No Bakso in Ambon (& Padang)

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The law in Ambon city enforces respect for Muslim customs, as it does in Padang, West Sumatra.

The city government of Ambon, under mayor Jopie Papilaja, in the province of South Maluku apparently passed an ordinance banning the selling of food on the streets during the fasting hours of the day, out of respect for those people who observe Ramadan.

On the 27th public order officials went into action to enforce the law, descending onto the streets looking for bakso sellers and the like. The television report on sctv shows one bewildered bakso, “kaki lima”, seller being accosted by officials and told to stop trading until nightfall.

Padang Raid
Padang Raid.

Also in Padang, West Sumatra, raids were conducted on dozens of food stalls that were in operation during the day. The food sellers protested the action saying that they covered their stalls with cloth and some said the regulation was unfair given that it disallowed the mere sale of food, regardless of whether the food was consumed on the spot or later.

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  1. Molisan Tono says:

    Respect for Moslem, indeed is a must… what about respect and understanding for those who are looking for food because they are hungry?

    Doesn’t Islam teach understanding in Quran?

  2. Miss Indo 07 says:

    hmm, it’s not fair, that’s their job,they need to earn money for the family, what’s more, if they’re also fasting, then they need to earn money to buy food for buka and the next day’s sahur.

    It’s not that I don’t respect Muslims, I was in public university, most students there were Muslims and I tried not to eat and drink during the fasting months, but yes like what Molisan said, what about people who need food?

    I guess actually the “real” Muslims also don’t agree with this regulation, because most of my friends always said, “it’s ok, just eat and drink, it’s ok, it’s us who are fasting, not you, besides, if you eat and we still can fast, we got more pahala”.

    That’s the government., city government., or whatever (under pressure of the fanatic “so-called” Muslim and FPI) makes the stupid regulation like that.

    Well I absolutely agree with that opinion about pahala, if there’s no food, of course fasting is easy, no point of fasting right?
    If there’s no cigarettes in this world people wont smoke, if there’s no playboy magazine no porn movies, no beers, no alcohol, nobody will read, if there’s no nite club opening, then it’s so easy to be a good Muslim, isn’t it?

    So, for my real Muslim friends, selamat menunaikan ibadah puasa. ^^

  3. Tomaculum says:

    “Papa, I need some new books for the school for tomorrow.”

    “I’m very sorry, my dear, I don’t earn money today.”

    “But I need the book! Else the teacher will send me home.”

    ” Once more I’m sorry, but I couldn’t sell any bakso today.”


    ” Because it is now forbidden to sell food during the daytime during the ramadan. Please stay home tomorrow.”

    Child: weeping.

    Mother: weeping.

    Father: feel ashamed.

  4. Andrew says:

    I’ts getting MUCH easier to fast now, I guess.

  5. Think in a Blink says:

    Yeap, it’s ok for such grocery to open, as long as they do it in a polite n proper way in order to respect those who are fasting, such as keep their curatin closed..
    No need to put the other who are not fasting in trouble to find food 🙂

    I watched on tv, in some cities, their city gov. send their task forces to sweep along the area for the groceries which are open, they forcely closed them and also seize the food… hmm 🙁 not a very good scenery indeed.

    Please don’t be so harsh and conservative, oke.

    Let’s make life in harmony side by side…

  6. Julita says:

    Well, well, well, like I read the above, it is true when one has to fast and see others eating that is more challenging for the one fasting, like whoever said in the above the person get more pahala, especially when the food is delicious, mouth watering. Also the best fasting is not only from food
    but from anything else, being impatient, not getting angry, watching TV, lazy etc. etc.
    We have to do good to others at this Holy Month, taking away one’s livelihood, I don’t think that is good. I heard my good Moslem friend always said, put yourself in other people’s shoes before you act. These baso sellers are not rich, I suggest what the police or local govenment(the rich)can do is be charitable towards the baso man, ask him to stop selling and giving them money reimbursing their daily income, that is a great idea a real pahala.

  7. Molisan Tono says:

    I agree with Julita about re-imbursing, but the problem is it’s not government call, it’s other Moslem party’s agenda. Beside that… who wanted to do that charity giving money away as re-imbursement?

  8. Miss Indo 07 says:

    Look @ the pic, I’m sure those guys will eat the food they took from those poor food seller.


    Btw I live in Singapore and here there are so many Muslims, malays and Indians and nobody’s banned to sell foods. Indo’s government are ridiculous.

  9. Molisan Tono says:

    Sad, those are people money they are throwing away. Money they earn with sweats and maybe started with loan from everywhere.

    These people who did the sweeping, have no sense of humanity and are hypocrites. They who make their people suffer, not other minor group or society like they used to blame.

  10. Mohammed Khafi says:

    Criminal stupidity, this is not about religion, the people who make such rules wouldn’t know goodness or humility if it was staring them in the face.

    What next?, will they be pulling fruit off the trees, because it is too much of a temptation to people fasting.

    I cannot comprehend that we still have people of such stupidity in positions of power in this country, we make ourselves look like badut in front of the rest of the world.

  11. Julita says:

    Great Khafi, you know, I wish you are up there, good luck!

  12. Andrew says:

    The thing is that they (officials, etc.) sometimes make decisions for the sake of their political popularity, not for the real reason.

    All politicians do this, but Indonesians, in particular, are very obvious.

  13. Julita says:

    The government is weak, in all levels, sorry, corrupt. At Soekarno Hatta an official without hesitation would ask for US dollar to put into his pocket. Money, a group of people and high position overome the law. Very sad indeed. Lots of work to do Indonesia!

    Anyway I love Indonesia and the friendly people. Have a bright future!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Think in a Blink says:

    I believe our the Prophet would disagree about these “rude” action, they are who doing these are not act in the name of God or Religion as they may thought, they did that in the name of their own arogancies…

  15. Rockstar says:


    When was the last time u went back to indo?
    I went back last December and surprisingly there were a lot of improvements there. When somebody was trying to give me a hard time he was scolded by his supervisor which was quite surprising.

    But yea the bakso thingy, that is just way out of control.. those people they don’t know what they are missing.

  16. Molisan Tono says:

    Rockstar… hallo… earth to Rockstar…

    they are missing bakso dude… :))

  17. Sandman says:

    That is too bad. Such ignorance from authority. People need to earn money. How can anyone support their family if you can not work for one full month. Fasting is between you and God, no need any law enforcement.

  18. Bradlymail says:

    let them make a living during ramadhan,what about others ? Fasting…YES ! but no FORCING

  19. Hassan says:

    what a waste of good food…

    the local government should also give them a solution, an alternative way of making a living, instead of just making them stop selling in the month of ramadhan

  20. Parvita says:

    Boy, if I lived in Padang or Ambon, and I was having my menstruation and a stomach cramp and I had to walk miles to find food for lunch and all the warungs were closed…

  21. Tomaculum says:

    Years ago, the Indonesian Muslim also did the Puasa. And it was enough, that the food sellers hanged a curtain in front of their kiosks or restaurants, so that people cannot look in.
    And as I remember, those who had a strong faith and will to fast, they didn’t feel disturbed or something like that.
    I don’t believe, that the faith of the current Muslims is weaker, isn’t it? Or maybe there is something else?

  22. Mohammed Khafi says:

    I cannot believe that anybody with any conscience or intelligence could make such a law or enforce it ?
    What is the driving force behind this stupidity? So many people are suffering from this, the vendors themselves from lowered income, all those people who are not fasting for valid reasons , the young, the sick, travellers, pregnant women etc.
    Once again the poor are bearing the brunt of this ignorance.

  23. Tomaculum says:

    Hello M Khafi,
    that is not a law, but it is a self made rule from some confused, which think they could come closer to heaven with such actions.
    The problem is, why is the central government so inactive? Does it stand at the same position with those people or do they act like the three apes?
    Remember them? Doesn’t hear, doesn’t see, doesn’t speak.
    I think the main problem is that Indonesia nowaday is being in a transition. I think the peace will spread over Indonesia , if it comes to a decision. Why not an Islam country, if there is then peace for all? Ooops, I forgot the clashes beetwen the Islam sects (don’t missunderstand me, there are also clashes beetwen the sects of the other religions). So, what is the solution? I don’t know (maybe if we are able to learn/to understand, that one of the highest attributes of the human being is to respect and to accept the other and their beliefs, decisions, values and differentness. But I have the suspicion, that we are already to much degenerated for it).
    Meanwhile the world laugh about such brainless actions (or about the powerless and/or fearful government).
    Why not, laughing is very healthy.
    And the poor? They simply don’t count, don’t they?

  24. Julita says:

    Hi Rockstar, it was January 2006 when it happened, sorry I did not have a chance to reply earlier. Of course, she was a woman and you are man, man has no problem.

    We are back at the tukang baso. Like in anything else there is the good and the bad, I don’t mean to devide a group of people with their religious believe, but why don’t those who are good and have compassion shout out and say ‘No” to this. Collect names, make efforts, easy for me to say, he! Since my other suggestion did not work, also this tukang baso is NOT the only ONE.

  25. Michelle says:

    As in many of our countries, there is more to the story than what is being revealed. A long standing genocide against Christians in this area has been happening for more than just a few years. Hundreds and thousands of people are being killed on both sides. Unfortunately, the military powers back only the Muslims and protect only the Muslims. The right to even defend one self is taken from the Christians in this area. How outrageously cruel. The right to worship is taken away, the right to live and work and breathe is being taken away. The last few years things have increasingly become more intenses. Indonesia government and Muslims are trying to rid the area of all Christians. Many Muslims are beheading Christians in the name of God, shootings, and hundreds being killed, tortured or burned. The last two years atleast 4,000 killed. This article is so trivial and such a diluted glimpse of the real tragedies that are occuring there. God grant them Mercy. This is not Harmony and cannot be if one people is trying to rid the country of all Christians. Just won’t happen. They are crying and weeping while pleading for help, a strand of humanitarian intervention. I’m sure these stores had there curtains closed, and excuses are made to loot and take away goods from others. Like the food at these stores, or access to food for the Christians. We should all pray for peace.

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