Micro Nuclear Bomb

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Abu Bakar Baasyir says one of the bombs used in the 2002 Bali bombings was a nuclear device.

Bashir said he got word from an expert in bombs that the device, which Amrozi is said to have made, was not a homemade bomb but a micro-nuclear one. For those who disagreed with him these words were offered:

If anyone says it was a homemade bomb it’s clear that that opinion is from an idiot.
(Kalau ada yang mengatakan itu bom rakitan, jelas pernyataan itu adalah pendapat dari orang idiot.)

Speaking in Malang on the 21st Bashir urged that the matter be investigated thoroughly. He alleged that the reason this had not yet happened was pressure from the United States, which sought to cover up the truth and lay the blame on Amrozi, Amrozi being a person incapable of making such a sophisticated device.

Bashir has long been on the record as claiming that America planned and carried out the bombing in Kuta of the Paddy’s nightclub and that the bomb used could not have been made by Amrozi, who Bashir seems to think of as no Einstein (see Jamestown).

On the recent travel warning from Australia Bashir said that Australia itself would create terror attacks in Indonesia. If Australia predicted there would be a terror attack it must mean that they themselves were planning it, according to Bashir’s Yemeni logic:

That’s their way and actually terrorism can’t be separated from them, that’s why they predict an attack will happen in September, because at that time they will create an attack.
(Itu kan ulah mereka dan sebenarnya teror itu tidak lepas dari mereka sendiri, makanya berani memprediksi akan terjadi pada bulan September karena pada waktu-waktu itu mereka akan berbuat.)

Prior to visiting Malang Bashir had been on a whirlwind tour across eastern Java, visiting Madiun, Ponorogo, Mojokerto, and Surabaya. Attending the celebration of the anniversary of the founding of the Front Pembela Islam, Islam Defenders’ Front, (FPI) meant a trip to Jakarta interrupted his East Java odyssey. After Malang visits to Pamekasan and Probolinggo have already been pencilled in in his busy schedule.

35 Comments on “Micro Nuclear Bomb”

  1. anto says:

    Why are you hate us guys?
    we have christian friends, neigbours, coworker, and we found no problem at all. we all have fun.. We have been friends not since yesterday.

    Why? Because we dont think the way like you all have. In australia, you all living scare for no reason..why do you make your life such a terrible..
    Why do you see us like we hate each other? Thats wrong! and confusing too.

    (i am a moslem and sitting right beside my bestfriend who is a devoted christian)

  2. Molisan Tono says:

    @ anto…
    We don’t hate islam, we hate the stupidity most moslem guys showed in here, specially abu bakar bashir, that loony crappy toon worth the spanking.

    People did bad shit, fine… that’s reasonable and tolerable… stupidity is another part of that tolerable side.

  3. diego says:

    Anyone knows how long did it take them to learn to pronounce “micro nuclear bomb”?

  4. Mark says:

    …less time that it took to cry to Mummy for some baby milk

  5. Hans says:

    Why are people just vanished near the Bali blast and why there were no bodies found in the rubble of the Twin Towers. In Haiti most of the 230 000 bodies were found or are to be found. Maybe because in the first two events micro nuclear devices were used? In Bali the (radio-active) rubble within days after the bomb went off was dumped in the ocean. Why?

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