Contagious Palestinian Pain Virus

Aug 26th, 2006, in News, by

The pain felt by the Palestinians is spreading across the world like a virus, Antara tells us.

In a similar spirit to their recent Dwiki Dharmawan piece Antara reports on the musings of one “Yasutono Suzuki”, a Japanese parliamentarian visiting Indonesia to attend the World Peace Forum in Jakarta. Suzuki, whose first name is actually Yasutomo, is supposed to have said that peace must be brought to Palestine soon because the pain felt by the Palestinian people was spreading throughout the world.

Yasutomo Suzuki, a search on whose name reveals a paltry 179 results on Google, suggesting he is a less than important figure, said further that Palestine was like a person with a cough and his virus easily spread elsewhere and people in other countries could be stricken with the same pain. So was Suzuki said to have opined by the newshounds at Antara.

Thereafter he is given as asking the United Nations to speed up the deployment of peacekeeping forces in order to “prevent more civilian casualties”. Before the pain virus spreads as well, presumably.

2 Comments on “Contagious Palestinian Pain Virus”

  1. Fanglong says:

    Man is no bird, Mr Suzuki !

  2. Hassan says:

    what a weird article…

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