Agni Pratistha Arkadewi Kuswardono

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Agni Pratistha wins the 2006 Putri Indonesia contest.

Agni, whose full name is Agni Pratistha Arkadewi Kuswardono, was the contestant from Central Java and is 18 years old. She replaces Nadine Chandrawinata as the reigning Putri Indonesia and will progress to the 2007 Miss Universe competition.

Agni was chosen on the 25th in Jakarta narrowly beating out Ananda from South Kalimantan and Rahma Landy from DKI Jakarta. She is a model and actress and has starred in the film “Mengejar Matahari” as well having some other minor roles.

Agni Pratistha Arkadewi Kuswardono
Agni Pratistha Arkadewi Kuswardono.

Recently, on the question of beauty contests, the minister for tourism Jero Wacik was heard to offer a defence, given the controversy such things arouse in Indonesia. He claimed that beauty was a thing not only on the outside but a thing that was created by positive thinking, within. To be beautiful a girl had to “be good and think positively”. Not only this, according to the minister, pretty women were those who struggled for Indonesia. Such women could even attract tourists, he said, provided they were friendly. No doubt Agni Pratistha Arkadewi Kuswardono can be included by him in this category.

Agni’s interview for Miss Universe:

51 Comments on “Agni Pratistha Arkadewi Kuswardono”

  1. Fanglong says:

    Long life to Agni Pratistha, Nadine Chandrawinata and ALL women in Indonesia and the world !
    Am I wrong ?
    What Jero Wacik was “heard” saying is quite ambiguous (morally), uhh, I meant interesting.

  2. Molisan Tono says:

    all Indonesian hail to the new Puteri Indonesia…
    wait till you see her in swimsuit next year… if she attent to Miss Universe.

  3. Agusto says:

    I know some of you may not agree with me, but i dont think Indonesia participating in the Miss Universe contest will bring any real benefit for the country! It will only benefit the participants and the industry, its so commercialized! Most will not even care to know which country the winner is from! I dont even remember which country was the winner two years ago! I’ll only remember if I see her again in her swim suit!

  4. arief says:

    Well…what can i say? She’s pretty (like her sister, Sigi Wimala), a really Indonesian girl…i mean….it’s showed by her face, trully, madly, deeply Indonesian. Not like Nadine Chandrawinata, which is Indoface, Agni’s face has become an identity of culture of Indonesia.

    Afterall, i admire her personality just like her sister.


  5. Bradlymail says:

    well @arief,the face is not important as long Nadine is Indonesian..that’s all.

  6. Hassan says:

    i hope she won’t say “Indonesia is a beatiful city” like our beloved nadine, in the next world pageant. I’ll cry if she do that too.

  7. Andrew says:

    “Indonesia is a beatiful city” – indicates that she got a “D” for either english, or geography, or both.

  8. Bradlymail says:

    my friend Hassan,this my first time I really agree with your commented.

  9. Molisan Tono says:

    gee, what can i say, Indonesia is a beautiful city? everybody knows Indonesia is wonderful kampung… hahaha….

  10. Bradlymail says:

    Indonesia@ wonderful scenery too…at least we have some breath regarding this topic…..cheer up ! everybody !

  11. Miss Indo 07 says:

    come on guys, as if yuo never use the wrong sentences or grammar accidentally when your’e nervous (even when u speak ur own mother tongue).

  12. Molisan Tono says:

    I don’t mind at all if nadine spell it wrong, this is Indonesia okay?
    back then several years ago, i remember, government urged us to use only Bahasa Indonesia. that’s why we make such a shame mistake in world competition.

    there’s so many english in our present life, so I guess we should learn more how to adapt with the global change. not exclusively remote our nation from other… otherwise, we could end up in flintstone timeline again.

    but yeah, what the heck, ever body must have done something wrong while they are talking. not mentioning me yet. hahaha…

  13. Bradlymail says:

    hi guys & gals,although our grammar or spelling has a mistake,it’s ok. and we are learning ! be brave !

  14. Anisyah Purnmasari says:

    I am very glad and Proud to Indonesia.Everybody in USA said Indonesia have a beautiful girl.For the example is you (Agni Pratista Arkadewi,Kuswardono),Nadine Chandrawinata and Artika Sari Devi.Brave your self and believe the potencial that you have,bring Miss Universe crown to Indonesia.If you well done,i`m very3* happy.

  15. Bradlymail says:

    Anisyah@glad you said that !

  16. zzf4o says:

    i noe her!!! i used to c her every sunday lolz… wow and now she’s putri Indonesia…unbelievable.. well juz never think that she will b one thats it…

  17. Hassan says:

    just a curiosity, did agni pratistha had any relationship whatsoever with inul daratistha? 😀

  18. vina says:

    vina sayz,

    I’m proud with U, with your interest with putri Indonesia,
    I’m very support U if u left Indonesia fr mizz universe.

  19. kus says:

    Love U Agni!!!

    Do what u think is right

  20. Agus Faizar says:

    Beutiful Girl….So smart…and so nice…

  21. Arriza Maharani says:

    Helo,nice to meet you,my name is Arriza (Icha).Please bring crown to Indonesia and make your country is proud to you,expecially your parents and your lover{If you have}.

  22. vina says:

    nice !!!
    i like ur personal
    always spirit okkk
    life must go on.
    by fanzz

  23. ubermach says:

    Go Agni…go agni..go !
    you make the world look beautiful & better
    I support you so much,
    happy nice day.

  24. Surya says:

    Agni, you need to be true with who you are. Don’t be shy, but you don’t need to be fake either in the contest. Be energetic and active during the activities, and make friendship as much as you can to other contestants. The most important thing you may want to do is to make a good impression to the member of judges by having a little conversation, discussing on Indonesia, or even the current situation around the world. Good luck!

  25. Tony montana says:

    Whazz up….yeah I like this girl… she is alright. But I like nadine better. Don’t forget to wear a bikini this time (well.. topless would be better…..he..he..he. Just to piss off the FPI women.)
    Greetings from Rotterdam. Later.

  26. MJ says:

    I remembered saw her in my upper corridor of my school.
    She was wearing Big glass with animal print on it ( i dont know why she has those thing) and start to daydreaming. Maybe she was daydreaming about winning the pageant. From that day I knew she will be someone famous.

    And I remembered when she won the Cosmogirl of the year. (even though she is only runner up, doesn’t matter). I saw her crying. No doubt she gonna win.

    Even though I was in the same school, I dont know much about her. My friend said she is a truly creative person. I am so proud of her.

  27. joyyulian says:

    oh my God!!!,she is so beautiful.
    go Agni…for your country(not city)

  28. yoga says:

    you are an beautiful girl
    i support you to join in miss universe 2007
    chayo….agni pratistha!

  29. dee says:

    What ever make Indonesia better, we will always support it. Agni mean fire, is a fire to lift-up Indonesian spirits to stop being a dumb-fool country (not city).

  30. soleman says:

    hi.. Agni..
    You beatifull…

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