TV Temptation During Ramadan

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The Majelis Ulama Indonesia (MUI) advises what should not appear on television screens during the upcoming “holy month” of Ramadan.

Chairman of the Ulema Council, Ma’ruf Amin, warned television stations recently not to show any programs that would be offensive to the soon approaching celebration of the fasting month of Ramadhan.

Stop programs which are offensive to the Islamic holy month.
(Hentikan tayangan TV yang akan menodai bulan suci umat Islam ini.)

Programs which he thought likely to offend Muslims during Ramadan were those which were pornographic or sexually suggestive, gossip oriented infotainment shows, some kinds of soap operas, and generally any content which would make it difficult for Muslims to stick to fasting or would tempt them to break the fast before the appointed time.

Meanwhile in related news, the same man, Maruf, said he is working with the Departement of Social Affairs to ensure that the fatwa issued by the MUI against SMS prize schemes on television will be respected by the operators of the schemes. The MUI decided at its last conference that such SMS messages constituted a form of gambling.

Maruf admitted that the MUI had no authority to enforce its fatwa and that it was reliant on the Departement of Social Affairs to do so.

31 Comments on “TV Temptation During Ramadan”

  1. Molisan Tono says:

    the right part to say is…
    all Moslem holy man… stop watching TV if you are afraid to be tempted
    or don’t fast at all because you’ve failed even before you start it.

    TV temptation? what a joke… I think they forgot the meaning and purpose of fasting. hahaha…

    not trying to be sarcastic… but it’s really funny. it just like you’re praying to God “God give us strenght to face our demon of temptation” but no demon at all to fight with. hahaha… battle without opponent. winning without fight… what a Loser

  2. Agusto says:

    NO wonder the Muslim in Indonesia never grow up! This MUI is telling them of every little things of what to or not to do! They are being treated like kids!
    NO wonder they are so high tempered when being critized, thats because they are being pampered all the time!
    NO wonder most Muslims are utopian!

  3. Tony says:

    No temptations – No holiness.

  4. Andrew says:


  5. Molisan Tono says:

    but serious guys, why on earth they claimed ramadhan is victorious month? beside ramadhan are they big loser something?

    spend my childhood next to a major mosque still mark a question in my head about ramadhan, what victorious life they can be so proud of during that month?

    my opinion, Moslem should make a victorious life daily, winning against their anger, their hatreth toward Christians and maybe their lust, not only ramadhan they play safe and holy… that simply a hypocracy.

  6. Hassan says:

    talking about something you don’t understand again, eh tono??

    the general assumption of decency is you better not talk about something you don’t understand, because it will humiliate yourself and will make you look like a wiseguy, or a clown, or both.

    FYI, I never understood why Christians who claimed to be monotheists, consider their god to have 3 personalities like polytheists do, or worship and held their prayers in front of a wooden statue like pagans.

  7. Rockstar says:

    I do fasting recently, praying for people that I love most and for myself. But Tono has a point, what good is it anyway if there were no demons nor temptations to fight. It was the moment when I was tempted that I prayed the most.

    Respect is very necessary, but I don’t mind fasting among people who are eating or something. I think that’s normal, I don’t even have to avoid them. But TV is another issue, but really all I have to do is to avoid them.

    It’s not about Islam that is funny to me.. it’s the people who made these ‘unwritten law’ saying you shouldn’t do that and this, that is ‘hillarious’. They are jokes.

    It’s not as simple as saying God has 3 personalities. The trilogy concept is beyond of what human can fathom. But IMHO, God is powerful who rules from Heaven is also God who came down to earth to save human from the eternal punishment because He loves people equally, He’s the same as God who is inside of each person’s heart. That’s the simplest way to understand the trilogy. Just like in Islam I guess there are a few things that beyond of what you can think.

  8. Molisan Tono says:

    yo Hassan… Christian is not Catholic… we are different mate. we don’t pray infront of statue. and our cross, the symbolic crafting of Christ never there, Catholic kept crucifying Jesus on their cross, their cross has Christ on it…. we don’t do that.

    if you don’t understand the principal of Mind, Sould and the Body, Hassan, I can’t help you to understand about the Trinity…. I better explain about your monkey ancestor according to Charles Darwin…

    if you believe you’re created by God, you should simply dumb ass understand what am i talking about. inside you Hassan, there’s Mind, Soul and Body of Hassan… you are 3 personal inside. got that mate?

  9. CG says:

    hey Molisan Tono,maybe @ dis point I agree with Hassan,saying something that u dont understand eh?
    Catholic pray in front of statue?
    n cath still crucifying Jesus?
    I guess people like u r the ones who make Christian’s name look bad u know..
    I’m also Christian,but i dont think the way u do,
    that’s only symbol mate,u even can pray in front of sh*t (forgive my word) if ur heart pray to Him..
    I think u should apologize for ur words,tono

  10. Rockstar says:

    I believe that this business of mocking other people’s religion should be ended here and now.

    I mean what’s the whole point of mocking and insulting seriously? What do people gain from that? You get nothing but a restless soul. Thinking hard how to attack different believers. I mean c’mon that is just wasting your time and energy.. life is just too precious for that.

  11. Miss Indo 07 says:

    yup ,agree with Rockstar.

  12. Molisan Tono says:

    i do agree with you CG, and i accept ur critics. you can pray no matter where you are. and i apology to those who offended.

    I believe who Mary Mother of Christ is, but I don’t worship her like cath do. I don’t put a symbolic image of her while i pray. for I believe God forbid me to do so. She is just ordinary chosen woman to deliver Christ. that’s it. if you think they pray to lift up her glory, remember this carefully “the order of roses”… “holy grail” or what so ever they named it… it’s all to challenge people to believe something else except God Him self. is this what you believe?

    I believe a symbolic icon show what the real meaning of what the creator want to show other people. God don’t make that sign of cross, it’s human.

    “I guess people like u r the ones who make Christian’s name look bad u know..” — yeah, lots of people said that, but once again thank you. I’m not trying to make enemy, but telling the truth. the truth always hurt and if the truth could make other religions as my opponent, then let God be my judge.

  13. Miss Indo 07 says:

    hi tono,
    I’m a cath,but I think I never pray to a statue, n I always pray to JC not Mary, but yes i do respect her,as a woman chosen to b the mother of God, even the Father chose her, to b a mother of the world’s saviour,then why don’t we respect her?
    well actually kinda lazy n tired talkin abt this because there r too many Christian think the way u do but it’s ok, we all have rights to think the way we do..
    n about the order of roses or holy grail,mate,I think u just too much reading the da vinci code

    “the truth always hurt and if the truth could make other religions as my opponent, then let God be my judge”
    n if that’s the way u think,then u can answer this to urself, what’s the difference between u n those people who go jihad,they think that whatever they do in the name of God is true n if then the other religion should b the enemies,just let God judge,( I think God never want his sons to b enemies though)

    maybe I think all that we have to do is do what we believe, do the best to God, because if u read the bible,it’s not religion saves u,but your faith,
    even Jesus wasn’t Christian or cath Himself

    “God don’t make that sign of cross, it’s human” –> exactly!
    because religion is made by human,God never create a religion mate,
    well maybe i cant say much about this tono,because I’m not a perfect cath or Christian or whatever,I have my sins, n there r so many things I have to learn n fix within my life n religion, but that’s all that I know, n i respect every religion (as long as the people can show respect to me as well)
    I have friends from any religion,n sometimes i go to Christian church as well,because I think we are into the same God,so why should we emphasize on the difference?

    like i told before maybe in other articles,fanatics r just bad,no matter fanatics of what religion it is,
    so tono,i hope u’r not one of them

    peace for everyone ^^
    wow,it’s like the longest cmment I’ve ever written ;p

  14. Miss Indo 07 says:

    MISS INDO 07 Says:

    September 11th, 2006 at 3:39 pm
    hey Molisan Tono,maybe @ dis point I agree with Hassan,saying something that u dont understand eh?
    Catholic pray in front of statue?
    n cath still crucifying Jesus?
    I guess people like u r the ones who make Christian’s name look bad u know..
    i’m also Christian,but i dont think the way u do,
    that’s only symbol mate,u even can pray in front of sh*t (forgive my word) if ur heart pray to Him..
    I think u should apologize for ur words,tono

  15. innocencia says:

    I read what tono said abt Islam…I guess u hate Islam very much ya…maybe u hate someone u know…but u make conclusion u hate Islam…

    its ok, we don’t care abt u at all, be good boy, dont blame religion if u dont like some people

  16. Molisan Tono says:

    innocencia: I don’t hate Islam, Islam is not my opponent, it just a part of those people who turned them self or i turn them to… i saw what they capable to do, which Islam never told them so.

    and I don’t read da vinci code btw…

    miss indo: this in not war between flesh, it’s about getting know the truth. I don’t go jihad or what so ever it may cost me to fight. my fight is getting to know what is the real truth. that’s it, if someday i involve in phisically war, then it’s not a war for God sake, God not require me to fight that kind of war. i probably will fight for my own sake. so, no jihad….

    I agree with many of your opinions guys… and girls… but when it came to my ears something that I think not properly… I will react and share my point of view. about the statue thing.. again, i must apology for that. i find it difficult to subtitute a symbolic meaning when it appear phisically. the thing you can see and the thing you can touch. so sorry about it.

    i respect my mom which has return to heaven since 94, do I need to make an image or crafting of her to honor and respect her? I prefer thinking of what she has done during raising me since I was a child. I think it would be much pleasant to God not by figuring her in some image we can see.

    but let’s drop this all dead here, i apology to those who got offended.

  17. Hassan says:

    guys, don’t take it too seriously. tono and me argued over religion all day long, throughout this site.

    but tono, I hope you learned your lesson. don’t talk about something you don’t understand? 😉

  18. Miss Indo 07 says:

    haha,yep,for Hassan n tono,I guess we talk too much about religion ya,
    isn’t it funny that from the topic ramadhan n it ended argue about cath n Christian? heheh
    maybe we should just drop it n be friends,n argue abt other things peacefully,
    for tono,it’s alright,actually I understand the way Christians think about that,but it’s just not like that (i dnt know how to explain either since I’m not an expert,)
    but I just want to add another thing, *btw,sorry abt ur mom*
    but i give another example,if i keep the picture of my aunt n my cousins who died in the may98 riot,it doesnt mean that i love the pics or talk to the pic rite? it’s just the way i remember them,
    that’s just an easy example that i can give,
    ok guys n girls,
    peace n have a nice day ^^

  19. Molisan Tono says:

    like you know everything and right about it Hassan, your comment also has flaw you know.

  20. Molisan Tono says:

    peace girl… I understand what you meant. ;p
    isn’t it beautiful, you can argue, fight and yet you see there’s something to settle down for peaceful mind.

    great port indeed. thank you.

  21. Mohammed Khafi says:

    We are all searching for and trying to push forward our own version of the truth, this makes us appear to be constantly at loggerheads with each other, however most of us have much more in common than it at first appears. At least here we have a forum of sorts to voice our opinions. I believe that if we all put to one side our traditions and just concentrate on the essence of our beliefs we would as a nation be much stronger. Many of the Catholic and Christian traditions are just like the Muslim ones, based on manmade corruption of what has been given to us by God. These corrupted teachings drive us all further apart. I know it is hard to face the truth and realise that we may have all been lead astray, but the essence of all our beliefs are the same.


  22. Hassan says:

    haha, same ol khafi, still believed that the rest of the world was lead astray, except your group, isn’t it? hehe. anyway, I agree with the rest of your comment. the people here is as varied as Indonesia itself, with their own beliefs and version of truths. i’d say that’s what pluralism is all about. we can stick strongly and with full conviction of our own beliefs and still respect other people’s. whatever we say here was just to explain to others our side of the story, how we perceive things.

    it has been nice knowing y’all.

  23. Josef says:

    Yes, I agree Hassan. People are ignorant of each other, people must be able to talk and share their faith with each other without threats and violance and anger. In this we can learn to respect one another and learn from each other.
    Maybe people should stop trying to belong to a group or tribe (I am Catholic or moslim or protistant or whatever) and all accept each other as brothers, with no seperation or bigotry. How can people claim to be one with god if they can not even be one with each other?

  24. Josef says:

    It reminds me of a story my grandfather told me. He used to be a foreman for a construction company in Tunisa. During Ramadan one of the workers came to him and started complaining that other workers were breaking their fast. The man said “Mustafa drank water, you must punish him”. My grandfater told the man that it was not his job to enforce religion, “if I force a man to fast how would it count in God’s eyes, it would not be an act of faith and respect in God. It is not for me to judge or punish anyone for god, that is gods job, so I will not, you understand?”. The man looked at him and said “Yes I do sir, but Muhmed is smoking, you must punish him.”. My grandfather just said “Oh, boy..get out of my office.”.

  25. Peace says:

    I hope that includes those ghost/ satan things.
    Why so many Islamic sinetrons idolise stories with those ghosts, jin (genie) , satans things?

  26. Mohammed Khafi says:


    If we look at it based on Plato’s theories it is by and large because their beliefs are built and nurtured on the principle of Mythos based on intuition, superstition and emotions, rather than on Logos based on reasoning and fact.

    The mainstream Muslims are not the only ones who suffer from this lack of balance but because the traditional Islamic culture abhors Ijtihad or independent reasoning they cannot break free from it.

    The other religions in Indonesia are prone to lean on the side of Mythos also, but we cannot see this demonstrated so clearly because they are minority groups and have less televison devoted to them. For examples of the Christian mythos, view the Christian religious channel on Indovision.

    Basically fundamentalist religions are seen as looking back to the golden age of the past, whereas non-fundamentalist religions are looking forward to modernism and the future.

    However I think it would be wrong to lean too heavily towards Logos as well, because that way leads to a complete lack of spirituality and soul and eventually I believe to Atheism. What we need to look for is balance.

    An example would be when my children were born in Rumah Sakit Harapan Kita 4 1/2 years ago, the third of the triplets, a little girl died after 4 days. My wife and I wanted Logos or a scientific explanation of why she died, but we also needed Mythos as a means of consoling ourselves, we came to the conclusion that God had sent her as a companion and guardian for her brother and sister. Logical? no not really, but comforting?yes of course!

    An interesting article from our neighbours is in Majalah Malaysiakini. Called Facts versus Emotion.


  27. Peace says:

    Hi Mohammed Khafi,
    I’m sorry about your beloved little girl.

    Yes, you are right Islam is not the only religion counts on mythos.
    But in Indonesia the trend of religion (Islamic) drama on TV have mostly been so occupied with ridiculous (cruel!) mythos.
    So ridicule that I cannot believe they are actually talking about religion for the sake of humanity. They’re simply talking about good vs bad which is rendered shallowly as human vs satan. Nothing about kindness to each other (Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, etc).

    Some of my Muslim (educated) friends are annoyed and feel ashamed with those ridiculous sinetrons, they blame Ram Punjabii for that corrupted belief 😛
    But it seems MUI doesn’t mind at all.
    I feel those satan things sinetron have held responsibility to make people become more savage only, including those in government 😀

  28. Mohammed Khafi says:

    Superstition constituted an integral part of the belief system of the Pagans. Prior to the advent of Islam the Arabs were steeped in superstitious beliefs, beliefs that regulated their social, economic and political activity. Superstition created a mysterious value system that gave rise to fear, suspicion and enmity. It deprived them of rational thinking and every ailment, accident or calamity was attributed to some evil force bent on destroying their lives. The situation was further aggravated by wicked “Spiritual Doctors” who exploited the unwary masses and ran lucrative businesses treating and exorcising the “evil forces”.

    You may well ask “What has changed?”

    These are some of the things that Prophet Mohammed came to release the people from, and during his lifetime he did succeed, unfortunately the rationalisation of The Prophets time has given way to more superstition and ignorance, but that is the way that MUI and the government want it, because it allows them easier control over the Ummah. Why would the MUI want anybody to know the truth of their religion, that would make them ask questions and that would lead to somebody questioning the authority of the MUI themselves!

    I think the Punjabi’s are just in it for the money, they are simply using what is already there to make a profit. They don’t appear to have much in the way of morals, but then who in the televison industry in our country does? Where are the educational programs, family shows etc.

    You are right, the people are becoming more savage, and it appears more divorced from reality, in actual fact you are right on both counts it is not just the people it is also the government.

    But while the rich and powerful are raping and destroying our country, as long as the masses are happy watching superstitious Islamic sinetron or gossip, or buser etc, we don’t really need to worry do we? Do we?

  29. Molisan Tono says:

    it’s ramadhan now, any Moslem got tempted already by TV Channel? my best suggestion, you can smack down your TV, or send it by courier to my house… hahahaha…. ;p

  30. Myrtar says:

    Allah-Hu-Akber inshallah soon that time will come when we muslims will rule the according to Quran&Sunnah

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