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Some of the creators of the jihadist website, www.anshar.net, have been arrested in Semarang, and, it turns out, Imam Samudra is still busy directing the jihad from his prison cell, via internet chat rooms.

Agung Prabowo, 23, and Agung Setyadi, 31, were arrested for allegedly having helped maintain the now shut-down www.anshar.net web site, in which, among other things, instructions were given as how to go about finding and killing foreigners in Jakarta.

Prabowo is a student in the Technical Faculty at the University of Semarang, and was arrested on August 12th while Setyadi is a lecturer at the STIKUBANK institute of technology, and was picked up on August 16th.

Agung Setyadi is also accused of having bought a computer for jailed Bali bomber Imam Samudra, who planned to use it to illicitly collect funds for terrorist attacks. While Agung Prabowo, who had actually been arrested previously and then released due to lack of evidence, is suspected of working as a computer hacker for the rather active Semarang, Central Java, branch of the Jemaah Islamiyah, JI, led by Noordin M. Top, and is also a member of the Forum Kajian Islam Semarang.

The two men, as can be gleaned from police Cyber Crime Unit head Petrus Reinhard’s description, have rather a lot of aliases:

The first man is Mohammad Agung Prabowo alias Max Fiderman alias Ahmad alias Agung alias Kalingga alias Bebekbebekan alias Maxhazer and the second man is Agung Setyadi alais Pakne alias Salaful_Jihad.

During the arrest of Agung Setyadi these items were confiscated: 1 laptop, 2 mobile phones with 3 sim cards, 1 flash disk, 2 hard disk drives, and 6 CD’s.

Petrus said that the recruitment of the suicide bombers at Kuta and Jimbaran in Bali, 2005, was done by “Max Fiderman” (Agung Prabowo) while chatting on the channels ‘#cafeislam’ and ‘#ahlussunnah’ which were also used by Abdul Azis and Agung Setyadi, as well as, while he is in prison for the Bali 2002 attack, “Al Irhab” alias Imam Samudra. (Kompas).

Samudra operates a laptop from his prison cell. He ordered it be bought by Agung Setyadi and sent to a prison guard’s home address via “TIKI”, a private express postal service. The guard later handed it over to Samudra, who since then appears to be whiling away his days on death row by surfing the internet in an attempt to create even more death and misery than he managed as a free man.

The site www.anshar.net had originally been designed by Abdul Azis in mid 2005 on the orders of Noordin M. Top with the aim of spreading jihadist propaganda. It contained information about jihad and Islam in general terms, but also specific “tips and advice” on how and where to carry out terror attacks. Places suggested as being ideal were roadways leading into shopping centres and offices, traffic jams and queues to enter toll roads. More specifically, Ancol, Planet Hollywood, the Senayan golf driving range, and the Jakarta Hilton Convention Center were pointed out as places where foreigners in particular could be found and murdered.

It appears that “Max Fiderman” (Agung Prabowo), according to Petrus, approached Samudra via email and offered his services as a hacker and “carder”. As funds have run dry for the Jemaah Islamiyah it appears that they are increasingly turning to the internet, through online fraud such as carding, to gather money. Previously they had relied on aid from Al Qaeda and from robberies.

Sept 05. Police now say they have found no evidence that Imam Samudra, one of the 2002 Bali bombers, masterminded the October 2005 bomb blasts from his prison cell on the resort island. National Police chief Gen. Sutanto said at a hearing with parliamentarians in Jakarta that Imam did use the internet to chat with people outside the prison but he is as yet unsure whether the chatting was done with a terrorist network.

The second Bali bombing, a triple suicide attack which killed 20 people, was planned in Semarang by Malaysian extremist Noordin M. Top and not by Imam, said Sutanto.

February 19th 2007. Muhammad Agung Prabowo alias Maxfiderman has gone on trial in Semarang. He is accused of having purchased the domain name anshar.net and a hosting account for it, and of having used a stolen credit card to do so.

His accomplice, Agung Setyadi alias Pak Ne, is also on trial, accused of having obtained a laptop computer for Bali bomber Imam Samudra, and of having sent it to the latter. The laptop was then handed to Samudra by Beny Irawan, a prison driver, who is also now on trial. antara

18th June 2007. Agung Setiadi alias Salaful Jihad alias Pakne (31) was sentenced to 6 years in prison for sending the laptop to Imam Samudra. detik Beni Irawan (35), the prison guard in Bali who then handed over the laptop, was sentenced to 5 years. detik

June 20th 2007. Agung Prabowo alias Maxfiderman (24) was sentenced to three years. antara

57 Comments on “www.Anshar.net & Chatroom Jihad”

  1. Tomaculum says:

    Sick, sad, horrible.

  2. Arab community says:

    Hey Ihaknt,
    You wrote:

    Isn’t suicide one of the biggest sins?

    Not quite right. It is indeed one of the big sins but it wasn’t the biggest as stated above. Allah SWT still have forgiven people even if you are sinners such as a murderer, rapist, etc. However, there is one that it is not acceptable”¦. That is only if you are kufar.

    How do you know Islam is equal to violence? If it’s a Holy War, even a bastard, murderer and rapists also have the same rights to fight for their believed. I guess it also applies to any others religion. Honestly, it all depends on which angle you’re looking from.

    And Anonymous,
    You wrote:

    We, as Chinese Indonesians, who were born and live together with other Indonesians, were treated as if we were their enemies. Meanwhile, they call the people in Afghanistan their ‘brothers/sisters’.

    It’s easy to understand why they called them brothers and sisters are because they all have been united in Islam. Islam does not divided people into skins, colors, races, and so on. I reckon if you are Chinese Indonesian Moslem”¦ you will be so called brothers/sisters too”¦.

    To All,
    Have a great weekend guys see you all fresh on Monday morning.
    Only 10 sleeps before Santa arrives can’t wait HO Ho Ho.

  3. Dimp says:

    Hey Arab Community,

    If you don’t understand my statement then please do not quote me incorreclty, I am saying that people like Ivan who stated “I love Moslem. Kill all yahudi people
    “ALLAH HU AKBAR”” make Islam = violence.

    If you perceive killing doesn’t equal to violence then you are one sick individual.

  4. Ihaknt says:

    Patung, thanks for writing back.

    1. What about calling an individual idiot? That’s an attack on an individual. Anyway it’s your forum, you can do what you please i guess.

    2. No, i kinda like my name, can I please keep it? i dont care if people dont understand. They seem to misunderstand a lot of things anyway, so the misunderstanding on my name is not a big issue.

    To Arab Community, no wonder there’s so much violent in the name of religion, if obviously killing is not viewed as big of a sin. What a scary and sad world we live in…

  5. JKS says:

    I dont understand why on behalf of religion, people can kill people? or f..k more women legally.
    I dont understand why many people are shut off their brain when talking the facts of their religion.
    I hate Christian killer and Moslem killer ….hell is their only place,…with all their extremist supporters.
    Think the truth nothing but the truth….dont let evil ‘indekost’ in your brain, let’s learn to love each other….its wonderful and great thing rather than we talk our ‘ego’ on behalf of our religion.

  6. Andrew says:

    ivan & desi – you are born 1300 years too late, and so are those people who killed in the name of religion.

  7. Tomaculum says:

    I agree with ivan and Edward Farel. You not see Moslem people killed by Bush in Iraq, Afganistan. I think Thats time to wake up and fight together.
    I will die for Moslem, and i’ll fight what al-Quran said.

    Morituri te salutant!
    Why not fighting against poverty and corruption? Too cumbersome,hm? Easier to take a gun and to shoot someone to death or to blow up one self with other maybe innocent people? Wonderfull world!

    We, as Chinese Indonesians, who were born and live together with other Indonesians, were treated as if we were their enemies.

    Any chinese has thought about it and recognised, that two sides belong to hate (and love)?

    It is indeed one of the big sins but it wasn’t the biggest as stated above. Allah SWT still have forgiven people even if you are sinners such as a murderer, rapist, etc. However, there is one that it is not acceptable”¦. That is only if you are kufar.

    I wonder, why Allah SWT let people abuse his name.

    I love Moslem. Kill all yahudi people

    You not see all Moslem in POSO, They Killed in mosque accept my Family.
    All of u just said I’m idiot, but you just and only talking no action about the all tragedi.

    There are also Christians killed in Poso (remember the three school girls?) and I don’t understand what the Jews have to do with Poso violences.

    Wow, exciting discussion (or is it just throwing hate yells to each other?).

  8. Bradlymail says:

    I think there are many idiot writers in this forum!

  9. Tomaculum says:

    I hope you didn’t mean me? 🙂
    I know I’m one, but I still have a little hope, that my comments sound clever and wise. :))

  10. Arab community says:

    Hey Dimp,
    I understand your statement was that’s why I challenged it. If you wrote, “Ivan, you’re an idiot without related words to Islam = violence, like some people wrote that does not worry me. Unfortunately, Ivan was not the only one. There are hundreds, thousands or even millions people in Palestine who fights Jews & also people in Iraq fights for lands, life & religion demand a freedom from the US inventions. The Jews took their lands and Palestinians fight back. All of Palestinians embraces Islam eventually and kill Jews too, so indirectly your claims to Islam = violence is correct, isn’t it right. Need a justification. I asked you how do you know and I demand an answer. Oh btw, I don’t kill people, but if I am in the same boat like the Palestinians, I will do the same to survive.

    To Ihaknt, It is a big sin but was not the biggest as per your first statement. I believe you smart enough to distinguish the different between big and the biggest. But you are right one thing though; we are living in the sad world.

    You wrote: I wonder why Allah SWT let people abuse his name.
    It was not abusing but I was simply telling the facts! According to Al Quran, the biggest sins that ALLAH SWT will never forgive are only if you are kufar. Believe me, Al Quran says that. It was not my words. The same thing with the Christian believers, they said that you will not go to heaven if you don’t believe in Jesus Christ or pray in Jesus name. Was that also considered abusing Jesus? You probably a wise guy, so please think again.

    Agreed, there are a lot of idiot writers in this forum including you and me, who cares. Try to get smarter next time, or if you think you are better that allows you to look down at others’ opinion, please educate them so they become as good as you.

  11. Dimp says:

    Hi Arab Community,

    This is what I don’t agree with you, are you 100% sure that is what happening in Palestina? That the Jewish people and US people invaded Islam (you wrote inventions, but I think you meant invasions).

    If this is the case, then what do you say to the Sunni and Syiah Islam who killed each other on the daily basis in Iraq, please don’t say that this is the US/Jewish creation.

    If you do not the situation 100% and only hear one side of the story please do more research.

    Mind you I do not agree with the US policy in Iraq, they should not have go to Iraq. But to say that Saddam is innocent is also pretty far-fetched, I know some Iraqis here who are glad that Saddam is no longer ruling Iraq.

    What I am saying in summary is if you do not know 100% for sure what is actually happening, please don’t make any judgment against anyone, as for my statement against Ivan, is that I am saying that if anyone saying that he/she wants to kill people for what he/she believes then he/she is making that belief to be of a violent nature.

  12. Tomaculum says:

    Arab comunity, no, thanks God, I’m not a wise guy.
    It is just very suspicious for me, if a religion (and I mean any religion!) teach us, that I will not come to heaven if I don’t pray to this Gods (Allah, Christian God, Brahma, Jesus etc). For me I just pray in my heart to my God, which is not teaching me such things And, more important to me, I try to do good things and to be tolerant.

  13. Arab community says:

    Good pick up Dimp. You have proved me that I can not spell. LOL. I am 100% sure what caused the war in Palestine is because all of Jewish people took the lands from the Palestinians. Let me emphasise again, what was written in the Al Quran is to fight your enemy if you get kick out of your home/land. And this is exactly what the Jews did to the Palestinians, am I right? Using your intelligent, don’t you think they deserve to fight?

    I read a statement that enlightened many Moslems have leave Al Quran & hadith in their daily live nowadays. They no longer use it as guidance or practicing religion in the proper way. Believe me, Islam does not teach any violence acts and will not tolerated any bloodshed behaviors. Why Sunni & Syiah would kill each other while the main enemy (Jews) is clearly shown in front of them these days? I would not have a clue. I presume them just simply not practicing it correctly. All of Moslem must realise that Jews and those people who hates Islam were laughing if they kill each others.

    Who says Saddam is innocent? We agreed indeed that he’s a dictator, a tyrant, a big bully but Iraq was a little bit better under Saddam’s regime, got to admitted though at least not many civilians were banished, only for those who opposed the government or practicing anything against according to the local laws. And what do you think of US, a world police who rules the whole universe? Using UN as a shield to conquer other nations that don’t do favour to them? Answer this, what is the US government offers to Iraqi people after Saddam got overthrown out? Sad to say, but I did not see anything as yet.

    What I am saying in summary is if you do not know 100% for sure what is actually happening, please don’t make any judgment against anyone, as for my statement against Ivan, is that I am saying that if anyone saying that he/she wants to kill people for what he/she believes then he/she is making that belief to be of a violent nature.

    Even though you tried to say it in the polite way, I still don’t agree with the above quote. If people made a mistake or turns to evil, it just one individual or a group and does not reflected anything to their belief. This is not a judgement against you, but rather to clear out you statement on Islam = violence. You understand where I am coming from?


    Toma, that’s exactly my point! You don’t seem to be one of these religion followers but still believed that GOD do exists. You are confused my friend! Its okay, nothing to worry about as long as you do good things and be tolerant as you said.

  14. Ihaknt says:

    Arab com, I believe in God, but have given up following any mainstream religion. Cos they just fight all the time. It doesnt make me and Tom confused people, we do what believe is right and not merugikan society and be tolerant and be nice to other people around us.

    Hey Tom, we can create our own religion :), but you’re too far away lah.

  15. Tomaculum says:

    Love you, Ihaknt!!

  16. Tomaculum says:

    Ooops, adultery? 🙂

  17. Ihaknt says:

    Arab Com, what Dimp wrote was actually addressed solely to Ivan. I don’t think he was saying that Islam = violence. Instead, he was just telling Ivan that people like Ivan that makes Islam sound violent and that Ivan should know. I hope this clears the misunderstanding. That’s why I didn’t understand what you two were talking about until I went back to Dimp’s earlier comment.

    Dimp Says:

    Hey Ivan,

    It’s people like you that make Islam = violence.

  18. Dimp says:

    Hi Ihaknt,

    Thanks for seeing my point.

    Hi Arab community,

    I don’t think I have to elaborate that point anymore.

    If you are saying Jews are the enemy, are you saying all the Jews in the world? Even the unborn ones are the enemy? This is what I am not agreeing with you, true that there are some people, Jews and non-Jews which has some issues with the Palestina, but as I am not an expert I am not 100% sure what is actually happening there.

    If the Jews took Palestine land, then they are wrong, but when the Palestine start sending suicide bomber over to Israel and exploding themselves in the busy street killing people then this is also wrong. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

    If you are saying that the US is against Palestine, then why did the US keep helping the Palestine monetarily, they stop this monetary aid when Hammas (which were considered as a terrorist group took control), and then the Palestine started to have problem paying their government employee.

    I am saying is that there are hidden politics that I as a normal person do not understand 100% what is actually happening there. Thus I an not condoning judgment of people without knowing who they are.

    BTW, regarding Saddam Husein, he is just a mad tyrant, from what I have heard from my Iraqi friend, he is just a mad man. But that is for another topic.

  19. Morpheus says:

    Arab community

    It’s easy to understand why they called them brothers and sisters are because they all have been united in Islam. Islam does not divided people into skins, colors, races, and so on. I reckon if you are Chinese Indonesian Moslem”¦ you will be so called brothers/sisters too

    What a paradox you’re saying bro, one side you said about not divided people, and the other said you divided people into religion, so if other’s are not Moslem, then it can’t be accepted?

  20. Andrew says:

    If all Muslims are brothers/sisters, why do they kill each other? I’m talking about Shiite vs. Sunni – just to mention a few of them.

    And before anyone jumps in and accuses me of being sarcastic, let me just say that this is a real question.

  21. ivan says:

    I think they not teroris (osama & Imam samudra), they just impact from all of the action what all “kafir” people do.

    I’m not agree if osama you call terorists. You see in TV what they do to Moslem people in Afghanistan.

    Can you explian whose to be called terroris. Watch TV see how Moslem people they kill. If we talking about sunni and syiah. you know what different about that.

    And what do you know about war. its only propaganda who want Moslem destroy from earth. You see what they do in irak, palestine, libanon, in poso. Are blind for all of this.

  22. Anna says:

    Ivan and Desi

    Of what I know Allah SWT, not teaching Muslim, to be violence, killing

    We all brought here to be love, care, helping each other.
    not creating hate, war, arrogance, or other bad influence.

    just be peace.

  23. Salam says:

    To all My dear Friend who is read and give the comments in this website. Please open your eyes and your heart. No any religion in this world teach to be violence, and kill people.

    I know how much you love to your Religion, and it’s make you have a strong feeling with people who is have the same religion with you.

    But please know, people who have already killed people for actually they have Allah in their heart, they don’t know what’s the meaning of Islam teach or what Jesus teach.

    Like Osama Bin Laden, and Amrozi Cs, they are said they are Islam, but for actually they don’t show how the right Islam teach. What I know Islam teach to be good for all of us, because of it Islam have Ramadhan, and it’s the holy month, when Islam must control their anger, and give and share what they have to another people who is need a help. And Islam have 5 foundations must to do, and if we do that 5 foundations we will have the heaven for us, and that 5 foundations is:
    1. Syahadah sentence
    2. Sholat 5 times
    3. Puasa (no food, no anger, no lust, and doing what the holy things we can do) in Ramadhan
    4. Zakat
    5. Haji, for people who can affrord this.

    From this foundation, we know no any from this foundations said, to killed people, to hurt people, even for Allah sake.

    Do you know my dear friends? Allah is Omnipotent, having very great power, Allah can take our soul anytime Allah wants, anytime Allah like, no need us to kill people just for Allah’s sake, because Allah doesn’t need it.

    Because of it if we realise for actually people who is killed people, and use Allah’s name, is really, really the big sin in this world, they are just using Allah’s name, to get people attention, to get people support who is having the same religion with them. They used words “Alla Hu Akbar” just to fire your anger, and give them support, but for actually that holy word really, really having holy meaning. “Allah Hu Akbar” it’s the meaning Allah is Omnipotent, having very great power, and Allah can do everything.

    But they used that words, to be provocative, and make you anger and support for what they do, but for actually they said that words, not really come from their heart, they used it to save them from the law, from the judgement for what they did, they used it to make you be together to help them to save them from all that crime, so please, please my dear friends, don’t let people like this, using you, and wash your brain. Please always remember Allah Hu Akbar, and that 5 foundations.

    And same like Bush who had killed people in Iraq, he is not the real Christian, because Jesus had teach us to give love to people, and Christian have 10 Foundations what must follow, and one of it said : “You Must not murder”, “you must not steal”, and look what Bush did ??, he killed many people in Iraq, because he wanted to steal the oil from that land.

    It means people who did all this crime, they are not really, really follow what their religion teach, they just do what they like because satan, and devil in their head and in their heart, they using Allah name, to cover devil and satan inside them, and people like this is really, really the big sinner.

    Please all my dear friends, we open our eyes to understand about this, don’t let people like this to make us hate for each other, please always remember all of us come from Allah. Allah created everything in this world, and no any different between Christian or ISLAM, because if you realised, Christian is came from Jesus, and in Quran said, Jesus is one of your prophet and ISLAM called Jesus as Isa Al Masih. But the special prophet for ISLAM is Mohammad and he is the messenger to bring ISLAM.

    Please together we throw our hate, throw our anger, together we give love, caring, and help each other, and bring the peace.

    Don’t let Osama Bin Laden, Amrozi Cs, or Bush to wash our brain and make us hate for each other and create war between us.

  24. Theo says:

    The US created the terrorist. Literally. They need “terrorists” to be exist so they can capture Iraq (with support from surrounding country in Middle east).

    This “freedom”, “terror” whatever things is just a cover up. OPEN YOUR EYES. Who gets the money from it. America.

    After the cold war era, the US needs an “enemy”, They need to sell their bombs and guns, and they also need energy like oil to run the country. Iraq, unlike other country in ME, refused to work with them.

  25. gurkha says:

    A very interesting read. Thanks to all of you. Just bear one thing in mind – It is impossible to reason people out of a belief that they have not been reasoned into – and therein lies the strength of religion.

  26. Petrus' says:

    Good job guys…now you’re building your home in the paradise while they crack your world.see you on the real trial CCU!! Vote for MAX

  27. saker says:

    Our younges should be protect thier selves …our eneimes wants damage us ….suchas usa and israal … israal want damage us and hate islam pls we wants to won our war in the future.

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