I Love You Full

Nov 9th, 2009, in Society, by

Mbah SuripI loph you full Indonesia, youthful, artistic expressions of nationalism by the roadside.

At a building site for a Lenmarc shopping centre in western Surabaya the fence that separates the site from the road is adorned with mural paintings celebrating the 64th anniversary of Indonesian independence day in August. The display is sponsored by Lenmarc and the pictures are still there as some attempt to relieve the ugliness of the scene.

The common themes in the paintings and how the artists view the Indonesian nation and their own patriotism, apart from the obvious red and white national flag:

  • singer Mbah Surip
  • anti-terrorism
  • Lenmarc and shopping
  • batik
  • wayang
  • pluralism and unity
  • Vespa scooters
  • dangdut music
  • Superman

Among other things.

Click image below to watch a video slideshow of them:

Murals Video

Or view them singly:

2 Comments on “I Love You Full”

  1. diego says:

    Hey Patung,

    What’s the software you used for creating that slideshow?

    Gracias de antemano.

  2. David says:

    Diego, animoto, it’s pretty cool, you’ll have to pay to do something like I did above though.

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