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The government plans to revise the freedom to demonstrate law, in an effort to reduce instances of mob violence.

In a forum held to discuss ways to deal with anarchic actions by radical groups the Security minister Widodo AS said that law UU 9/1998 dealing with freedom of expression and assembly, or literally “the freedom to express an opinion in public”, had to be revised. The forum, held at the Hotel Sari Pan Pacific in Jakarta on the 29th was in a similar vein to a previous discussion on the matter. Widodo said:

This forum is needed in order to find a more effective way of dealing with anarchic mass actions.

He said, somewhat mysteriously, that the current freedom to demonstrate law did not help the police in their efforts to maintain order.

The firmness of the security forces in the field often means that violence is met with violence. Afterwards there arises the view that the upholders of the law have committed human rights violations.

The provisions for punishment in the freedom of speech in public law were also inadequate, he said.

There are no sanctions which are likely to deter anyone in law UU 9/1998.

He also observed that when dealing with terrorism, natural disasters, and so forth, the security services were given a great deal of authority to handle such problems, but, when faced with street actions and demonstrations there was not yet the right approach within the law.

Prior to Widodo giving his speech some examples of mob violence in recent times were shown in a film. Events shown in the film included the attack by the Islam Defenders Front on the office of Playboy magazine, politically motivated violence in Tuban in East Java, the 3rd May workers march on the DPR, and attacks on Ahmadiyah people in Lombok.

3 Comments on “Freedom To Demonstrate Law”

  1. Bradlymail says:

    ‘we can have so much freedom in many ways,but freedom activities must be controlled if not it can become violence.

  2. Molisan Tono says:

    i saw too much liberation in human right that leads to vandalism. I don’t see those such behavior way back than while Soeharto was our president. why? is it because our president quite sissy huh?

    freedom okay, but abuse freedom? that’s crime lol

  3. Dragonwall says:

    The government plans to revise the freedom to demonstrate law, in an effort to reduce instances of mob violence

    Waduh gawat! Gak bisa atasi masalah, biarkan mereka main hakim sendiri? No wonder he called himself we do do. Comparing to those high ranking TNI guys now and then is a world apart. You can really see the quality of a person and size them up.

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