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Hopes high for Zivanna Letisha Siregar at Miss Universe 2009.

20 year old Zivanna Letisha Siregar, is the reigning Puteri Indonesia (Miss Indonesia, or more floridly, Princess of Indonesia) 2008 and the country’s representative in the all-important Miss Universe competition for 2009, currently going on in very drawn out fashion at the Atlantis Paradise Island, Nassau, the Bahamas.

Popular Vote

The popular, online voting has seen Zizi putting in a solid performance, currently at 3rd in the rankings, just behind Miss Thailand, Chutima Duronjed, and Miss Brazil, Larissa Costa.


The final, by judges’ vote, is held on August 23rd and hopes are high among the legions of people who care for such things that Zizi will go at least some way to erase the shame of previous desultory and sometimes downright embarrassing performances by past Putri Indonesia winners Nadine Chandrawinata, 2005, Agni Pratistha, 2006, and Putri Raemawasti, 2007.

The country has been starved of even modest Miss Universe success since 2004 Puteri Indonesia Artika Sari Devi made the final 15 in 2005.

The Bikini Issue

Zivanna, who is no dummy, being an economics student at University of Indonesia, is possibly unusually as these things go a Muslim and this makes her decision to wear a bikini, or not, of even more importance in the eyes of some.

For an outdoor photo session in Nassau on 7th August (pictured) Zizi did sport a two piece outfit while a Yayasan Puteri Indonesia (YPI) representative, Mega Angkasa, claimed that this was because Zizi was offered no other choice of garment and that it is the policy of the YPI that Indonesian Miss Universe contestants only wear one piece swimsuits.

What could she do? She had no choice.

However Mega Angkasa said the YPI was in contact with Miss Universe officials to ensure that Zivanna would be allowed to wear a one piece costume for the final event, on stage.

45 Comments on “Zivanna Letisha Siregar”

  1. Odinius says:

    You know, something I’ve been thinking of for a while…I think I finally know what will solve all of Indonesia’s problems. Every single one of them. You know what that is?

    National Pancasila Naked Day

  2. Lairedion says:

    Yes diego, and they also gonna cane a Malaysian model (who goes by the very Javanese name Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarno). She has been caught drinking beer.

  3. Berlian Biru says:

    When being interviewed on telly she used the phrase “alhamdulilah”, I’m fairly confident that indicates adherence to the faith of Mohammed, just guessing mind.

  4. David says:

    Yeah she went to Al-Izhar high school, not that that’s conclusive either but still…

    Anyway, she didn’t make the final 15, she’s out.

  5. diego says:

    Nooo…. patung, tell me you were lying….

  6. David says:

    Zivanna Letisha Gagal Masuk 15 Besar Miss Universe 2009, did you watch the video in the post? She came across like um, not stupido or anything but just nothing special, they’re all beautiful, so I guess they’ve got to make an impression in how they talk, etc..

  7. Farah says:

    Well.. she does looks good in bikinies…

    Once in phuket i saw women in black burkha take off her black burkha right on side of a pool and underneath just a bikini and swimming just like that…. this is no surprise to me anymore.

  8. Agusto says:

    All these women are all “uncovered meat” asking to be raped! I want my Burqa Queen!

  9. rima says:

    Most Siregars are Muslims as is Nasution. They are not Batak Karo, which are mostly Christians.

    As for her being a dummy, well, let’s not be harsh. I think she is ok, at least she knows indonesia is an archipelago, unlike whatsherface last year (or two years ago) who said Indonesia is a beautiful CITY.


    In no way being an economics student at University of Indonesia means you are not a dumb, Patung. I have been studying there and I know what I am talking about. 80% of UI students main activity is playing cards and don’t have even a basic understanding of what they are supposed to learn (except may be for languages or technical/semi technical sections). And general knowledge is very very bad too. Doesn’t match with the knowledge of a pre year high school student in Europe.

    Hey, don’t talk smack about UI peeps would you.. I was an UI student, and although I spent many SKS in Kansas (Kantin Sastra) playing cards and winning a lot of the other students’ pocket money, I had a comprehensive understanding of what I was supposed to learn.

    Whether or not I went to class to actually learn it is another thing..

  10. goodnessgracious says:

    Why don’t you all stop dissing Zizi and our other ex-Miss Universe contestants? We all come from the same country and we should show respect to them! If it was you, what would you do? Put yourselves in their shoes before you start making useless idiotic comments.

    I personally think Zizi looks gorgeous and her bottom part is not flabby at all. I don’t think she is a Muslim, though, but not sure.

    Anyway, we should all be proud of her. BASS, It’s not easy answering questions in a language rather than your own. Her answers were not perfect, but neither was your English. I bet she was nervous when she answered those questions, just like any other human being would be. So give her a break.

    And BASS, how could you make dumb comments about the university you said you’ve been studying at? If your university is full of dumb professors, as you said, why would you go there? University of Indonesia is among the world’s best universities, search it on google if you don’t believe me. Also, if you still think that UI is a bad place to study, I suggest you switch to another university, if you haven’t done that already.

    For those of you who support Zizi, good for you! She didn’t make it to the TOP 15, though. Too bad. But I still think it was good to make an effort!

  11. ET says:

    @ Agusto

    All these women are all “uncovered meat” asking to be raped! I want my Burqa Queen!

    Here’s your Burqa Queen.


  12. parvita says:

    Glad she wore the bikini. We share the same idea: why go faraway for the pageant contest not to win, while we know no Miss Universe wore one piece?

    She is a moslem, by the way. At least born in a moslem family. My comment for pageant contests: they share the same character, no character. Apparently, they are all trained to say the things people would like to hear. Not what they think.

  13. HeavenlySword says:

    Surprisingly I couldn’t see a single soul saying she was kicked by CIA/FBI/etc?

  14. veejeyj says:

    I don’t see anything wrong at all with wearing a two-piece at Miss Universe. She did a great job, even if there’s no asian placement this year, she’s sure one of the best Indonesian contender up to date right now. Wish her the best of luck in the future, I’d love to see more and more of her updates.

    Hopefully, Indonesia will SOON break out from this old-fashion way of thinking that wearing a two-piece or showing skin (in beauty contest) is illegal. Honestly, it’s like they’ve been under a rock for so long of a decade, its time for your misses to make a more stronger move.

  15. alfa says:

    ayo zizi menangkan kompetisi miss universe tahun ini jangan sampai kalah

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