Pemalang Adultery Crackdown

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Police in Pemalang, Central Java, arrested fifteen amorous couples, who were not man and wife.

Five hotels in Pemalang were raided by police, with television reporters in tow, and 30 people were arrested and taken to the police station, in what appears to be an example of Ramadhan sweeping. Of those arrested one included a high school teacher and another was a public servant, both of them, it seems, caught with their pants down with lady friends.

When police arrived at one of the hotels the hotel staff attempted to hide the guest list. Undeterred the policemen proceeded to go room to room, knocking on the doors, causing panic among the lovebirds inside.

Husodo, head of the Pemalang police, said the raids, with policemen seen to be banging their fists on hotel room doors, were done to help create the right atmosphere for Ramadhan.

October 5th 2006. More raids on hotels and arrests of couples who were not married.

In the Sukaramai district of Palembang, South Sumatra, raids on several hotels occured on 3rd October. About fifteen couples could not provide proof that they were married and were taken to the police station. One couple, Syaiful Anwar and Haiti, were discovered without any clothes on. Head of the local police, Romilus Tam Telahitu, said the raids were done to respect the Muslim community during the fasting period. Indosiar.

In South Jakarta on the 4th ten unmarried couples were arrested in hotels. One of them was an official of the Department of Oil and Gas in Banten. The Hotel Setiabudi was raided first without result, then in the Hotel Hilldes in Jalan T.B. Simatupang the ten couples were found. Liputan6.

In Bekasi on the 4th raids were done on the hotel Wisma Citra, hotel Sentosa, hotel Pondok, and hotel Merdeka. Only one couple was found and arrested. Kompas.

Much earlier on 25th September the Hotel Parmin and Hotel Asri were raided in Tanah Abang, Jakarta. Police had received reports from local people that groups of young people were renting rooms, apparently to immorally while away the time before sahur, the eating of the last meal before the fasting day begins.

Operation “Pekat Jaya” was launched and at around 00.30 dozens of officers arrived and every room in each hotel was searched. Some occupants did not want to open their doors so the doors were forced open by police. About ten young couples were taken to the police station. Budiyanto of the police said the couples arrested would be sent to a rehabilitation centre. Rileks.

12 Comments on “Pemalang Adultery Crackdown”

  1. Fanglong says:

    Isn’t it WH’s work ?
    My goodness, aren’t they going to leave us alone ?

  2. semitsukz says:

    were done to help create the right atmosphere for Ramadhan.

    Artificial Holiness.

    In my village we call it “hypocrisy”

  3. Molisan Tono says:

    atmoshpere for ramadhan? started with violence… so actuall ramadhan is not holy month than.. it covered violence.

    adultery is bad, but is it necessary to do such symbolic hypocracy in ramadhan?

  4. Andrew says:

    The police sure has a lot of free time in their hands.

    It is interesting though, to know how they actually proved whether or not the couples were lawful husband and wife. People don’t carry marriage certificates around, and not all couples wear their wedding rings all the time.

  5. Hassan says:

    “My goodness, aren’t they going to leave us alone ?”

    are you one of the adulterers, Fanglong?? if not, why are you using that tone? are you supporting or siding with adulterers?

  6. Fanglong says:

    Hello Hassan !

    I’m not supporting adulterers : this condition is private. That’s all. People should be free to do what they want, of course if they’re not traumatizing anyone like children etc. I myself have divorced recently and I’ve been “commiting adultery” — before : this is my business and the business of my “wives”. Not police’s nor any moral brigade’s.

    Peace !

  7. Josef says:

    It is a shame when police care more about lovebirds than they do criminals.

  8. Hassan says:

    the police were just trying to ‘please’ the local populace, not trying to clean up prostitution for good. that is the real hypocrisy.

  9. pancaradis says:

    that really happened? coincidence of original me of pemalang. if this news correctness, ouch! really embarrass. have smirched image of pemalang, is what else done in ramadhan.

  10. amer says:

    Stupid action and create shame to Islam. If the Country really want implement Islamic Rule and to banish all the adultery, it should be done in higher level. Else its just another hypocrite action. They know it will never curb the problem by doing that.

  11. mahbub says:

    assalamu alaikum,
    hmm.. it’s quite unfortunate to see most of the comments here as most of them are in favor of committing adultery.. see this is one of the biggest sins in Islam.. and holy Prophet(peace be upon him) says wherever adultery is committed heavily earth quake occurs ..

    so fear Allah.. don’t cross the limit of Islam !!!

  12. miki says:

    Im white men and visited pemalang as my fiance live there,I have to say that pemalang is beautiful place with friendly people..I think that people should be free to live private life as they wish as long they dont insult islam and people around them..”making love” in hotel is better than doing it on the street corner or in a car.

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