Distrust Of USA & Israel

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A majority of Indonesians blame Israel and the United States for the recent war in Lebanon, not suprisingly.

A poll conducted by Gallup International questioned 24,448 people in 33 countries on who was thought to be at fault in the Israeli war against Hizbullah. In Indonesia 403 people in Jakarta only were questioned between August 11th-13th.

The Questions:

Some say that other parties or countries are involved in this war – either directly or indirectly. Apart from Israel and Hezbollah, who else, if anybody, do you think is responsible for the war in Lebanon?

73% of Indonesians named the United States, as against 34% worldwide. Whether Indonesians mentioned the names of other countries is not given in the report available. 80% of Israelis said Iran and 79% mentioned Syria. In Lebanon itself 66% said the USA, 51% Iran, 45% Syria.

Who do you think initiated the war in Lebanon; Israel or Hezbollah?

Worldwide 37% blame Hezbollah while 32% say that Israel started it. 31% did not know. However in Indonesia 83% said Israel. 9 out of 10 Israelis blame Hezbollah for the conflict’s start-up while in Lebanon 59% blame their Israeli neighbours, but almost a third (32%) say Hezbollah was the troublemaker.

Do you think Israel has gone too far, has taken about the right amount of military action or has not gone far enough?

Worldwide 45% say “too far”, 19% “the right amount”, 14% “not far enough”, 23% don’t know.

Over 80% of Indonesians chose “Israel has gone too far”.

Which side do you sympathize with more?

Internationally the results were 36% for Israel, 17% for Hizbullah, and 47% Neither/Don’t Know.

67% of Indonesians plumped for Hizbullah, not as high as Morocco (92%) and Senegal (79%).

Hariyadi Wirawan, claimed by the Jakarta Post as an international relations expert, said:

The results are predictable. The poll results are just an accumulation of anti-American sentiment here, resulting from U.S. support for Israel in Lebanon and Palestine.

Whatever the facts, most Indonesians will think that it was all the work of the U.S. Worse, when it comes to Israel, the U.S. doesn’t care to improve its image.

13 Comments on “Distrust Of USA & Israel”

  1. Molisan Tono says:

    like i mentioned before, Israel must have crazy but hezbollah should not started the war by kidnapping isralites 2 soldiers. this is what start the war.

    can’t separate USA from Israel isn’t it?

    hezbollah leader has admit it that they’ve done such wrong decision don’t they? so what else to says about it. casualties occur. let’s keep marching forward people.

  2. Josef says:

    It is just more blaming and ignoring the real problem.
    The problem is these people spend more time trying to kill each other than taking care of their children.

  3. Hassan says:

    “can’t separate USA from Israel isn’t it”

    well, err, probably because the u.s. practically funded the existence of Israel?? the u.s. is controlled by Jews?? and without the backing of the u.s. Israel would surely crumble??

    have you ever heard the term ‘united states of Israel’ tono? those two are birds of a feather.

  4. Ulf says:

    Gallup poll is just one amongst many. Other polls done in the same countries but having the questions made to a different sort of people have shown they also blame Israel for starting the war.

    Not everybody is swallowing the fairy tale of a ‘victimized Israel’.

    Any decent person cleary understands the Middle East conflict is about imposing the desires of a few over the rights of many.

    People who support Israel usually do it for religious reasons: they fear the wrath of their god if they dare defending justice, especially when justice goes agains the so called “chosen people”. They end up preferring “saving their souls” rather than doing what is actually correct.

    There is to be especially naive as to believe that the reasons for this war are about the kidnapping of two Israeli soldiers. The actual reasons date way back into history.

  5. Andrew says:

    As anywhere else in the world, the government’s policy isn’t always the aspiration of the people.

  6. Riccardo says:

    Indonesia’s chief propagandists… er media editors … have done their job well. And the populace swallowed hook, line and sinker!

  7. Molisan Tono says:

    i can see that Hassan love me so much, he likes to argue with me. hahaha, i love you to dude… but no thank, no comment for US and Israel.

  8. Hassan says:

    nah, it’s not love, dude. your comments can sometimes be so weird, it literally ‘forced’ me to give a reply. 😀

  9. Molisan Tono says:

    oh okay, I don’t love you then…. hahaha…

  10. Peace says:

    Hezbollah used innocent souls as their shield, and they make false propagandas.
    I don’t second Israel though

  11. taxpayer says:

    Idea. Let’s blame the USA for everything. I heard that President Bush is meeting with Mother Nature next week. Tsunami 2? Maybe.

    Israel, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Congo, Indonesia, ….all problems must be the USA’s.

    If everyone hates the USA than stop calling us for hand-outs, donations and aid. When you can’t fight your own wars, stop calling us after bedtime and crying for help.

    Politics is politics. If your looking for political criminals and scumbags, look at your own governments. Stop blaming ours.

  12. Dragonwall says:

    Hi Josh,
    I know how Americans work and it’s a little too late but don’t get worked up. You tend to get old one day too early. Every topic will have commentators to voice their criticism. Similarly vice versa. At the end of the day view are collected by commentators to see who makes the point. Amidst paranoia, please when a Government extend their help, that was voluntary, not begging and US is not the only country but there are other countries extending their help. You want to be part of the UN then when capable do not become an obligation. Help also came from throughout the globe when New Orleans was submerged by Katrina. What say you.
    SBY is having a hard time while JK tends to get too busy with his chores.

  13. Phil says:

    After this weeksmeeting with Obama, we’ll see what happens moving forward!! http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2009/may/17/agendas-clash-as-netanyahu-obama-meet/

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