2009 Presidential Election

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It’s not too soon, apparently – some of the likely candidates for the 2009 presidential election.

July 8th 2009 presidential election results HERE.

There has been much discussion in the media of late regarding the likely contestants for the 2009 presidential election, almost a full three years away.

Likely candidates for the 2009 presidential election
Old Faces.

Never-say-die former president Abdurrahman Wahid (Gus Dur) says he is ready to compete in the next election.

I’m ready, why not?
Saya siap maju, kenapa tidak?

He claims that running in the election would not be of his own desire but would only occur if his five advisers (sesepuh) urged him to. He would not name the five people however.

The head of the Central Java branch of the PKB, Ali Anshori, said his party was ready to support Gus Dur in 2009.

It also appears that the PDI-P is still supporting Megawati Soekarnoputri for 2009.

Effendy Ghozali of University Indonesia said that Gus Dur, and also another former president, Megawati Soekarnoputri, would be very unlikely to win in 2009, because of their poor track record when previously in office. Of a former presidential candidate, Amien Rais, Effendy said that his chances were better because the state of the country was still less than ideal, and Amien played on discontent.

He went on to say that the fact that old names like Gus Dur, Megawati, and Amien Rais were being mentioned for 2009 was proof that the major parties had failed to develop new talent, or cadres. Golkar, followed by the PKS, had been most successful in nurturing figures who could be presidential material, he said. Megawati’s PDI-P was still stuck in a cult of personality system, he said.

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  1. Molisan Tono says:

    SBY is good man. Gus is blind and yet a good man too. Mega is good woman. Yusuf is, well we can forget about Yusuf. He is big imbecile, no sense of humanity, and sometime he can speak out racist comment.

    So my big candidate must be 3 of SBY, Gus and Mega. Let the honest, caring person, wise and strong leader rule this country.

    Note: I hope this 2009 election, no more KPU bullsh*t. Those crocs eaten up my taxes.

  2. Andrew says:

    Oh yes, I’m with you, Molisan Tono.

    I’m not sure who I’d pick, but I’m DAMN SURE who I wouldn’t: the current idiotic vice president.

  3. Miss Indo 07 says:

    I’m another one who is with you guys, absolutely not the small guy who is so racist (you know who)

    Mega would be my choice.

    Gus Dur, hmm, he’s nice, smart, but we must admit that he is physically challenged to be a president, hopefully he will be in the team of government, but not the president.

    For SBY, frankly speaking, our country’s not really getting better, but maybe if SBY can work without the little man who is actually bigger than SBY (because he has a lot of money), maybe we can give SBY a 2nd chance.

    The little man is a rich businessman if I’m not mistaken, and I guess we should separate between business and government, so better forget about him.

    “Effendy Ghozali of University Indonesia said that Gus Dur, and also another former president, Megawati Soekarnoputri, would be very unlikely to win in 2009, because of their poor track record when previously in office. Of a former presidential candidate, Amien Rais, Effendy said that his chances were better because the state of the country was still less than ideal, and Amien played on discontent.”

    According to me, Gus & Megawati made good tracks? What do you guys think? Well, at least better than the current one?
    And Amien Rais? Big fat NO!

  4. Molisan Tono says:

    HELL NO to Amien, this man is undercover lunatic. Remember he is one of ICMI. They have hidden agenda to Islamize this country too.

  5. Julita says:

    The part you have to do is this, a good DPR and this DPR has to have an opposition party, like any other coutries have. I think Malaysia has one. Look how different it becomes. There is a control on the ruling Government. Really I hope this come into Indonesia, the young people of Indonesia should demand this. President, if they are not good, immediately out even before their term!

  6. Hassan says:

    Hell yes with Amien! No to our current VP, no to Baashir (who would pick him anyway?), no to Gus Dur & Mega (those two had their chances, and they failed to lift our country). SBY? That dude had promised so much in his campaign, but achieved so little. Habibie? Now that’s interesting. He did single handedly rescue our currency from Rp 22.000/dollar to about 9.000/dollar if I’m not mistaken. And no for candidates from the military.

  7. abel says:

    BIG YES to Megawati Soekarnoputri!

    She has done a lot during 2001-2004. We finally had the direct presidential election was because of her hardwork.

    Effendy Ghozali of University Indonesia said that Gus Dur, and also another former president, Megawati Soekarnoputri, would be very unlikely to win in 2009, because of their poor track record when previously in office.

    My response: It’s not always like that, Indira Gandhi was the Indian PM since 1960s, she lost the 1977 election but won the election again in 1980.

    I will definitely vote for Mega!

  8. Badrut Tamam Gaffas says:

    Gamawan fauzi is the fresh & capable leader, no doubt for him, with the Bung Hatta Anti Corruption Award & syariah award, he can be the reputable candidate for the next Indonesia.

  9. Ginting says:

    For me Mega is the best because Indonesia needs mother to guide them.

  10. Dimp says:

    For me Mega is the best because Indonesia needs mother to guide them.

    Unfortunately she is not strong enough to say no to her “greedy” husband.

  11. lila says:

    I heard that Wimar Witoelar is running for Presidency on 2009 election?
    Why not him, it’s time for the Good Guy.

  12. Dragonwall says:

    Habibie? Now that’s interesting. He did single handedly rescue our currency from Rp 22.000/dollar to about 9.000/dollar

    How nice. Did he?

    That was actually the panic selling of RUPS and sudden surge with rampant buying of foreign currencies and USD was much sought after in a short spurt followed by the ailing economy from the ecnomic crisis. Nothing more to that. Market reaction immediately brought the RUPS to 15,000 then to 12,000 then stabilize after severe intervention with much sacrificing of the Indonesian state coffer. Did you ever realize how big a hole was burnt from each and every one of the Indonesians. And you said it is wonder he did?

    JK don’t even think about it. Any rational Indonesian will find him unsuitable for the VP let alone the Presidency. Gus Dur and Mega too soft. Wimar Witoelar?
    Gamawan Fauzi! I still find SBY the ultimate choice. Politics is dirty. People will tend to find ways and means to spread propaganda on the person to tarnish his public image. That is the norm.

  13. Edwij says:

    May I say that those people being discussed (supported) are actually good. However, the only best candidate who may be (I can’t say ‘will be’) able to take the country to the better condition is MR. NOBODY, who will come up suddenly beating every single greed and liar. He will shut up their mouth, and put their hands and legs in an iron-made chain.

    We’re getting bored of the past and current big mouthed tidy men and never-say-anything woman, whom everybody considers the mother “Theresa” of the country.

    Gus Dur is brilliant, but he is physically handicapped.
    Mega is motherly, but not so high as ‘Mega’ (cloud), who once brought the country to the very cloudy time, being the fact where one of our small islands had to be taken away by the cunning neighbor, and some sand taken to the rep of the country where Terminator takes the position of leader.

    SBY is intelligent, but he spends too much time beautifying himself, being afraid of having the Indonesian women moving away from adoring him.

    Amin is honest, but too old and used to enjoy being the successful reformist, forgetting what the grassroots were awaiting.

    Mr. Nobody would be one of them (the above candidates) who has improved his or her imperfect side. Or, maybe the new young politician!

    Gus, you need your own family member you trust being able to cover your weakness. Don’t choose the two-headed person anymore!

    Mega, you should open up your mouth. Do not care how bad your voice is, or how broken your grammar is. We do not want a talkative speaker or good Master of Ceremony. We need a leader no matter it is a woman or man.

    Amin, you should not enjoy swimming in the river of politics of your own. Be alert that down there, in the ground, are small fish waiting for your touch.

    I love Indonesia. I love the people. I love the language. I love the land.
    That’s the only country for which I will sacrifice my blood.


  14. Aurelia Nugroho says:

    I think that Megawati Soekarnoputri has the best chance, or at least she should. The thing with her husband is a similar thing that is going on with Hillary Clinton’s campaign: both husbands thought that it is also their time to shine. It’s not, and they end up ruining the chances of both candidates.

    Now, I’m not a HIllary Clinton fan (I’m saying this because I’m a political science undergrad in the states watching the US presidential elections closely), but I am a Megawati fan. I feel like she should be given another chance. She was in office for only 2 years, 2 1/2 years at most, and that is not enough time to fix a country that was just recently freed from a dictatorship administration plagued with corruption and low public trust. No one in the government was seen as having any integrity at all at that point. I believe if you give her another chance, she can prove that she can change the economy. She seemed to have a clearer economic program than SBY when she ran against him, and economy is, and should be, the number one priority in the Indonesian government.

    I am not a feminist, or a Soekarno sympathizer. I see her as any other candidates, regardless of their gender or family background. SBY won through presenting an impressive image. Amien Rais was a conservative Islamist, which might alienate some countries vital for our foreign relations, who already sees Indonesia as one of the world’s breeding ground of terrorists. And no one can single-handedly save the economy of a country. It needs a collective effort from an effective cabinet, and as far as I’m concerned, we haven’t any effective candidate in a really long time.

    I agree that Megawati is not a terribly good speaker. But that is something that could be fixed. Dirty politics cannot be fixed. Loyalties to a certain former dictator cannot be fixed, as in the case of SBY. Values and beliefs that undermines what the people want and need cannot be fixed. They can convince us that they have changed, and they can for they are all good politicians, but we don’t need another parade of masks. We need a leader that can tell us that we have screwed up our country, and then lay out their plans, realistic ones, that can benefit us, that can improve our standard of living.

    The young people of Indonesia needs to be politically active because they can actually make a difference, as idealistic as that sounds. Young people my age are too concerned with trivial matters that most have become dangerously unaware of the current political situations. They need to know how to fix it, and that is by voting for the best candidate suitable for the most important job in Indonesia. I think that the last election did spark up a great deal of political interest in young people, but it is not enough.

    We need to fight for our rights, because it certainly will not be served to us on a silver platter.

  15. Anisa says:

    Gus Dur is too gullible. He has too much acolytes and really.. you need a radical intellectual to deal with a problematic country like this who can actually SEE and perceive the situation (no offense) with a perspective.

    SBY has the same problem, only worst off cause he’s vain and he’s too busy making promises and making public appearances to actually do anything.

    Amien.. I don’t know much about him but that is a bad sign because then it means the guy hasn’t done anything much.

    I’d say the happiest regime so far would be Mega’s, but the woman is too corrupt (liason with the US) and won’t solve any problems in the long run and we can’t afford another president who does nothing better in the next 4 years bt running a one man show and settle with the big pay check and play the game with impassive attitude.

    The two common things the four people have is corrupt qualities and lack of (thinking) capacity. We need someone who can think for himself for a change, a passionate nationalist who can handle problems with subtleties and do the country a big favor instead of finding more ways to graft money and such or exacerbate the situation (like Mr. SBY). I guess that’s where Mr. Nobody comes in.

    To respond to the previous comment, I think young people are politically active. At least I am. I am 16 years old and I’ve been watching the ways of the government intently since I was 7. But I do agree with the fact that unawareness can be detrimental in some cases.

  16. Ariefmc says:

    Indonesia need a brand new president. no more chance for all ex-president to re-elected. all proved has a very limited capability to handle all problem. all only says “on behalve people” but never have a real intention to solve people problem! if there any ex-president wants to run for next president, there we go again.. fail again!

  17. nyomsn tirtha says:

    Aug 31, 2008

    Indonesia is a rich country but the people live in poverty. so really need a brief new president that eager to combat the poverty and could demolish all type of corruption occured in all sectors and start to build our national strength in economic and be able to maintain Indonesian Unity

    Stop selling the Island to the Investor !!!!!!!

    and should not vote the ex president if we don’t want to fail again

  18. Chris Komari says:

    What amazes me with all of these public discussion in the upcoming presidential election in Indonesia 2009 is more about the person and the personality of the candidates rather than the substance of the issues that need to be debated nationally. Up to today, I have not seen even one candidate has the caourage to do that. This raises questions whether these Presidential candidates understand the issue or, perhaps they don’t even recognize those critical issues. So, let’s raise the issues and let’s focus on the issues.

    I have sent 14 pages of documents to President SBY, former President of Indonesia, the current Presidential Candidates, Political Party Leaders and Secretary Generals, Current members of the Parliament, some NGO’s and Indonesia’s media ar large. My goal is to challenge these Presidential candidates to have series of public debate to address those critical issues openly and publicly.

  19. Michael Bryant says:

    The majority of comments relating to either the candidate’s physical appearance, sex, or perceived intelligence or lack of, is a disappointing demonstration of Form compelling more attention than Substance. However,when one reads between the lines, it is also evidence of frustrated limited “free choice”, in the upcoming election, in that the current list of presidential contenders presents old names resurrected from failed past administrations that neither encouraged new ideas nor provided fuel for growth should any emerge. Soeharto may no longer be among the living, but most will agree that the lingering pressure of his 30 year rule and influence of his present day minions continue to exert a hidden grip upon national events and economic policies that appear to prevent the emergence of the “best and brightest” would-be national leaders. Anyone disagree ?

  20. Agus Erwin says:

    I read the whole comment is about who will do not about what to do. And I don’t know if anyone of you are familiar with local government problem. One of our serious problem now lying on local government. There are two obsolete paradigm are still on. firstly, economy. Old paradigm of economi derived from industrial revolution time of 18th century is

    “mendapat untung sebanyak-banyaknya dengan modal sekecil-kecilnya”

    It brought colonialism to asia and africa. They, colonial want to grasp from upstream to downstream for the benefit of their industry. (sorry guys I’m not good in english). That is philosophy of lintah darat. No capital needed sound better if needed. thats why many of local politicians don’t need any capital to run the local election. Just borrow from political investor and if they win, payback from surrender mining concession or government project.

    Secondly old paradigm of politics is how to fight for the power. So many politicus nowadays still fight for power and the fight for taken away wealthiness from peoples. We know new paradigm of economy is how to manage between unlimited needs against limited resources. That’s the obligation of government, but sorry to say many of local leader are still lack of knowledge about this. New paradigm of politics is how to redistribution wealth. government taken away tax, royalty and right of natural resources and have an obligation to redistribute to peoples in kind of electricity, fresh water, hospital, education, road and bridges, information (instead of dangdut all nights), and security of course. But the winner takes it all. UUD 45 says, pasal 33, ayat 2,:

    Bumi, air dan apa yang terkandung didalamnya dikuasai negara dan dimanfaatkan untuk sebesar-besarnya kemakmuran rakyat

    I’ll give you one obvious example about Tin mining in Bangka and Belitung Island. Local people digs from the land the 1 kg of Tin ore, and priced for Rp 100.000 / kg and sold to smelting company (let say named Mr Lee’s company). 1650 Kg of tin ore needed to produce 1metric ton ingot (pure Tin). Means total Tin ore price is Rp 165 mil equivalent to 18.181 USD plus smelting cost usd 400= USD 18.581. sales for is USD 22.000. Profit approx. USD 3500. Export tax 10% for government is 350 USD and Mr lee takes 3150 USD. The question is, where the UUD 45 is ? Why the government asset finally changes into private asset of Mr.Lee? The Tin ores actually are belong to wealth of peoples. As a matter of fact, Mr Lee should take cost + fee only and government should take the profit. You guys, take you calculator how much natural resources that should belong to the state changed to belong private asset, like Tin ore, gold, Iron, Manganeese, nickel, coal, cooper, oil, land and many others. you can’t calculate how much asset flee overseas from this stupidness of I don’t know who. from Bangka belitung only in 2007 Kompas.com recorded 863,25 mil USD just between January to June, and said to 1.6 Bil USD Tin export. but local Government said january to august 2007 Tin export only 114.8 mil. ( Bangka Pos 8 oct 2007.). what’s wrong?

    Once again, why state’s asset can be put in the individual pocket where our UUD’45 obviously says, it is for the wealthiness of the peoples. instead of this year to year lost, because of governmet doesn’t want the financial defisit, ministry of finance rack their brain to squeeze peoples with taxes, because they can’t see where the leaking actually is.

    I appeal to whom who has the power, please stop to sale the land and water. and please stop your perk with IPO style. developed country adopted IPO because they sale tecnology (knowledge), but indonesia adopted IPO to sale land and water. please, please this is not about who will become the President but about what teh President can do for the country. the previous one again, no way.

  21. Cindy says:

    Does anyone think about Rizal Mallarangeng? He is a pretty good candidate. Young, but highly educated. I am not sure if he has tons of political experience. Anyone knows?

    From those pictures above, I won’t pick our current VP. He’s racist and blah! SBY and mega are hard to pick. I gotta look back and see what they’ve done.

    Gus Dur is a very good guy and intelligent. However, by him having disability (sorry pak Gus Dur!), I dont think he should be a president. But I like him though.

  22. budi says:

    What Cindy? Rizal Mallarangeng? oh dear… definitely the big fat NO!!!! Highly educated is not enough!!.
    He is only good at talking but no good at doing. He will become a big NATO (No Action, Talk Only) leader later on.. He has no good track record in public community. Party goers.. his habit of drinking alcohol, women, definitely is his priority to be controlled at this period. So is that the man you want for our president??

  23. Michael says:

    I”ve never seen a country’s presidential election process so paralyzed by a bankrupt pool of potential political leaders as Indonesia. Every election year….not just some election years or a few election years..but EVERY ELECTION YEAR the Indonesain population scratches its collective head in a quandry about which of the formerly failed presidents or political contenders should have another opportunity………TO FAIL AGAIN !! Where are your “best and brightest” ? It seems that the Indonesian political system is not only corrupt but suppresses those with the best ideas for genuine social and economic improvement.

  24. Cindy says:

    To Budi: really? I do not know about it. Well, I guess I need to do more research on these candidates.

  25. Andy says:

    Indonesia desperately needs a leader who is – fair, honest, without religious bias, tolerant, good to both chinese and bule citizens, tough on terrorism, values education, can see the world from an outside perspective.

    I hope Rima Fauzi rums for the highest office in the land…Please Rima, your posts here make so much sense and you are possibly the most open- minded Indonesian i’ve ever met (or read). So would you consider running if it’s not too late?

    Failing that, I think Indonesians won’t have any choice but to choose SBY again. Reason? Better the devil you know and at least he has tried a little bit to be friendly with his neighbours unlike Sutiyoso, Wiranto and others who are running. And who could forget the disastrous Megawati years. She had no idea whatsoever about dealing with other world leaders. SBY may also be better served with a half decent running mate. Without the baggage of Kalla, he may well do a better job than what he is now.

  26. Michael says:

    TO ANDY: You sound like a reasonable person. Why don’t you run for president ?

  27. Andy says:

    Thanks Mike, can’t though as i’m not a citizen. Might put my young son up as a candidate.

    No politics is not my game. Talking about here is as much stress as I need. Doing it 24/7 for a living as attractive as the money may be is not on the cards.

    However, as one here has shown confidence in me let’s ask if anyone else would vote for me…timdog would you?

  28. Purba Negoro says:

    Indonesia desperately needs a leader who is – fair, honest, without religious bias, tolerant, good to both chinese and bule citizens, tough on terrorism, values education, can see the world from an outside perspective.

    What a self-proven utter buffoonish retard Andy is.
    If only he mastered the art of reading his own language- he would see the Whites of Indonesia are in an enviable (unbegrudged) privileged position, and have a level of security and legal protection Western officials would envy in their own nations.
    Even a most cursory browse of any expat magazine such as “Java Kini” proves my point entirely.

    Chinese make up less than 3% of total population- less than Buginese, Madurese or even Flores people.
    Bules make up less than 0.5%

    Chinese and the unfortunately vocal and prevalent gutter-standard Bules (as opposed to quality expats- who are truly very welcome) are already over-privileged minorities who need a thorough box about the ears to put them back into their correct place- on their knees, head bowed.

    Gus Dur is a total fraud and intellectual minnow- pandering to the most hated, hostile, fifth columnist Colonial legacy parasites and saboteurs of Indonesia- the overweening, money-lusting Chinese, worshippers of Plutus and Mammon.

    Megawati is a very poorly presented by the Chinese-owned English-language news products most accessible to Westerners.
    The reality is PDI-P is a party full of incredibly intelligent and able people- not solely one brilliant figurehead and lack-lustre hangers-on- like PAN, or Partai Demokrap (the one SBY belongs to and Indonesian women and Westerners joyously onanise themselves to).
    If they only knew his fabulously wealthy diamond-tycoon wife runs the show (her father is a National Hero, a powerful general and incredibly sharp businessman) – how they would eat their words.

    But this is merely one example of the total lack of knowledge between the e4mpty-vessels ears.
    Just as Plato stated, s empty vessels make the loudest sound, so they that have least with are the greatest babblers” so too the marginally equipped, marginally coherent English speakers of Ostraya.

    The Italians, Spaniards, French, Germans, Japanese, Koreans, Russians etc seem to have no problem whatsoever- why always this vacuous segment of gutter-dwellers- abject failures in their own native lands?

    Re Presidential Elections- too early to call. It’s a long way yet and there are surprises in store .
    Indonesia requires Javanese military discipline and leadership once again.
    And Australia has been begging for a fear-induced respect for Indonesia for a very long time.
    They shall get it in spades.

  29. vye says:

    mm.. I always go and support the honest person. And in my opinion, Amien is the honest person. He brave to reveal the problem in this country. And i believe that this country is lead by a smart, religious, fair, and honest person, this country will grow bigger and bigger.

  30. Hans says:

    Well, I will definitely wont choose Jusuf Kalla. He is so stupid he once even gave a statement that like encouraging women to have short term relationship with foreigners which he later dismissed as a joke. Does he want to prostituting his fellow countrymen? and if that were a joke, man, is that a joke of a Vice President? Sounds like low class joke.

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