Dhani, Mulan & Nice Young Ass

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Man’s man Ahmad Dhani, on cowardly monogamists and what men want, multiple shapely behinds.

Lead guitarist of rock group Dewa19, Ahmad Dhani weighed into the polygamy debate recently, saying

Men who [claim they] are satisfied with just one woman are hypocrites.

This was because all men wished to have more than one wife in reality, no man could be satisfied with the same woman forever, but some men lived in such fear of their wives that they didn’t dare seek permission to acquire another. kompas

Deserve each other

Meanwhile after divorcing, or being divorced by, his famous wife Maia, and now having a relationship of uncertain legal status with another pop star, Mulan Jameela, Dhani says he is on the lookout for a second first wife, but that

She has to have a good ass.

Apart from a shapely rear a budding Ahmad Dhani wife must also have long hair, be fair skinned, not too tall, and under 25.

When asked whether current partner Mulan Jameela lived up to these expectations: detikhot

She isn’t white

66 Comments on “Dhani, Mulan & Nice Young Ass”

  1. Burung Koel says:

    Ah, all the subtlety of Robbie Williams, without the same apparent talent.

  2. Achmad Sudarsono says:

    Seksi Mr. Patoengs Yth.

    Seksi Friends,

    Mr. Dhani was one of the first to sign up for my e-course on how to Pick Up Babes and Become a Seks Magnet. I am glad he is applying the lessons.

    Viva the Seksi !

  3. Deta says:

    @ Achmad
    I think you should add the lesson Being Sexy Without Pissing Your Wife off, then I will suggest other guys to sign up for your course……

  4. timdog says:

    Deta – are you not aware that the sensitive metrosexual is dead? Women no longer want this kind of thing. What they really want, what makes them all weak at the knees is to be treated BAD… I read about this in the Guardian so i know it’s true (I for one immediately threw out my moisturiser and cancelled my manicure). The new replacement for the metrosexual is the UBERSEXUAL. That erstwhile liberal organ cited James Bond as the ultimate ubersexual, but I think they missed a trick. Surely our ukulele-toting totem of suave manhood, Mas Achmad is the original ubersexual, no?

  5. Oigal says:

    Oh My… Ooops.

    It was a typo? I had always imagined our friend ASSMAD as a TUBERSEXUAL..

    Hey BTW ASSMAD..Did you know I have been outed as a Saudi.. 🙂 so a little more respect from now on..

  6. Achmad Sudarsono says:

    @ Deta – Mr. Timdogs is right.

    @ Oigs, all: I am an Omni Seksual.

  7. Deta says:

    @timdog, all
    Well, that could be true. When a normality become too normal people will find an absurdity (ubersexual or tubersexual or maybe rubbersexual?) to be considered as a new normality. That’s the way the world revolving……

  8. shorty says:

    Interesting that all posts are from men, and that with the exception of koel, zero in on sex. Ibu tangan dan putri-putrinya?

    Uber, tuber, metro….what about trisexual? Try anything at least once. In the words of David Bowie….’as long as it’s wet, warm and has hair around it…’

  9. Lairedion says:

    @ Oigs, all: I am an Omni Seksual.

    So your sexuality is all-inclusive and there are no boundaries. I find this very disturbing and unsettling.

  10. Achmad Sudarsono says:

    Pak Lairedion Yth, Above the age of consent, and with consent (inanimate objects excluded), almost anything goes, baby !! Va Va Voom !

  11. Ross says:

    Dear God, Patung, you have unleashed a torrent of crass drivel.
    We refer to the ‘singer’ as The Kambing, not for his self-proclaimed exploits, but for his beard. Now it appears to be equally suited to his intellect.

    He simply comes across as a very unlikeable person, and his comment on Mulan is both unchivalrous and indicative of the racist mentality that also encourages idiot gals to use whitening cream.

  12. Ross says:

    PS. I’m going to warn my cat to watch out in case Achmad is about. He would interpet its ‘meow’ as ‘mau,’ I fear.

  13. Deta says:

    Interesting that all posts are from men…..

    Sorry if I’ve been misleading you, but its written on my ID card that I am a female….
    And if I have to take a stand in this case I will stand for Kambing (talking about real animal here) for being judged as bearing resemblance to Ahmad Dhani…..

  14. Oigal says:

    Above the age of consent, and with consent (inanimate objects excluded), almost anything goes, baby !!

    To their everlasting relief 🙂

    Of all the things that should frighten mankind surely the one to make us shiver is the thought of Achmad wading into the shallow end of the gene pool ukulele firmly in hard.

    On the plus side, Ross it would appear that you have not been ruled out as potential boy-toy in the Achmad chamber of misbegotten and forbidden love. Although I think we all kinda suspected something was going on here.

  15. mad about books says:

    Good ass, long hair, fair skin, must be under 25… (???)
    Apparently women are still sex objects in Ahmad Dhani’s eyes, not actual human beings..

    How sad.. It’s men like him who are slowly making me retch at the thought of marriage.. I must thank Ahmad Dhani though, for further reaffirming my belief that it’s much better for a woman to have her own career and ambitions, rather than spending her life raising her husband’s children and then suddenly having him bring a bimbo second-wife to the household..

  16. diego says:

    Dhani? Poligamy? Just look at the photo, he’s ugly. How is it possible (that he can ever have a woman)?

  17. Lairedion says:


    Age of consent is a very relative concept, just look at that creep Puji, so your logic does not exclude children and animals (vomit). Kinda expected that, to be honest.

  18. Achmad Sudarsono says:


    No it’s not. It’s a precisely defined age under the law in most states, functional ones, that is. At the same time, if you have any goats to spare…

  19. Oigal says:

    if you have any goats to spare…

    Please see picture in opening article

  20. Achmad Sudarsono says:


    My latest conquest:

  21. Oigal says:


  22. timdog says:


    They have quite a few of those where I am right now, Achmad… Back in the day sporting British officers came here to “bag” them. Not quite sure what that means, and I know that they used to get very excited about the local women, “whose locks, tresses and eyes resemble nothing so much as those of an admittedly unwashed English memsahib”, but I’m pretty sure it was “bagging” those goats that really got them – ahem – horny…

  23. Pena Budaya says:

    Dhani? Poligamy? Just look at the photo, he’s ugly. How is it possible (that he can ever have a woman)?


    I read somewhere that he claimed himself as a ganteng person…such self esteem is needed to catch a woman..LOL!!

    I remember that he made this statement after that poligamy club is known in Indonesia, right? I bet that his next target would be the leader of this poligamy club.

    It’s just that his statement may cause a disturbing impact on population, I can’t imagine if all Indonesian men are conducting polygamy, what would be the amount of Indonesian population next? 1 billions??

  24. Achmad Sudarsono says:


    I can share with you when you visit. Are you in Afghanistan ? Peshawar ? The local Indonesian kambing is also very… Seksi. Va Va Voom !

  25. shorty says:

    Is it a truism? Those who are doing ‘it’ are too busy to talk. Those who are talking are the frustrated ones.

    In the scheme of things does it matter where a fleeting rock ‘star’ is straining his potatoes? The only difference between his/her behaviour and us is his celebrity.

  26. Lairedion says:

    At the same time, if you have any goats to spare…

    I tried to mate them with each other but they appeared to be sterile so here you go…


  27. Achmad Sudarsono says:

    Thanks, Lairdie – they don’t look like the kind of Kambing who’d respect me in the morning. I think I’d feel…so cheap, so..used.

  28. Burung Koel says:

    A man was in court facing a bestiality charge – of having sex with a goat. The judge looked at the man with disgust, saying “How could you possibly do this? What on earth were you thinking at the time?”

    The man replied “Well, Your Honour, I was thinking about a younger, hotter goat.”

  29. Ross says:

    Thanks, Oigal…tomorrow I’ll be shopping for a tin sarong!

  30. Deta says:

    Sorry for interrupting your joy….but I think you guys take this kambing business too seriously….insulting people, moreover about how they look and leveling them with animals put you in a low position yourself (gee, I sound like my mother). I personally don’t like Dhani for his weird, arrogant, controversial acts and statements. But…..hmm…why do I smell jealousy here?

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