Abu Yazid al Bustami

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Sufi heretics in Lombok, of the Abu Yazid al Bustami group, fall foul of the mob and the police.

Hundreds of people in the village of Gerung, West Lombok, attacked the home of one Baiq Rahma, the leader of the Abu Yazid al Bustami sect in the area, on the 14th. Police managed to prevent any serious violence.

It appears the anger of the mob was aroused when they heard that the Abu Yazid Bustami sect required its members to replace the name of Muhammad with that of Abu Yazid al Bustami, when saying the syahadat, or proclamation of faith.

Four sect members, Sahdi, Lalu Ratmajaya, Muhamad Mujadi, and Baiq Rahma are currently being interrogated at the police station.

The man Abu Yazid al Bustami, sometimes called Bayazid Bastami, was a Persian sufi who lived 804-874 AD, and appeared to believe that God had become incarnate in himself.

8 Comments on “Abu Yazid al Bustami”

  1. Fanglong says:

    If tawhid means tawhid, then one is free in the unity of everything.

  2. Molisan Tono says:

    incarnate… is it similar to possessed?

  3. David says:

    Not exactly possessed, that is a negative term, more like what Christians believe about Jesus, God in human form.

  4. Hassan says:

    tauhid means the oneness of God, Fanglong.

  5. Fanglong says:

    You’re right, Hassan ! Can Mystics be one with God ? If they can, are they God ? We remember Al-Hallâj. Is Sufism generally considered a heresy ?
    I don’t really know.
    Salam hangat !

  6. halim rashid says:

    I think that mr aba yazid is one of our masters that reach a region ,few profits dare to reach. Hope peace will fulfill the heart of all those who respect the way of our masters that have long gone before us.

  7. Ghazi Albastami says:

    Known as sultan alarefeen, a great master of a spiritual school, his teachings are mostly transmitted to most of his descendents by their chromosoms and blood! A man who was so pious and of huge knowledge of Allah subhanahu wataala. Only few men could understand and assimilate his nur, though he was living in a very far dimension beyond the regular people! But he still exists in some of his descendents.

  8. Ghazi Albastami says:

    I’m really astonished of this out of mind state of total misunderstanding of our moslim faith! Abu yazid albustami, was a man who embrassed islam! He previously was named Tayfour al-saroushan. He never said that he is more than a simple man who loves Allah so much, to the point of disappearing within the noor of Allah subhanaho wa taala! He spoke about 2 main ibadat concepts, which usually cannot be understood neither practiced by regular physical creatures within the humans! This kind of ibadat praising Almighty A LLAH are 1-fANAA fi A llah.2-BAKAA fi Allah. Those concepts are a supreme prestigue to few chosen persons who can love Allah to that great extent! In quran A LLAH SAYS TEXTUALLY: and we are nearest to you than the robe of the vein! (wa nahnu akrabu elaika min hablil wareed!), also he says..(and we are with you where ever you are placed in )!,also he says..in hadith qudusi../ if a servant reaches the highest degree of Allah’s love, then Allah becomes his mouth with which he pronounces words, his ears by which he hears, and his eyes with which he sees! And his hand by which he strive, and his leg with which he walks,/….we must distinguish very well, and keep in mind our love to Allah, and mohammad, never mix the concepts!! Abuyazid can by no means replace our profit mohammad or other profits at all. Those mixups are totally wrong. May Allah guide you all.

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