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The Partai Kebangkitan Bangsa (PKB) seeks to broaden its base, IPO style.

National Awakening Party chairman Muhaimin Iskandar announced that the PKB was offering 49% of the party to the public, with the remaining 51% to be reserved for members of the Nahdlatul Ulama, the party’s traditional support base.

51% is for the NU, the remainding 49% is for the public.
(51 Persen itu porsi NU, nanti sisanya 49 persen untuk publik.)

The plan is expected to be realised in 2007, as the PKB attempts to break out of its nahdliyin-East Java stronghold and become a bigger, more inclusive, national party.

We will “go public”, to the point where a share in the party will genuinely be owned by the public, not just by NU people. 2007 is when we will do it.
(Kita akan “go public”, sehingga saham partai ini benar-benar menjadi milik publik, bukan hanya orang NU. 2007 akan kita wujudkan.)

Vice chairman of the party La Ode Ida adds:

To become a bigger party the PKB has to strengthen its network by making use of 0ther organisations. Up to now I think the PKB has not moved beyond its core support base and has only utilised the NU networks.
(Untuk bisa menjadi partai besar, PKB harus perkuat jaringan dengan memanfaatkan lembaga mediasi yang ada. Sejauh ini saya menilai PKB tidak bergerak dari akar rumputnya, dan hanya memanfaatkan jaringan NU saja.)

He says that the PKB is an ideal situation, with a firm and loyal base, and some charismatic leading figures. But if the NU is relied upon alone the party will become stagnant.

The party won 10.6 % in the 2004 elections with most of its vote coming from ethnic Javanese, hence from central and eastern Java, where the Nahdlatul Ulama is strongest.

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