The Fires of Hell

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The Fires of HellHow hot are the fires in hell and how they are full of women.

Rosnida, a teacher of religion at Pasundan 7 junior high school in Bandung, West Java on 25th August gave a lesson to her third grade class on heaven and hell, and explained that those who performed sholat – the daily prayers that a Muslim is supposed to do – would likely go to heaven, while those who did not pray regularly would go to hell.

She asked for a show of hands of students who often forgot to pray and upon noticing that most of those who admitted to not praying were girls said that hell was full of women who did not pray. She then lit a match, put it out, and went around the class touching the burnt match head against the girls’ hands, explaining that the fires of hell were much hotter than the match.

One girl, Tantri Agustriani (14), attempted to avoid having the match touched against her and suffered a mild burn on her left cheek when the match, accidentally it seems, touched her face. Tantri said detik

A lot of the girls didn’t want their hands touched with the match but the teacher forced it on them.

School principal Eriek Sudeni said it was likely that teacher Rosnida would be punished, however the girl’s parents do not wish Rosnida to be dismissed, but only that in future lessons be more well thought out. banjarmasinpost

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  1. Pakmantri says:

    Arie Brand said:

    Though many people who have had a Near Death Experience have reported to have seen a very bright light none has, as far as I am aware, suggested that this came from the fires of hell.

    There is a very simple explanation to this bright light thing, it is the paramedic or the doctor flashlight in ones eyes to check the patient condition. Those dang doctors and paramedics, they always do that ….. 🙂


  2. silvestre says:

    Teach kids the good parts of the religion and be strict to them without trying to scare them and don’t let them get past the boundaries. If they ask otherworldly questions well answer them well without scaring them. Like if a kid asks you about hell, try to explain as if the kid were an adult too (which means you have to shred off the creepy parts you’d otherwise tell to kids). The kid would either be confused or enlightened (plus delighted since you have answered him not in child-mode).

    I believe teaching our kids good parts of the religion like how to love your fellow citizens how to be fair to others how to be helpful to people how if you do good things you’ll get good things too in return etc are good things, and when it comes to Godly parts of the religion, just try to answer them with well-thought answers without the scary part and do explain those in adult-mode, because kids do know when you don’t pay respect or attention, especially the ones who mature quickly…there are such kids…

  3. Danny says:

    This is what happened when someone took religion to “serious”. S/he forgot about the horizontal relationship with fellow humans.

    Isn’t it what religions teach us? How to behave ourselves with the others and of course in front of God.

    Sadly, this can be found everywhere, on every religions.

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