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Oct 1st, 2009, in Opinion, by

The protests and furore over allowing the burial of killed extremists in and around Solo.


The furore over the burial or not of terrorists like Urwah in Javanese soil has not so far got the IM attention it deserves, so perhaps I can distract myself from the grimness of being back at work with some observations, viz.

First, all hail the villagers who have stood up to protest plans to taint their tiny kampungs by planting a mass-murderer’s corpse therein. It’s about time we heard from the normal decent people of this country, a large plurality, surely, and hopefully a majority.

But more curious by far is the role of the police, one of whom was quoted as saying that the vermin ‘have to be buried,’ (true, but Bantar Gebang rubbish tip in Bekasi would be a more appropriate destination) and then, with that aplomb and thrust we have come to expect from certain security personnel, ‘we’ll see what happens!’

I’m sure we will. If the opponents of the burials are swept aside, we shall see sleazy fanatics of the Baasyir sort showing up to laud the terrorists, with maybe a soft aside about how their methods were a bit off whilst their hearts were in the right place.

Without having spoken to the villagers, I can’t be sure but it is highly probable that their objections are not so much to the insertion of a rancid cadaver in the grave-yard but to the attendant celebrations by friends of murder, and ‘coincidental’ visits on burying day by Dorce the Drag-Queen and similar undesirables, grubbing about for Islamonazi fans.

Instead of ‘waiting and seeing,’ the Police could grasp the nettle and win praise from all but the goatbeards, by simply getting the family members of the unlamented together, over-seeing a night-time rels-only service, and declaring that any ‘cleric’ who showed up speechifying would be given a fast ride out of town and charged with incitement.

There are good cops in Indonesia. We saw some of them in action when that filthy brute Sheikh Puji was arrested in a neat swoop. Unfortunately, others are not so sharp – a high-ranking Jakarta officer almost immediately condemned his smart Javanese colleagues for upsetting the numbskulls who dwell there and ignore pedophilia for the sake of Puji’s largesse.

Let’s hope the sensible brass prevail this time, and ensure these creeps go to their graves without pomp or circumstance.

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  1. David says:

    It’s interesting that it’s Solo, which has the reputation of being the hardline mecca on Java, random aside but why is Solo so full of Islamic “forums” and these hardline groups, does it have something to do with the place being somewhat starved of government funding after independence because the Solo kraton was pro-Dutch?

  2. donny says:

    it’s only a corpse … no need to overreact

    in my opinion, it can be used to track other terrorists : simply check whoever comes to their funeral (you can see extremist in a glance, so it won’t be a problem) and voila … you got complete list of suspects … especially those who scream loudest

    anyhow, regardless any sins they commit … they’re already died … and they’re still human being, deserved a proper burial …

  3. Ross says:

    donny…yes, you can see the exhibitionist fanatics at a glance, funny hats, goaties, Afghan rompi jackets (like mine!) but clever terrs don’t stand out.
    As for their status as human beings…yes, bury them, but without honour!
    Much as Goering was buried, or maybe Causescu -what did happen to him?

  4. donny says:

    @ Ross

    at least they still have purpose in death – to provide clues to other extremist =D

    I myself tends to think them as human being – imperfect, thus make mistakes – sadly their mistakes is terrorism

    everyone make stupid mistakes sometimes – including me – it’s better to forgive rather than keep the hatred deep down inside

    I’m not going to give honour to them, nor many of indonesian people, but we cannot stop their family & their fans to provide burial with honour

    that’s why I say “proper” burial …

  5. Achmad Sudarsono says:

    SeksiThe Mr. Patoengs Yth.,

    Maybe it’s the big Arab population there, not the colonial history. For some reason, I’ve heard, Solo attracted alot of A-rabs. Or maybe its the Ngruki pesantren.

    As a humble Ukulele player, I’m just guessing.

  6. diego says:

    it’s only a corpse … no need to overreact

    in my opinion, it can be used to track other terrorists : simply check whoever comes to their funeral (you can see extremist in a glance, so it won’t be a problem) and voila … you got complete list of suspects … especially those who scream loudest

    Great idea. So why haven’t the authorities put that fatty-dragie Dorce Gamalama behind the bar? (S)he attended the burial of those cockroaches (imam samudra et. al.).

  7. donnyboy says:


    Bury the corpse in Bantar Gebang garbage dump? and you call yourself civilized?You are not better than the terrorists, then.What can a dead body do to you? You don’t watch too many of those zombie movies, do you?

  8. rayner says:

    I am wondering about the mass graves in Bali? What about disinterring and giving a proper burial? Might help the spirits to rest.

  9. Ross says:

    Donnyboy, I knew some sensitive soul would soon cry out in shock that we don’t all treat these scum as ‘poor misguided human beings.’
    Thanks for taking on the role!
    I honestly don’t care what they do with these bodies. Quite content that they’re dead.

  10. ET says:

    Bury the corpse in Bantar Gebang garbage dump?

    I also object. What is wrong with that garbage dump to deserve such a shitty treatment?

  11. Ross says:

    Yeah, you’re quite right, ET!
    I see Pedophile Puji went on trial…anybody got an update? I predicted he’d not see the inside of a cell for long, but would be ecstatic to be proven wrong!

  12. djaka says:


    I do not think so. It is, I think, related more to the lefties, who once very strong in Solo (and Madiun) since early 20th century until 1967. No one conducts any research who are exactly these Solo ‘islamists’, but I bet that they are relatives of many (ex-)communists or ex-alleged-communists.

    Even before Mataram surrendered to VOC, Solo (still centered in nearby Kartasura at that time) had always been boiling place. In fact, these what made the Dutch easier to stir the mud.

  13. Oigal says:

    and they’re still human being, deserved a proper burial …

    I would (and I am sure many others would too) debate that.

    everyone make stupid mistakes sometimes

    A stupid mistake is riding your motorbike down a one way street the worng way, not slaughtering innocent Indonesians and others a pathetic attempt to appear relevent in a world that has passed them by.

  14. donny says:

    Hello Oigal =D

    it is hard to forgive … but why are we keeping anger within, whilst it brings us nothing good
    say you and many of your friend wants to desecrate their graves, mutilate their corpses beyond recognition for the sake of revenge … will it brings anything good ?
    will it pain the deceased anyway ?? they’re dead already … you will only tire yourself and flare more hatred …

    anger creates anger … why keeping such negative things inside your heart and pollute it ?

    why not directing your effort into more positive ways – and let the dead rest …

    I do not know whether you believe in God, but I believe that it is not up to us to judge someone, since none of us is free from mistakes

    about stupid mistakes …
    say that one of this terrorist is your very dear brother … will you say the same ? or perhaps saying that he’s been misunderstood ? … he’s dead already
    and no matter how bad a mistake is, does it prevent him the chance of forgiveness ? or even a burial which fit a human being, at the least ?

    let us worry no more about the deceased, stop this argument, and direct our thoughts and effort into more positive ways …

    wish you all the best =D

  15. Oigal says:

    You are right about one thing Donny, he is not worth further consideration..

  16. ET says:

    why not directing your effort into more positive ways

    Yes, as a positive effort why not stuff them and put them on display, or better, put them in a shooting range as a target for Densus 88 to practice? This way at least they would be of more value dead than alive.

    Is there a taxidermist in the audience?

  17. Ross says:

    Yeah, there have been occasional dolts on buses selling calendars etc. with Osama’s picture. I often thought of re-cycling them for use with the dartboards some expats delight in.

  18. donny says:


    I have to admit that yours is a great idea … =D
    too bad all of them is already buried … and since Indonesian did not know about embalming process … it’s too late to stuff them … =D

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