Death Penalty

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The death penalty receives continued support from conservative Islamic groups.

In responding to increased calls of late for the abolition of capital punishment, particularly in light of the case of Fabianus Tibo, H. Amidhan, of the Majelis Ulama Indonesia (MUI), said that within Islamic law the death penalty was permitted. In its application, he went on, there should be no feelings of pity for those to be punished in such a way. He urged the government to be firm in carrying out the punishment, according to the law.

Within Islam, he added, there was the provision for the carrying out of the punishment to be instead replaced by some form of payment or fine but that in the case of serious crimes such as terrorism and “provocation” this could not be allowed.

He claimed that 150 countries in the world permit the death penalty, seemingly a great overstatement of the facts.

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  1. orlecute says:

    i dont know about Muslims but for Catholics the thing is that only God can take away our lives. even though some people had done something very bad only God can take away his/her life… like they said vengance is not our’s but its God’s. He should be the one who should decide. put him in prison forever is fine but taking someone’s life isnt. taking our own life isnt fine what more someone elses life. thats just my opinion,

  2. Molisan Tono says:

    I agree for every person in this world there is only God who authorized to take human lives.

    but we also cannot deny there are several countries has applied that system to reduce crime, which has almost 100% success. of course every body who commit crime and cause many lives dead, should be punish heavy… but took their live? I can’t be surely say, if it can reduce crime, why not?

  3. Fanglong says:

    In a certain way, no matter ! There are so many killings and murders all around the world. Death penalty, like suicide-bombing, has relevant and irrelevant justifications. But please leave God alone : he’s divine, and here we speak of animal behavior, isn’t it ? As for myself, I’m sad & sorry when I kill even a mosquito, so you can guess my view on that subject. Killing someone is a crime and, sometimes, for the sake of many, one man has to be taken apart: could it be jail only ? Some argue it’s too expensive, but they’re just ruthless lawyer-like hangmen.
    Peace for all !

  4. Hassan says:

    orlecute: maybe God did take the lives of those death sentenced convicts, through the hands of the executioners. in the end, it is He who will take each an every person’s live, because all of us will return to Him, don’t you think? God did work in misterious ways, sometimes justice is served through the executioners’ hands.

  5. Bradlymail says:

    please take a look at Singapore ‘the death penalty’ is a’must’ for certain crimes,this is to ensure it’s people or foreigners to obey their law systems.Indonesia’s law also must be tightened and ‘death penalty’ is a ‘must’ to control big population in Indonesia.Personally, I will support that bill.

  6. Bradlymail says:

    but for Tibo Fabionus Tibo case,i hope government will revise this case again. whether F.Tibo is really guilty about his acted….what about Muslim militant’s leaders in Poso ? they are to be charged of their criminal acted is to be fair to everybody..regardless of race or religion.

  7. Oigal says:

    “Indonesia’s law also must be tightened and ‘death penalty’ is a ‘must’ to control big population in Indonesia”..

    Simply too bizarre and sick to even be funny

  8. Fanglong says:

    Yeah, Oigal, I do think like you !


  9. Hassan says:

    i care more about the lives of victims of their crimes, rather than the lives of the death sentenced convicts. especially if those convicts had killed more than one person.

    if someone killed a member of my family, I would rather have the culprits sentenced to death rather than for life, with the risk and the posibility of the convicts escaping prison, and can continue their killing spree. who knows who will become their next victims.

    care for the victims, not the criminals.

  10. Bradlymail says:

    hasan@ as long,Indonesia Law is not be corrupted ! are Tibo and friends are been given fair trials ? what about Muslim militants ? who are already been realeased…I belive,they will do the same crime again !

  11. Hassan says:

    Bradlymail: how about imam samudra, Amrozi, and ali gufron. they’re marching to see the death squad very soon too, it would appear.

    I don’t remember Muslims militants (who had killed lots of people) being released. I only remembered some FPI members being arrested and then released, but they didn’t kill anyone, did they?

  12. Miss Indo 07 says:

    Hmm Hassan, what about the riots of 98?
    Where are the culprits?
    Living their life freely as if they never did anything wrong I guess?

  13. Bradlymail says:

    My friend Hasan@ I believe,they later will get life sentence only…maximun 15 to 25 years only…and then,they will get pardon from President…lastly,they will realease.You know our law is not very srick like other countries.Our judges can be bought..and their decisions can be changed.well,let see !

  14. Hassan says:

    Miss Indo 98: where are the LA riots culprits? where are the tiananmen culprits? where are the dili riot culprits? riots are riots, they are chaotic situations, there is no law and order, there are no witnesses who would be willing to testify.

    I’m not defending those rioters or anything, but we just can’t do anything about it even if we wanted to. what are we gonna do if even the victims might have forgotten the culprits’ faces?

  15. Miss Indo 07 says:

    Yep, but coincidentally they can remember Tibo and friends’ face, why is that?

  16. Hassan says:

    because they were caught in the act??

  17. Miss Indo 07 says:

    who caught them in the act?
    did they listen to the witnesses that said Tibo cs rnt guilty?

    imam samudra cs ADMIT n even says ALLAHU AKBAR proudly n loudly,(hey hasan,if u dont feel it’s a shame n insult for Islam for what they did,i wonder if u’r a good Moslem,or u’re even 1 of those terrorist?) because sounds like u always defend those crazy Moslems blindly

    well,ok just drop it abt Tibo cs,
    it’s done anyway,
    let’s just see what will happen to imam samudra cs,
    then u’ll know wad kind of country indo is..

  18. Bradlymail says:

    shame on you Hasan ! Hasan you should know ‘what is right and what is wrong ‘ I am Muslim too.Hasan. when you want to judge people,please don’t base on race or religion.For me there is something wrong with our judiciary system here.the law here can be bought…no wonder, ????

  19. Fanglong says:

    Can anyone tell me what’s being happening to the three “Bali Bombers” — Imam Samudra, Amrozi & the latter’s brother ?

    Thank you and peace !

  20. Bradlymail says:

    they are still enjoying their life in prison,but the prison was made from heaven.they can use internet,chit-chat…or whatever they want to do.

  21. Hassan says:

    I need to clarify that:

    1. I agree that our judiciary system is poor and weak. but hey, what can we do about that beside just follow it? if we don’t follow the system, there will be chaos.

    2. I am ashame with the Bali bombers. for what they did, and for shouting ALLAHU AKBAR proudly n loudly afterwards. but it is their rights to do so (shout whatever they wanted). I cannot prevent them from shouting. and I also cannot prevent the bombings.

    3. I don’t know what happened in the process of arresting of Tibo cs. and samudra cs. I don’t work with the police. all I know, both of those people had been sentenced to death.

    i do not support any of them, so stop venting your angers on me. I was just commenting on things.

  22. Bradlymail says:

    Wak hasan, but your past comment it looks like you support them! Are you iman samudra’s cousin? Well! It’s a joke! Cheer up!

  23. Fanglong says:

    The Bali Bombings are just paranoid acts using the takbir as a defense.
    I can’t believe guys in the high security quarters of Nusakambangan have the possibility to chat on the Net… Have they really ? I thought it was only in Bali Krobokan…
    I’m sorry about death penalty : I think it’s just another crime. But I’m jealous Tibo etc. had no lobbying behind them : can’t the RI government stop the amalgamation of so-called “jihad” and stupidly paranoid murder. Does Pak President SBY fear pseudo-Muslim riots if he really kills (=punishes) Amrozi & co. ?
    It really does not masuk akal kecilku !

    Peace to all of you and others !


  24. Miss Indo 07 says:

    Fanglong, that’s what I read, they can use the net in prison in “Nusakambangan”, or maybe in Bali Krobokan as you said ;p.
    That’s how they still spread the hatred thru or whatever, while I believe, Tibo etc wouldn’t have experienced one single good thing while they were in prison.

    And that’s what my friend told me too, that Pak SBY is afraid of the riots, if they dont punish (=kill) Tibo cs, the pseudo-Moslems will b angry because Tibo cs (accused) killed their brothers and sisters in “God”,
    but maybe if our beloved Pak SBY killed Amrozi cs, they also will get angry, because AmrozI just do what “God” told him to do.

    And last thing, waks, Hassan’s angry, LOL

  25. Molisan Tono says:

    Hassan Says: September 22nd, 2006 at 11:06 pm

    “I am ashame with the Bali bombers. for what they did, and for shouting ALLAHU AKBAR proudly n loudly afterwards. but it is their rights to do so (shout whatever they wanted). I cannot prevent them from shouting. and I also cannot prevent the bombings.”

    Sounds like to me that Hassan is fighting against crime on religion’s behalf. But funny thing here is, “I cannot prevent them…”. it’s obvious that you don’t do anything against it Hassan. you sound that, but you don’t.

    Different way when I hear your comment about other cult in your religion’s belief. Your people sound your protest clear and loud… so, to kill other innocent people, shouting Allahuakbar is not allowed, but what can I do? Is that it?… I guess you can do this Hassan… send them to death row from causing more damage to this country.

  26. Hassan says:

    Molisan Tono: there is a difference in ‘can not’ and ‘would not’. I meant, what can i do to stop them? I don’t know them, I don’t work for the police, I don’t know their phone numbers, and I’m not their parents! how can i stop them??
    can you stop that Christian george w. bush from attacking Iraq? I guess no, you can’t. get the picture??

  27. Dragonwall says:

    Hey what’s the squabbling. Bombers only get 19 years imprisonment. When they gets out of jail their age would qualify them as ulema of bombers…Favoritism..Those judges I wonder if they would receive enlightenment by so doing.

  28. I agree if death penalty is applied in Indonesia.Because in Indonesia is a lot of crime and terrorism, and crazy man hanging around the street or like transsexual and they suppose to death .

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