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The vanishing of burqa clad actress Soraya Abdullah and possible connections to terrorism.

For several years former model and actress Soraya Abdullah has studied Islam under M Iqbal alias Abu Jibril at the Al Munawwarah mosque in Pamulang. While attending his sermons Soraya developed a relationship with Jibril’s son M. Jibril alias Muhammad Ricky Ardhan (the founder of Ar Rahmah Media), who was arrested on August 25th on suspicion of arranging funding for terrorist activities in Indonesia, specifically for the Jakarta bombings in July.

Since Jibril’s arrest Soraya Abdullah has been in hiding, from the media, not the police.

Pre Jilbab Days

Her full name is Soraya Abdullah Balvas or Balfas, born in Jakarta in 1978 of mixed Indonesian-Arab descent, and is usually called Aya. Before she discovered hyper-religiosity she was a familiar face on television, starring in a number of commercials for products like Daihatsu Taruna, Cooling 5, Bayfresh, Nescafe, and Vaseline, and later moving into the world of sinetron, her most famous role being that of the snake queen Ratu Medusa in “Gerhana II”.

Soraya Abdullah

Jilbab Days

She is said to have undergone great emotional strain after her 2.5 year long marriage to a Balinese man ended in bitterness, and thereafter went to live in an Islamic boarding college, the pondok pesantren Al Ihya in Bogor. While there she chose to don the Islamic headscarf, the jilbab, in 2006. At the time the mother of two (Muhammad Senarai Ikhtiar and Siti Aisyiah Az-Zahra) said her motto had now become

Jihad in the way of Allah

Soraya Abdullah

Thereafter she continued to work in television, but in more religious themed soap operas, like “Hidayah” and “Misteri Illahi”.

Burqa Days

Her passion for religion continued to grow and after studying under Abu Jibril she chose to almost entirely cover herself, by wearing a burqa, and deserted the world of fame and glamour for religious contemplation and activism.

Soraya Abdullah

Rumours circulated that she and M. Jibril alias Muhammad Ricky Ardhan were considering marriage, while Aya’s father, Abdullah Saleh Balvas, denies this saying that their relationship was a purely business one.

M. Jibril alias Muhammad Ricky Ardhan

Abdullah also claims that Soraya is not in “hiding” but that the family had long ago chosen to move out of Jakarta and live quietly in the countryside, and had done so since May 2009, before the JW Marriott and Ritz Carlton attacks. vivanews

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  1. Fawzia says:

    This is exactly what happens when Muslims become more religious! 🙂

  2. Ross says:

    Pity all those nutters in burqas wouldn’t just vanish. What a sad thing to see, such a pretty young woman sinking back into the Dark Ages…

  3. diego says:

    In my telenovelaized way-of-thinking: Soraya wants to do a revenge to that balinese — supposedly hindu — dude who broke her heart so badly. That’s why she decided to go nutty and fundie.

  4. andrey says:

    yes ross, too bad such a beautiful woman is not available any more for your eye’s consumption. well that is the whole reason, the deny undeserving men such privilliges.

  5. Emir says:

    Sometimes, we as human, doing somethin that we thought dat’s the “right” thing to do, based on our own narrow point of view.
    I hope she won’t losin’ herself and become one of the so-called people who think that they’re doin JIHAD, but by putting down others, by character assassination, even killing others, by hook or by crook.
    In spite of all, isn’t it ALLAH is known as Ar Rahman and Ar Rahim…??
    May we be blessed. Wassalam

  6. Ross says:

    Andrey…you a bloke? Odd way of thinking for a fella…and who says I’m undeserving!

  7. Haryo says:

    Jihad in the way of Allah ,that’s a very good the way of live that you have Chosen.
    But it doesn’t mean that you chance your performance by using burqa.
    Burqa can’t make you a holly person.
    It’s A very pitty.

  8. Rogue Garuda says:

    The burqa and veil are not a tool to become “closer to god” (how does the wearing of cloth bring one closer to god anyhow?) or a sign of submission to a deity. Nor is it simply a reactionary symbol of religious affiliation like the Christian cross or Jewish yarmulke. The veil is the physical symbol of the submission of women to men, the permanent, imposed affirmation of their inferior status. It represents the extension outside the home of the seclusion imposed on women by reactionary sharia law.
    To depict the covering of a woman’s body as a quaint cultural attribute or merely a “choice” of dress is nonsense. Such “cultural relativism” prettifies hideous oppression of women in Indonesia and around the world. The headscarf might be less onerous than the full body chador, but they all reflect the view of women as property, less than fully human. The veil is the glaring manifestation of the social program of the reactionary Islamist forces now operating throughout Indonesia and beyond, and it means nothing less than total servitude for women.
    That said the issue of the veil,head scarf or burqa is and should be the last priority for Indonesian women – how about equality, healthcare, sanitation and education to start with. The millions of dispossessed peasants, unemployed youth and low-wage workers of Indonesia do find a comforting retreat in religion. They direct their hopes not only to heaven, but more so to its earthly representation in the Islamic solidarity networks of clinics, schools, charities, cooperatives and other social services that have become a now vital alternative to the lack of care that the central government and the ruling class show toward its own fellow citizens.
    The deeping Islamisation of Indonesian social and political life in Indonesia is a reactionary outcome of disenchantment with the ineptitude, corruption and bankruptcy of Indonesian nationalism. Not only is religion the opium of the people, as Marx said, but also:
    “Religious suffering is, at one and the same time, the expression of real suffering and a protest against real suffering. Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions.”
    What about a struggle on behalf of males for the right to also wear the burqa?

  9. diego says:

    The veil is the physical symbol of the submission of women to men, the permanent, imposed affirmation of their inferior status.

    Well, that’s what you want to believe. But the fact is: burkha was invented by Ahmad Shah Abdali, a gay pashtun (taliban). That is a fact, it’s on the internet:

    Why did a gay (like him) want to cover woman in burkha? God knows. But I can make some speculations (juicy). You want to know?

  10. Rogue Garuda says:

    haha touche….

    Steps to determine the factual content of a statement eg: Its on the internet, it must be true

    I think the definitive source for this kind of issue has got to be Islamic rage boy

    And his lyrically haunting “Baby what a pack of lies” oh baby, i never tickled hasim’s thighs

  11. David says:

    Great video…

  12. Ross says:

    Rogue Garuda, why do you think it ‘reactionary’ for a Christian to wear a cross, or for a Jew to wear a yarmulka? I agree with much of what you say, but if you carry forward the logic of what you say, then religion is a bad thing, which it plainly isn’t.
    My Muslim friends and neighbours who toddle off to the mosque do not come home ranting for infidel blood. They are kindly and friendly, as a rule, and Christians who actually follow the teachings of Jesus are great to have around.
    Torquemada’s interpretation of Christianity 500 years ago, and Abu Bakr Ba’ashyir’s present-day notion of Islam are offensive to any thinking person, regardless of their spiritual allegiance.

  13. silvestre says:

    Regardless of the religion it’s basically the ego of a person and the lack of common sense which render a person harmful to the society. Religion simply determines how you will call your action and on what will you base it on. All of those are just covers, the two I said before are the ones driving evil people doing evil things.

  14. Ross says:

    Sorry, silvestre, but I can’t see how Christians wearing crosses or Jews wearing yarmulkas are covers for them to do evil things. SOme who wear crosses or yarmulkas probably do evil things, but that would be in contradiction to the values their religion upholds.

  15. silvestre says:

    sorry too, Ross, but you’ve got it all wrong, I meant not the clothes or signs they wear but the religion itself being only a cover for what’s actually driving them to do whatever they do, and in this case evil things.
    Talking bout values, you can’t neglect the fact that before you can take out the value, you should understand what the holy books say bout each corresponding religion. Since the books are all encrypted in either other language you can never understand and/or written in indirect way of telling (similar to poems etc which people call art) which in the end demands (actually) a better understanding of words. So, basically, what I’m trying to say is that the values you said those people uphold before are the values you know either from your own interpretation so far and/or from what the people around you tell what the values are. If the people around you are alike and you have a religious leader to lead your interpretation then you guys hold a common values there and thus you believe that the values you hold are the values your religion holds. But in reality, not at all like that. People have their own interpretation and thus hold their own values. If you take bible or perhaps koran for example, both of em have some contradicting verses in it, which delivers confusion and for those who don’t understand, it looks like a choice, which one are you going to take? “Apparently you can be evil too by reading these holy books”, they think. But the ones with understanding know that there is more to it…different times different rules etc…I really wish the holy books were written in direct way of speaking instead of in a poem-like style. But those old people like riddles and hidden meanings, I suppose hahahaha

  16. Ross says:

    Oke, silvestre, a lot ot digest pagi2, so I will contemplate and return tonight!

  17. diego says:

    Oh my gawd,

    That malaysian terrorist…, he’s a gay (gasp)!

    Ha ha ha:


  18. David says:

    Agitprop Diego I guess. One of the very first stories to come out about him after he was killed was “Police say Noordin never did salat Jumat” – they’re trying to paint him as a non-devout banci murderous bastard, so he’s not a martyr, so others don’t want to follow him…take it on the chin.

  19. diego says:

    Hehehe patung, thanks, I do take it on the chin, (of course) i’m aware of that tactics. However, did the police really have to go that far (declaring him as banci). I mean, isn’t stating him as malaysian already bad enough? That, i think, already covers all the adjectives you mentioned in your comment.

  20. HeavenlySword says:

    In the other part of the world, we called them a Ninja. Lightning fast movement, expert in conceal themselves.

  21. diego says:

    Ok, Patung,

    Here’s the latest news about Nordin’s an*s:

    Erm… ookayyy…, that sounds like a scene from Willie E. Coyote series, sticking explosives to an ass.

    Well, being an emphatic person as I am, I think I can understand; when you’re on the run, you can’t go easily to the nearest sex-shop to buy a dildo.

  22. PPT says:

    I wonder, she is a Muslim and wear what she believes best and that comes from her religion and ALLAH. Why these gentiles are so fussy about?
    Then i found the answer:

    QS 2:120
    The Jews and the Christians would not like to you so that you follow their religion. Say: ‘The guidance of ALLAH is (the actual ) guidance”. And if thou follow their desires after this knowledge come to you, then ALLAH is no longer the protector and helper for you”.

  23. PTCND says:

    Totally agree with PPT. Just ignore those ignorants

  24. timdog says:

    PPT – where did you buy your English translation of the Koran? Judging from the grammar it was done by the same people who came up with Wings Air’s “Fly is Cheap”… Thinking of another thread, I also wonder how decent a grasp on Arabic they had….

  25. PPT says:

    R u bothered so much Tim coz its really represent u? Well,truth hurt sometimes..
    The more i read the comments of the ppl here who attack Muslims and Islam,the more i’m sure abt this verse..

    QS 2:120
    The Jews and the Christians would not like to you so that you follow their religion. Say: ‘The guidance of ALLAH is (the actual ) guidance”. And if thou follow their desires after this knowledge come to you, then ALLAH is no longer the protector and helper for you”.

  26. Oigal says:

    Ah your back PPT, we thought you would have found it too hard to continue your rants reading the news over the past week or so. How’s the Mulsim never attack Muslim theory holding up so far?

    Seriously though, as for being sure about

    The Jews and the Christians would not like to you so that you follow their religion. Say: ‘The guidance of ALLAH is (the actual ) guidance”. And if thou follow their desires after this knowledge come to you, then ALLAH is no longer the protector and helper for you”.

    Then you are the only one because that is really a poor translation and means nothing. Do you have an english version?

  27. PPT says:

    I didn’t say NEVER.. I let you think you are right and stay on ur mistakes. 😉

    Regarding the verse..what shld it be written then?

    I’m sure u all understand the meanings, u just try 2 defy it! Have a nice live!

  28. Oigal says:

    What should be written? Who knows hard to make head or tail out of the whats there though. One assumes its the usual rant about its all some elses fault my life sucks!

    Defy what? or did you mean deny? As I am not a Jew or Christian not really relevent anyway. I do have a very nice life anyway thanks for asking, its not difficult if you can go through life without hating others or worrying too much what they believe or do not believe or how they decide to clothe themselves.

  29. PPT says:

    Its not difficult if you can go through life without hating others..

    Hating? i don’t hate..those verse also not abt hating but reminding.

    or how they decide to clothe themselves.

    Funny..i don’t fuss abt she’s wearing a burqa..aren’t u all the fussed ones?beside the ISLAMIZATION(?) u worried about that mentioned in the’About’ section.

    So, who’s

    worrying too much what they believe or do not believe


    I put (?) coz nobody has given me the answer and description for so called ‘ISLAMIZATIONS’


  30. Oigal says:


    At the risk of wasting my time go and look at some pictures of traditonal Indonesia dress and get back to me. Arab dress is not Indonesian Dress, is that not self evident to you? It is always sad when people are so willing to abandon their heritage to others.

    The very fact that a multi religion, multi ethnic country like Indonesia now has regions implementing or already has ill-defined Sharia Laws CLEARLY demonstrates a move by some Islamization of the country. This is obviously in clear contradiction of the nation’s constitution and considering the vast amount of the wealth of the nation comes from traditionally non-Islamic provinces pretty short sighted.

    There is more money and bylaws now insisting on people to learn to speak Arabic (divisive in of itself as it only has relevance to one section of the family that is Indonesia) than any other in the country. Yet the national unifying language of Bahasa Indonesian is ignored more as the education system fails into the hands of the religious radicals. The economy building languages of English and Chinese are ignored to the extent we get “FLY IS CHEAP” and that appalling train smash of a Arab to English translation you provided.
    The nation’s founders recognized the danger to the nation in elevating one religion above another, it is a crying shame and to Indonesia’s long term detriment that so many people today cannot recognize the same obvious truth.

    As for the fuss, it’s not what people choose to wear but when they are intimidated by bylaw or thugs to do so.

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