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Whether western intelligence agencies are bent on causing mayhem in Indonesia.

Cleric Abu Bakar Bashir of the Al Mukmin Islamic Boarding School, known as Ngruki, in Central Java, said that the recent Jakarta bombings at the JW Marriot and Ritz Carlton were clearly carried out with the help of foreign intelligence agencies, like the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

Although admitting that certain hardline Islamic groups were involved Bashir said these men were only the tools of the CIA, whose mission was to destroy Islam by ruining its image and turning Muslims against each other.

They will do anything they can to weaken Islam, including acts like this.

As evidence for CIA involvement Bashir noted the ease with which the bombers were able to enter the two hotels repeatedly while carrying materials for making bombs. gatra

Irfan S Awwas, a leader of Majelis Mujahidin Indonesia (MMI), an organisation which Bashir once led, also believes that the CIA is involved, but working in tandem with their best-friends-forever from Israel, Mossad.

Irfan S Awwas
Irfan S Awwas

The attacks had no connection with Islam, Awwas said, and he was convinced of a foreign conspiracy because at the time of the Marriott bombing there was a meeting of important western businessmen going on.

While just before the bombing of the Hotel Marriott Jakarta the last time, in 2003, a gathering of 21 CIA operatives took place nearby. Therefore such so-called terrorist attacks were usually preceded by meetings of westerners, proof of a conspiracy, he said. jakartapress


Considering at least the possibility that western intelligence agencies are behind the attacks also occurs in mainstream circles, like the weekly magazine Gatra, where an article about the jihadi footsoldiers of the Mega Kuningan bombings ends with the question: gatra

Who was behind these men in the field? Is it true that it’s western intelligence agencies?

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  1. diego says:

    Oh my gay god, not again….

  2. diego says:

    On my second thought, yea, they’re right. The bombing was done by westerners (those dirty cowardly scumbags). West, relative to Bali, I mean. Ok, if you don’t get it yet: malaysians.

  3. Rambutan says:

    TV One is also busy inviting JI representatives to their talk shows. Providing a platform to these guys for the sake of higher ratings??

  4. Hechter says:

    Of course this was the work of the CIA. Bashirs prooves it with is undeniable arguments and logic. Nudism is their other tool to bring Indonesia down. Theirs is a dual strategy: boobs & bombs. That’s why they were testing their nuclear bombs on the Bikini Atoll!

  5. DumadiSatrio says:

    Just back from a long vacation…in time for this

    anyway, I always wondered, If the CIA is smart enough to convince religious fanatics to do their bidding, why dont they just trick them all into loving them or something?
    And what would the motive be anyway? Barak Obama getting revenge on Jakarta because someone teased him in school? It doesnt make sense. Indonesia and “the west” have a good relationship, the only ones who benefit from weakening the government, sowing discord, chasing away investment, and creating chaos and mayhem are……people like Bashir!

  6. molceonly says:

    Now that was hilarious…

    I quote:
    DumadiSatrio Says:
    July 24th, 2009 at 10:47 am

    … Barak Obama getting revenge on Jakarta because someone teased him in school? …

    Hahaha… I laugh my ass off. so Barry got bully and now he got his revenge?

    That’s funny dude.

  7. Orang-Aus says:

    Yeah right Bakar,

    Blame the West, not your uneducated vile friends and deviant school. I think if Barry wanted to punish Indonesia he could do it in a lot of other ways that does not involve killing.

    Is it just me or does Bakar look like the KFC man???

  8. diego says:

    Thanks Rani,

    They were doing their best to grow beards but most didn’t get beyond a few hairs.

    Haven’t they heard of “Firdaus Oil”, or “Neril”? Geez, someone, please help them.

    Serious now: uhm…, what’s so difficult about cramming Abu Bakar Basyir and 1500+ pupils into a rehabilitation camp (labour, re-education, or whatever we fancy to name it)? Just sent a troop of ABRI, herd them into a big haul, and ship them all the way to that island.

  9. diego says:

    His friend Farouk said Friday’s attacks in Jakarta were “neither good nor bad”. He and his friends often watch videos showing the crimes perpetrated by the West against their ‘Muslim brothers’ in Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan. “I feel bad about the victims of attacks like these. But I feel less bad if they’re kafirs, non-Muslims. We don’t need to help them; they can help themselves.

    Isn’t it like an affirmation that we, the kafiruns, are better and stronger?

  10. Ross says:

    Yes, given what the vile old goat has said about his fans being entitled to assault innocent visitors to Indonesia, if they dare to show skin on a beach, we should not give vast credence to his claims on the bombings.
    It’s a bit like Gerry Adams after the Canary Wharf murders, when he ‘regretted’ it, but on being asked if his followers should assist the police in catching the culprits,…oh… no way, Jose!
    And that’s a timely reminder to us bules (including myself) who lash Indonesia for its shortcomings in these matters.
    At least SBY did not appoint Amrozi and the other Bali Beasts to provincial ministerial positions, as Major and Blair did with the IRA in the UK Province of Ulster.

  11. Oigal says:

    Dang Ross..Ulster to Bali is a long bow to draw.

  12. Ross says:

    Yes, true, but the Ould Country was on my mind after a recent exchange, and I’ve always felt a twinge of double-standards when I ‘rail’ at local terrs and then remember how Whitehall and Westminster proved so yellow-bellied.
    Murdering folks going about their innocent business is wicked regardless of the creed or colour of the perps or victims, and we ought not to forget that. I’m sure you don’t disagree.

  13. diego says:


    Have you read this? http://hidayatullah.com/berita/internasional/8842-non-muslim-inggris-gunakan-hukum-syariah.html

    Way to go, londonistaners!!!

    *rolling eyes*

    Why do you have to succumb to those stinky-goaties’ mumbo-jumbos???

  14. ultratupai says:

    The CIA has a long and nasty history screwing around with Indonesia. But right now I would say that it would be rather counter productive for them to be doing this now. The United States has no interest in seeing Indonesia destabilized. Also the CIA is not what it used to be and is rather preoccupied right now.

    It’s just easy to blame the CIA or whatever… I quite agree with Ross.

  15. TheWrathOfGrapes says:

    Hechter Says:
    Theirs is a dual strategy: boobs & bombs. That’s why they were testing their nuclear bombs on the Bikini Atoll!

    Yup – and all their mines are booby-trapped!

  16. Peter says:

    Don’t Indonesians ever get tired blaming the rest of the word for their problems?

  17. Peter says:


  18. Oigal says:

    Peter.. In a word Nope!

    Lets see this year it was the evil Singaporeans stealing their sand and hiding corruptors (ignoring the fact, the sand is sold by Indonesians and officials provide gold travel passes to anyone who needs them), Australians trying to pinch Papua (what poison chalice that would be), Malaysia well they pinched everything, traditional cloth, islands, oil, songs…yawn..

    In fact Malaysia been the favorite whipping boy for about a month, we are due for a change…

  19. diego says:


    Malaysia really is such a shitty country (they have weird girly accent to start with). What’s wrong about making it the “whipping boy”? Due for a change? No way. It must last.

  20. Oigal says:

    Nice airport and the trains and power stations work.

    Having said that, on my last visit I was really suprised at the level of hatred between ethnic groups there, I am used to ethnic and religious intolerance after living here for some time but there it was to another level. It was unusual in that every cab driver etc was all too ready to say really bizarre things about other ethnic groups..Indian vs Chinese, Chinese vs Indian Malay vs everyone..It’s a real powerkeg just awaiting..

  21. Ross says:

    Rambutan, you are correct in being concerned that TVOne has these JI creepos along for ‘useful input.’
    The issue of giving terrs publicity and respectablility is hardly new, though.
    RTE was stopped from giving IRA/Sinn Fein apologists a platform by the late Conor Cruise O’Brien, but once the pols knuckled under, Adams and Co. were back on the box, being treated as if their commitment to violence was just as acceptable as the actually political parties’ programmes.
    Should groups like JI or indeed Hizbut Tahrir be accorded respectable or even legal status?
    There are two ways of looking at it. One was exemplified by Muslim Turkey last week, which rounded up Hizbut Tarir by the hundreds, as a threat to Turkey’s reasonably democratic constitution. The other, shamefully, is Canada’s, which on Friday this week is allowing HT Canada to use a public hall in Mississauga, Ontario, to rally its followers, whose ideology includes a stated commitment to murder any thinking Muslims who convert to other faiths.

    Indonesia seems to like the Canuck way. I don’t.

  22. Odinius says:

    Dumadi said:

    If the CIA is smart enough to convince religious fanatics to do their bidding, why dont they just trick them all into loving them or something?

    Brilliant question, but just one of many. Why not trick them to convert to another religion? Or to kill other enemies of the CIA, rather than weatern business people and unassuming hotel workers?

    But, of course, conspiracy theories are hardly logical, or rational. You start with the answer (whichever your favorite is…Jews, Masons, the CIA, reptillian shapeshifter aliens, Muslims, etc.) and simply fit whatever evidence exists to the conclusion that they did it

  23. rick fontes says:

    Maybe its time for someone to come up with a “unified conspiracy” conspiracy linking everything back to the snake, the apple and that chick in the garden. Then, with everything explained , we can all kick back on a grassy hillside, cool beverage in hand, and “disappear” clouds.

  24. Pakmantri says:

    Rick Fontes said:

    Maybe its time for someone to come up with a “unified conspiracy” conspiracy linking everything back to the snake, the apple and that chick in the garden.

    We did find the link to everything in this world and beyond ……. …… we called it “GOD”. 🙂


  25. Oigal says:

    We did find the link to everything in this world and beyond ……. …… we called it “GOD”.

    Ah ah!! So God is a worldwide conspiracy..yup I could buy that

  26. Dragonwall says:

    Horay Abu Basyir. Make the blame and continue playing the bombing game and sway with whichever way the winds are blowing.

    wasn’t he the one that threatened to take retaliatory actions when those convicted of the Bali bombings were sentenced. So after they were executed at Nusa Kambangan where was he hiding? Ahh..under his holy skirt.

    He should be promoting the Islamic religion in Australia, Britain or perhaps the US because I feel that may create an impact for the religion or for himself.

  27. Purba Negoro says:

    The US’ Embassy (Schloss Neue Welle Orderberg) is a stones throw from the Presidential palace.
    The CIA was desperate to stop the largest SE Asian nation from developing pro-communist leanings (Sukarno’s greatest disaster- courting the duplicitous Chinese- thus earning the enmity of the Pribumi- royals & soldiers and Imam-Ulama & Rakyat alike).

    Menzies oft-spoke of “Sukarno the bastard” and wanting to nuke Jakarta- hence Australia’s idiotic purchase of the instantly redundant F-111C Tactical First Strike supersonic bomber.
    Nearest equivalent in the Soviet arsenal was a while coming- the Tupolev “whte Swan”

    Had Indonesia fallen- it is certain ASEAN would be communist block. If the tiny nation of Vietnam could repel and humiliate the world greatest fighting force
    (In the 1960’s the US military truly WAS a superb and awe-inspiring fighting machine-
    what would a highly nationalistic, militarised, more populous nation do?

    Thus- Indonesia has had proven past involvement with CIA, NSA and Mi6- not to mention Australia’s pathetic ASIS, ASIO and still today with US PAC SIGINT. US trainers are commonly flown into Indonesia to train groups such as DENSUS 88.
    Cobra Gold was another instance of US-Indonesian military collaboration.

    To deny any involvement would be tantamount to calling the White House the Green with Purple Spots. Simply wrong and in contravention of fact and history.

    Yes- indeed there are those seeking to destabilize Indonesia for material gain.
    The UK and Australian Billiton-BHP, Oppenhimer and Rio Tinto to exploit Irian Jaya’s enormous resource wealth, and Dutch Shell to exploit Maluku and Ambonese massive offshore gas fields.

    Australia proved its duplicity by thieving East Timorese gas.
    But luckily- Indonesian retained PulauRoti under threat of all out guerrilla war against the cowardly Convicts- and thus exact a duty on all Australian-Timor shipping.
    I am told that for the very first time in history, Timor Timur now is profitable for Indonesia by way of Australians reverting to their convict roots.

    The USA manipulates to suit its’ own interests or steer the government in the direction it desires.

    As per Israel- they are searching for enemies to justify retention of the billions of dollars in USAID and USMILAID annually. Again- motivation= greed & profit.

  28. Purba Negoro says:

    I accidentally found this thought-provoking article:

    The US was behind the Rwandan Genocide: Installing a US Protectorate in Central Africa 16 Years Ago. 7 April 1994-

    by Michel Chossudovsky

    apparently from
    Second Edition of The Globalization of Poverty and the New World Order Global Research, Montreal,: 2003. ISBN: 9780973110913.

    I have not read either- nor have formed an opinion-
    but I include as good fodder for intelligent discussion.

    But I concur with:

    The formation of the IMF gave financiers, chiefly North American, a cudgel to change governments, force farmers and pastoralists to convert to cash crop economies, and reduce or eliminate government services.
    The initial steps were instituted by the Bretton Woods conferences designed to restore nations devastated by World War II. Private financial institutions imposed conditions on loans granted to recovering countries.
    “Recovering” countries rapidly expanded into “developing” countries as these institutions recognised the value of cheap labour in them. Accepting “foreign investment” led to indebtedness difficult to repay. Defaulting was unacceptable to both borrower and lender, leading to new rounds of loans. These, however, rarely reached the borrowing nation since the new funds were set against the older debt. “Servicing the debt” meant imposition of stringent conditions, ranging from privatisation of services, amalgamation of small land holdings to produce crops [consumables] to be purchased cheaply, but sold at inflated prices.
    Each of the nations Chossudovsky examines suffers the same schedule of “structural adjustment programmes” imposed by the IMF. These SAPs outline the changes a nation must endure to receive the “benefits” of globalization. Restrictions on outside investment must be eliminated, with the concomitant privatisation of state-owned facilities and services. Where workers aren’t laid off, their wages are frozen or reduced. Local currencies must be adjusted to American dollars, which has the impact of intense inflation spirals almost overnight. The result is a populace under increasing pressure, marginal or famine-stricken and powerless. Civil unrest isn’t an option, since disruption brings reprisals – often, of course, the withdrawal of investment, failure to renew loan guarantees or simply real military action.”

    Prof Chossudovsky’s bio:
    -Professor of Economics (emeritus) at the University of Ottawa.
    – Director of the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG).
    -has acted as economic adviser to governments of developing countries
    – worked as consultant for international organizations including:
    -United Nations Development Programme (UNDP),
    -African Development Bank,
    -UN African Institute for Economic Development and Planning (AIEDEP), -UN Population Fund (UNFPA),
    -International Labour Organization (ILO)
    -World Health Organisation (WHO)
    -United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC).

    A very interesting and learned man, one must admit.

    US-UK Intel= Globalisation= New World Order= Neo-colonialism= paleo=colonialism (-labour slavery) with a smiling brown face.
    El Presidente Chavez condensed.

  29. Odinius says:

    That Rwanda “argument” is surely meant as a joke. It really should be…

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