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Fahrur “Paunk” Rahman has gone on trial for insulting the nation’s wise leader, president Yudhoyono.

In a somewhat similar case to that of Eggi Sudjana Fahrur “Paunk”, or “Paung”, Rahman, 20 years old, a student at Syarif Hidayatullah State Islamic University, is accused of having insulted both President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and Vice President Jusuf Kalla in a speech he made during a protest organized by the Alliance of People’s Movements and the Try Soeharto Movement. The protest took place on the campus of National University in West Jakarta. Rahman referred to the president as “cat sh*t”.

Prosecutor Agung Ardyanto asked the West Jakarta District Court on the 11th to sentence Rohman to six years in prison, the maximum allowed under Article 139.

The defendant violated the Criminal Code by insulting the head of state.

Agung also accused Paunk of distributing insulting posters and flyers during the protest. The prosecutor said the posters depicted the President and Vice President, with the words “No Trust”, “Down” and “We can’t take it anymore”. He also said that the flyers contained the words, “SBY-JK have failed and betrayed reform. Down with SBY-JK right now”.

The law under which Paunk is being tried originates in Dutch colonial times and was enacted originally to protect colonial rulers from defamation. Increasingly of late legal scholars and human rights activists have advocated that the article removed from the Criminal Code.

October 19th

The prosecution has demanded a six-month prison sentence for Fahrur Rahman. The trial has been adjourned until 30th October.

October 30th

Fakhrur Rahman (21) alias Paunk was sentenced to three months and twenty three days prison for insulting the president.

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