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Surabaya’s Juanda Airport tops the class of 2009 in the airport toilets’ quality stakes.

The Jakarta Post recently published results of the Sapta Persona Clean Public Toilet Awards for 2009, surveying Indonesia’s international airports.

And the winner is….

Juanda Airport

Here are the full results, with their star rating and 2007 position in brackets:

  1. Juanda Airport, Surabaya *** (7)
  2. Soekarno-Hatta Airport, Jakarta ***(4)
  3. Husein Sastranegara Airport, Bandung ** (-)
  4. Ngurah Rai Airport, Denpasar ** (1)
  5. Adi Sumarmo Airport, Solo ** (-)
  6. Adi Sutjipto Airport, Yogyakarta ** (-)
  7. Minangkabau Airport, Padang ** (9)
  8. Mahmud Badaruddin II, Palembang ** (-)
  9. Sultan Hasanuddin Airport, Makassar ** (6)
  10. Selaparang Airport, Lombok ** (-)
  11. Sam Ratulangi Airport, Manado ** (8)
  12. Sultan Syarif Kasim II Airport, Pekanbaru * (2)
  13. Hang Nadim Airport, Batam * (3)
  14. Achmad Yani Airport, Semarang
  15. El Tari Airport, Kupang * (-)
  16. Polonia Airport, Medan * (11)
  17. Sepinggan Airport, Balikpapan * (5)
  18. Supadio Airport, Pontianak * (10)

You can read the full scores here. For the record, Juanda Airport scored 79% and Supadio Airport 61%. However, it does not mention whether the highest rating is 3, 4 or 5 stars.

It may be that Juanda Airport’s win is partly due to it having the newest terminal building, opened in late 2006. Having said that, the Minangkabau Airport in Padang also opened recently and only finished 7th.

However, some Jakarta Post readers were unimpressed. Commented one Nevets Nworb here:

After recently visiting the award-winning toilets at Juanda airport, I must make a point of never going to the toilets at the other airports surveyed.

Another improver from last time is Jakarta’s Soekarno-Hatta airport, after a recent program of toilet renovation:

CGK toilets
A 3-star toilet at Soekarno-Hatta Airport, Jakarta

The biggest drops were the airports of: Balikpapan (5 to 17), Pekanbaru (2 to 12), and Batam (3 to 13). Airport management could not be reached for comment regarding this apparent deterioration in toilet cleanliness.

Hilda Swari Sulistyo, journalist and toilet expert

One jury member, Hilda Sabri Sulistyo (a journalist from Bisnis Indonesia), also mentioned that none of Indonesia’s airports complied fully with international standards of cubicle size, minimum distance between toilet and cubicle door, and cubicle doors that opened outwards.

Do you agree with the jury’s findings? Have your recent airport toilet experiences been generally positive or negative? Please share below.

8 Comments on “Best Airport Toilets 2009”

  1. timdog says:

    I read that piece myself, and when I was at Juanda on saturday I therefore paid very close attention to the state of the toilet. It was, I would say, not bad. The floor was a little wet, but there was soap and toilet paper, and it was all generally clean. Not really prize-winning material though, I wouldn’t say. Two hours later I landed in Singapore. A quick bathroom visit on the way to immigration there, and the memory of prize-winning Juanda’s prize-winning bowls lost some of its sparkle…

    Random aside – I flew into Surabaya a couple of years back the day the new airport opened, on what I guess was the first international flight in (the morning Silk Air run from Singapore)… I had flown out three days earlier from the rickety old airport on the other side of the runway. Everything was gloriously fresh and new, including the toilet, but they’d forgotten to build the access road and it took about three hours to get into the city…

    I would be fairly sure that Juanda only wins the vote because it is the newest airport; give it a couple of years and it’ll go down the pan…

    Currently I’m in a country that I noted on my last visit as having the WORST public toilets in the entire world. I haven’t actually seen a particularly bad one yet this time, but I’ve only been here a couple of days. I’m sure it’s coming…

  2. Suryo Perkoso says:

    The kazi in Juanda isn’t bad at all by Indo standards – and if you use the toilet right up the end of the concourse near the little prayer room, that is really quite good.

    The knack of course is to slip the girl who runs the lounge there 50K and slink in to the lounge, enjoy the toilets, and slurp beer, well worth the payment if you have time to kill.

    In fact I’d go as far as to say that it is worth while saving one up so that you can have a good squeeze in their kazi.

  3. David says:

    Don’t think I’ve ever used the facilities at Juanda.

    there was soap and toilet paper

    Toilet paper though, after spending a month in the other country recently I developed a great loathing of toilet paper and western toilet habits in general, if toilet paper is the only thing that is used, just disgusting, Asians have it right there.

  4. Pena Budaya says:

    Currently Iā€™m in a country that I noted on my last visit as having the WORST public toilets in the entire world.

    well, India is still on my list as a country that having the worst public toilet..

  5. timdog says:

    Patung –

    if toilet paper is the only thing that is used, just disgusting

    I think you may be right. Here’s a very nice analogy to explain the matter: when you have finished your dinner, would you consider it clean and hygenic merely to wipe your dirty plate with a bit of kitchen tissue and then put it back in the cupboard? I think not…

  6. timdog says:

    Oh, and Pena Budaya, the country I’m talking about is China, which does have some spectacularly bad toilets… Generally they seem actually to be worse than India, though my worst individual toilet ever was indeed in India.
    It was in the garden of a museum somewhere, Ahmedabad I think. The whole place was somewhat deserted and there were crows and wild roses in the garden. The toilet was a proper sort of public toilet with urinals and cubicals, but the water had long been cut off. As I stepped inside I saw an expanse of floor scattered with large whorls of fossilised faeces. What was striking about it was that people clearly felt it necessary to go into the toilet building to relieve themselves, rather than just squatting down in the flower bed, but once inside they saw no reason to be specific – anywhere would do.
    But the best was when I gingerly nudged one of the cubical doors open with my foot. Inside was a “western” toilet. The lid was down. Coiled – on top of the lid – was a large, perfectlyformed turd.
    There was no toilet paper…

  7. Brother Mouzone says:

    What was striking about it was that people clearly felt it necessary to go into the toilet building to relieve themselves, rather than just squatting down in the flower bed, but once inside they saw no reason to be specific ā€“ anywhere would do.

    As I recall from my brief time in India, people were rarely so picky. I lost count of the amount of times I saw someone curling one out at the side of the road. Maybe things have changed.

    The Garry Glitters in Makassar Airport are top-notch, surprised not to see them higher on the table. More evidence of a Java-Centric, anti-Sulawesi conspiracy as witnessed in the recent presidential elections…. šŸ˜‰

  8. David says:

    Well thinking about those Indian stories – 30-persen-penduduk-indonesia-buang-air-besar-sembarangan

    Sebanyak 30 persen penduduk Indonesia saat ini masih melakukan kegiatan buang air besar sembarangan (BABS), baik langsung maupun tidak langsung, 18,1 persen di antaranya ada di wilayah perkotaan.

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