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Marshanda VideosA young celebrity at home, the ‘Marshanda tapes’.

Pretty young thing Marshanda, usually called “Caca”, born in Jakarta of 1989 vintage, is a model-actress-singer of a fairly typical type, having appeared in a string of forgettable soap operas, as well as having released several over-produced pop albums.

Of late a storm of tabloid controversy has erupted after the release on Youtube (uploaded by the girl herself it seems, although quickly taken down) of the “Marshanda Tapes”, home videos of Marshanda playing up before the camera in a generally idiotic way, singing, and sometimes appearing very distressed.

Some of the videos:

[flashvideo filename=audio/marshanda.flv /]

[flashvideo filename=audio/marshanda-2.flv /]

[flashvideo filename=audio/marshanda-3.flv /]

[flashvideo filename=audio/marshanda-4.flv /]

Her boyfriend, who is called “VJ Ben”, quickly went into damage control and held a press conference on August 14th.

Meanwhile the Child Protection Commissioner, Kak Seto, weighed into the debate on the same day, blaming the girl’s parents for their daughter’s sometimes bizarre behaviour in the videos, and suggesting that it was due to work pressures.

This is a lesson for parents. They shouldn’t push their children to be number one in this and number one in that. Parents should listen to their children and understand their feelings.

Kak Seto implied that Marshanda’s parents had over-worked the girl, and that young actors should spend no more than three hours a day at work, or else they might end up broken and crazy as Marshanda seemed in her home videos.

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  1. Ross says:

    We used to enjoy her Bidadari show, where the ‘fairy godmother’ did weekly battle with both a real wicked stepmother and a bad witch.
    Given the behaviour of many bules here, which might easily be classified as ‘broken and crazy,’ should expats be restricted to 3 hours work per day?

  2. Rob says:

    Yes, they should, and it should be three hours for any activity. This would be inclusive, just three hours, of Pappa’s Cafe, Memories, or Romance and the chilled Bintangs on any one day!

  3. Ross says:

    Aaah, better 3 hours in each, then we could all be Jaksa experts, Rob!

  4. Brother Mouzone says:

    Meanwhile the Child Protection Commissioner, Kak Seto, weighed into the debate on the same day, blaming the girl’s parents for their daughter’s sometimes bizarre behaviour in the videos…

    Seto must be one hell of a child psychologist to assess, analyse, and diagnose someone he has – presumably – never even met. I met him once and he didn’t strike me as all that much of a genius. In fact, as I remember it, he was going on about a pyramid scheme that he had just joined (!)

  5. Ross says:

    heck, Brother, IM people weigh into debates all the time……..

  6. Brother Mouzone says:

    HA! 🙂 Very True…

    Not me though….

  7. Ross says:

    Heaven forfend!
    But you make a valid point re Marshanda. Perhaps the guy should analyse Manohara, or better still her Mum!

  8. diego says:

    Kak Seto reminds me of KRMT. Roy Suryo (probably Suryo Perkoso’s distant relative).

  9. TiiekHa.. says:

    yg sabar ya…

  10. david says:

    I agree with kak seto.. but the children sometime have problem that parent doesn’t understand so. I assume marshanda have right to tell the world how she fell that moment.. although seem like crazy talk. but that’s what is in her heart..

    So nice marshanda.. go for it..!! tell all ur X’s how great you are.. I’m with u!

    From a Fan.

  11. Ashlee says:

    I can’t understand a lot of what she says, but most teenage girls are crazy for at least a good year of their lives. All those hormones… everyone at school going through the same stuff and acting out… plus add in the pressure cooker of being in the public eye. Kid probably just needs a break and a few more years to grow up.

  12. David says:

    That third video, the girl in the middle just completely outshines the other two, she’s very attractive of course but I’d rather like to give her a clip around the ears and tell her to stop trying to be so cool…

    Speaking of lip syncs, they’re no match for moymoypalaboy though….

  13. bulgani says:

    I saw the natural act of marshanda. It’s ok & fine, I like her style when she tried to show her felling. Sometimes people need it, they’re free to show their felling.
    And for the last video, could you send your more crazy video? I like both of your style. It’s really wonderful act more crazy than p-project.

  14. Alice says:

    There are so many ways to show our feelings. Just like what Marshanda did, I think it ain’t that “heboh”. I know, the media is over-exposing about this issue. Marshanda is a teenager, I mean she’s growing up. Her mind, her body, her personality, everything! It is normal to be unstable at that age. Well i see, youngsters these days get pissed off easily!

  15. Sheilla says:

    The public is used to knowing Marshanda as the sweet girl they usually see on TV, that’s why when they saw the videos of her with all the attitude, they were ‘shocked’… However I wasn’t very surprised when I watched it, many of us do such things to release stress just maybe we don’t tape it and upload it to the internet. Just give her a break.

  16. sansan says:

    Marshanda ….. oh marshanda, my little angel.

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