Densus 88 Raids, Noordin (Not) Dead

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Noordin M Top not dead after a Densus 88 raid in Temanggung, in another raid in Bekasi a car bomb is found.


On the morning of August 8th in Beji, Kedu, Temanggung, Central Java anti-terror police Densus 88 raided a house where Malaysian terrorist Noordin M Top was thought to be hiding. Police said that Noordin was likely killed during the raid, however upon DNA tests of the body it was found that it was Noordin M Top at all.

Police had had the house, owned by one Muhjuhri, surrounded in a tense standoff since around 4pm the previous day, while explosions and gunfire were heard at the time of the raid.

Reports in recent days had suggested that Noordin M. Top was most likely hiding somewhere in Central Java, moving from house to house every six hours even.


Meanwhile in Bekasi, West Java, near East Jakarta, the home of one Ahmad Fery located at Puri Nusapala, Blok D, RT 4 RW 12 in Jati Makmur, Jatiasih was also raided by Detasemen Khusus (Densus) 88 at 1am Saturday morning, after two men arrived at the house in a van.

The two men, believed to be named Air Setiawan/Setyawan and Eko Joko Sarjono, attempted to throw pipe bombs at police, it is said, and were shot dead.

Weapons, bomb making materials, and a Mitsubishi pickup truck that had been prepared as a car bomb were seized.

Jatiasih, Bekasi

Police general Wahyono said the house had been watched by police for the last ten days.

A few days ago another senior policeman in Bekasi, Herri Wibowo, had said there were six areas in the regency which were known to be home to adherents of hardline Muslim groups and therefore the police were focusing on them in the search for likely terrorist hideouts in the wake of the Jakarta suicide bombings.

He would not name the six areas but said they included a few ordinary kampung areas, and other areas where were located certain Islamic schools, and lots of short term housing. antara

96 Comments on “Densus 88 Raids, Noordin (Not) Dead”

  1. ET says:

    Congratulations for Densus 88. This is a great day for Indonesia.

  2. Andy says:

    You beauty!!! I’l be drinking long and hard into the night. Good work Indo police.

  3. Parvita says:

    I think whether NM Top is dead or alive is still a question mark. Seems that the police are still not sure.

  4. shorty says:

    Thank christ/allah/buddha and all the deities. The world is well rid of an evil cowardly man. He didn’t have the balls to make the attacks himself.

    Abu bakar bashir and ji’s silence is deafening!

  5. diego says:

    On the morning of August 8th in Beji, Kedu, Temanggung, Central Java anti-terror police Densus 88 raided a house where Malaysian terrorist Noordin M Top was thought to be hiding.

    Thanks for pointint it out, Patung. 😀

  6. Abdul Khalid al Jumhuri says:

    If it is accurate, one more MALAYSIAN terrorist is dead. But we need to hear the fatwa of the grand pig Abubakar Baasyir. Did I hear Mossad, Jews, CIA, the enemy of Islam and micro nuclear? Again? Why is it that Islam got so many enemies, while others Hidu, Buddha, Christian, Animism, Tao, Shinto and many other beliefs do not?

  7. shorty says:

    Diego whilst Top was a malay, remember that the poor/stupid/misguided/ fanatical bastards that carried the bombs were indonesians.

    Blaming malaysia is a cop out.

  8. diego says:

    Sir Prabu Prami Prada started the “Khrsna Consciouness”, and we here started the “worldwide-consciousness that malaysia produces terrorists” … yeap:

    Look at the titles, aren’t they nice?

  9. joao says:

    Malaysian terrorist, truly…

  10. Odinius says:

    Good bloody riddance. Unfortunately, the extremist pigs, the sheep who follow them, and the weasels who publicly defend them will likely continue to blame anyone and everyone else for the bombings. Any rational person, though, has to conclude that this has been a problem within Indonesian Islam, and had to be dealt with in large part by Indonesian Muslims. This is exactly what happened. Not to denigrate or marginalize the role of non-Muslims Indonesians, or the assistance of foreign governments in aiding Indonesia with intelligence and funding for Densus 88, but the government’s ability to politically go out and take these mutherf***kers out has more to do with the general sense of revulsion against the bombings and the perversion of Islam that they represent. This was not really present in the earlier bombings to the degree that it has been since July.

  11. Parvita says:

    For one Noordin that died, there are hundreds of Noordin born. Noordin have spread his teachings. I was plainly amazed that the police managed to catch the person that will commit suicide bombing in August. I would really like to know what is in the suicide bombers mind.

    Someone sent me a message saying the afterworld was surprised to have Noordin. When everything was hunky dory with Jacko, Farrah, Mbah Surip and Rendra, here comes Noordin with the bomb saying, “No singing, that is haram”.

  12. Achmad Sudarsono says:

    But Mbak Parvita,

    Everyone knows the CIA killed Michael Jackson because he is convert to Islams.

  13. shorty says:

    Amrozi, mukhlas and samudra…….malays? No, indonesians

  14. ultratupai says:

    Ya, there is new news that there is a real question of whether or not Mr. Top is actually dead. Some say he died “in the toilet” or more politely “in the bathroom”.

    All in all it is quite the spectacle. That is for sure.

  15. shorty says:

    I’ve been rereading the posts. I feel a little ashamed that I furthered discussion on the ethnic/religious background of top and others.

    They are/were not representative of their culture or country. they were evil men who cowardly attempted to justify their actions thru their perverted interpretation of religion.

    All cultures and countries have such idiots.

    There’s a logical falacy………….if you want people to espouse your cause, then you court them, not piss them off.

  16. Ross says:

    Perhaps it was just me, and the celebratory Angkers, but everywhere I went yesterday, cafes where staff and customers were lined up in front of the tv, offices, bars, there was not so much euphoria but a definite pride in the police action. It was nice to see.
    But Parvita is right, it is not yet certain the right swine got shot.

  17. Ross says:

    But again, I went through Sarinah twice yeaterday, no security at all.
    Blok M Plaza, Ratu Plaza, Senayan, all very well checked, but Sarina’s satpam spends his time chatting to the wee girl that sells magazines, if he is even there.
    It’s crawling with bules, who are the terrs’ prime targets, and should be guarded better.

  18. Faddy says:

    Shorty, just ignore Diego. His mindset is no different than the terrorist we are talking about. He has to find others to blame and hate. He is like a hamster in a cage, going round and round and round and…..

  19. shorty says:


    I read your post re sarinah. the nasties will do their thing irrespective of real or perceived security.

    Always remember governments are expected to be perceived as doing something, rather than doing something.

    Think about the latest jakarta bombings…..high security, bules on tap….boom!!

    It achieved nothing.

    Why are you afraid? check the relevant statistics for sydney, and you’re much safer in jakarta.

    A strange? concept….you are responsible (no-one else) for your own security.

  20. Ross says:

    Not afraid, Shorty, otherwise I’d not have been zooming about Sarinah after my similar comment a week or so back. I always take the view that we should continue our normal activities as much as possible when terrs are trying to disrupt them.

    My point I thought was clear. Increased satpam observance is instituted at many big shopping places around town, but is about zero at Sarinah. A few simple steps like bag-searches can and surely do diminish threats -regrettably it doesn’t always work, but it is a job that most store managements do not shirk.

  21. shorty says:

    Ross we reach the conundrum of what is acceptable security intervention vs reasonable public access.

    Unfortunately increased overt intervention also increases public insecurity and unease.

    Recent events have shown that existing security measures are redundant or useless. Arseholes will always find a way to fart.

    Maybe what we need is a shift in attitude….not the government/centre management/hotel security etc screening for nasties, but everyday people like you and I sending the message that we want free and unfettered daily movement.

  22. ET says:

    Parvita said

    For one Noordin that died, there are hundreds of Noordin born. Noordin have spread his teachings.

    Sad but true. But the Noordins of this world are nothing without the sheep who carry out their teachings. These sheep are easily to be found near their watering holes – read madrassa and pesantren – and it would be a good thing for the Indonesian intelligence agencies to investigate more closely what is going on in or near these institutions. And shut them down immediately in case of proven suspicions.

    I would really like to know what is in the suicide bombers mind.

    Nothing much that hadn’t been brainwashed. And lots of virgins of course.

    Put your mind to rest, who have hope for pussy.

  23. Ross says:

    Shorty, I hear what you say, but I can’t blame managements who raise security levels. Having my laptop case checked is no great hardship and while determined fanatics will of course blow themselves up to make their cause heard, they’d be able to hit a lot more targets if there were no vigilance at all.
    I do find it irritating when airports confiscate my little plastic bottle of mouthwash, but once more, they are not doing it to be unpleasant.

  24. Suryo Perkoso says:

    Ross, tell that to the rest who flaming whinge their tits off because they get held up for 5 minutes.

    Security can never win, people like Police, but don’t like to be policed.

  25. David says:

    Starting to get some reports suggesting the dead man in Temanggung may be Ibrohim, who was a florist at the Ritz-Carlton

    who vanished after the bombing, initially it was thought he was just blown to bits but it seems not, there’s a gruesome photo of supposedly the body of the dead man from Temanggung and Ibrohim which you’ll have to click to see as it’s gruesome…[Edit – photo is fake..]

    And there are still lots of news reports suggesting police are still on sort of red alert…

  26. diego says:

    His mindset is no different than the terrorist we are talking about.

    Trying to appear like a white pigeon by making that statement “oh yeah, he’s bad, we’re peaceful”? Hah. Ha ha. Tell you what: I don’t believe in any of those semitic mumbo-jumbos (unlike you and those terrorists)…, you know those shitty void-of-values war-provoking little telenovelas about moses / jesus / mohammed. So I can firmly say I have quite a clear / unpolluted world-views, and “peace” is my middle name. Yeap.

    I wish Indonesia can learn from China and Japan, drop all those unnecessary (false) “believe systems” and march steadily toward a better, more productive future.

    He has to find others to blame and hate.

    Since when stating a fact(s) equates to “finding others to blame and hate”? Nordin Mohd. Top is indeed a malaysian, and so is Abu Bakar Basyir (malaysian-“educated”, to be technically correct).

    Beside, don’t ever think that your apartheid “country” (malaysia) can walk away unscathed (and keep selling that false propaganda “truly asia” and robbing kafirs’ money from around the world) after having exported terrorists to the surrounding countries. The world has got to know: the terrorists in south-east asia originate from malaysia, disgusting…. Why would anyone go to malaysia to see the “truely asia”? What a load of bullshee. There’s Japan, China, Taiwan, South Korea, India, Thailand, and Indonesia (ignoring some parts that have been infected by wahabism, of course).

  27. Odinius says:

    Parvita said:

    For one Noordin that died, there are hundreds of Noordin born. Noordin have spread his teachings.

    Not really convinced this is true. Sheep need to be led, after all. The militant cell of JI is not some hydra; by all accounts it had dwindled to Noordin and sheep. Without the shepherd, imagine the flock will grow listless and probably join some still detestable yet not quite as destructive other group.

  28. Ross says:

    Diego, since I’m a tad insomniac, I’ll respond to your comments on Malaysia by saying that while Japan is probably a good example for other Asian countries, with its constitutional monarchy and freedom of religion (as far as i know) I’d hardly offer China as any kind of role model.
    Admittedly, Beijing has shed its stultifying marxist economics since the current leadership wants to compete with advanced countries. But it continues to revere the biggest mass-murderer in modern, perhaps all history, and Maoist repression not only torments non-Chinese nationalities like Tibetans and Uighurs, but afflicts those brave Chinese who seek a modicum of those basic rights we were brought up to take for granted.

  29. Bas says:

    Shame on Densus 88 and the police. Was it so difficult to catch him alive? What the need to send xxx heavily armed troops to get one single man? Noordin, if it’s him, would have been much more useful alive than dead. And why bombing the house? Cowardise at its best. Why not panzers next time? You guys need more training with SWAT or GIGN.

  30. Oigal says:

    Bas, You didn’t really think he would ever be taken alive do you… way way to much to tell.

    He had served the purpose of those in the shadows

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