God Needs Spin Doctor

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Religion is faith. Faith is an absence of Reason. Lack of Reason leads to the absurd.

When considering evolution, a debate kept alive by hardened theologists, facts are often misconstrued to the level of individualistic proselytization, highly probable the result of indoctrination none of which are scientific nor rational and too often misleading. Evolution never questions nor attempts to disprove the existence of a mighty supernatural being. It simply states that over time organism transforms by mutation. Biological based virus go through forms of mutation. It is a well proven fact. Even the ancient Greek catered to that idea.

However, this essay relates to another form of evolution. One that is specifically cognitive based: intellectualism.

With the advent of science, humans have progressed exponentially. Not only have we reached the stars we can also define in specific terms what a star is made of. Science is dynamic, what we have established today as scientific Law (eg, the Law of Gravity) can change as our technology advances leading to discoveries which may disprove the latter. That is the beauty of science.  The Truth is a variable that can only be accepted as true when tested by varying intermediaries until proven otherwise. Whether Jane jumps off the Empire State Building or Fifi vaulted over the Eiffel Tower, their final destination is always down. Thus the Law of Gravity is True.

Religion, however, is the exact opposite. It is fixed, constant, if not latently updated yet still must stand to inquiries based on obsolete – some mythical – antiquities thus remain spiteful of modernity. The latter is true at least in the intellectual sense.

Consider the modern concept of Human Equality popularized by the General Assembly of the United Nation in 1948. The idea that one’s religion is equal to any other religion, therefore Allah is equal to Vishnu, will incite bomb threats from every Islamists all over the globe. Will the Christian exact the same reverence to the Islamic Quran as the literal word of God? One church in Florida plans to burn the Quran this September 11.

The Abrahamic religions preach everything is equal before the eyes of God. But it is not very truthful is it? It wasn’t true for the Ammonite and the Moabite. In the Quran, Allah turned Jews into monkeys and pigs. Certainly favoritism not equality is the nature of God. Accept Jesus and you will be saved. How about for the other billions of people on this planet who don’t?

When we compare the Acts of God in the Old Testament, the Bible and the Quran, it is apparent we, humans, have transgressed the greatest and most fearsome sin of all, we have evolved.

Consider Lot of Sodom. Both in the Christian and Islam tradition, when the hedonistic Sodomites insisted Lot gave away his angelic visitors, he offered his daughters instead. No human of high moral upstanding today would callously offer the flesh of his daughter to satiate the public’s lust. To prove his loyalty to God, Abraham without hesitation placed his son on the altar ready to slit the boy’s throat. Insanity would be Abraham’s best choice for defense in the modern court today. In the Islamic Hadith, Muhammad was documented to favor stoning for charges of adultery. Well, that issue is still an ongoing controversy on CNN.

Apologists will and very often debate that actions done or commanded to God’s apostles have temporal relevance. But isn’t God infinite? Should not God, by His Glorified Wisdom, guess that in a thousand years we will deemed such deeds as barbaric and inhumane? Wouldn’t have God foresee that by the twentieth century, us, humans, advocating the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which condemns, pretty much a large percentage in His Holy Texts, as a crime against humanity? I would expect Allah to whisper in Muhammad’s ear to lay off Aisha cause she’ll reflect negatively in public opinion a couple of centuries later.

With the promulgation of Christianity of the Byzantine period in Europe, the old ancient gods were eschewed to obscurity. Now that we are in the twenty first century, humans once again evolved intellectually and outgrew their celestial lord. The One God needs a major upgrade to maintain relevance or hires one kick-ass public relation officer.

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  1. realest says:

    For every law man have made in every civilization, there will always be dissenters raising their clubs against it … even the most sensible ones. I have yet see any country which have laws that make absolute perfect sense.

  2. timdog says:

    I know I’m usually, like, no one including atheists should consider thier own religious position to be superior, and we should, like, all be cool with each other and respect each other’s point of view or something like that. But every once in a while I’m like, “oh who am I kidding?” and in those moments I like to listen to this song:
    God (ahem) I love this band…

  3. Oigal says:

    We see the all merciful and powerful one has seem fit to murder and slaughter innocent children again by earthquake and fire. Never really been able to figure out some feel the need to drop to their knees in supplication to what is obviosuly a pretty nasty figment of the imagination.

    Of course, her divine presence and goodness is proven once some lucky bugger goes into remission from cancer but her divine and consumate evil is not proven when she callously murders children? Ah the logic (?) of the believer…

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