PKS Winning Streak

Aug 25th, 2006, in News, by

The PKS has won positions in about 60% of elections for regional heads of government in recent years.

The Partai Keadilan Sejahtera (PKS), Welfare and Justice Party, is an Islamist grouping which is believed by some to have a connection with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. It won 7% in the 2004 elections, nationally, compared to only 1.5% in 1999 when it was a brand new party called just Partai Keadilan.

The president of the party, Ir Tifatul Sembiring, said that in the roughly 70 regional electoral races in the country which the PKS contested, from regent, to mayor, to governor, the party had managed to win positions in 60% of them, whether this was by PKS cadres standing as independents, or in coalition with other groups, or as nominated by the party alone.

This is a victory for the PKS, a party which is increasingly trusted by the people to hold high office in the regions as well as in the centre.
(Itu berarti kemenangan bagi PKS yang kian dipercaya rakyat menduduki posisi jabatan politis yang strategis di daerah dan di pusat.)

The PKS has significant support among young people, and in Jakarta. It is also one of the most professionally run parties, a party that likely has a big future and one that may cause quite fundamental changes in Indonesian politics and society generally, as the forces of Islam struggle to deal with globalization and westernization.

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