Discrimination Against Chinese

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Lee Kuan Yew says there is systematic discrimination against Indonesians of Chinese descent.

The former president of Singapore, as part of a one-hour address at the Raffles Forum, held in conjunction with the IMF-World Bank Meeting in Singapore, reportedly said that the ethnic Chinese minority population in Indonesia, and Malaysia:

Our neighbors both have problems with their Chinese. They [the Chinese] are successful. They are hard working and, therefore, they are systematically marginalized.

and that this was one reason why Singapore, a Chinese majority state, had to be firm against Malaysia and Indonesia.

Lee Kuan Yew
Lee Kuan Yew.

Indonesian politicians were quick to react to these statements. Djoko Susilo of the National Mandate Party (PAN), said Yew was a big liar, and:

We are very upset because it has disgraced Indonesia. We will ask the government to send a letter of protest to Lee.

He said that Chinese people were able to work in any area, including the military.

We even have ministers and MP’s [who are Chinese].

Amris Hassan of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P), bemoaned the harm Lee’s statement would cause to internal Indonesian cohesiveness, and intra-ASEAN relations.

It is very dangerous for our unity because the false feeling of some people here will be justified, and they will think that marginalization really exists. Beside obstructing our bilateral relations, the remarks also hinder the process of establishing the ASEAN community.

Amris said Lee should issue a public apology and explain himself.

October 2nd.

An apology was forthcoming. The Malaysian government’s demanding of such an apology was successful with Lee Kuan Yew saying:

I am sorry that what I said has caused you a great deal of discomfort. ….it is the last thing I wanted.

in a letter to Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

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  1. Rudy Hendra says:

    I admit that the ‘pribumi’ are hating us, the Chinese.
    But they seems to hate everything!

    They hate the USA.
    They hate the Christian/Catholic.
    They hate Israel.
    They hate TV show and sexy ladies.
    They hate dischoteques and night clubs.
    They hate rich people.
    They hate dogs.

    and many more that they hate.

    Can you teach me how to deal with them?

  2. Dimp says:

    I think it’s more due to the social and economic status…. which then tied to the race, religion and others. Imagine if Indonesians (or majority) of Indonesians are not as poor as now, I don’t think there will be much discrimination against anyone.

  3. Survivor99 says:

    The Moeslem in Indonesia, make a lot of trauma for us,

    not all of them, but big part of them. Can u enjoy to live your life with the insecure feel most of the time. They have so much time to hate the chinese’s successness and they put so much envy on chinese’s work.

    they blame the chinese (1998) and as u guys know yourself, May1998 is the peak of one horrible and terrible harrasment againts chinese that happened in Indonesia (many times).

    somebody just please open their eyes….its really happen…
    We’re the Indonesian chinese still live in a big discrimiation atmosphere
    until today…

  4. Kiwi says:

    Discrimination is every where. There will be no winners or losers in this debate. Discrimination has been the homo sapien traits for centuries or millenium. People discriminate against skin color, religion, accent, wealth, and the list go on.

    The so called native Indonesians discriminate against the Chinese as they felt they have robbed riches from them…. the Chinese also disciminate against them as the natives are deem to be lazy.

    So what ever Lee Kuan Yew have said, he is entitled to his opinion and we of course are also entitled to our opinion. But the most important is to debate this intellectually and control your emotion as emotional debate are based on each person narrow perspective while discrimination is a problem of macro scale.

  5. Niamh Piperman says:

    Indonesia is full of balatant discrimination and not only against the Chinese. I have lived in Java and in Jakarta; I am Western and my spouse is Javanese.

    The rich business Chinese discriminate against the poor Chinese and the ‘failed-business’ chinese. Some of our closest friends were lower class Chinese or Chinese who had failed in business and their stories were the same. They are basically ostricised by their own community. So there is disctimination of Chinese BY Chinese.

    The Busines Chinese regard the pribumi as not much more than dirt and tend to treat their employees like slaves. The Business Chinese respect me as a westerner (generally) but as soon as they meet my spouse their attitute toward her is obvious and not positive.

    The ‘pribumi’ discriminate against their own people, particularly those married to westerners. Not a single day goes by where we are not commented at, called names or whatever, in the street. They think that if you are a westerner that you have a big **** and that the Indonesian wife is/was obviously a prostitute (although that is quite true in many cases).

    Even many (not all) seemingly ‘educated’ Indonesians are just as guilty of some of the most inane and ‘dumb’ comments directed at my spouse because she is married to me. Or they make comments about how forunate my child is that he has more western features rather than Indonesian features. (And yes, unlike many ‘Bini Bule’ she actually dresses respectfully , ie not getting around in hot shorts and tank tops and make up plastered on – now I’m being discriminatve, but I think you get my point – but still the preconceptions fly).

    Then there is the tourist discrimination, you know, go to a tourist attraction like Borobudur and the WNI gets in for Rp2000 and the WNA has to pay in US Dollars or if not, at least ten times the WNI price.

    What then really gets me riled is that Indonesians then claim that they are not racist or discriminative or that it’s only the Chinese who are suffering, that they are a friendly, peace-loving people. It’s only countries like Australia that are racist because of pauline Hanson and the Cronulla riots.

    You know, I love Indonesia and living here, so does my spouse. But every day we have step out our front door into a barrage of discrimination and al we can do is look on the bright side of life and try our best to not let it get to us.

  6. Dimp says:

    Hi Niamh,

    Then there is the tourist discrimination, you know, go to a tourist attraction like Borobudur and the WNI gets in for Rp2000 and the WNA has to pay in US Dollars or if not, at least ten times the WNI price.

    This is not discrimination, this is due to the lack of interest from the domestic tourists for the local attractions. Thus the cheap admission for locals so they can also afford it. While the for international tourists they are more interested to visit the Borobudur, thus the hefty admissions.

    Can you imagine if the local tourists have to pay the same (as in US Dollars), I bet you there won’t be any locals visiting the Borobudur.

    I think this is the same as in a lot of Asian countries.

    But all in all I agree with you, there are a lot of discrimination in Indonesia. Hopefully one day we can all learn that beneath the looks we are all the same.

  7. 1ndra says:

    Then there is the tourist discrimination, you know, go to a tourist attraction like Borobudur and the WNI gets in for Rp2000 and the WNA has to pay in US Dollars or if not, at least ten times the WNI price.

    Maybe when Indonesian went to US, they should pay in Rupiah 10 times than the local US tourists?
    Joke. 🙂

    Yes, discrimination is everywhere, sometimes its just like preprogrammed routine in our subconscious mind to resist/hate/avoid something those are different/strange, it might be thingy, areas, food, animals, or exactly, human.
    To get rid that program, we should install other program called, tolerance.

  8. Audrey says:

    I was from Indonesia, but switched citizenship to Singaporean. despite so, I stil often visit the country during my holidays. Indonesia is in fact a nice place to live in. Moreover, the expenses there are not high. It is a big country with many areas having nice scenery. For example, bali with the beaches, and garut cipanas. If you’ve been to those places, you’ll love it.

    Most of the time, I will go Jakarta, as that’s where my home is. Living in Indonesia has many good points, but it also has its bad points. Jams, for example, are very very common there. It can last for about few hours in serious case, and can be very frustrating, especially when one is rushing for time. However, most of the people there are already used to it, so it’s not much of a problem.

    There are other matters that causes the anger and unhappiness among the people there, especially for the chinese. I would like to state that the following comments is NOT due to racial discrimination. Yes, Indonesia is a country dominated by the Malays, with minority as Chinese. Due to this, there are many cases whereby unfairness had been showed towards the Chinese minority. First instance, when an accident occur on the road, if the Chinese are the ones who banged into a Malay’s car, payment is demanded, and the Chinese could not even argue a single word. However, when turning the tables around, where it’s the Malays who banged into the Chinese, there are bound to be arguments and they can simply just walk off without payment nor a word of apology.

    Moreover, the police there are mostly Malays, and would definitely side with their race. I experienced this myself just last week when I visited the country. It was in Jakarta, on the way to Pluit. We stopped behind a mini bus, which stopped right in the middle of the road, and behind us a bajaj knocked into us. In case not everyone knows, bajaj does not have a break peddle. They should have slowed down and stopped, but did not. At the moment, a Malay police was on duty. We know that the bajaj driver is poor and does not have money to pay on the spot, but the least they can do is to call the company. Instead, the driver only looked at us and said nothing, while the police asked him to just say sorry and close the case. Just a word of sorry and no payment? Who will pay for our car service fee?

    Second instance, parking at our apartment. The ticket was due, but my whole family was out of the country during that period, and the car was not even parked inside the apartment area. It was about 5 days after the ticket was due when we returned to jakarta. We parked our car in there for the first night, and wanted to purchase the next monthly ticket the next morning. We only did so at night due to some urgent matters in the morning. With that, they demanded Rp 26,000, on top of the Rp 125,000 for the monthly ticket. This is definitely unfair as as mentioned above, we did not park our car for 5 days there, and only 1 night after we went back. The usual fee is only Rp2000 for one night.

    Third instance, we saw another Chinese lady quarelling with the police outside Megamall at Pluit. The case is: a Malay motorist claimed to be knocked down by the car driver (the lady), who, in fact, did NOT even go close to the motorist. The motorist fell of his bike purposely, and demanded compensation from the lady.

    Firstly, I would like to say, be fair towards everyone, whatever race they are. Secondly, no matter what bus it is, if it were to stop to let passengers alight or board, please go to the side of the road before stopping. Consider not only yourself, but the others too. And for those who felt that he/she had be showed unfairness, speak up for yourself. This is specially for the Chinese.

    This is for the betterment of the country, and for the people. If other tourists are to travel there and are faced with the same problems, who would want to visit the country for a second time?

  9. Tomaculum says:

    I would like to say, be fair towards everyone, whatever race they are
    This statement is also valid for the chinese descendants, isn’t it? Fair means also treating everybody with the same respect. doesn’t it?
    And at least: it is sad, but the antipathy comes from both sides and both have their “participations” in this problem. So both have to do the first steps.

  10. Aluang anak Bayang says:

    Dear Audrey,

    One has to understand, of the all asian groups, the Chineses and Indians are the 2 most sophisticated races. They excelled in almost anything. The Indonesian and Malay pribumis are competing against these 2 groups.

    I have manufacturing businesses in China and Indonesia. Let me give you simple examples of their differences in cultural values and lifestyles.

    A poor chinese worker will endeavor to work hard for the success and prosperity of their family and future generation. Family comes first. When my Chinese workers are hardworking, I gave them bonuses at the end of the month as gratuity to keep them enthusiastic. And they work harder hoping for more bonuses. Indonesian workers on the other hand, lived for the day. From past experiences, whenever bonuses are handed out, there was a high chance they might not turn up for work for few days until they exhausted their spare money. This is their way of life.

    The size of my manufacturing business in China and Indonesia are almost the same. In China, my production workers are less than half that in Indonesia, but their output is 8 to 10 times more. Eventhough my Chinese workers are paid double the wage, they are more cost effective.

    It is the main reason why most major international companies have moved their production factories to China. China has now become a major economic power and India is on her way up. Sadly, Indonesia has this great potential, but their lifestyle impedes them moving forward.

    I do not actually blame their governments for implementing discriminating laws cos if left unchecked, the Chineses or Indians will dominate and control the country.

  11. Singapore Malay says:

    Excuse my senior prime minister. He is old and senile. He only has small Singapore to talk about. We are glad he does not govern Malaysia or Indonesia. At one time PAP tried to create a united Asia country after World War II. Malaysia was lucky to get rid of the Chinese or they would spread like ants in Malaysia and Indonesia if the PAP would run these two countries. Unfortunately we Malays are being discriminated seriously in Singapore. Unfortunately thanks to our religion we behave ourselves. Talking about marginalized, there are more Malay beggars in Singapore. How dare Lee Kwan Yew said that the Chinese are being marginalized in other countries.

    How dare he talk about chinese being treated in Indonesia and malaysia while he himself ignores the Malay here. I can’t wait for him to be in his 6 feet by 6 feet home.

  12. Raden says:

    My view, Singapore government treated the minority very very very well if we have to compare it with the Indo gov’t treated the Chinese minority. Those Malay in Singapore who make up only 15 – 20% population were dare to stand-up to wear the tudung at school without worrying the Singaporean chinese will stoning them. What if the Indonesian Chinese provoke eating pork in public? Stones will be thrown to him by the pribumi. In the case of the young girl insisted wearing tudung in her Primary School 2 years ago, the majority of Singaporean just ignored her & her father, we just busy with our works & more civilized citizen.

  13. Arema says:

    Niamh Piperman, Tomaculum, and Aluang posted excellent comments there. 😀 Love it guys.

    Let’s face it, discrimination is always there, whether we deny it or not. There is no instance where it does not exist (unless in a very small uniform group, of course). Why it seems that in some countries / regions as if there is no discrimination is just that discrimination is supressed to minimum. That is what we must work on, minimize discrimination to minimum, invisible level. Eliminating discrimination is mission impossible indeed.

    Singapore is one multi-everything country and is very successful in this matter. It is one of the reason why it is very successful. PM Lee is the conductor of the “orchestra”, and for me, the best leader SE Asia ever had. Singapore is truly blessed to have him. And we Indonesian, should be happy to receive an advice from such a man, and should be humble and introspect ourselves more than criticizing.

    If you want to go to war, settle the disputes of your generals first, and unite them. You won’t have time to plant in your garden if what you do everyday is wiping out weeds. In the same analogy, Indonesia will not start running toward greatness if it can’t settle domestic issues, which one of the major ones is discrimination.

    People should realize that difference is beautiful. It is the very key to solve this problem. God created us different with a good intention, to fill in others’ weaknesses, to reinforce others’ strength. It is not intended to be used as a reason to start a war.

    People who discriminate, please imagine this: Everyone around you look exactly like you, think exactly like you, behave exactly like you, etc. Everywhere you go, you see your own face, you want to open a revolutionary business but suddenly everyone think of the same thing, you are damn bored but you’ve got nowhere to go… everywhere is the same! Worse still if I add in this: everyone eat the same food everyday, wear the same clothes everyday, etc. Your world will become robotic, and life would become unicolor and monotonous. You want this? Please transmigrate to an unhabited island, you can have your paradise there. Others who are sane enough certainly don’t want this.

    Difference is beautiful. Unity in diversity is even more beautiful. Our forefathers defined this as our nation’s motto is not without basis.

    We like to eat different things everyday, and all is tasty but yet incompArable. Our world become much more interesting because we meet different people everyday, and they enrich us, just because they are different. We learn new knowledge everyday from them, maybe new language too. When we are tired of our routines, we go for a holiday to another place. It is refreshing… why? Not necessarily because that place is more beautiful, but simply because it is different!

    Lastly, let’s not point fingers at others. We have our own homework to do. I know Chinese also discriminate pribumis, based on action-reaction law or just their nature, I am not sure, but one thing I’m sure: this has to stop. Pribumis have to realize that Chinese is one piece of the multi-everything Indonesian jigsaw too. We are part of the one big happy family too. We don’t demand anything over-the-top, just equality will do. Stop being blindly jealous and start to work, it’s a fair competition after all.

  14. Raden says:

    Guys, what are the similarities among :
    – A cleric Muslim leader based in Sydney, provoking the local Australian authority by introducing the Islamic law while he himself is just another migrant in Aussie?
    – The Muslim minority in Thailand who struggles & demand the adoption of Syariah Law in majority Budhist Thai people?
    – The Muslim rebelion in Phillipine who demand the same while the majority are Catholic Phillipino?
    – The Muslim minority in Maluku & Irian who dare to speak up & struggel while being minority in East Indonesia?
    – A Muslim primary school girl student back with her father who dare to oppose Ministry Of Education Singapore schooling practices which deny students to wear tudung / jilbab in school while majority are Chinese Budhism / free thinkers Singaporean?
    – An Arab descent who is radical suspect, Basyir who live freely in Solo Central java while he is fugitive in Malaysia & top target of FBI USA.

    The Muslim are very insistant on their believe like virus, if chinese are ‘predator’ in business likewise Muslim are fundamentally more militant when it comes to Islam or anything related to Middle-East culture & laws. That is the real danger because the radicalist do not want plurality & diversity, to them the best color is GREEN full stop & nothing else, stupid right?

    I have a Malaysian bumiputera friend who since his younger age he aroused so much with chinese girls until he married with a chinese KL girl 15 years ago. It is part of the Islamic Law, the chinese girl must convert to Islam and wearing tudung until today. In my opinion, it is another human right violation, it is like virus that is spreading rapidly across Asean countries, we need to stop all kind of virus spread.
    We are democratic society, we like to see beatiful girls/woman walking freely on the street at night & day time. Amen.

  15. Abdul Khalid al Jumhuri says:

    AMEN to clearminded and smart assessments of the nowadays world and reality. F*CK stupidity and myths based on some illiterate freaks from the dessert 14 century ago!

  16. Rudy Hendra says:

    I personally think that Indonesian people are not as bad as we say in comments above.
    Many Indonesians are good people.
    (Not as cruel as that Tomaculum guy).

    My neighbor in my home in Bandung is very very friendly. Maybe the little ‘ujang-ujang’ are sometimes called us ‘China! China!’ But that’s decades ago, don’t have to be commented. Now they are friendly and often visited our shop here. They are very friendly.

    And you know, if Indonesian guys visited our shop, they never haggle. The Chinese, haggle so much. We don’t get or hardly get a margin. Well, mostly Indonesian people do not haggle.
    So sometimes my family said that Indonesian people are richer than us, Chinese.

    And the Indonesian people I know (my neighbor in Bandung), are not as cruel and hostile as that Tomaculum, who has lived abroad, and seems that he is like ‘kacang lupa kulit’ or ‘a bean that forgot his clove’, Indonesian.

    I like living here in Indonesia, and like it very much to be a part of Indonesian citizen. Especially in Bandung.
    There is no discrimination in Bandung.

    Last month, I make a KTP (Citizenship Card), and just ‘charged’ about USD 3 for each. And the Ketua RW (Rukun Warga), the village leader, is not asking us the SBKRI (Surat Bukti Kewarganegaraan Indonesia), the Indonesian Citizen Proof or some kind like that.

    It is the guy in the upper level government that are want money. Like that Tomaculum one.

    Here, in kampung, no one bad. I like it very much to live here in kampung. Bandung. Indonesia.
    Indonesian citizen is not as bad as you think, especially in kampung.

  17. Arema says:

    Rudy Hendra: certainly not on all areas. We are simply highlighting our notable observations. My hometown Malang also quite a peaceful place to live, almost without any smell of discrimination. I love it very much. =)

    But you can’t deny this discrimination is happening is most places in Indonesia. We are one of those few “minority group” of the Chinese who are lucky live in a peaceful neighborhood.

    Raden: *nods* I agree.

  18. Rudy Hendra says:

    I believe some kind of ‘karma’ in life.

    I believe, if I or we do not do harmful or disrespectful thing or manners to Indonesian, they would not harm us also.

    What I can said about those Chinese who got discriminating act from Indonesian are, maybe they are the ones who are doing bad thing against the Indonesian.

    God made this world perfect. Perfectly made.
    Even the scientist know the law of action and reaction in Physics.
    If there is no action, there will be no reaction.

  19. Raden says:

    I think Rudy missed my points.
    – SBKRI or not it does not a matter to chinese in Indo, it is just a paper with potentially you guys must pay more as long as you can afford it, it is fine lah!
    – If you are chinese, how do you feel to enrol your children to top Univ ? as you know if your doughter do not wear jilbab, she will looks weird in her school?
    – In jakarta, every taxi drivers will agree to me, if you must bribe twice money to the corrupt police in duty to ‘settle’ your ‘mistakes’ than the average bumis
    – how much do u pay for your school’s admission fees as compare to the bumis? Are all faculties are equally available to the chinese minority?
    – can your child have an equal chance to be a pilot jet figther in the Navy ? or to be a specialst doctor? Please seek all the horrible stories about our post-grad system.

    Those nightmares will be a mental burden & disruptions to your next generation. If those are none I think your next generation will be more outspoken like the average American & more successful in the future. The suppression of majority race in Indonesia to the minority will create inferiority to the next generation, it is unwritten but exist & you have to admit it.

    Secondly, you maybe happy with your neighbourhood today, as long as Bashyir remain active in JI, one day one time the majority of your neighbourhood may adopt the radical syariah laws without your consent & your control, unless you your self a Muslim then it is fine for you & family to live in Bdg. Look at the trend, every high profile VIP who want to get his seat in Parliament are making use of Islam as their weapons & passage for success, they started with dzikir and like Michael Jackson concerts start gathering thousand of people for morning prayers, as usual that is the starting point to gain strong foot hold of voters. Frankly I am sick to see this, twisting religion for power & position. Sadly it works in Indonesia. That’s why the leaders are tolol & unqualified, like Yusril after staying in power, we knew if he is just another corruptor, we will see if he will stay in power or not very soon.

  20. Rudy Hendra says:

    Well, Sir,
    We here in kampung don’t think much.

    Maybe we are dumb.
    Maybe we are not smart.
    Maybe we are yah… say whatever you want lah…

    But, the fact is :
    My neighbors, is not like those people you mention.

    I personally think that the moslem in Bandung is a ‘high-class’ moslem.
    We here don’t do discrimination.
    The local RW (Rukun Warga) don’t expect SBKRI, don’t expect anything from us.
    We are treated the same as other Indonesian people.
    Sometimes our Indonesian neighbors here pays more than us, in events.

    Yah, maybe there is bad guys there in the upper government.
    But I would not let them take my peace and happiness here in kampung.

    And also, if you yourself are thinking like that all the time, how can you live a happy life?
    There are many that treat us badly, but if we treat others nicely, we will be treated nicely also. Someday, somehow.
    That is really happening to me.

    Like a ‘guru’ said…”if you return bad things with bad things, it won’t be over. If you return bad things with good things, it would be nice.” Nice in the end, I guess.

  21. Raden says:

    Rudy, prior to 13 Mei 1998, every chinese indo who lived in Jakarta feel the same like you today, living in harmony like kampung place. On 16 Mei, I took pictures of burned chinese houses in Pluit, Muara Karang & worse Pantai Indah Kapuk. The looting, burning & raping to chinese girls, they left sadistic sexual harrasment remarks on chinese house’s walls with Quran verses & (my God) Allahu Akbar, I have the proof. You may disbelieve me while you were in Bdg living peacefully there unknowing how horrible were in Jkt, Solo, Probolinggo, Pasuruan, Malang, Palembang, Ambon, etc.

    The majority said it was provocateur, I were the witness when ordinary kampung people (not provocateur) were cheerfully taking their active part, there were no provocateurs in the mall that I used to lived close by there. Our gov’t never admitted it & always declined to comment about the tragedy (raping our women) until today. The easiest scape goat was to say it was the provocateurs full stop without any prosecution for justice. If Munir is so important so that many outspoken & top lawyers willing to help Munir’s wife then where are those our top lawyers to offer help to the chinese? If you are chinese, you deserved to be punished & because our ‘amoy’ have fair sexy skins, they deserved to be raped. Then Allahu Akbar, this is suck. Can you tell me if there are any other nations who systimatically raping & torturing their minority without any justice in the name of law?

    We were living peacefully like you are today in Bandung, we were never expect the tragedy of 13th May 1998. Rumour told us a year after the tragedy if the provocateur was dropped ship from Aceh militants. Let say it is true story, they are human being likewise we are human being, how come a human being can be programmed like a pig? How can they wrote those Quran verses after they did the attrocity to chinese minority? This is evil (George Bush is 100% correct) and why the kampung people cheerfully taken their part? Hungry? Not enough money? Then you will tolerate because you are hungry then you can take share of looting & burning, punching those chinese man & their houses?

    To those who believe in Karma, sadistically said, the Acehnese deserved punishment & have to pay the price when God sent huge tsunami 2 years ago, maybe true maybe God is unfair, I don’t know, it is mystery at large.

    Think about it again before you say that you are contented & be proud of your kampung that bumis will never do harmful things to you, at any time it can change without your permission, sorry to say that is the facts. Remember the 9/11 and 13/5 – it can repeat without any early warning.

    Or maybe you feel hopeless & you choose to blind-fold what happened those horrible days?

  22. Raden says:

    One additional thing, what if the JI drop ship the same provocateur from Aceh militants to your peaceful home-town Bandung? Bad luck huh? Then you will expect your neighbour will fully protect you? Here is their trick, when one person (suspectedly the provocateur) shout loudly Allahu Akbar (AA), no one will stop them & simply the rest of the mass either watching or joining the band. Now you see the power of AA, it is just similar to a concert conductor, no one dare to oppose the conductor. That’s because Indonesia is an uncivilized nation. In contrary, if there is Chinese Singaporean slap her Indonesian Javanese maid, the maid will normally get help from another Chinese neighbour to report the case to the police, then prosecution will proceed, there are many cases about this.

    This is similar to the Queen rock singer, Eddie Mercury: when he said ‘give me one more time’ then the rest of Queen musician will repeat the reference part of the ‘Hammer to Fall’ song, well, better think of the Queen songs then AA. I am maybe paranoid with the incident went the mass start shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ then start burning the chinese houses like no body business? Yes, it is true.

  23. Sputjam says:

    Let’s face it. The chinese are a gifted lot despite the bad manners of the previous generations. Look for yourself how people’s republic of china is advancing on all fronts. In the field of arts, I saw their ballet dancers possibly outdoing the bolshoi ballet of Russia. They are world champions in many sports.

    While malays built kampungs, chinese have been building cities for generations. If the chinese people were as burly as the europeans, I am sure, the locals will be kowtowing to them. Unfortunately, they sometimes look too fragile, especially the womenfolk and that to me is the reason why they are being bullied.

    In the field of science and engineering, we do not have to compare – there is no comparison with the malays.

    Instead of hating them, why not use them for profit? Use them to manage the govenrment, let them run the universities. after all, they have been running government and focusing on education for thousands of years.The benefit will trickle down to the pribumis provided they are willing to learn and be patient. You cannot overtake their developed state overnight. Their civilisation is 5000 years old for heavens sake. Malay civilisation on the other hand, have not made an impact on the global stage.

  24. Rudy Hendra says:

    I don’t know where you are now.
    Why don’t you go back to China, and enjoy your ‘civilization’ then?
    We here, enjoy our civilization also, as kampung man.

  25. Cukurungan says:


    Rudy, prior to 13 Mei 1998, every chinese indo who lived in Jakarta feel the same like you today, living in harmony like kampung place.

    I didn’t think so because you chinese people at that times exhibiting extravagant life above our misery and at that time we pribumi just was waiting the correct times to strike and burn you. We weren’t blinded people and we saw what you’re doing in this country.

    Btw many thanks to Tragedy 1998 now days, Chinese people already given many opportunity to our dumb brothers to work in their business without harassment (we are always watching).

    Don’t compare pribumi human resources quality against chinese because it isn’t fair. Our knowledge just “tanam padi disawah” not more than that. Therefore, if you’re still want to live in harmony with us, we need your emphathy and please teach us do business and don’t even mention our laziness.

    Let be clear, our demand aren’t much, we are the most simple human being and what we need just “ono beras, awak waras and burungnya bergas” and we also haven’t objection if pribumi make money and China keep the money as long as you don’t send it to Singapore but if this most simple demand couldn’t be met we don’t hesitate to burn again this country.

  26. Arema says:

    @Raden: I can’t say I agree to your way of viewing this matter but I also can’t find a point I disagree with… you might be paranoid as you said, but I understand it’s still within realistic boundaries and your worst fear might happen. I bet you’re now living happily in Singapore right? It’s not as bad as you think, and also not as good as Rudy Hendra’s experience too… in most places you have a mix of both sweet and bitter things, in some places more of these, in other places less of those… it’s just part and parcel of living as Chinese in Indonesia, and I still find it’s workable as long as you never think that all Indonesian pribumis are half-animals because of unfortunate incidents. I never do, but some of my traumatic friends do, and automatically they opted to live overseas, and I’m happy for them. But for those like me and Rudy Hendra, who still have love left for Indonesia and Indonesians irrespective of anything, either just one drop or a truckload of love, we should do our part as Indonesians and not making the situation worse.

    Phew, I finished the good part… now the joke part…

    I didn’t think so because you chinese people at that times exhibiting extravagant life above our misery and at that time we pribumi just was waiting the correct times to strike and burn you. We weren’t blinded people and we saw what you’re doing in this country.

    We got the money through hard work, if you want more, why don’t you work harder, and work smarter? Are you thinking that the only way to get a lot of money is through lucky jackpot, money dropping from the skies, money tree, or corruption??? All you can do is burn, burn, burn, what money do you get from burning? Rp10.000,00 from provocators? Good dog! You want Rp20.000,00? Here, please help me kill him!

    Btw many thanks to Tragedy 1998 now days, Chinese people already given many opportunity to our dumb brothers to work in their business without harassment (we are always watching).

    Hohoho, hold it right there! We harassing you? Can’t you look into the mirror who’s harassing who?

    Don’t compare pribumi human resources quality against chinese because it isn’t fair. Our knowledge just “tanam padi disawah” not more than that. Therefore, if you’re still want to live in harmony with us, we need your emphathy and please teach us do business and don’t even mention our laziness.

    Alright, alright… let me teach you a thing or two… Lesson One: you ARE lazy! Stop living in denial and get your a$$ off to work!

    Let be clear, our demand aren’t much, we are the most simple human being and what we need just “ono beras, awak waras and burungnya bergas” and we also haven’t objection if pribumi make money and China keep the money as long as you don’t send it to Singapore but if this most simple demand couldn’t be met we don’t hesitate to burn again this country.

    If you want to burn your own boat, please by all mean DO IT!! We have all the necessary equipments and lifeboats to escape this sinking and burning boat, unlike you! We sincerely offered help, but you slapped our hands and even burned our cabin, so let us part company here, zai jian (goodbye)!

    Cuku, I know you might be frustrated after work and want some refreshing, but your comments are so ridiculous I can’t help to not to make fun with it! I mean no offense, but you truly need to stop these stream of immature comments.

  27. Aluang anak Bayang says:

    Cuk, never mess around with a non-Islamic woman. Arema is not your ideal typical submissive Muslimah, you might get yourself burnt instead.

    Cuk is a typical Malay like the Malaysian Bumiputras riding on Chinese’s back. In Malaysia, the 40% of Chinese and Indian contributed to over 90% of government income tax, which basically means the 40% working for the 60% Malays. These Malays are becoming lazier and lazier because they think it is their priviledge and right to be spoon fed.

    I believe Raden need to take a cold shower, he is actually getting cuckoo. Despite the anti-Chinese riot which was concentrated in Jakarta and I believe it was masterminded by the Suharto government, the violence was not widespread. Indonesia pribumis are make up of numerous ethnicities. I agree some are more racist-prone especially the Melayu speakers in Jakarta and further West, but throughout the rest of the Island, it was just broad daylight robberies by poor peasants. I was in Surabaya in the 1998 addressing a small group of protestors which had gathered near the Jalan Semarang train depot. I asked what they wanted, if it is Chinese blood, I said I know where to get them. We can do a big massacre. Many were embarrassed and said they only want to steal Chinese belongings, but not hurt them. These are opportunists rather than killers, at least in Surabaya.

  28. Arema says:

    Aluang, no offense taken, but I’m a man. 😛

  29. Raden says:

    Btw, I am Batak by race originaly from bt tinggi sibolga with fair complexion skin and almost similar eyes like the chinese’ eyes typically & people always mistaken me as chinese Indonesian. I am Christian & married happily with a chinese Indonesian women, we make up the bhinneka tunggal ika family. So, Cuk, so sorry, please don’t take my statement very emotionally and pre-judge if I am a Corrupt Chinese Indonesian man, not all of them that bad indeed as I knew, all my life I dedicated in oil & gas industry which I am an expert here.

    I am the enemy of Muslim Militant instead of the enemy of Javanese race, please try to differentiate that. If there are chinese Muslim militant exist, I will hate them as much & wanted to kill them all. For us, it is not the question of who are holding economy superiority in Indonesia, let say all the Chinese Indonesian will leave the country tomorrow, surely there are many other Bakrie & Panigoro corporation like will take the Chinese business over. But the trend of what happening today is worse. The Bakrie/Lapindo drill the well without casing & no transparancy until mud-flow was created which technologically, it can be avoided if you apply an appropriate safety & drilling technology standard. Either corruption or lack of measurement because ‘it is owned by pribumi’ therefore maybe Migas didnot make it as a big matter in the beginning until becoming a catasthrope, I am not really sure. The worse, it is ‘wong cilik’ in Porong villagers who are the victims with no adequate compensation till today, while Lapindo have access to key cabinet persons & Bakrie Brothers, money are there & why wait the compensation ? In my opinion, the Porong mud-flow tragedy is worse than the May 98 tragedy, we witness how bad is Indonesian gov’t handling this pribumi majority problem. There is no proof if the pribumi take over corporations then the ‘wong-cilik’ will prosper automatically. There is another scenario, if all the big Chinese businessman left Indonesia then the overseas corp like Temasek, Russian or Iran or China companies will buy our national assets, that is another disaster and it makes the matter worse in the long run.

    We can burn all the Chinese keturunan asset in Indonesia and by tomorrow you can take them over physically but it may make the macro economy worse. Hence I agree with Arema, there will be too many Lapindo & Yusril Mahendra in this country who are just not ready to take-up a big job with neccessity to have international business standard.

    What is the pribumi’s choice left on the table? Is very simple, we better deal with the Chinese Indonesian conglomerate whom we have known better than the Singaporean Temasek or Russian Investors whom a new dogs, at least they have known our our tradition well like hari raya, etc.

    Think about this, you are batak Christian minority who is living in Syairah Law province in Aceh but we never complain about it. Like chinese who was subject to SBKRI and they actually complaint a lot about Imlek & Kong Fu Chu ideology banned & discrimination, they are asking too much. In my view, we should see minority discrimination are exist everywhere, in Aceh, in Jawa, in Australia, even in the super power America where the minority Mexican origin always becoming the scape-goat if there are any gang robbery, criminals, etc.

    Our enemy in Indonesia is not against specific race (Javanese who dominated the cabinet in power or the chinese who controlled our economy) but the extremist who dominated the corrupt minds then act some unlawful behaviour. We are all need to take cold shower like Aluang said, stay cool and think it carefully & don’t let other ideology compromise our past nation integrity.

  30. Cukurungan says:


    Oh my shepherd, Mrs Arema raised her concern to me and not otherwise. So the proper words should be Arema never mess around Javanese Savior.

    Previously, I have two female non-moslem engineer working under my supervision one chinese and other batak, it seemed they haven’t problems with my method to handle them. We climbed towers together, went deep underground together, sailed in sea together and travelled in the jungle together.
    Of course I couldn’t see inside her hearts but I saw her face
    always smiled on me. Hehehe might you’re correct they were afraid on me the father of Ratu Adil.

    Aluang you need to change your javanese minds set, in this world’s we haven’t always doing work to get money , you can say anything toward Malaysia Pribumi lazines but they already proven that they’re much better than us in managing their resources for their own prosperity and look our brother and sister known as hard workers just only became Malaysia Jongos.

    And look again Arab people in Gulf State, their laziness are legendary but they are smart so that they’re now in Top Position of chain human live.
    Westerner, Japanese, Korean, Chine are working under their foot while our brother and sister became their slave.

    Your Savior

Comment on “Discrimination Against Chinese”.

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