Al-Aqsa Mosque Jihad

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Antara helps sow the seeds of hatred by hosting a seminar called “Al-Aqsha Haqquina” in which calls are made for jihad to liberate the Al-Aqsa mosque.

The Al-Aqsa Mosque in East Jerusalem, the custodianship of which was granted to a Muslim Council by the Israeli government and which no non-Muslim may enter, was captured by Israel in 1967, in the Six-Day War. The mosque is regarded by most Muslims as the third most important site in Islam.

Al-Aqsa Mosque
Al-Aqsa Mosque, Jerusalem.

H Ferry Nur, the leader of the Indonesian Committee for Palestine Solidarity, Komite Indonesia untuk Solidaritas Palestina (KISPA), in a seminar hosted by the state news agency Antara on the 13th, said that all Muslims, without exception, have the right to “defend” the mosque against “Zionist Israel”. Not only a right, but an obligation, or else Muslims fall into sin.

Palestinians are now facing an Israeli boycott in the supply of food, electricity and drinking water, and are slaughtered, all Muslims in other parts of the world commit sin if they do not make an effort to help their brothers.

Unfortunately in recent times, he said, Muslims have lost the ability to really influence events in “Palestine”. Partly this seems to be a result of Israeli intransigence, and partly because Muslims have lost their way, they no longer follow the tenets of Islam as set out in the Koran, nor do they follow Muhammad’s example (sunnah) as mostly set out in the other books of Islam (hadith).

H Ferry Nur
H Ferry Nur & Friend.

Muslims have lost the spirit of brotherhood and become afflicted by parochialism, like nationalism and sectarianism, and this weakens them and prevents them from matching the strength of the Zionists and the United States. Ferry returns again to emphasising the importance of following the sunnah, contained in the stories of Muhammad’s life, thoughts, and actions, and says that Muslims now instead prefer to live by western norms.

Finally, as reported, he says the practice of following the sunnah would teach Muslims to be prepared to sacrifice their wealth, and their lives, and thereafter the problems encountered by Muslims today would evaporate.

A call for religious war from the offices of Antara.

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  1. Ali says:

    What about the Jews right to “defend” their wailing wall which is said to be the place where their Solomon’s temple once stood?
    Or what about the Christian’s right to “defend” their Church of Nativity which is said to be the place where Jesus was born?

    I guess they have learned that they have to learn to live side by side in peace with people from other religions and not to be paranoid.

  2. Josef says:

    I wonder sometimes why Muslims who are not Arab feel so much solidarity
    and anger with regard to Palestine. Yet, feel nothing when non-Arab Muslims are being killed in genocide in Sudan.

  3. Hassan says:

    the sudan issue isn’t as well documented and televised as Palestine.

    sudan is recent news, the Palestine issue had persisted since almost a century??

  4. Hassan says:

    patung: jihad isn’t synonimous with “religious war”.

    “calls are made for jihad to liberate the Al-Aqsa mosque” does not mean to wage a religious war. i deeply believe that what they meant is that Muslims should unite and make a real effort to liberate the al aqsa mosque, efforts that not necessarily through violent means. be it diplomatic, political and moral pressure, economic, etc. i mean, how could some reporters in antara wage any war to Israel?

    jihad had many facets, waging war is only one of them, when all other ways faced a dead end.

    jihad means the struggle to upheld the religion of Allah SWT, that can take many forms, forms not limited to war. war is a last resort.

    please don’t take the al qaeda version of jihad as your refference.

  5. Vivien says:

    Hassan, are you rewriting the language yet again?

    jihad isn’t synonimous with “religious war”.

    You could quote Daniel Pipes and define jihad as:
    “the legal, compulsory, communal effort to expand the territories ruled by Muslims at the expense of territories ruled by non-Muslims.”

    I think “religious war” is easier to say – and means exactly the same thing. Don’t you?

    please don’t take the al qaeda version of jihad as your refference.

    Why not?

    And can you please explain why, of all the rocks that Islam could have picked, it chose the one that was traditionally and inextricably associated with Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Moses? Why can’t Islam ever find places of its own?

  6. jack_hartawan says:

    Jihad means after you died you can married with 12 beautiful angel and stay in firdaus garden beside Allah or god. can you imagine that? so their Allah is a pimp who runs a whore angels, scary!

  7. Ismayanto Prihandariyanto says:

    I don’t think it as a holy site, Jerusalem itself was an Arab city until the Jews took it even in 1948. One of the prominent Jerusalemite was Khalil Al Sakakini, an Arab Christian, an Educator who lived there (west part of Jerusalem) under the bombardment of Irgun’s mortirs, but it is good for any for any one who is under occupation to fight back his right. This also happened to Indonesians, Algerians,Vietnamese and even Americans ( see ” The Patriot) when they want to gain freedom!
    The problem is that why do some narrow minded people in many parts of this world like people above (Muslims for Palestine), it seems same to me like Pat Robertson ,a Christian who stands for Israelis.
    Look, the problem doesn’t deal the religious matter at all. Pat Robertson, kahane and bassyir, and people above are same. They are imperialists, that’s all.
    The victims of Israeils’ occupation are not Arab Muslims only (even some are not),but the Arab Christians as well. The Arab Christians feel also the cruelty of the Israelis’ occupation. Arab Catholic Romans like Bishop Michael Sabbach, father labib Kopti,father Ibrahim Iyad the Mayor of Betlehem Victor Batarseh,the Mayor of Ramallah Janet Michael,lawyer henry Cattan are the prominet actors for Arab Palestinian state. Arab Greek Orthodox also like George Habbash, Wadi Haddad,Azmi Bishara, Issa Nakhleh and Father Hana Atallah, The Arab Greek Catholic like Nayef Hawatmeh The Anglicans like Hanan Ashrawi, Edward Said, Emile Habibi, teh Lutheran priests like Mitri raheb and Munib Younan, and the Syrian Orthodox church ( jacobite) like Father Sverios Melki Mourad , and some which I don’t know what denomination they are Joseph Massad,George Saliba,George Bisyarat,Issa Boulatta,Lutfi Afiff,kamal Butros Naser all the liberators and heroes for the resistance Free Arab palestinian State !!!
    So we face the two side bigotry pepole ! Those are the religious people and the anti third world people !

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