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Putri Indonesia Nadine Chandra says she is ready to be questioned by police over the bikini scandal.

Nadine wore a bikini at the Miss Universe contest in America last month and was reported to the police by the womens’ wing of the Islam Defenders’ Front, the Mujahidah FPI, see Nadine Chandrawinata. However in a press conference in Jakarta on the 15th Nadine said that if called to the police station, as a good citizen, she was willing and able to give an explanation.

Nadine Chandra
Nadine Chandra.

Nadine admitted that upon hearing the news of her reporting to the police she was somewhat stressed but said she couldn’t understand what she had done wrong, she was only representing Indonesia to the best of her abilities.

A representative from the Putri Indonesia organisation (YPI), Putri Kuswisnuwardhani, said the YPI would provide Nadine with a lawyer, and questioned why differences of opinion on the matter of appropriate dress should become a concern for the police.

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  1. derrick says:

    Hello Hasan,

    the problem here is you said ‘people who likes porn are called perverts’… So seeing your own wife is still part of the porno activities. regardless of whether you see others or your own wife, it is still see another being’s body and part of porno.And end of the day it is awful enough that you had just called your self perverts too… If you do not know the meaning of pornography, please check the dictionary. It says every woman and man… and it didnt say seeing you own wife is not part of porno. That’s the reason I claimed that you don’t like porno.

    Secondly, wearing bikini is not a porno, fyi. Exposure to the abdomen is not porno either. Porno is usually refer to humans that are completely nude or topless (for women) in other words.

    no wonder, communists claim religion is poison…

  2. Miss Indo 07 says:

    Hassan, actually it’s just very easy.
    If your religion and your values taught yuo not to see naked woman or whatsoever, just dont see it.
    Easy right?
    If you’re not allowed to eat pork,it doesnt mean that every pork seller should close their business right?
    It’s just sooo easy, that’s why I’m so confused why these people should make fuss over something like this?

  3. Mohammed Khafi says:

    Pornography = Perversion?

    If we consider pornography to be anything sexually explicit, how do we teach our doctors and nurses? Or is this to be considered differently? If pornography is used to help a married couple who have problems of a sexual nature in their marriage, isn’t it being used in a good way? A man who is using pornography to release his frustrations by fantasy and masturbation, rather than by going out and raping innocent women, isn’t that a better solution. Pornography is neither good nor bad by definition, it is how it is portrayed or used which is good or bad.

    Pornography can be visual, textual or vocal, from what I have seen on the streets, in song lyrics, videos, sex stories on the internet etc. we are a nation obsessed by pornography and sex, probably 80 percent of the households in my neigbourhood have porno vcd’s or dvd’s, 20% of my neighbours have had affairs in the last 4 years and 50 % of the weddings I have attended in the last few years have produced a baby after 7 months!

    Speaking purely for myself, I would rather have friends who believe in God, and are good people than most of the two faced people I have mentioned earlier, maybe we are not all munafiq, by as God is my witness we have a terribly high percentage.

  4. tony montana says:

    wel..wearing a bikini and showing it to the world is not a pornography and surely no crime at all (unless you are ugly and fat, like those big fat American womens…ha..ha..ha..). For an Indonesian (although I am living in foreign country now, since I was a little snot), I felt proud hearing the news about an Indonesian taking part in the miss universe championship.
    Those womens from ‘wing of Islam defender front’ (mujahidin FPI..or something like that..), they should stayed home more often to get laid by their husbands (or boyfriends…or someone..) and the police, they should spent their time cathing dangerous criminals other than bothering a citizen who try to get Indonesia famous. So my massage to Nadine: Be proud and do not worry about this foolish matter. Laterz……..

  5. Archie says:

    Dont worry Nadine!!
    U didnt do anything wrong
    Yeah right! She just lose. So what?

  6. It’s quite amazing how people easily judge you by the words that you say, the look that you wear and the things that you do (and vice versa!). Therefore, always have faith in people and learn to believe in second chances…

    …because that’s what life is all about.

  7. Molisan Tono says:

    From the very start, Nadine has seriously done something wrong.
    She shouldn’t have worn that bikini in the US, she should have worn that bikini at FPI headquarters, so all those lunatic could be satisfied or at least they can unleash their inner lust toward Nadine.

    Those creeps should check their sex drive. They look so religious to me, but lots of crap behind them. MUNAFIK

    So Nadine, bring it on girl…

  8. Archie says:

    If it’s true that Nadine has done nothing wrong, then it’s true too that Nadine has done nothing right as fas as Indonesia and Indonesians are concerned.

    What drawbacks has Nadine done for Indonesia by being half naked during the Miss Universe contest? And what benefits has Nadine done for Indonesia by being half naked during the same occasion? Does it really matter for Indonesia(ns) what she has done through that contest? Are you so proud as to coming to a belief that it’s the only way for you to have pride about Indonesia? Have you ever thought of anything else to give Indonesia a good name? If not, then it’s obvious about who you are.
    On the other hand, are you deeply offended by her being half naked in the contest that you think no other things are more shameful for Indonesia(ns)? If not, then I can understand what type of people you are too.

    Anyway, what has Nadine done will sooner or later be forgotten. She will just be one of several representatives of some groups of Indonesians who have come and go. And I believe that most of you will no longer care about Nadine or whoever before or after her later in the day. I am so sure that not more than 1% of your attention in your life will be given to Nadine and such except if you do not have a real life.

    My advice is why don’t you do yourself a favor? Don’t worship her as if she were a goddess, and don’t curse her as if she were an evil.

  9. Alf Zay says:

    Archie, what we mean is Nadine did NOT violate any rules or break any laws.

    “Half naked” is an exaggeration. That depends on how you view it and whether you have a dirty mind or not. Nadine was just following the rules of the contest, and I suppose you would have done the same if you had been in her shoes (but I am afraid you might never qualify for such:-) So I can understand if you secretly envy her.

    Nobody says that it was the ONLY way to make Indonesia proud. Everybody has different gifts, and Nadine has tried to use her gifts of beauty to bring glory to Indonesia. She could have kept her gifts to herself, but she chose to share it with the world while she can, which is something commendable. To think it was something humiliating is simply twisted logic.

    You’re right that time will change, but she has left a mark, which will in time be forgotten. That’s still better than not leaving a mark at all, though. What have YOU done in comarison? It’s easier for us to criticise others in the limelight, but is there any contribution you could be brag about?

    I doubt if anybody ever worshipped her as a goddess or curse her otherwise. She’s neither, but she is a star in her own right. We should give credit to whom credit is due, without prejudice or envy.

  10. Bradlymail says:

    About Nadine,is a very small issue… I am very proud of this woman and love you Nadine !!!

  11. Molisan Tono says:

    folks… she is half naked in US btw… not in Indonesia… so for other Indonesia hypocrit creeps who doesn’t like to see or accidentally saw it happen. close you holy eyes and shut the hell up. be quiet!!!

    wonder when we can grow up? wake up Indonesia.

  12. derrick says:


    She is not half naked… she is wearing bikini/swim suit… Half naked mostly referred as topless… and she is not topless… therfor, she innocent.

  13. Molisan Tono says:

    well noted derrick, just re-phrase someone stupidity of half naked thing… that’s all.

    there’s several topless nudist tourist in bali… and no body mind at all. where the hell those noisy voices?

  14. Bradlymail says:

    Derrick @ good explanation ! to all Indonesian,we can see all these in our country,and please don’t be “munafik”

  15. Travis says:

    Nadine did wrong to not be modestly dressed. No one needs prostitution to represent their people. But let men stop using women for sex then punishing them for what they want secretly.

  16. Alf Zay says:

    Sorry, Travis, I strongly disagree. Nadine was NOT immodestly dressed when she wore a bikini at the Miss Universe Contest. If she had worn it at a wedding reception, for instance, then you could question it’s appropriateness.

    Also, you were totally mistaken in your understanding or definition of the word “prostitution.” Nadine has nothing to do with such. It is most unfair and mean to use such a word in referring to her. You ought to be ashamed of yourself for falsely accusing her, and you owe her a sincere apology.

    Obviously, you are ill-informed about what is involved in the Miss Universe Contest.
    Until you learn more about it, you’d better keep your nasty comments to yourself, or else you’ll be making a fool of yourself.

  17. Travis says:

    Alf Zay,

    Immodesty cannot be imagined away. No one looks at a person in a bikini for a non-sexual purpose. Any and every aspect of our dress we consciously (whether trying to do it consciously or subconsciously) select for a very specific effect. That one would try to affect men not married to her as Nadine and the fools putting on the whole worthless production have done, is a prostituting of one’s beauty. It is worthless men looking at the compromised form of one whose sacred dignity ought to be shielded from their horrible lust in decent apparel.

    Where does your wisdom begin before ending?

    I have nothing against Nadine as a person, and if I had the opportunity to serve her in some decent way, then I would count it the duty of neighborly love – but it still remains that she has foolishly fallen victim to the wish of worthless ogglers. Perhaps she is exploited in a brokenness most females suffer in this terrible world.

    I once dressed a certain way as a teen, but mortified that lust for undue attention within myself, when I was 17, and have not gone back on my decision since that moment, in over 15 years. Rather than take this as an insult, let it be seen for what it is – one who sees a wrong he to some degree harbored in his own heart once, which needs rectification no less in Nadine than it did in me.

  18. Derrick says:


    Nadine was wearing swimsuit based on the rules of the Miss World contest, so what’s wrong with it. In this contest, it is not only her wearing that type of swimsuit.. but all contestants. However, please dun tell me you are doing prostitution as well when you wearing a swim suit during swimming.

  19. Lee says:

    What ever you say jack, Nadineeee I Love You!!!!!!!!

  20. Motz says:

    Umm, if you think wearing bikini in miss universe contest are wrong….WHY DID YOU WATCH IT?????? Or see it in any way.

    Everybody KNOW, there’s a swim suit performance by all the contestants….

    If you don’t like it, just don’t watch it. It’s as simple as that. Just ignore it.

    Hypocrite. If you dare to criticize this, please tell me, you never j*rk off before.


    Btw, we should fire some of those police. Really. They must have too much free time.

  21. Travis says:

    Motz, I came upon this particular page incidentally, because it contained words in it that matched a Google search I was doing. The words below the link made me wonder what sort of debate was in progress. I read the comments on the link, and since I am not in favor of immodesty, and since I was appalled at the stupid comments telling Nadine her immodesty was alright, I simply couldn’t resist stating the obvious.

    And no, I never saw the contest – but the mere mention of what was debated over sickened my sense of decency. I have never gone publicly swimming since age 17. I have avoided being seen in shorts ever since, for 15 years. I am no hypocrite. I leave the room even at work if someone comes in dressed immodestly. Someone very idiotic asked if I freak out seeing myself naked. Well that is not the same as invading someone else’s sanctitiy and dignity by uncovering their nakedness with the eyes. I neither checked out Nadine’s appearance, nor ever heard of her before happing on the above comments. It really doesn’t matter who she is. The whole thing of sexual exhibitionism that I guess makes you personally masturbate, is without virtue. I am not photographed by another in the shower, nor do I get seen by others. You are pathetic. You should save your eyes for one woman alone. Is Nadine that one?

  22. Karlira Kanakahuko says:

    hry guys, for ur information, English is not important in world beauty competition. Like women in Latin Americas, tehy are all cannot understands English, but why they are always won to Miss Universe, Miss Worl, etc…. English is to Islam in Indonesia while non-english languages is to non-Muslim religions in Indonesia at all.And Indonesia is tthe world. I prefer to any countries that cannot understands English at all, like Indonesia.

  23. derrick koay says:

    hello dude!

    what message you try to convey here? Who says Indonesia is a country who cannot understands English? Did you know in Japan also less people who speaks non English?

  24. 1ndra says:

    As long as the national language is not English, there’re less people who could understand English

  25. Alf Zay says:

    Hi Indra,

    Sorry, I am afraid you are mistaken.

    Most people from West European countries, e.g. Holland, Belgium, France etc. do understand and speak English, albeit not perfect, although English is not their primary (national) language.

  26. Bradlymail says:

    I am not agree with Indra, we must proud with our Bahasa Indonesia. While English language we can encourage then to speak or write in English in school. The education system must change to promote english language. Now I believe so many Indonesian can speak good English. I also agree with Alf Zay opinion..thanks Alf Zay.

  27. A different Trav says:

    Wow what a great debate for a subject here…

    First of all the young lady was chosen by her peers for her beauty, and knowledge, and her intellect, (and probably her independence by many) to represent a country in a pageant of beauty. Congratulations to her for that very big step in her life. She will be surely supported by millions of people later on in life, by perhaps being on TV, or in Feature Films, or whatever type of entertainment she chooses.

    In a lot of countries it is understood that women are allowed to make their own choices whether certain communities agree with it or not. It’s a great life.

    Any opinion of hypocracy is pretty much in the eye of the beholder it seems. Many people will understand different ways of living by their upbringing, their religion and their personal choices.

    I have friends that are not allowed to use computers, listen to radios, or watch TV because of their religion. Unfortunately they will see all these technologies as bad because their religion states it is. I see them every day, trying to do business and competing with other companies that have faxes, and printers, and computers, and cell phones, and robotic industries. I see how guilty they feel when they have a desire to give up there religion just to become part of the business landscape, and to allow their children to keep up. Each day they work hard and do without all these goodies to be in the “right”.

    I work with these people every day, and I do not have the same religious beliefs, i do there dirty work, they pay me excessive amounts of money, and I keep them competing on a large scale through my computer, fax, cell phone… And they still turn around and condemn my lifestyle, and call me a sinner.

    In my religion, she would be able to wear a bikini, or lingerie, jeans, or whatever she thought would be appropriate, in fact it is legal for women to be topless here, but through out my life I have seen it publicly maybe once or twice. If I wanted too I could head down to the bar, and watch a stripper while having a beer… not many guys down here care… they would rather just sit around and have a beer with or without the stripper it doesn’t matter.

    When my eyes see a bikini, most of the time i could care less. But sometimes there are some real beautiful women out there that do attract attention. It’s not like pervertedness, to look…. pervertedness happens in your mind, not in your eyes. I am married, I will look at a beautiful women, my wife will point out beautiful women and i will point out guys that she might think are attractive. Am I jealous… nope. Is she jealous, nope. Sometimes you will see an attractive car, a beautiful painting, a wonderful sculpture, a tall tree etc… you will look.

    People can live the lives they want, that’s cool, but don’t push your living style on others if they choose to be different… My God creates beauty, and i can look at it without an evil thought what so ever and enjoy it, like He would appreciate.

  28. derrick koay says:

    That’s the way to go Trav….. It is true… we all are human beings with a gift of bigger brain and we all have choices to choose what ever we like as long as it is not harm to others…

    But unfortunately there are some people who dont know how to enjoy the beauty of it just because of what they believes…. Really felt sorry for them…

  29. Travis says:

    Those last two comments were most pathetic. Eyes wander where the heart does. Poor wife the other Trav has. And what ridiculous religion allows for immodesty, which is a manifestation of lust and lack of chastity?

  30. A different Trav says:

    Those last two comments were most pathetic. Eyes wander where the heart does. Poor wife the other Trav has. And what ridiculous religion allows for immodesty, which is a manifestation of lust and lack of chastity?

    My eyes wander for many things, this is how to become brilliant, alert, studious, aware, which are all bad things?

    My poor wife loves me more than any lady could ever love someone who close their eyes to the bitter reality. I am positive on this one. My GODS religion has actually givin people choices since the day of Adam and Eve, and their unfortunate decision to eat the apple… Might be the wrong decision, but he still loves them.

    By the way, just to stir up some controversy…. I have an inny belly button and I am 325 pounds… Please don’t picture that in your head, could be a sin.

    You seemed to wanna hide your womens bodies…. I think some of them are beautiful, but hey… you wouldn’t want anyone else to think that.

    Remember you have your view of religion, and I know my religion… you can believe twisted ways that say women (who look great with a tan!) should be clothed down…. I feel sorry such beauty is hidden, and therefore looked down upon. Thats up to you guys.

    My poor wife… she get treated equally around here, by me, by my friends and peers, and by my elders… And if someone were not to treat her as an equal…. she would kick the crap out of them… and if she had any problem I would back her up…. does your wife get treated equal to you? does she goto work at the factory? do you change diapers????

    My wife smiles, and my loving god approves, thanks

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