Dwiki Dharmawan Joins the Chorus

Aug 22nd, 2006, in News, by

Somebody called Dwiki Dharmawan, apparently a musician, supports sending Indonesian troops to Lebanon.

The state news agency, Antara, continues its Israel obsession with this piece, in which Dwiki Dharmawan is said to have “joined the chorus” of those clamouring for the government to spend billions of rupiah, buy 32 brand new tanks from France, and send 1000 odd soldiers to the middle east (Protecting Lebanon).

Dwiki Dharmawan
Dwiki Dharmawan.

Dwiki says that as Indonesia is a predominantly Muslim country, the country must pay great attention to Muslims in Lebanon and Palestine.

Indonesia can cooperate with other OIC and ASEAN members because the UN can no longer be trusted.

opines Dwiki the Jazz musician cum foreign affairs expert, perhaps unaware that his recommendation could possibly spark a third world war, if it were acted upon.

He is also “manifesting” his “concern about the fate of Lebanese and Palestinians” by planning to organise a jazz charity concert.

13 Comments on “Dwiki Dharmawan Joins the Chorus”

  1. Andrew says:

    Mr. nobody says something here, listen up…

  2. Fanglong says:

    Feeding war is always nonsense.

  3. Miss Indo 07 says:

    “the government to spend billions of rupiah, buy 32 brand new tanks from France, and send 1000 odd soldiers to the middle east”

    Wow, that’s new for me! I thought Indonesia has a big fat financial problem, a poor country and there are a bunch of poor people that can’t even buy rice everyday?? I realized that I’m wrong man, indo is the richest country in the world!

    And btw, DWIKI DARMAWAN?? who the hell is he?

  4. Bradlymail says:

    the government sends jihadists or national army to Lebanon ?

  5. Oigal says:

    Dwiki has joined a fairly out of tune chorus..

  6. Andrew says:

    Who the hell is he anyway.

  7. Bradlymail says:

    who’s dwiki ? may I know you ?

  8. Hassan says:

    isn’t dwiki darmawan the husband of ita purnamasari, the singer?? well, it seems that i won this trivia, hehehe!

  9. Abdulah Muhamad says:

    Hassan, who is ita purnamasari?

  10. Hassan says:

    she is a singer who used to be popular in the 1990’s. where have you been dude? she’s da bomb, and all the hype those days. nah, just kidding, I’m not a big fan of hers.

  11. Miss Indo 07 says:

    Hassan,how old r u?
    ahahaha ^_^

  12. Hassan says:

    older than your parents Miss Indo 07, hehehe! just kidding!

  13. Tita says:

    I like World Peace Orchestra.. music from Dwiki Darmawan is great!

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