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Jusuf Kalla says that it remains difficult for women to fulfil the 30% quota suggested for them in the parliament.

Kalla, the chairman of the Golkar party and the current vice-president of Indonesia, said that not enough women were able or willing to take up a role in politics, while speaking on the 19th at a meeting discussing the role of women in the Golkar party, accompanied by his wife, Mufida Kalla, and the Womens’ Empowerment minister, Meutia Hatta.

He suggested that women who worked in the areas of art, law, and social work, would make ideal candidates for political office. It was not difficult for women to become leaders, he said, considering that an example had been set by former president Megawati Soekarnoputri, and whether as president, governors, ministers, or regents, women could do the job.

Currently 20 out of 120 Golkar MP’s are women, or 18%, and Kalla said the 30% target was not far off.

Across the spectrum women make up 11.1% of the parliament, or 61 MP’s out of 550. The relevant law, Article 65, enacted in February 2003, reads:

Each participating political party may nominate candidates for the DPR, Provincial DPRD, and Regency/City DPRD, for each electoral district, giving consideration to representation of women of at least 30%.

However it represents only a recommendation not a requirement.

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  1. Parvita says:

    The amount of women in the parliament does not necessarily means that the voices of women of Indonesia will be represented. Having women in the parliament does not mean that they will fight for Indonesian women. So the quota will not guarantee anything on women’s well being.

    It is not the quantity of the women in the parliament, but the quality of them. As a citizen who pays tax, I would demand a qualified person, male or female, that can represent the people.

    Just my two cents.

  2. Mohammed Khafi says:


    I agree with you 100 percent, however I would suggest qualified and clean.

  3. Molisan Tono says:

    Both Parvita and khafi, I’d like to add more.
    Not waver, not corrupt, not racist, not groupist, not homo or lesbi. hahaha…. but seriously… they must trust be a worthy person.

  4. Mohammed Khafi says:

    But where can we find such people in the “Political Elite”? Do they actually exist? And if they do, are they powerful enough to overcome the corrupt power holders?

  5. Tomaculum says:

    Molisan tono, why not homo or lesbian? In which century do you live? Are they worse qualified than the “normal” (I’m not a homo). Are they worse than you or me? Please don’t make a joke at the expense of them, they have already a difficult position in the Indonesian society.

    By the way, I agree with Parvita and M. Khafi. But I think the quota is just the start to conserve the woman position in Indonesia.

    Why “to conserve” and not “to establish”? Because the women in Indonesia have always a high position in the society. And we have to avoid a negative change. But, you’re right Parvita: more important is the quality and integrity.

    Salam from Germany.

  6. Miss Indo 07 says:

    Tomaculum, I agree with you but I think maybe Tono was just kidding because recently our beloved so-called government tried to make regulation that ban homo or lesbi which I think is ridiculuous.
    But yes once again I agree with Parvita and Khafi and you, this country needs better people like the ones Tono said (except for the homo/lesbi part^^) which sounds too perfect and even if they existed the amount wouldn’t be enough to beat the majority.
    You know it’s so hard to be a minority, (in our country especially).

  7. Tomaculum says:

    Miss Indo 07,
    yes, you’re right. M. Tono was just kidding. Sorry M. tono for the wrong interpretation.
    But you also know the opinion of most (or many?) in Indonesia to minorities, in this case to homos and lesbians. It’s disgusting and degrading (not the homosexuals but those with this opinion). I have some of homos and lesbians among my friends. And I can tell you: they are normal. Not better or worse.

  8. Miss Indo 07 says:

    Yup Tomaculum, I really understand what you say, I also have some gay friends, and they’re just alright.
    The problem is always and again, the Indonesians, who always feel that they’re holy, they’re God’s best servant, and they have to clean the world from things that disobey God’s will.

    Ok, let’s just say, even Inul is disgusting for them, let alone homo or lesbian, and the greatest of all is the ridiculous government, who actually has soooo super many things and problems in the country that need to be solved, but instead they try to make this and that regulation that are useless and nonsense, full of crap and bullsh*t.
    I mean, come on, this country is lead by a bunch of stupid people (I said stupid, because I believe they are well educated, but they cant use their brain.)

    I never heard other countries that try to make regulation about homo and lesbians.
    This country is becoming stupid and retarded, becoming much more discriminative then before (racial, religion, and now even homo/lesbian??), becoming more anarchic.

    That can’t happen without any reason, right? who’s to blame?

  9. Tomaculum says:

    Miss Indo 07,
    I don’t think, that the Indonesian political leaders are stupid.
    I’m sure many of them are just strategically thinking and waiting for the right moment (if they can bundle their courage) to do the “right” thing. Some of them belong certainly to the actually “loudest” groups and the other think only about themself and their profit.
    The problem is not that they don’t use their brain, but how they think. Education is not a guarantee for reasonable thinking and acting. You surely know, it depends also on experience, how they manage and understand this experience etc etc and last but not least on their real way of thinking.
    I think SBY is basically a good leader. He can (or try to) understand the folk and I think he knows what is good for Indonesia. But his hands are bound. You surely know that political decisions are always strategic. But anyway I wish more strength and courage to decision from him.

    Other subject:
    Do you really believe, that Inul is disgusting for them?
    I’m sure many of the male condemners are erotically and/or sexually attracted by Inul and her way to dance (or to express her feeling. Sounds better, hm?). But it is forbidden even to think about it (or to imagine). So isn’t it the best situation, if such disturbance doesn’t exist? Doubtless that some of them act according to their deep beliefs!! I don’t want to defame this group.
    And the female opposer? Narrow minded, brain washed, deep believer also,
    jealous, fear, agony, hanger-on. I don’t know. I’m male and you know, that a man will never understand a woman.

    By the way: the discrimination in Indonesia is due to my opinion not worse. It is the same but it has other clothes. Otherwise there is also positive change, isn’t it (UU Kewarganegaraan)? Although approximately just on papers.
    And in Indoesia, like everywhere in the world, everybody discriminate eberybody. We complain, that the so called pribumi discriminates the Chinese keturunan. And what about the Chinese? They also discriminate the “pribumi”. What about the Dayaks, Timorese, Papuans etc etc.
    It is a sad world.

  10. Dragonwall says:

    Sorry how about quota for them giving birth? Reduce the birth rate! Encourage more productivity.

    Woman could be better employees than male, short a5$.

  11. raden says:

    That can’t happen without any reason, right? who’s to blame?

    blame it one the fanatics Kiai or islamic clerics who posses the biggest influence to reshape the majority in this country. Like Miss Indo 07 said, I agree with her if this country are led by a bunch of ‘stupid’ people although literally they are clever people but more appropriate word is ‘ego maniac’ people who posses bigger personal agenda than our country’s agenda. Those legislators want protection of their seats by pleasing who posses the biggest influence in majority.

    I repetitively said, if you are minorities like Javanese christian, Batak christian, Chinese Buddhist, Balinese Hindu, Timorese christian/catholics, Ambon christian who feel the pinch of these odds – please dare yourself to migrate to your dream countries, there are peaceful & happy life outside Indonesia for sure. When u can live outside Indonesia and peacefully monitoring these kind of blogs, you will realize : how stupid of you in the past living in such a moron country

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