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Abu Bakar Bashir of the Majelis Mujahidin Indonesia (MMI) wants Hizbullah to receive help from Indonesia.

Abu Bakar Bashir, the leader of the Mujahidin Council, says 500 MMI still plan to go to Lebanon, because:

Israel will no doubt break the ceasefire resolution. That is the Jewish way.
(Israel pasti melanggar resolusi gencatan senjata. Itu sifat Yahudi.)

However Bashir said that the men would only be sent to fight if they got permission from the government, and visas, neither of which is likely. In this event they would go to Lebanon to give funds to Hizbullah, somehow.

He also asked that the government of Indonesia give concrete assistance to Hizbullah, the peacekeeping force from the UN was no use, he said, because it was only being sent to oversee the ceasefire.

18 Comments on “Helping Hizbullah”

  1. Andrew says:

    Help from the Indonesian government? who gives him the permission to give away my tax money?

  2. Bradlymail says:

    ‘NO AID FOR HIZBULLAH’ aid for Indonesian only

  3. Miss Indo 07 says:

    Israel will no doubt break the ceasefire resolution.That is the Jewish way. (Israel pasti melanggar resolusi gencatan senjata. Itu sifat Yahudi.)


  4. Hassan says:

    who is talking MISS INDO 07??? abu bakar baashir? abu bakar baashir broke the ceasefire? with whom??? he didn’t have a ceasefire with anyone. you’re weird dude…

    btw, the hezbollah had not broke the ceasefire. the Israeli did break the ceasefire on several occassion, but hezbollah hadn’t respond to the provocations.

  5. Andrew says:

    Same ol’ same ol’

  6. donny says:

    that ex-con surely knows the truth about everything on this planet…
    too bad he run away like chicken to Malaysia to save his ass back in suharto regime..

  7. Hassan says:

    andrew, I wasn’t defending abu bakar baashir you know. I was just pointing out a weird statement by our friend Miss Indo 07. you should be more objective when judging people and their oppinion.

  8. Andrew says:

    Sorry buddy, if I got it wrong.

  9. Miss Indo 07 says:

    Well your’e correct Hassan, Abu Bakar Baashir never broke the ceasefire, because he never had a ceasefire right? Because he just bombed and I guess you won’t say that bombing is better than break a ceasefire?
    I wasnt defending Israel or anything, I just mean that Abu Bakar has no right to talk like that while he had done a worse thing himself.

  10. Molisan Tono says:

    my fellow Indonesian, today I read newspaper “Koran Tempo” -page A28 quoting hizbullah leader saying “Andaikan kami tahu bahwa penculikan serdadu itu akan berdampak sejauh ini, kami jelas tak akan melakukannya.” sounds like a sin confession to me…

    so, the criminal of war actually confess what they have done something wrong for Lebanon. still defending hizbullah mate?

  11. Bradlymail says:

    I agree with you Moo…Tono !

  12. Agusto says:

    You guys don’t be surprised if abb will be one of the candidate in the next presidential election! Thats the beauty of democracy right? Do you think he got supporters? I bet he has more supporters than any other cleric in Indonesia.
    Do you think he would enforce shariah if he becomes the pres? Shariah is not that bad after all right! Who cares about employment, entertainment, education, freedom, and human rights. Indonesian dont need those coz they Islam, thats all that matters!
    What will happend to the women in Indonesia then? They will suffer the most, no more gucci, prada all those stuff. Swimming is forbidden for them, their toes are too sexy to be exposed! All those ex miss univ/Indonesia goes to jail for violating womens right to cover. And they got beaten by their husband if they disobey, possible get divorced too if she is already old!
    For the men we can all have four wives, even a six year old wife, but you can only consume when she is nine, fair enuf right? Thats the only entertainment you can get, then we all will breed like rabbits! Sooner those kaffir in the whole world is outnumbered, chance to dominate the world then.
    Anyway we are all slave of Allah right, we should suffer in this life, what matters is shariah, its the mother of all laws! If we go to heaven we all be thirty year old and immortal, even better we get 72 virgins. What did the women get then? Their old impotent husband!

  13. Molisan Tono says:

    you Augusto, I don’t really understand you. so actually, you opposing or support the sharia mate?
    can’t agree with the rabbit theory dude, you mom deserve better than this. every women in these room or any other place around Indonesia, deserve to be treated right. not like the rabbit lol.

    if you think sharia is the main answer to maintain the better Indonesia, it’s just the same way you treat your mother like rabbit sh*t. no sharia mate. sharia is not for this plural country.

  14. Bradlymail says:

    ‘abb for president ? ‘and sharia law in Indonesia ? all bull sh*ts.

  15. Hassan says:

    all the bullsh*ts are coming from Augusto, my friends. everything he said doesnt make sense. abb as the next president? what a hogwash.

  16. Bradlymail says:

    hasan@ maybe he was joking.!…come on man,cheer up !

  17. Hassan says:

    he was? oh, hahahahaha, now i get his jokes…

  18. Molisan Tono says:

    yeah, nice joke. I was asked by a friend, wonder who will be the next president…. i remember Augusto… so i answered ABB…. and what i got… stupid laught…. hahaha…. ABB for president…. day dreaming mate.

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