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Theocracy in action in West Sumatra as the city government of Padang teams up with the Majelis Ulama Indonesia (MUI), and the mob, to close down a mosque used by the heretics of the Jamiyatul Islamiyah.

The mosque, Masjid “Baitul Izza”, in Jl. Proklamasi, South Padang, belonging to the Jamiyatul Islamiyah (JmI) sect, was sealed by a mob as the mayor of the city Fauzi Bahar, and the police, looked on with approval. Mayor Fauzi, who had just previously cancelled the building permit for the land on which the mosque stood, claimed that the land was only authorised to be used as a multi-use hall and not as a place of worship. Local people were allowed to carry out the shutting down of the mosque, it seems, as a way of letting off steam and so that they would not resort to violence. Police stood guard nearby, along with various officials from the clerical body, MUI.

Other groups which took part in the action included the Komite Penegakan Syari’at Islam (KPSI), Forum Kajian Sosial (Forkas), MT, LIBAS, IMM, SPI, FMPI, Forum Silaturrahmi Lembaga Dakwah Kampus (FSLDK) Unand, Gerakan Mahasiswa Peduli (GPI) IAIN Imam Bonjol Padang, Hizbut Tahrir, in what seems to have been a show of strength against deviancy.

Jamiyatul Islamiyah Mosque
A Den of Heretics is Shut.

In a press conference on the 18th the West Sumatra branch of the Ulema Council, MUI, re-iterated its previous view that the teachings of the Jamiyatul Islamiyah were deviant and that the group could therefore not openly practise its faith. It appears that the JmI believe that Abdul Karim Jamik, or Djamak, who is the sect’s founder, has the same status as Muhammad, as a prophet.

The MUI made a plea, earlier, to the leader of the JmI, Karim Djamak, to “fix” its teachings but until now no committment had been made by Djamak to do so. The MUI assembled as witnesses some former members of the sect who testified as to its teachings. Said Gusrizal Gazahar of the MUI:

The name of the mosque itself [“Baitul Izza Baiti Jamak Islamiyah Buya K.H.A.Karim Djamak Jam’iyyatul Islamiyyah”] is already at variance from correct Islamic teachings.

He also said that some of the prayer habits of the group were wrong and that they said “Allahu uwo akbar”.

4 Comments on “Jamiyatul Islamiyah”

  1. karisah mobarak shah says:

    The name given to the Mosque is a beautiful name. What is so wrong about
    the name that the MUI personnel conclude that it not of correct Islamic teaching.

  2. Barnard says:

    We must not judge someone without know them very well. Try to discuss with them and is there any something wrong or not? only Allah SWT who know who is the right or wrong 🙂

  3. Wanah says:

    Yes agree. Guzrizal Gazahar from MUI should learn Jam’iyyatul Islamiyah (JmI) deeply before he judges JmI wrong or right from his point of view (not from God POV). He should not only heard from other person as look like a lie witnessed.

  4. Endri Inyiak says:

    Shari’a and nature deepened in JMI, and in accordance with the Quran and the Hadith is authentic, maybe people who do not understand assume that JMI was misguided, because understanding is not seated. If you want, come to be seated JMI understand the truth.
    Remember, Oh my brothers who claim Islam, life is only a minute, should not be wasted before dying. Tarimo kasiah banyak for your attention.

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