Warnet User Monitoring

Aug 31st, 2006, in Internet, News, by

The owners of warnets, or internet cafes, will be required to take down the identity card details of warnet users, a new law says.

Each visitor to a warnet is meant to have his KTP data written down by the owner and submitted to the Indonesia Security Incident Response Team on Information Infrastructure (ID SIRTII), every month.

Communications and Information minister Sofyan Djalil said that the new rule would be put into force this week and that the measure was an attempt to combat online fraud such as carding, and terrorism.

He added that those warnet owners who failed to provide details of their customers would face sanctions if it were found that acts of cyber crime had been committed from their premises.

The head of the 3000 member strong Asosiasi Pengusaha Warnet Indonesia, Judith M.S, said that she supported the measure but that the procedures for submitting the information had not yet been made clear.

2 Comments on “Warnet User Monitoring”

  1. Molisan Tono says:

    wait till government recommend toliet monitoring…

  2. Frandy says:

    Stupid Rule
    Did the person that make this kind of rule know that majority of the internet cafe user is children below 17 years old and according to indonesia rule. Childrean below 17 year old dont have Indonesia ID.

    Did they need to brinf their birth day certificate in-order just to play game ?

Comment on “Warnet User Monitoring”.

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