorance is the act of passing judgement on something (or someone) without the full or adequate knowledge of that matter. now jack, are you a scholar in the topic of Islam? Muslims had been studying and practicing Islam their entire life, are you saying that you know more about Islam than Muslims?

    now, as i see it (as a Muslim), Allah SWT (God) had given humans free will, we can do whatever we want to do with our life. the catch is, we will have account for every single things we did in our lives on judgement day. if we believe in Allah SWT and follow His instructions and do good deeds, then God will repay our obidience in the afterlife. but if we deny Him and use our lives to chase the world, commit sins, and follow our lust then He will repay those behaviour as well in the afterlife. whichever we choose is entirely up to us, Allah SWT will not be at lost in any way if we choose wrongly. you may call it “subjugation”. i call it “accountability”. God didn’t force us to do anything, we just have to be accountable for our actions. and we Muslims decided that we wanted to follow Allah’s instructions for our own sake on judgement’s day, was that a mistake to you? you jack, are free to do whatever you choose as the best course of action in your life.

    check this out, the entire universe is a “slave” for God, watch how from atoms to the planetary system follow a certain system that God had set for them. can they decide that they wanted to do otherwise (atoms stop from following it’s orbit, the earth stop from revolving, planets go through different orbits, animals stop from breeding or tigers decide they wanted to eat grass)? we are too proud..

  24. Vivien says:

    Hassan – lively piece of writing about free will and accountability, but what’s it got to do with the subjugation of women in Islam?

  25. Hassan says:

    vivien: “read between the lines”?

    there is no subjugation, if God had given women free will and they decided to do what God had commanded them to do (in their marriage), so where’s the subjugation?

  26. Vivien says:

    It’s in the culture, Hassan. Deeply ingrained.

    Muslim girls are completely controlled by their fathers. If the father is absent, the grandfathers, uncles, brothers and male cousins step in.

    When she gets betrothed, it’s traditionally after an inspection visit from the boy’s family, to check that she’s a viable prospect. Her parents don’t pay a reciprocal visit. They don’t even have the right to instigate courting.

    When she gets married, control of her behaviour becomes the responsibility of the husband.

    With all that conditioning and cultural pressure, do you really think she has a choice?

  27. Jack Hawkins says:

    Hassan, you know and I know that Islam treats women as second-class citizens. On that basis, I seem to know more about Islam than some Muslims, namely YOU!!!


    Exactly, Vivien, not to mention all the verses in the Koran that tell women how inferior they are, and how the majority of women are going to hell”¦

  28. Gil says:

    ermm.. all these postings about Islam are interestingly healthy discussion and I don’t want to be really annoying (which i already am) by saying they’re rather out of topic from the original topic which was yusril’s wife.. (she’s got really unique oriental face, btw =)) However, I’d really like to learn also something about such matters as this current discussion/debate appears to me quite interesting. so, allow me to join you guys..

    I, myself, don’t buy such things like religion. However, in reply to vivien’s latest post, I just wanted to say from what she mentioned, it’s got nothing to do with religion itself which in this matter Islam. it’s fairly weak argument to mix up cultural aspects and religion whereas i see them have their own dimensions. This world was unfortunately built under the rule of pathriachal which justified your statements. But, to claim that such social control towards women was brought up and “legalised” by Islam was somewhat unbalance because i notice also that in some society in several countries like india and pakistan, such thing do exist. And has it got something to do with particular religion? no! I have to admit though, this thing was deeply ingrained in the culture namely Indonesian “culture” (what is this thing so-called “culture”?)! But, was it introduced and disseminated by Islam, i fairly doubt that. So, once again, to generalise and claim that Islam introduced such thing is quite dangerous IMHO. I am not trying to defense anyone or anything in this matter because i’ve got nothing to defense or to prove anyway.. as a matter of fact, I would totally agree if you had said that religion should be revised!

    And Jack.. hmmm.. at first I was impressed on how you articulated some of your thoughts and disbelief about Islam but then in the end I was left unimpressed by your judgemental and improportional statements. one can ofcourse criticise anything and that includes religion IMHO. But, to criticise something doesn’t mean one has to condescend which I think you clearly did that.

  29. Michael says:

    Beauty & the beast Indonesian version.

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