Discrimination Against Chinese

Sep 27th, 2006, in Society, by

Lee Kuan Yew says there is systematic discrimination against Indonesians of Chinese descent.

The former president of Singapore, as part of a one-hour address at the Raffles Forum, held in conjunction with the IMF-World Bank Meeting in Singapore, reportedly said that the ethnic Chinese minority population in Indonesia, and Malaysia:

Our neighbors both have problems with their Chinese. They [the Chinese] are successful. They are hard working and, therefore, they are systematically marginalized.

and that this was one reason why Singapore, a Chinese majority state, had to be firm against Malaysia and Indonesia.

Lee Kuan Yew
Lee Kuan Yew.

Indonesian politicians were quick to react to these statements. Djoko Susilo of the National Mandate Party (PAN), said Yew was a big liar, and:

We are very upset because it has disgraced Indonesia. We will ask the government to send a letter of protest to Lee.

He said that Chinese people were able to work in any area, including the military.

We even have ministers and MP’s [who are Chinese].

Amris Hassan of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P), bemoaned the harm Lee’s statement would cause to internal Indonesian cohesiveness, and intra-ASEAN relations.

It is very dangerous for our unity because the false feeling of some people here will be justified, and they will think that marginalization really exists. Beside obstructing our bilateral relations, the remarks also hinder the process of establishing the ASEAN community.

Amris said Lee should issue a public apology and explain himself.

October 2nd.

An apology was forthcoming. The Malaysian government’s demanding of such an apology was successful with Lee Kuan Yew saying:

I am sorry that what I said has caused you a great deal of discomfort. ….it is the last thing I wanted.

in a letter to Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

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  1. janma says:

    I believe the term is
    Quod Erat Demonstratum?

    yeah, PN, you proved, yet again what an ignorant git you are! Congrats mate!

  2. sputjam says:

    there is so much land in kalimantan, and all the pribmis are thinking of is to sell it to some plantation company and earn brokerage fee.

  3. Oigal says:

    Geez.. I am almost feeling sorry for PN..has been bashed to brain dead pulp (ok the first two I think had already occurred over last few posts.

    In fairness, he probably means well,

    Never attribute to malice what can be adequately explained by stupidity

  4. Purba Negoro says:

    take your afternoon nap Eyang
    Afterwards, when you are refreshed you may come up with a less silly comeback

  5. dragonwall says:

    Wow..I am beginning to learn more big words from you and that I might not need the Wikipedia.

    You should re-write history and turn the clock backward like what you said

    The development of Islam in Indonesia and Malaya is intimately related to a Chinese Muslim, Admiral Zheng He

    So the job of an archealogist is just befitting of an ancient negriti jester.

    when you said

    Purba means kekuasaan, so sh*t means gold right?

    Idiot Malaysee-ahns, trul-ey Ay-see-ahns (is it?) ruined the meaning. It does not mean ancient. Purba manusia- means lord of mankind- implying predecessor

    Nice try.

    It’s Javanese- like most of “Malay-see-ahn”- a dreadful corruption of a superior tongue.
    Like Bogel= short- but idiot Malays think it means naked. Bugil is nude. Pantat is butt cheeks- but idiot Malaysians think it’s a vagina.

    Now I see, no wonder you were not able to differentiate between Melayu and the Indonesian language. You should say the Malaysian were not able to differentiate which hole to enter, like you!

    So you better not tell a Malaysian your bogel mother in law has an enormous pantat.

    What are you trying to say because you have a Malaysian Mother in Law?

    Shall I consider that sidestepping, diversification, distraction to be your mastery or what? Or perhaps we should get Universities to confer a new degree Like BoD – Bachelor of Deception something like that. How does that sounds to you.

    So Mr Lim Hock was “hocking” hot goods as a “fence”?

    It has been a regret for Singapore to have that given away to Australia and I suppose that was why he was impeached. Well to backtrack, your chummy friend Habibie was not able to take the heat that was why some part of Indonesia became Independent, right! Tell your TNI buddies to take them back, I guess not because that many came back seeking asylum from Indonesia as a form of regret.

    Ah new meaning..Colonialism meant theft..so serobot mean to use and todong means to borrow right?

    Pitting your pea brain against the Chinese business people, sampai tua lu. How dare people like you say

    No honour amongst thieves, is there Tukang Cukong Tipu?

    What thieve? So all Chinese business people are thieves! Asked your Shanghainese friends the motto of business. Irregardless of who they are okay.

    Temasek was Javanese since Srwiijaya. Raffles stole it- in return for protecting (later Sultan) Johor- a common pirate’s bastard descendant

    So you consider your ancestor were common pirqate’s bastard descendant! Then it will be right for us to say it will be the same for you right? Because I suppose you are amongst the descendant of them ain’t that right.


    Ganyang Singapura is still incredibly popular policy among the Rakyat

    You have been given the fair chance to try then! so………..why whine and sigh?

    I can really sum up that like most of them state, your sidestepping must have been one of those unprecedented type.

    Care to take that to court! Perhaps one day you might see me fighting for the rights of the Chinese.

  6. janma says:

    PN bleated;

    Austronesians sailed as far as Hawaii Janma.
    The largest population of Austronesians is in modern-day Indonesia, then Phillipines, Thailand etc

    The Human Genome project clearly identifies Pacific Isladners as from the same genotype as archipelago Malays= Indonesians.
    Not to mention shared culture and linguistic markers.

    There are also recent pottery fragments recently found around Darwin coastline dating from 14th Century- probably from Java- and probably Chinese glazed earthen ware.

    Thus, any purely hypothetic Indonesian claim to Christmas Islands and Terra Australis hold more water than van Diemens’ or Captain Jimmy Cook’s- especially regard to Cook’s own flimsy “terra nullius”.

    and he went on to say that

    Nice try, Ostrayans- but Java man and his Majapahit is demonstrably far older and wiser. We are merely temporarily at the bottom of the wheel of time, slowly ascending once again.

    None of which have anything whatsoever to do with his ridiculous statement that Indonesia lost Christmas Island to Australia in the 1970’s over some Timur deal….. total rubbish that he didn’t even take the trouble to look up on wiki…. infinitely wise you say…. so what did you think? that everyone else on this forum doesn’t read? that they know no history? did you just shoot your mouth off and hope no one would call you on it? and then once you’ve been called on it instead of accepting your faux pas like a mature adult accepting your mistake, you make fat jokes, grandma jokes, race insults etc.
    For someone who is ‘demonstrably older and wiser’ it seems PN never learnt in the playground that it does your reputation more damage to defend yourself when you are clearly wrong than it does to just be a man and admit you were wrong.

  7. dragonwall says:

    Janma Honey,

    It is a waste of time with people like him. I recently saw a new posting of him making new rebuttals and while I was trying to reply to that it suddenly somehow was deleted by someone.

    I guess many of them in these blogs had seen enough of him occupying too much nonsense to be bothered about thinking if for once he is right on something said by a jester.

  8. Beb says:

    I’m Chinese living in Jakarta. And I can tell you one thing, A LOT of local Indonesians treat us with disrespect. Calling us CINA or CHINKS in English. The truth is that we hold most of the money, we are generally richer. But this does not apply to everyone. I don’t however feel any discomfort with this, they can insult me for being chinese, and I can do the same to them. We live different lifestyles and as far as I’m concerned mine is much more better. I go to an international school, I can go abroad for my university studies. I really do respect the Indonesians who respect Chindos though. I have a few nice Indonesian friends. Peace.

  9. dragonwall says:


    I don’t however feel any discomfort with this, they can insult me for being chinese, and I can do the same to them. We live different lifestyles and as far as I’m concerned mine is much more better

    I think most Chinese thinks the same way. But you had overlook what was said by someone in these blogs uttering nonsense with sheer disregard.

    And if you were to blog with them please be careful as these people will come down on you like dikeroyok massa.

    I do hope that all Chinese thinks this way. In fact there are many pris who are not that bad, but in majority those that were being brainwashed tends to to feel otherwise.

  10. Purba Negoro says:

    petty quibbles.
    Why not be the bigger person yourself- and admit your own multitudinous nefarious facts?

    I’m sure being familiar with Indian culture- you;d remember Gandhis’s “be the change you wish to see in others'”.

    There are a lot of facts general society does not know- especially about Australia and the US in this region Janma.

    Question everything they have told you- the bulk of it is not true at all.
    When Indonesia puts its’ case forward- the West naysays and poohj-poohs it all- but the reality is- as your nations’ own various Intel agencies expired secrets attest- we were telling the truth all along.

    As per insults- if I may point out- you started it. But yes, it was childish and stupid- so yes I do apologise fully for hurt feelings. Growing up without one parent- one looses many social graces. That’s an explanation not an excuse- I’m sure my words in eprson are far more pleasant than in type forums.

    BTW- can you explain why you have children in Bali- but reside in Jakarta?

    Dragonwall- keep trying.

    Beb- nonsense. Anyway you’re unwanted and uninvited- with a very strong history of enmity toward the Pribumi.
    In short- all concerned would be best served and indeed blessed by your and your communty’s permanent absence- but please surrender all your inarguably stolen moneys at the departure gate.

    Don’t force us to cavity search you garlic and moth-balls reeking penny-pinchers, ya Mbak Gober?

  11. kiwibali says:

    We live different lifestyles and as far as I’m concerned mine is much more better. I go to an international school, I can go abroad for my university studies.

    Gees mate way to go in making things worse. If you have better living standard, good on you. But do you have to brag like that? Say that to the majority of the population that can afford food, what do you think they will do? give you a handshake and say “good on you man”? No!

    Gosh, one of the major reason for such tension between the pris and the ethnic-Chinese is the wealth disparity, and it doesn’t help if the ethnic-Chinese shows this fact so openly. You might say the pris are jealous, well they cant help it. You’ve undoubtedly seen the standard of living of the pris. If you struggle to even get 2 meals a day, don’t you think you’ll feel somewhat jealous of people that can go overseas to study?

    You have wealth than damn, keep it to yourself. Show it when its appropriate, when the people around you are at least middle-class. Some pris here are trying to ease down the racial tension, but you are not helping by further exaggerating the very base of such tension, the wealth disparity.

  12. janma says:

    PN…. I don’t live in jakarta, I live in Bali. My lickspittle is from jakarta…..
    about insulting first…… you need to check all your prev. posts PN….. definitely you win in the insult arena.

    Question everything they have told you- the bulk of it is not true at all.
    When Indonesia puts its’ case forward- the West naysays and poohj-poohs it all- but the reality is- as your nations’ own various Intel agencies expired secrets attest- we were telling the truth all along.

    everything who has told me? you think I’m the type of person who believes things I’m told at the drop of a hat? Never do that PN…… I won’t have my opinions shaped by a multitude….. what I talked about to you, especially about the dialysis machine in ancol, I know myself, I have experience of how they are helping people… that’s personal, not news….. I fail to see any ‘nefarious’ facts that you refer to, (besides your own of course.)

  13. Andy says:

    You tell em beb. Time for these disgruntled Indos to stop the name calling and nitpicking and pick yourselves up off your ass and try to bridge the gap by working harder and smarter. It’s what all successful countries and races do. Of which Indos are not one of.

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