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Hasyim Muzadi warns the Islamic faithful to be on guard against weird religious teachings.

Speaking in Medan on the 20th, the chairman of the PBNU, or Nahdlatul Ulama, said that strange religious teachings could lead to unease and unrest in society. Hasyim Muzadi made note of the case of Yusman Roy in Malang, East Java, a man who was convicted of blasphemy because he led Islamic prayers in two languages, Arabic and Indonesian.

Yusman Roy
Yusman Roy, blasphemer.

Another case, in Purwokerto, which seems to be similar to the Lia Eden affair, witnessed a Muslim man claim to be the archangel Gabriel. The man, says Hasyim, has already been dealt with by the relevant authorities.

Still again more blasphemy, this time in central Java, where a group carried out prayers while naked. Such things, opines Hasyim, are not only strange but also contrary to the teachings of Islam. All Muslims must be watchful over those who lead prayers, to be sure that no heresy is preached.

Hasyim Muzadi
Hasyim Muzadi.

Within Islam there is no such thing as a weird teaching, he goes on, and the government, the law, the police with their guns, truncheons, and prison cells, support his position:

People shoudn’t be deceived by these teachings, they are not only against Islam they are forbidden by the government.
(Masyarakat jangan sampai terkecoh akan ajaran itu, karena selain bertentangan dengan Islam juga dilarang Pemerintah.)

There are lots of clever people about these days, says Hasyim, but they often put their cleverness to ill use, trying to take in and deceive people. Knowledge must be guided by faith and guidance from God. Or else the police will come.

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  1. Bradlymail says:

    yes,I agree with pak hashim muzadi.

  2. Agusto says:

    Have you ever wonder how a religion like Islam has to be guarded by the faithfull followers from “strange Islam”? If Islam is so great why worry of those “strange Islam”? Let the followers decide for themselves, after all it’s Allahs will right? Just like they say the truth will allways prevail!

  3. Bradlymail says:

    Mr.Augusto@this is for safeguard of Islam.we do not want Islam been you for other purposes.we do not want people like osama or abubakar bashir use Islam as their own motives…and give is Islam a bad name and image.

  4. Agusto says:


    Are you saying you need to safeguard Islam because it would be hijacked or twisted by peole like Osama and abu bakr? Abubakr is the famous cleric and has lots of followers, and his teaching is not considered “strange Islam”! He is even invited to give a sermons in major mosques! He is a sunni Muslim allright, how strange can that be?
    Osama is even greater, he too a sunni and he is supported by the saudis, he is considered a hero amongst Muslims all over the world! He is fighting for all Muslims arnd the world, remember how Muslims hail him after 9/11? Good Muslims listen to him from where ever he say and become martyrs!
    C’mon dont bury our heads too long in the sand! Lets call a spade a spade allrite!

  5. Bradlymail says:

    for me abubakar is the leader of terrorist organization in asia and based in Indonesia..that’s all.his followers could be jihadists and might destroy Indonesia some days..well just look !

  6. Agusto says:


    Well, if all Indonesian would just think like you do we could be the model for every Islamic nation! But too bad i dont hear alot of people like you here! Indonesia will be destroyed by jihadist if we keep on lying to ourself about Islam! Whats worse is Muslims are keeping their eyes blind when it comes to Muslims org or jihadist doing wrong to non Muslims or properties! This is why the jihadist and the Muslim mobs feel they are being accepted by the society! This is wrong accd to the Indonesian law, but Islamic solidarity comes first, Muslim are taught of this right from the beginning.

    Islam is all about submission, “And whatever the Messenger gives you, take it, and whatever he forbids you, leave it. And fear Allah: truly Allah is severe in punishment. ” [Qur’an 59:7]

  7. Bradlymail says:

    ya…agree with you Augusto,must of them follow their leaders very blindly.
    the have wrong interperation about al Quran.most of their leaders try to mix their own politic agendas and Islam.That’s why,there are lot of confusions at their followers’s mind. ?

  8. Hassan says:

    Augusto: I’m a Muslim and I don’t support osama, we do not blindly support criminals because he is our fellow sunni for example. what you are doing is you are trying to stereotype 1,4 billion Muslims into two categories: sunni and shiite, and all sunnis thinks the same, all shiites thinks the same way too. no, 1,4 billion people had 1,4 billion minds and patterns of thinking. do not stereotype people, that’s shallow.

  9. Karlira Kanakahuko says:

    Hassan, you are liar! What about:

    Dear Hassan my bro,
    I think KARLIRA is from Indonesia. I just found out it from the words she typed (premanism). Remember bro, the truth is come ONLY from Allah. not from human kind. just to let U know bro, SADAM HUSSEIN and OSAMA BIN LADEN are the greatest man in the century. next one is AHMEDDINEJAD, I hope!

    Both of you are hypocrite and liar. I get it from “Minahasa Nationalism”. I hope Minahasa will get free from Indonesia so that your bro. Farel will not have intention to spread Islamic imperialism in that country. :-p!

  10. Joseph Erwin says:

    Dear Friends in Indonesia:

    I am an American who has visited Indonesia many times (~20), and have met wonderful people who treated me well. I am sad to say that most Americans know nothing of Indonesia or Indonesians. I continue to have many friends there. Most of them are Muslim by family tradition, but some are Christian or Hindu. Regardless of the religious tradition, most have been honest and kind to me. I can only say that the reasons for selecting one religion over another are very complex–each person has his or her own reasons for believing. I wish that we could each hold our own values of being honest and caring for each other–treating each other as we would wish to be treated–and giving respect to each other’s choices. It is wonderful, I think, that there is diversity. Harmony and unity are also beautiful when they can be achieved. It seems to be a human characteristic that we feel that everyone should believe exactly as we believe. And we think we can know what is in someone’s mind if we can put a label on them. Maybe we are just trying to make the world more manageable by making it simpler than it really is. So, whether you are from Jawa Barat, Makassar, Ubud, Tana Toraja, Luwuk, or Airmadidi, I wish you well. My friends and colleagues seek peace and try every day to change our government’s policies to promote kindness, understanding, and consideration. Hatefulness must be replaced by love and respect. I hope we can all do this. I wish you well. Your friend, Joe

  11. Shiva says:

    This article remimds me of

    Holy men

    Warning grafic images

  12. Saphire says:

    It is sad that alot of Muslim in Indonesia doesnt really learn what Islam really is. They simply follow whatever the Imams (Preachers) say. Well, if 1 Imam preaches in 1 mosque with 100 people, and he said something wrong, then he’s leading 100 people to believe the wrong thing. They wouldn’t try to see if the Holy Quran actually said what the Imam has said. Because they consider Imam as someone smarter,more religious and have mire knowledge. Imams like Habib Riziq is leading alot of Muslim into misunderstanding the whole point of the religion. He might do what he does with a good intention, but he’s not doing what God, The prophet Mohammad and The Holy Quran taught us to do. Islam is a religion of peace, we have our door open wide, and we call everyone who listen to come in. If they refuse, then let them go with their own way. Thats what the Holy Quran said.
    When we see someone doing Maksiat (wrong doin) we remind them 3 times, if they dont budge, let them be…its gonna be their own problem with God later.
    Wht alot of Muslim leader doing is FORCING their believes to everyone who doesnt believe exactly the way they do. Now where did that come from? Holy Quran? NO!
    ALLAH? NO! The Prophet? NO! and they’re calling themselves “The Imam? The Leader?” Where did they learn their believes? Now that i’ve seen all this wrong teaching, wrong doing with the name of Islam, I understand why Mohammad said
    that there will be alot of Imam (preacher) sent to hell for leading alot of Muslim to the wrong way. It is happening here and now. Islam is no longer the religion of Peace, all because of these so called “Imams”.
    Im tired of listening to preacher. I read the Holy Quran and The Hadist, not people.

  13. A Free Thinking Liberal says:

    Agusto is ****, and he sounds like a conservative nutjob to me. His argument is so typical: “oh, some muslims are terrorist, so it must be because terrorism is Islamic teaching. Osama must be right.” By the way, he seems to loooove Osama soooo much.

    The problem is that in EVERY religion there is always extremism. There are always moderates, and there are always extremists, and mind you, it applies to every religion out there. People interpret religion various ways, and there are always people who interpret it in extreme ways, regardless of whatever religion it is.

    Agusto, you want to call a spade a spade? There is such thing as Christian terrorism as well. Haven’t you ever heard of the Ku Klux Klan? Or Army of God?

    By the way, it’s funny that Agusto seems to agree with Osama bin Laden very much, while I have met so many muslims who disagree with Osama.

    Well I think it’s time for me to step in an say.

    To the right wing, muslim-bashing, conservative nutjobs like Agusto: you’re throwing stones from a glass house that you’re attacking Islam when you look at the sh*ts committed in the name of your own religion. Heck, should I mention that Adolf Hitler is a Christian?

    To the muslims: the Christians may be hypocrites for attacking Islam for what people like Osama have done, but you are idiots if you don’t soon realize that Islamic extremism and terrorism is a bigger problem to the muslims themselves than anyone else. Wake up, people. Osama bin Laden should be the one to blame for those Mohammed cartoons and muslim-bashing around the world. Atrocities committed by lunatics like Osama should be your wake-up call. It’s time for you people to overthrow those self-proclaimed Imams if you don’t want to keep becoming victims of stereotype and prejudice around the world.

    Now, why don’t hate-mongering a*sholes like Bush and Osama just lock themselves up in a room and leave us alone? Heck, maybe they can find better things to do than spreading hate around the world. Maybe they can find less harmful activities like preaching each other to death or having buttsex with each other. The world will be surely a much better place without people like them.

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