Maria Ozawa in “Menculik Miyabi”

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Japanese AV idol Maria Ozawa’s plans to work in Indonesia outrage religious leaders.

The Clerics’ Council, Majelis Ulama Indonesia (MUI), has protested plans to bring Japanese porn star Miyabi to Indonesia to play in the film “Menculik Miyabi” (Kidnapping Miyabi). Miyabi, real name Maria Ozawa, is a hugely successful pornographic film star from Hokkaido, and is of mixed Japanese/French-Canadian descent.

Maria Ozawa, in some of her more tame and artistic poses.

Weighed in the chairman of MUI, Ma’ruf Amin:

Don’t employ a porn star, even if the film is not pornographic, unless she has already stopped acting in porno films.

Maruf, not a fan

Maruf further bemoaned that bringing Miyabi to the country would worsen Indonesia’s image in the world and make it seem like the nation couldn’t produce its own stars. detik

Miyabi’s Ramadan message for her Indonesian fans

Maria/Miyabi is expected to arrive in Jakarta in mid October to begin shooting “Menculik Miyabi”, which is produced by Maxima Pictures, to be directed by Odi Mulya Hidayat, based on a script by blogger-writer Raditya Dika.

167 Comments on “Maria Ozawa in “Menculik Miyabi””

  1. diego says:

    While we’re at it… uhm…. Would MUI please prevent Isabella Rossellini’s “Green Porno” from entering Indonesia and corrupting the minds of the young people of Indonesia?

    Thank you.

  2. Ric Atencia says:

    I agree with MUI’s chairman Ma’ruf’s comment.

  3. Olip itu uyab says:

    I heard that maria ozawa has retired from playing porn movie, is it true?

  4. David says:

    I don’t know Olip, but you’d hope so wouldn’t you, just not the right thing to be doing is it?

  5. agungk says:

    Saya tidak bisa mengerti apa yang dipikirkan calon pembuat film ini.
    Dia rakus apa bodoh ya?
    Ada beberapa point yang dapat diurai dari rencana ini:
    1. Si pembuat film ingin mendompleng popularitas miyabi dengan memasang aktris yang kontroversial ini. Ini bisa diartikan si sineas malas atau tidak mampu mengembangkan ide orisinalnya sendiri.
    2. Dengan menggunakan nama miyabi serta karakternya sebagai unsur sentral filmnya, si sineas seolah-olah mengasumsikan semua orang indonesia kenal siapa itu miyabi dan si miyabi dianggap orang penting oleh masyarakat umumnya.
    Karena itu si sineas berasumsi masyarakat indonesia sudah menganggap menonton film porno itu adalah suatu kelaziman.
    3. Mau tidak mau, si sineas nantinya akan memperkenalkan miyabi sebagai aktris porno. Ini khan artinya si sineas secara terang-terangan mempromosikan pornografi, walaupun filmnya sendiri tidak mengandung gambar porno.


  6. fanglong says:

    The Jakarta Post :

    It will purely be a comedy, just with an occasional shot of Miyabi’s face here and there.

    Boleh dikatakan geli pahit

  7. David says:

    Will that be a money shot Fanglong? Ugh, why am I going there….

  8. fanglong says:

    Wan’t it ? But who cares ?! 😉

  9. PrimaryDrive says:

    “Selama bulan puasa, berhenti dulu men-download film2 saya…”

    😀 Now that’s funny!

  10. Rob says:

    It’s not like Indonesia doesn’t have any porn stars of its own now, is it?

    Just goes to show that the MUI really has too much time on its hands.

  11. donny says:

    Stupid movie!!!Made by stupid people and gonna be watched by goddamned stupid indonesian people…

  12. funny says:

    whoever hasn’t watch any porn in his/her life please raise your hands……

    whoever has watch porn but now has stop please raise both hands……

    whoever that has stop and think that gives em right to look down on others and that they are holier then them please stand up so i can throw a chair at them

    bah then again this is indonesia….. choices don’t exist.

    Then again by putting this on spotlight instead of other pressing matters, maybe donny is right. Indonesians are stupid. Right Don?

    Damn ‘Holier than thou’ people…….

  13. PrimaryDrive says:

    No Rob, porn star is a non-occupation in Indonesia, as it directly violates to the decency law. But, we do have lots of porn viewers. That’s not against the law. Besides, how can we verify if Maria Ozawa is really indecent without watching her film first hand?

  14. diego says:

    Indonesia has, or used to have, Inneke Koesherawaty.

  15. parvita says:

    Indonesia has, or used to have, Inneke Koesherawaty.

    We still have the Azhari sisters and wotshername Persik gal. Miyabi does it differently?

  16. andrey says:

    if she follows the traditions, a few years after playing in that specific kind of indonesian movie, she will be wearing a veil and baju kurung and host a ramadhan talk show.
    God has a plan.

  17. PrimaryDrive says:

    if she follows the traditions, a few years after … she will be wearing a veil and baju kurung

    You can’t blame actresses for trying to secure safe passage to heaven. With their mooney and status, I too would want immortality.

    I’d say: enjoy while it last 😀

  18. Achmad Sudarsono says:

    Nicely spotted, Mr. Patoengs. You got a great eye for a story. ; p.

  19. Rob says:

    @ Primary Drive…

    Are you sure that viewing is legal?

    @ Parvita…

    Miyabi does it differently? Porn? 😀

  20. Nebuchadnezzar says:

    I agree with MUI but sadly, as usually happened before, they will not have enough power to stop it

  21. ET says:

    I believe agungk has it by the right end with his Indonesian comment on September 20th. This is probably one big promotion stunt to get her name established on the Indonesian market. Her ramadan message, complete with jilbabed picture

    Yang paling penting: Selama bulan puasa, berhenti dulu mendownload film-film saya, ya…

    is the pinnacle of hypocrisy, trying to get her accepted by mainstream erotica-starved muslims.
    Anything for the money, hey Maria?

  22. Rob says:

    @ All…

    It is just a film. If you disagree with the rationale or the motivations for making it, then vote with your wallet; don’t go and see it when it is released.

    Of course the stakeholders in the film are cashing in on Miyabi’s fame or infamy (depending on what side of the porn equation you stand).

    @ ET…

    I am not sure it is the pinnacle of hypocrisy but it is kind of funny in that peversely funny kind of a way as the suggestion seems to be that it is alright for Muslims to download porn at all other times of the year.

    Does any one know if the jilbabed Miyabi is real or is it someone taking the piss?

  23. ET says:

    Selamat Menunaikan Ibadah Puasa 1429 H

    Is this a message from last year? To my knowledge it is now 1430 H.

  24. Lairedion says:

    Anyone ever heard of Jade and Nyomi Marcella?

  25. fanglong says:

    Not until now, but Google has : ain’t really my cup of tea, but whose “reasonable” ? Such teenage-acneically-unavowed thrills…

  26. silvestre says:

    Raditya Dika probably was inspired by Maria Ozawa and then made a story about her being connected to Indonesia…and tadaaa this is the result. Nobody should really oppose this with any kind of reason. She’s already so famous in Indonesia that this movie won’t add up anything to her name. I mean, she won’t gather any significant new fans by doing a comedy. Anybody here thinks playing in a comedy would beat her fame as a porn star? Other than more people getting aware of Ozawa and then starting to watch her porn (for free!) what reason could you bring? Bad image to the country? Who on earth would care about this amidst all the crisis economically and environmentally? And as an Indonesian I sadly couldn’t think about any good image regarding the country. Don’t tell me you are talking bout Indonesia’s image as home to sooooo mannnnny moslems. Why should one be proud about that? Who cares? Arabs? Only Indonesian Moslems think that their arabian counterparts care about them. In truth, no one really cares bout you, except your own fellow citizens, no matter what the religion. Haha like you can really speak arabian anyway, you can only scream the words out loud but you don’t really speak the language.

  27. Elfajar says:

    Apaaa..maria ozawa main film d Indonesia??!
    Kiamat sudah dekat!!
    Org bodoh n tdk beriman yg pny ide seperti itu..
    Istigfar bung..

  28. niza says:

    Saya baru tahu Maria Ozawa itu sekarang…
    Damn movie!!

  29. pupumaru83 says:

    well, let see the movie first… siapa tau jauh dari yang kita pikirkan… ga selamanya manusia itu benar… jika memang salah, baru kita kecam…

  30. Ojan212 says:

    Dsr org2 sok suci. Ckck .

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