Maria Ozawa in “Menculik Miyabi”

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Japanese AV idol Maria Ozawa’s plans to work in Indonesia outrage religious leaders.

The Clerics’ Council, Majelis Ulama Indonesia (MUI), has protested plans to bring Japanese porn star Miyabi to Indonesia to play in the film “Menculik Miyabi” (Kidnapping Miyabi). Miyabi, real name Maria Ozawa, is a hugely successful pornographic film star from Hokkaido, and is of mixed Japanese/French-Canadian descent.

Maria Ozawa, in some of her more tame and artistic poses.

Weighed in the chairman of MUI, Ma’ruf Amin:

Don’t employ a porn star, even if the film is not pornographic, unless she has already stopped acting in porno films.

Maruf, not a fan

Maruf further bemoaned that bringing Miyabi to the country would worsen Indonesia’s image in the world and make it seem like the nation couldn’t produce its own stars. detik

Miyabi’s Ramadan message for her Indonesian fans

Maria/Miyabi is expected to arrive in Jakarta in mid October to begin shooting “Menculik Miyabi”, which is produced by Maxima Pictures, to be directed by Odi Mulya Hidayat, based on a script by blogger-writer Raditya Dika.

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  1. Ricky says:

    Here is the funny thing..
    Miyabi did come to Indonesia to shoot a porn movie before.
    I have it on dvd.
    It is called Sex on the beach-Southern Island Pako Pako!
    It took place in Bali.
    So it is legal to shoot porn movie but not comedy film?
    Come on…It really doesn’t make sense…

  2. frederikan says:

    Corrupting young minds of the indonesian people? Do you think they are already not corrupted? Look at yourselves first before judging a pornstar.

  3. Defrita Nilam F. says:

    Hi Maria, my name is Defrita, from Indonesia. I am Moslem. I don’t know you before but I heared you so controversial in my country, and it is no problem for me.

    My hoby is writing a novel. Becouse of you, I get inspiration to writing my Novel. I hope that my novel will accepted. “Would you agree if I will using your name in my Novel, Maria? I hope you said AGREE. You are the first actress in my novel.” I want to show you about Islam. Islam is lovely religion. I wish you studying about Islam. Would you like to reading my Novel, Maria?

    I like Japan. I hope in the future, i can studying in Japan. This is one of my dreams.
    THANKS for your attention. I hope i can contact Maxima picture if my novel finished. I hope my novel become A MOVIE..

    Thank you

  4. Sh@doW says:

    Yah, kurasa memang banyak yang sudah melihat pornografi, tapi dengan dipublikasikannya film ini kenyataan bahwa Miyabi adalah seorang bintang film porno menjadi lebih terkenal kan? Akibatnya lebih banyak orang (praktisnya semua orang yang lihat berita) mengetahui tentang pornografi by Miyabi. Kalau memang mau bikin film jujur, kenapa harus memakai bintang film porno, seakan sengaja mau memancing pers dan masyarakat mempublikasikan/mengetahui tentang film-film porno Miyabi (untuk mendongkrak popularitas mungkin?). Mau melihat filmnya ataupun tidak memang terserah masing-masing orang, tapi tidakkah sebaiknya kita tidak memberi kesempatan pada dosa? Bisa-bisa yang imannya lemah bisa goyah kan? Yah, saat ini kita hanya bisa menunggu apa benar filmnya kali ini juga mengandung pornografi atau tidak, karena masyarakat sudah terlanjur mengetahui “sejarah karir” Miyabi…

  5. miyabi-lover says:

    Love you Maria. that’s all i’m gonna say.
    don’t agree with her be the star on the movie, don’t watch! as easy as that.
    even if she’s doing porn in the movie, I don’t think it will destroy Indo’s image.

  6. pupumaru83 says:

    everyone just talk about a holy… kesucian…
    apalagi si donny…wuuiiihhh…. apa kabar pak kyai,,,,
    uda nonton berapa episode film miyabi…
    pikiran lw swmua pada aneh and ngaco…
    pilemnya belom ada WOOOOOIIII….

  7. Pena Budaya says:

    What is exactly the story of Menculik Miyabi movie? If the story is far from porn or not asking her to perform any porn, then why bother so much? I found the rejection over her to visit Indonesia for this movie was idiot.

    Otherwise, just change the location to some other South East Asian countries with more open minded people. Perhaps Singapore or Thailand, that may give Sporean & Thais value added in their tourism and international publication than Indonesia.

  8. Fikri says:

    hello maria??????
    i have very look you.
    becouse you very prety
    i come to japan for see you.

  9. donny says:

    Well hello, pupumaru83

    everyone just talk about a holy… kesucian…
    apalagi si donny…wuuiiihhh…. apa kabar pak kyai,,,,

    do I say something about watching her movie and holiness ?? just curious why you bring up my name … can you read english or understand what I’m saying ?

    I admit, I watched her movie … quite a while ago … and so what?

  10. therry says:

    So we let corruptors and terrorists come to our country and ruin millions of lives, but we scold Miyabi and refuse her because she’s a porn star? Perhaps we should change MUI as Majelis Urusan organ Intim instead because they seem to be more concerned with anything that has something to do with their crotches.

  11. devin says:

    Ha!?, looks like miyabi is famous too, if he wants to come$
    She should just come, that MUI is just talking bullshit!
    It doen’t have any right to prevent miss Ozawa arrival here

    For me, indonesia just overacting all the time…
    Even me is sometime dissapointed by those
    Overacting leader, especialy MUI in LOT of case…

  12. ET says:

    This Miyabi figure is quite astonishing. There is even an entire Wikipedia contribution on her behalf.

    I wonder what motivates an attractive and apparently normal and educated girl like her to delve into every conceivable sexual fetish before a camera. Does she want to prove something? Is she a nymphomaniac, a hyper-adventurous type or simply money-crazy? Or even a mix of it all?

    Strange, very strange…

  13. Odinius says:

    This one also goes under:

    “Protesters from _________ need to get laid and find something better to do with their time.”

  14. diego says:

    Miyabi disalip 🙂

    Sakuragi beat Miyabi to it. 😀

    Suster Keramas

    Suster Keramas Tidak Bisa Disalahkan

    On the grim side…: Penonton Suster Keramas Ditertibkan (they did ID check on the moviegoers!).

  15. jsjhonsmit says:

    Be a friend with every body. Just think that there is no man who wants to kill you if you’re sure you’re kind man. Get friend as much as possible. Give love… To whom love can be share…. sure we kind man. Miyabi I love you… Coz God loves you….

  16. Dave says:

    Dun be hypocrete..
    Indonesia already have their famous pornstars namely ariel and luna maya..
    And I bet This MUI guy have watched it too..
    So just watch it and keep your mouth shut..
    dun bother with other business
    It’s just a movie afterall..
    What’s wrong with the porn star doing “normal’ movie
    Has she or he hurt you or your family?
    Anyway Mui must be download and watch her movie to know that she is a pornstar
    F**kin hypocrete

  17. Hein says:

    What a stupid comment here, from either ignorant, defeatist, or intentionally destructive ppl. No wonder Indonesia is stucked like hell. I’m no fan of MUI, but what MUI is trying to do is a prevention. Sure, our country is already morally bankrupt, but is it a validation to make it even worse? Seriously? It’s like validating gayus to corrupt, because many people had already done such thing.

    Call me an opportunist, but i am merely trying to be a pragmatist. What is the good thing for Miyabi having a mainstream movie in Indonesia? Instead, what was once only can be accesed or popular among perverted people, now has become regular that’s accessible from age 0 to 99. Do you like if your 4 years old brother asking your mom, mommy who’s miyabi?

    Seriouly, i’m geeting curious to hear comments from miyabi supporter here. But any stupid answer like, we’re already corrupted, many people watching her before, well can cram ’em back to your filthy a*s.

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