Eradication of Alcohol

Oct 2nd, 2006, in News, by

Taking it one step at a time in Makassar, a new law on the sale of alcohol in South Sulawesi has been agreed upon.

The law bans the sale of liquor, or miras, except in restaurants which display the sign “Talam Kencana” (gold service), and in three, four, and five star hotels. No alcohol may be sold within a 200 metre radius of a place of worship, a school, or a housing area. During the daylight hours alcohol can be sold between 12.00 and 15.00, and at night between 19.00 and 22.00.

All parties in the regional legislature have agreed upon the law, except the PPP, Partai Persatuan Pembangunan. One Arifuddin of the PPP said on the 29th, in a meeting attended by the mayor of Makassar Ilham Arief Sirajuddin, and his deputy A. Herry Iskandar, that his party rejected the law because it did not go far enough. In Islam, he said, alcohol was forbidden, therefore the law was unacceptable.

Another Islamic party, the PKS, Partai Keadilan Sejahtera, supported the law, but with a heavy heart. Syaharuddin of the PKS said the new law was the best that could be done at present, given the realities of the situation, but indeed alcohol was sinful and was going to be eradicated from South Sulawesi, in time. The current law was not going to last forever, he said.

Syaharuddin, and also mayor Arief Sirajuddin, agreed that this law was one step on the way to making the province alcohol free. Said the mayor:

In the future Makassar will be free of alcohol.
(Tapi, ke depan, Makassar nanti akan terbebas dari minuman beralkohol.)

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  1. Marsel says:

    Very good law, especially if the supremacy of the law is controlled by the government, not some people, you know.
    The bad thing is the discussion between the parties (PPP and PKS) based on their religion not the vision of better Indonesia.

  2. Sylvester says:

    Alcohol is not sinful. Ethanol is one of the main raw materials in industry. Even drinking alcohol is not sinful. It is useful to protect against cold. Scientists also suggest that few alcohol daily may help keep body fit, similar to ancient Chinese belief. What sinful is the crime under drunk situation. This is the root. Thus, as long as people do not get drunk, alcohol is fine.

    This attitude actually shows that most moslem are low educated, making harsh low like sharia is forced. Also, the way islam today fight againts evil is similar to the christian church in middle age. It forced the surrounding to follow its rule, while today christian, buddhism, confucianism, hinduism are more focusing on self-awareness. It is simply that to change the world, first one should change him/herself.

  3. Ihaknt says:

    Alcohol is good…and I agree with Sylvester, it’s sinful when it gets to in excess, intoxicating stage. One or two standard glasses occasionally doesnt hurt anyone.

  4. Aluang Anak Bayang says:

    Alcohol is bad. A sip too many will makes you horny and uncontrollable.

  5. Tomaculum says:

    Alcohol is bad. A sip too many will makes you horny and uncontrollable.

    Hmm, Aluang seems to be an expert in drinking a sip too much alcohol. Good for your sex life, dear Aluang. 🙂

  6. Pakmantri says:

    Ooh, these people who called themself the “good people” never learn from the past do they? Remember what happen during the prohibition era in the US?

    Ah, but it is a good opportunity for me! Maybe I’ll open up shop and become a moonshiner, good business. Since most other business in Indonesia deems to flop.
    Anybody follow my lead?

  7. Tomaculum says:

    Wannabe Mantri-Capone? 🙂
    (Beware of Jusuf K. Ness. .) )

  8. Janma says:

    People just need to control themselves or not, it’s personal, not the business of governments. I feel like we’re all in some huge kindergarten or something with the government and the religionists trying to bring us up the ‘right and moral’ way. I hate alcohol pretty much, my parents were both alcoholics, but hey, that’s their choice, doesn’t mean the government gets to say what you can or can’t do in your home or your life. Have rules regarding drinking and driving, ok, because that affects the safety of others. You try to prohibit you just create more criminals.

  9. Juliecar says:

    Sipping or drinking alcohol isn’t a bad one as long as you know your limitations on drinking it will not be a sin….

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