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Schapelle CorbyThe Schapelle Corby saga, the stresses of life in a Bali jail have brought on insanity.

Convicted Australian drug trafficker Schapelle Leigh Corby, known affectionately as “Schappers”, serving a 20 year sentence in Bali’s Kerobokan jail for smuggling 4.2kg of marijuana in 2004, has been pronounced insane by a psychiatrist from Australia, Jonathan Phillips.

Jonathan Phillips
Jonathan Phillips

Associate Professor Jonathan Phillips, who is the former president of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists (RANZCP), visited Schapelle Corby in early August and said the surfer girl from the Gold Coast in sunny Queensland feels

cut off from society, useless, broken, without hope

Therefore the doctor diagnosed her as ‘crazy’ and at risk of committing suicide.

If 32 year old Corby were forced to serve out her sentence in Bali her condition could only worsen, he said, and recommended that she be moved to Australia.

Schapelle Corby
Schapelle Corby

It appears that Dr Phillips’ visit to Corby is part of a renewed effort by the Corby family to have the Australian government take up the case with its Indonesian counterpart. antara

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  1. shorty says:

    A filosofical exercise brother mouzone.

    In this case (argentina), it doesn’t seem to be “more liberal attitude to drugs”, but a less tolerant attitude to police corruption.

    There’s an irony in being more tolerant to small quantity/personal use. You create a ready market for the big guys. Ok, I can grow a bit of weed, but the rest…………

    A world wide trend towards liberalising/decriminalising? dream on. Check out the news from holland….

    Whatever, the direction will not be guided by you and I, forums such as this, or informed debate on drug usage.

    Political expediency, religion, $$$$$ will drive the beastie.

    there is more political mileage, more self righteous crap, and more money to be made from a non tolerant attitude.

  2. Terence says:

    ~ Illegal detention of an international visitor ~

    International airport protocol – entry lounge – Schapelle Leigh Corby
    I refer to the ‘monstrous’ attack upon the personage of a young lady visitor to the supposed ‘peaceful’ land of Bali. Yes she is being confined and interrogated by merciless men and women who ‘strut’ around with minds unsound.

    For she is purported to have been ‘carrying’ a bag full of flowers, (high quality marijuana heads) and surely the ‘Balinese’ are quite ‘happy’ to walk around with flowers in their ‘hands’ are they not? So why do ‘some’ people in positions of power seek to destroy the life of another simply because they are ‘found’ owning a ‘bag’ within which ‘someone’ has placed flowers?

    For even if the Balinese people did not ‘wish’ for this ‘nature’ of flowers to be ‘imported’ into their homes, then they could simply say to the ‘importer’: “Dear visitor, we regret that we do not like the goods you seek to import, thus you have a choice, either take them back from whence you came, or we will destroy them for you.”

    As in all facets of daily living ‘rogues & scoundrels’ have overthrown the honourable code of conduct policy of the precincts of the international airport arrivals lounge, the area named as ‘sacred’ ground similarly as any foreign consulate.

    Yes, ‘laws’ applying to the international arrivals and departure sections of international airports have slowly been ‘eroded’ to the point whereby no ‘visitor’ is safe from being ‘fined or ‘robbed,’ intimidated, coerced, threatened, bullied, and punished,’ etc.

    Not only this, but if they have in their possession any flora and fauna that is deemed as an undeclared ‘illegal import,’ they are either issued with an ‘on the spot’ fine or, they are ‘kidnapped’ and dragged over the ‘border’ into the country by armed guards for the sole purpose of being punished and, – – –

    Not only this, but the produce is seized and illegally taken into said country by over zealous customs officials for the sole purpose of vindictive punishment even though any items found in their possession cannot or should not be ‘legally’ deemed as having been imported due to the fact that the person has not yet ‘officially’ exited the international area.

    So as things stand today, no person it seems is safe from the greed and avarice that has arisen in every land set by precedents so far back that everyone assumes that this foul and despicable activity is normal. It is not, and every magistrate or judge enforcing edicts using the ‘rules’ of office seem to have neglected the reality, and thus their incarceration of people is grave error of judgement.

    As I see it, the enforcers of the day or the legislators and the magistrates of the land have become over ‘zealous’ and have exceeded their mandate in respect of the ‘morals’ or laws surrounding the jurisdiction of the international airport ‘boundaries’ of an incoming flight/ship etc. Local ‘courts’ in any country have no ‘jurisdiction’ over the lives of international passengers that have not been ‘cleared’ and thereafter ‘exited’ the immigration area and entered the country unless they are citizens of their own land or, any person may be ‘corrected’ if they create a disturbance within the international precinct.

    People are being punished by ‘fine’ prior to having entered the country, and this is a felony. For it is a ‘piracy’ to enter the ‘space’ known as ‘international waters’ and cause harm, injury or loss to others, and it is also a ‘crime’ to forcibly ‘transport’ a person into a ‘land’ from an international ‘space’ for the sole purpose of causing them harm. This is holding a person ‘hostage’ against their will.

    I thus ‘address’ this epistle to every airport ‘authority’ for they are ‘permitting’ daylight robbery to take place under their very noses, they are also permitting international travellers to be kidnapped from the international section of the airport and they are thus aiding and abetting the ‘terrifying’ punitive process to take place seeing not their complicity to others disgracefully wielding a ‘mace’ against others.

    Customs officials know full well that if an incoming passenger is ‘found’ to be carrying prohibited items then it is their duty to ask the passenger to place these items in a bin for destruction.

    I was and yet am of the ‘belief’ that until such time as the passenger had ‘passed’ through customs and had been ‘stamped’ for entry by immigration and was thus an ‘approved’ visitor, and had then exited the international section ‘entry’ point area, that they were in fact still within international boundaries as such, and could not be deemed as having ‘smuggled’ prohibited goods into the country.

    It is my intent to try and halt the erosion of freedom and the intensifying punitive vendetta being waged by false precedents that are wielded by aggressive persons that seem to believe that there is no ‘higher’ authority to ‘question’ their conduct.

    I believe that any customs official that seizes ‘forbidden to import’ items and then produces them in a court of law as ‘evidence’ are in fact themselves ‘guilty’ of the illegal importation of the ‘goods’ into the country.

    Who is ‘responsible’ for the code of conduct policy of customs & immigration persons working in the ‘sacred’ controlled area within which every ‘arrival’ should be treated with respect and dignity? Is it the airport management authority? Why do the airport authority whose ‘job’ is to ensure the smooth running and safety of passengers not done anything to stem the tide of darkness that now pervades and permits daily acts of ‘atrocity’ to take place in public areas and go on unchecked?

    For too long now have incoming passengers be treated as ‘fair game’ for ‘uniformed’ thieves and robbers that force them by ‘coercion’ to pay ‘on the spot’ fines (or be sent home) before they have even entered into the jurisdiction of the ‘soil’ of the land.

    This very bad ‘foreign policy’ has crept in unnoticed as ‘customs’ officials enabled themselves to ‘thwart’ international protocol by using forms issued to flight staff that are filled out and signed by passengers and upon which is stated; “It is an offence to not declare prohibited items listed” etc.

    It is a ‘robbers’ den of iniquity now in every land whereby ‘customs’ pre-empt their authority solely for monetary theft and vindictiveness, for any invocation of a rule that says you are ‘guilty’ of the intent to smuggle due to failing to declare and item cannot be used due to it being an illegal activity within the laws of man to ‘take up arms’ against a person from another country that has not yet entered officially or otherwise. It is also forbidden by Allah to so do at any time.

    The principle reason for this letter was/is to assist Schapelle Corby, but there are many others also being ‘assaulted’ by ‘fine’ and jail sentences that were imposed ILLEGALLY according to international and ‘local’ law.

    I add: It is obvious from seeing the TV program ‘Border patrol’ that the Australian ‘custom’ is also one of utter disrespect to foreign visitors from other countries. For the ‘intent’ of the ‘front line’ ambassadors (customs officials) is their obvious INTENT to harass, impose, disadvantage, wage war, cause deprivation of liberty, cause financial loss, invoke frustration, and embarrass and inconvenience visitors.

    This appalling conduct needs to be ‘revised’ before ‘all hell breaks loose’ as the result of pure arrogance and lack of respect for ones neighbours that are perceived by many ‘as’ – – – ?

    I Imam Al-Mahdi the ‘invoker’ of ISLAM also state that I expect and in fact demand that the Balinese people and their ‘servants’ the prosecuting forces release Schapelle Leigh Corby to my ‘care’ immediately.

    For if they fail in this ‘merciful’ deed they will also accrue an increasing ‘evil’ karmic due upon their own spirit souls for every moment of time she is held by living swine. For their ‘karmic’ spell will only be ‘broken’ by me when her ‘face’ stands before me at my ‘sacred’ place Lalapanzi, for only I have the power to break the spell and demonic ‘attachment’ to them.

    Please pass this ‘note’ on to the Bali Narcotics squad and the Polda police headquarters. For their ‘power’ as bequeathed unto them by rules is the ‘drug’ that keeps them bound to their employ by Shiva who ahead by His own ‘eye for an eye’ Law will destroy them.

    Full transcript of my 29 page ‘Corby’ Treatise found at ;

  3. Cukurungan says:

    I Imam Al-Mahdi the ‘invoker’ of ISLAM also state that I expect and in fact demand that the Balinese people and their ’servants’ the prosecuting forces release Schapelle Leigh Corby to my ‘care’ immediately.

    Dear Mr Fake Mahdi,

    We wish to believe you but sorry at moment ….we want you to show your al-mighty power …why you do not try to free Schapelle Corby with your magical word….and let us wait and see.

    servant of the truth

  4. shorty says:

    Wow, go terrence!!!

    I’m not sure about the combination…..terrence, imam al-mahdi. Bruce, roger or maybe lutfi could work better? (apologies to any living bruce/roger or lutfi imams el-mahdi)

    A little worried about schappelle being released to ‘your sacred place lalapanzi’….I’ve not heard of it, so i googled. It’s either beds or hotels. You dirty bugger, you want to bonk her!!!

    By the way airports (either before or after immigration) do not have consular protection.

  5. KD says:

    The only think any rational person can see in this case is reasonable doubt. Please consider the following:

    1) Schapelle had no prior connection with either doing or trafficking drugs.
    2) Her family was cleared by the Queensland police of having any connection with drug traffickers.
    3) In order for her to be guilty she would have had to place 4.2kg (the size of a pillow case) of mj in a clear plastic bag ON TOP of her UNLOCKED boogie board and then have the bag pass through Brisbane International, Sydney Domestic, and Sydney International security.
    4) The bag of mj was slashed which means the odor would have been quick clear to anyone handling the bag.
    5) The bag was completely and totally out of her control for 12 hours.
    6) Upon arrival in Bali the police did not weigh her bag to compare it to weight at departure.
    7) Upon arrival in Bali the police did not go through any of her companions bags.
    8) The immigrations officer who could not speak any English claimed that Schapelle said the drugs were hers (she said the boogie board bag was hers, not the drugs)
    9) The mj bag was not fingerprinted despite formal requsts from Corby.
    10) the mj was not dna tested for origin despite formal requests from Corby (if it turned out to be from Indonesia, then she could not be guilty)
    11) She was tried before a judge who bragged about never finding someone accused of a drug crime to be guilty in over 500 cases.
    12) MJ grows naturally in Indonesia, NO ONE IMPORTS IT. It would be the same as importing cocaine into Colombia.
    13) There was no investigation as to how she was going to sell the drugs.
    14) The drugs were destroyed before her appeals were complete.

    I’m not sure how much more reasonable doubt you need. Is it right that someone loses their santiy and possibly their life on a “maybe”???

    Here’s the likely scenario:
    We know for a fact that Schapelle’s bag would have one of the first off the plane in Bali. There have been prior instances where travellers to Indonesia have discovered drugs in their bags upon arrival and after a “financial arrangement” have been released (sometimes after a few months in prison). Indonesia gets some money and credit for a drug bust. This was more than likely the game plan. Unfortunately the Corbys made a crucial error in getting the media involved and trying to play it out in public. The initial anger directed at Indonesia forced them to abandon Plan A and dig their heels in and go full force into convicting her. For the Australian government, it was easier to throw a working class girl under the bus than to rock the status quo with Indonesia.

    So Schapelle’s current situation is a combination of early mistakes by the family, one corrupt goverment and one morally corrupt and apathetic government.

    The only thing that can save her now is diplomacy. Let’s get that done before she comes home in a box.

  6. Andy says:

    As the Indonesian authorities have shown to be completely biased and xenophobic when dealing with foreigners in the past I think if anyone is caught with anything or doing anything in the future, the case should be handled by that person’s country’s judges, magistrates etc. Seems fair to me. The Indonesian judicial system has blown any chance of being seen to be impartial by this case alone. If all it takes to be put away for a long time is that person’s family upsetting Indonesia’s sensitivities, they shouldn’t be allowed to enter a courtroom period…Look at how they carry on when their own people kill and maim others. The Balibo five were found to be murdered but instead of putting away those who murdered the journalists they are allowed to sit in Parliament. And they are refusing to cooperate in the investigation while threatening relationships with Australia. Shame Indonesia Shame.

  7. Astrajingga says:

    The law is the law.
    It is written that way.
    How it is enforced, that’s a different thing.

    Marijuana is not drug. It’s the leaves of a plant Allah has created to be utilized the best way mankind can think of.

    I don’t know what I’m talking…. I just rant…. this is what happened when you smoke marijuana too much when you’re young.

    Anyway, I don’t know if it is just to punish Schappelle 20 years in jail for smuggling 4 kg of MERELY dried leaves of a certain plant.

    I know that it is unjust to punish a supreme court judge killer 10 years.

    Why we’re punishing a 4 kg marijuana smuggler while we let Munir’s killer, and the killer and the dalang of 1965 genocide go scott free?

    Why think too much about drugs while impunity is everywhere.

    The forest ranger who shot dead a fuel-wood collector ‘by mistake’ in the name of forest (production) sustainabitly is punished 7 months in jail!

    I don’t know could I be more sympathetic to Schapelle or other peoples who is in jail because of narcotics and drugs case… Should I tell them to kill instead of using or smuggling or sell drugs?

    Say No to Drug!
    Say Yes to Murder and Genocide!

  8. Suryo Perkoso says:

    Well Allah created yeast to enable the production of bread and alcohol, but one of them is haram, which one could it be?

    Lead is an element, nitrocellulose is a compound of chemicals, all made by Allah, is it OK to shoot someone then?

    I’ve read some shite, but that takes the biscuit.

    @Andy, sounds like you would be more at home in China?

    @KD, Ah bless, course she didn’t do it. And, with the tips of all fingers of the right hand held against the nose, the moved away towards the knees, while making a sorting of zooting noise – she didn’t have any connexion with drugs either.

    “The only thing that can save her now is diplomacy. Let’s get that done before she comes home in a box.”

    Oh it won’t come to that, the Balinese will probably cremate her.

  9. David says:

    I diverted one comment on this thread to the Sin Bin, worth a read, the one by Emily.

  10. Andy says:

    Thanks Patung, got to say the Sin Bin page is more interesting than any others put together. I hope I can qualify to be on it one day!!

  11. Suryo Perkoso says:

    Terrance, I think that it is highly likely that you may be going away to a nice place with doctors and lots of diazepam for quite some time.

  12. Brother Mouzone says:

    As the Indonesian authorities have shown to be completely biased and xenophobic when dealing with foreigners in the past I think if anyone is caught with anything or doing anything in the future, the case should be handled by that person’s country’s judges, magistrates etc.

    Sure, Andy. That will work. Just as long as you allow foreigners caught doing anything in your own developed country to be tried by their own country’s legal system.

    Bear in mind that bias, racism, and xenophobia are just as rife in the legal systems of the developed west. Have a look at the conviction rates for blacks and foreigners in the UK and the US. The treatment of Aborigines in Australia.

    Most legal systems have inbuilt bias. It’s an unfortunate part of human nature.

  13. Abigail says:


  14. Oigal says:

    And the people of Bali..will say…”Abigail Who?”

  15. Rob says:

    @ Abigail…

    Then that is too bad!

    But, you are hurting the local Balinese more than you are the government or the judiciary who are the ones usually targeted for blame in this case.

    Nevertheless, one must do what one must do.

    However, Bali is a wonderful part of Indonesia and a wonderful part of the world. You are definitely missing out on a wonderful experience in terms of culture, history, and hospitality.

  16. james says:

    I’m a 64 yr old from the USA, and I’ve followed this case from the start. Schapelle was pronounced guilty before the “show trail”.She is totally innocent and belongs back in Australia where she can get the medical help she so desparately needs. If the Indonesian judicial system wants to punish someone, put the Bali Police in prison; after all, they are the ones that put that pot in her bag. Think about this; why were the police and judges so flatly against anyone discovering the country of origin of the pot? Because they already knew

  17. Astrajingga says:

    Well Allah created yeast to enable the production of bread and alcohol, but one of them is haram, which one could it be?

    You tell me. But as long as don’t drive drunk, alcohol is okay. If you drink too much, you’re pickling your liver, if you don’t have a good insurance company to insure your health, don’t do that.

    Lead is an element, nitrocellulose is a compound of chemicals, all made by Allah, is it OK to shoot someone then?

    Yes, if that’s the best thing mankind can think of.
    You could also use it to blow your head off to end your miserable meaningless life, if that’s the best thing you can think of. (Kurt Cobain did this gallantly)
    It could be used to shoot a fighting-back terrorist who resisting arrest, it could be used to kill enemies in a war, it could be used to kill a supreme-court judge, it could have been used to kill the judge murderer as punishment.

    Although I have never condoned death penalty, and I’m an anti-violence person, but what could I do? This is the state of mankind. We are smart enough to send our representative to the moon, but at the same time we keep doing stupid things, such as hurting each other, killing each other, punishing those who do not deserved to be punished, and letting those who should be punished free.

    What’s the impact of smuggled 4 kg of marijuana into Indonesia?
    Indonesia produces and distributes tons of marijuana each year by itself.
    What 20 years jail punishment tries to achieve?

    What’s the impact of punishing the supreme court murderer a merely 15 years?

    All I want to say, if Corby should be punished 20 years, Tommy should get at least life in prison.
    Without golfing or ‘holiday’ break, and no remission.

  18. Jim says:

    This is totally messed up and it only reflects the corruption of the Indonesian Government. Schappelle Corby is only one of thousands of people that have been victimized by Indonesian corruption and tyranny. The Indonesian people are little more than sheep who have tolerated bullies all throughout their history. I wouldn’t shed one tear if a giant sunami wiped out half their population. In fact, I would celebrate it. The reason why I say this is because these people do not understand reason, they do not recognize human rights or DUE PROCESS. And they are an unforgiving, unyielding, prideful, and arrogant people as a whole who know nothing of compassion – this is largely due to Islam, but also to Asian Pride. Which is ironic because all other Asian cultures, including Burmese, Laotians and Malaysians, look down on the Indonesians. If God or Mother Nature won’t deal with this totally useless and hopeless society, perhaps WE should.

  19. Oigal says:

    I wouldn’t shed one tear if a giant sunami wiped out half their population. In fact, I would celebrate it.

    If God or Mother Nature won’t deal with this totally useless and hopeless society, perhaps WE should.

    Nice one Jim, who is this mythical “WE” by the way??

    Hey this just about qaulifies for that “special thread” for “special” comments doesn’t it Patung?

  20. David says:

    Nah, he typed the words properly, used a proper name, no err, spelling mistakes, no ‘f’ word, generally just on the ‘pass’ side.

  21. Cukurungan says:

    If God or Mother Nature won’t deal with this totally useless and hopeless society, perhaps WE should.

    hu ha hu a ha haha…Pak Oigal….Mr Andy me … I am very scary

  22. Oigal says:

    no err, spelling mistakes,

    Ouch that’s twice!

    Pak Oigal….Mr Andy me … I am very scary

    I wouldn’t call you scary Cuk…loony perhaps but somehow I don’t think you need my help with this one.

  23. donny says:

    Hello Jim =D
    interesting comment from you

    I’d like to hear more from you about story below :

    Say … I’m an Indonesian and on visiting trip to Australia
    upon arrival, the custom officer stated that there are 4 kilos of cocaine in my bags
    unfortunately, I cannot speak or write in English and by trying to do so I spectacularly messed up my conviction

    now … will australian customs officer be extra nice to me ?? with arms full of compassion like your comment above ? will they understand reason like your comment above and let me go just like that ?? most likely NOT …

    or perhaps if I’m 20 years old blonde, doe-eyed, with big b**bs you will be extra nice ?

    I do not know whether Corby really guilty or not … she may be guilty for all I know … and she may not be guilty, also

    bear in mind that no thief will confess except caught red-handed, even if they do they still try to escape from the blame – this applies to all races in the world

    respect other country’s law, especially when you’re a guest / tourist visiting their countries, and rather than comment bitterly in the forum, why don’t we do something substantial for her ?? like collecting support or donation for better lawyer, perhaps

    have you ever think for a while if this was reversed … an Indonesian is caugt red handed in your country bringing something illegal and many Indonesian saying that you and your country is barbaric and should be exterminated ?

    your comment makes me wonder … with such word as to desecrate a nation, several countries and hoping that tsunamis will wipe out most of their population

    is that what you called : understand reason, recognize human rights or DUE PROCESS.


    “And they are an unforgiving, unyielding, prideful, and arrogant people as a whole who know nothing of compassion.”

    get a mirror … look into yourself before commenting … are you a already forgiving, yielding, humble, full of compassion person ??

    because I think that your comment is saying otherwise
    thus … what makes you different from all the people you’ve mentioned before ?

  24. caroline muir says:

    I am shocked, ashamed and disappointed to see so many people give nasty comments about another human being. I wish that everyone was as perfect as you all and who never made mistakes in their lives, or God help us!!! Statements such as wanting to see Shapelle Corby ‘strung up’ or ‘left to rot’ is down right nasty and heartless.

    I think that the world needs to remind themselves what the judicial system is there to do, despite it is so different in every country as to how they punish a person. I believe, having had first hand experience of being incarcerated in the Middle East for nearly 2 years, that although one must accept the punishment of any crime comitted in that particular country, the punishment is the taking away of your freedom, not to destroy you during the serving of that sentence. The place you end up being confined, should be there to help you to rehabilitate you and get you back on the right path of life, and ensure you dont make any mistakes like that again. Countries like Indonesia and many others in Asia and the Middle East have the tendancy to think that you should continue to be punished throughout your sentence, stripping you of your dignity, privacy, you health and basically, your life. That is not the way it should be in this day and age.

    I served nearly 2 years in prison for smoking Marijuana in the UAE. Silly I know. No one knows more than me how stupid that was considering the strict laws on drugs in such countries. I do however believe that we should ‘do as the Romans do’ and respect the laws of other places, and if you commit a crime then you must pay the price.

    I dont however believe that the treatment you recieve in these places is humanly acceptable. Some of the ways of these people and their thoughts on punishment are barbaric and shocking. I can say that although I did wrong and must pay the price, I was also robbed of a potential few years off my life due to the way I was treated inside. No adequate exercise or mental stimulation was available. No furniture, no proper beds and no flushing toilets. Dirty and riddled with infection throughout the whole place. No where to hang washing, and not even a mirror so you can see yourself. Imagine not even seeing your own face for all that time.

    Had I been caught in my own country, I may have served some time, but in this present day, I would probably have only recieved a caution/warning, as I have an excellent charachter history, a good career and have never been involved in anything illegal in the past. In countries such as Indonesia, their thoughts and opinions on how to punish a person is so dated and quite old fashioned. I met so many Indonesian people while in prison, and they really are ruled by religion and prayer, chanting the quran to people when they are sick, believing it will cure them, and they use prayer to deal with obvious medical problems, again thinking it will magically make everything right.

    Shapell Corby, whether she did make a mistake or not, has NOT been given a fair trial. It is not fair when you go to court fighting for your life and you dont understand a thing they are talking about. How can you defend yourself when you have no idea what is being said, and the court members act like a bunch of caged animals. I know as it is not so different to the court I faced in the UAE. They didnt even really speak to me other than ask if I had smoked? The rest of time they ranted on, shouting, pointing, sneering and even some of the judges were sleeping!!!. 3 times in court knowing nothing of what was actually said, then BANG…. they sentence you to 4 years and that is it. You say nothing because no-one is listening to a thing you say. You pay for a lawyer, with the thought that it will be on the same level as having a good lawyer at home, and its just a joke. The lawyers will be swarming out of the woodwork and will promise you the world, and of course they will get you FREEDOM. They take your money after haggling a price, and that is all they will do. An absolute waste of time. Why is this being accepted anywhere in the world as being fair??? I really dont understand human beings at all.

    This poor girl, whether guilty or not, does not deserve to live in squaller conditions, being mentally and physically destroyed as well as taking away 20 years of her life. With bad health conditions and the ways of her punishment inside will inevitably take years off her life as it is. That is not a fair punishment, it is down right cruelty.

    I never imagined what happen to me would ever happen, so all you people who curelly chant on about how she deserves what she gets…. REMEMBER, what goes around comes around and one day, you too will suffer some tragedy and it will only be then that you will realise just how tough it can be…. but we shall sit back and say…. you deserved it. Is that how we should react in life and have no compassion for people’s mistakes.

    Shapelle has to live with the fact she lost her Father while locked up and will probably carry that on her conscience for the rest of her life. That has to have an impact on her psychologically. It appears that the sentence is just skimming the surface on the reality of just how much additional punishment she is having to endure. Let her go home and be closer to her family and friends, who can help her to get through the toughest time of her life. Everyone seems to be so ‘hell bent’ on crushing her… its sick..

    I am with you Shapelle and wish I could give you back some of the happiness you have been so curelly stripped of from you life. You will get through it and it will make you stronger. The perpetrators of your daily tourture will be given their dues in good time… and they too will suffer in some way for what they are doing to you..As I said, ‘What goes around comes around…

    Humane…. you people ought to be ashamed of yourselves.

  25. Ketut says:

    Corby is a convicted criminal and the other members of her family are bule trash.

  26. StevenF says:

    Suryo Perkoso….

    You have a lot to say, and I respect you for that. You have your opinions and to be opinionated is not a bad trait. But a trait that is not worthy to obtain is “trash” and that you are….

    The reason being: you do not give your opinion with “class” instead as a parent you dare make comments of “shoot her” and when your pride is being challenged you make comments out of wrath….

    If you do not care for drugs do not care for anything that is unhealthy in your life. Is all the food in your cabinet healthy? Do you try to exercise daily? Do you treat your kids with love daily? Do you only entertain them with that of PURE morality?

    Now, you do have a strong opinion on the subject of weed, you seem like a person who only looks at situations face valued and when challenged or brought new knowledge that might challenge that of which you already obtain you become “trashy”

    I personally know successful people who consume the natural plant called weed. I do know these people have never made it a priority above ones that matter. I do know that it is proven that this natural plant aids in the process of curing over 250 diseases. I do know this natural plant is prescribed to those who medically need it by professional doctors who have your best interest in mind. I do know there has never been a death by over-dose on this plant. I do know that this plant is an herb. I can assume that our ancestors use this plants in times of need in the past where “modern medicine” was not yet discovered. I can assume that you are one to make harsh judgments without doing research and when one comes along who has done their research gives an opinion opposite of yours you respond “trashy-like”. I can assume that you really think the rulers of this modern world has never made a “dirty-deals” that affect the everday folk negativity, therefor which is why you only see things face value….

    Now to everyone else, this particular person will stay the way he or she is for a very long time, in fact he or she may respond to this post in the manner of what she thinks is “right” but in all actuality she or he just proves my point….

    And to those who give their opinions knowing that we are all entitled to our own “elbows” and who do it so gracefully I applaud you!

    And to you, I want you to give me ten reasons why weed should not be consumed in moderate amounts other than the government says it is illegal and if one of your answers is going to be “it makes you a dead-beat”….do you really think you know EVERYONE in this whole entire world or in previous times who have smoked weed….and if you do, you must be God and if you are, you are still ignorant!

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