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Putri Indonesia Nadine Chandra says she is ready to be questioned by police over the bikini scandal.

Nadine wore a bikini at the Miss Universe contest in America last month and was reported to the police by the womens’ wing of the Islam Defenders’ Front, the Mujahidah FPI, see Nadine Chandrawinata. However in a press conference in Jakarta on the 15th Nadine said that if called to the police station, as a good citizen, she was willing and able to give an explanation.

Nadine Chandra
Nadine Chandra.

Nadine admitted that upon hearing the news of her reporting to the police she was somewhat stressed but said she couldn’t understand what she had done wrong, she was only representing Indonesia to the best of her abilities.

A representative from the Putri Indonesia organisation (YPI), Putri Kuswisnuwardhani, said the YPI would provide Nadine with a lawyer, and questioned why differences of opinion on the matter of appropriate dress should become a concern for the police.

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  1. Miss Indo 07 says:

    Dont worry Nadine!!
    U didnt do anything wrong!

  2. d-nial says:

    Is it illegal to wear bikinis in pools or beach?
    Or is it become illegal when somebody saw it, or photo of you wearing bikini in pool?
    I don’t understand….

  3. humblepie says:


    You surely did nothing wrong by representing Indonesia in Miss Universe 2006 contest. The only thing that might be wrong it’s the time and place. You did it in time and place when/where many people were still narrow-minded, hypocrytes and most of all, stupid and arrogant.

    But it just proved to the world that you’re special.

    Good luck…

  4. Mohammed Khafi says:

    The police would be far better upholding Law and Order, which is the prime reason for their existence, rather than getting involved in matters of religion which in any civilised society are a matter for personal choice.

  5. alabesabesu says:

    you gave Indonesia a bad name. Not by performed in Miss Universe pageant, but by tried to speak English. For God’s sake, learned English honey!

  6. JavaSpirit says:

    So is this counntry going the way of Malaysia where even debating religion or conversion is taboo or even criminal?

  7. blah blah says:

    if a three-year-old girl is wearing a bikini, is she gonna b reported to the police?

    hmmmmmmm…just a thought

  8. blah blah says:

    nadine had done her best at the Ms. Univ. peagent.
    she was in the 2nd place for Ms. congeniality and for national costume.

    That’s pretty gut considering rep. from Indo had never been in top 3 of any kind at the MU peagent before.

  9. Rick says:

    Hmm, if they report her to the police, they should report every women on the beaches of Bali to the police too!

    It is so childish.


  10. Miss Indo 07 says:

    do u speak english better than her?

  11. Fanglong says:

    Aren’t there serious matters to deal with ?
    Each time a man or a woman sees him or herself in the bathroom mirror, naked (easier for showers, etc.), has he or she got to think he or she is committing a crime ?
    How stupid when the devil is logging in Acheh, for instance…
    Human bodily beauty is but a pale reflexion of God’s beauty. God’s definition being up to each free individual preferences.
    Always finding reasons to add suffering to anyone, blindly.
    So my friends, take care, love beauty & be happy !

  12. Alf Zay says:

    To alabesabesu:

    You wrote THREE (3) sentences that contain at least FIVE (5) mistakes. I bet you don’t even know you did. And you still had the guts
    to criticize Nadine’s English???


  13. O. Bule says:

    This is a perfect example of why organized religion and the state MUST be separtated in a free society. The idea of this woman being investigated by the police for wearing a swimsuit at a beauty contest is insane, and the insanity is religiously motivated.

    O. Bule

  14. Aloo says:

    Indonesia is doing quite well without Ms. Chandra’s nakid little booty. Its a good chance for her to get a green card and migrate to the US. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  15. Alf Zay says:

    “doing quite well”??? Compared to what? Who are you kidding? Give me a break!

  16. Bradlymail says:

    the Indonesian people are munafiq..feel funny to question Ms Chandra for wearing bikini during the beuty contest…come on man ! be a common sense..she gave Indonesia proud to participate this contest…that’s nothing wrong !!! what about Muslim woman wearing jilbab ‘make love’ in Lombok ? why Indo. Govt and FPI have not charge them….be a realistic and don’t be MUNAFIQ. BE STRONG NADINE…YOU DO THE RIGHT THINGS

  17. Philly Mcfadden says:

    Bradymail, not all Indonesian people are munafiq, only certain “Group of People”.

  18. Derrick says:

    Well, the Indonesia people should be worry more about thier nature disaster than worry about nadine case.

  19. Bradlymail says:

    i support zita zahara commented earlier a lot of Munafiq people in Indonesia…to Hassan please face the reality,open your mind and look to the day if you go to middle east countries,you will see what you did not will meet all munafiq people….how many our TKW been raped by them ?

  20. Blessed Indonesian says:

    Bradlymail…. I agree with you that there are a lot Munafiq people in Indonesia, but not all Indonesian. I made the comment because you said in your previous comment that “the Indonesian people are munafiq”. By the way I’m not Hassan….

  21. Alf Zay says:

    Blessed Indonesian, Bradlymail: I fully agree that NOT ALL Indonesians are
    “Munafiq” (hypocrites). Hypocrites are found everywhere in this world, not just in Indonesia. But it isn’t fair to suggest all Indonesians are hypocrites.
    I am sure there are still some honest people (including yourself, I hope 🙂

    If you are not Hassan, why don’t you identify yourself, Blessed Indonesian?
    Is there any reason for hiding your identity?

  22. Bradlymail says:

    To Alf Zay,grateful to Mighty God that you are not Hassan al Munafiq.Maybe my mistake to say all’Indonesian’ are munafiq…sorry for that !!!

  23. Alf Zay says:

    Hi Bradlymail,

    I don’t know who Hassan al Munafiq is. Never heard that name before.

  24. Bradlymail says:

    Alf Zay @ sooner you will know him..ah ! what a joke…?!

  25. Hassan says:

    I am al munafiq now eh? well, it’s funny why you guys always stereotype people who are against pornography as ‘hypocrits’. why? do you think that ALL human beings like pornography? and the ones that don’t like porn are hypocrits? what a shallow way to think..

    you know what I think? people who likes porn are called perverts, and perverts would like EVERYONE to be just like them, to make them feel better about themselves. so, people who are against porn are immidiately called hypocrits or weirdos or something like that. bottom line is perverts don’t like people saying that porn is bad.

  26. Alf Zay says:

    Hi Hassan,

    I think we should clarify what falls into the categories of ‘PORNOGRAPHY’ and

    IMHO, wearing a bikini is NOT a pornographic act by any means.

    Hypocrites are those whose words, thoughts and actions contradict one another, i.e. they don’t tally. Hypocrites tend to pretend to be what they are not.

    I hope you are not one of them.

  27. derrick says:

    Hello Hassan,

    Since you don’t like porno… it is best you don’t get married in the future… as you are not allowed to see your future wife in porno as well…. it is against your religion…

  28. Alf Zay says:

    Hey Derrick,

    Some guys may say they hate porn, but they love pretty girls, especially
    sexy ones…

    One doesn’t have to get married to see a girl naked. Isn’t that true?

    Perhaps they expect to have sex with their clothes on?

    Or get married just for the sake of ‘companionship’ alone, i.e. no sex?

  29. derrick says:

    Hi Alf,

    Dont care whether guys married or not, I believe there is nothing wrong seeing girls naked. It is part of life cycle. Even everyone on this earth fore father during the cave ages, they are naked so is written in Bible and Quran for Adam and Eve(no offence to Muslim people), until the serpent let them know the shame of being naked.

    PS : I just wonder how you have sex with clothes on and why need to get married for sake of just companionship. Frankly speaking, animals like dogs can be a much better companionship to mankind.

  30. Hassan says:

    derrick: that depends on your values, isn’t it? my values (and religion) taught me not to see naked women (or half naked for that matter), women who exposes their body publicly.

    why shouldn’t i get married? I only said i (and all Muslims should too) don’t like porn and public exposure of erotism, NOT I don’t like (marital) sex. but not extra marital sex, btw. off course I’m allowed to see my wife naked, but only my wife, and none other.

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