Suicide Bombings in Jakarta

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BombAlternative views of the terror attacks in Jakarta, Islamic extremism or rogue political and security forces.


General Ansyaad Mbai of a ministerial Anti-Terror Desk says he is convinced that the JW Marriott and Ritz Carlton bombings in the Kuningan area of Jakarta on July 17th that killed nine people are connected to fugitive Noordin Mohammed Top of Jemaah Islamiyah, because it was a suicide bombing. antara

Other police sources say the bombs used at the hotels were similar to explosives discovered by police in a raid last week in Cilacap, Central Java, when Noordin M Top associate Syaefudin Zuhri was arrested. tempo

Terror expert from the International Crisis Group, Sidney Jones, also said the Noordin M Top group was likely responsible, and that any connection with the 2009 elections, an idea put forward by president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY), was improbable. l6

Noordin M Top
Noordin M Top

Business/Politics/Security Forces

However others view the bombings as an attempt to destroy the presidency of Yudhoyono, as being committed by rogue elements within the security forces, and/or as having a connection with recent shootings of foreigners at the Freeport mine in Papua.

They note that it was no accident that PT Freeport Indonesia executives Adrianto Machribie and David R Potter were injured in the blasts. These two men were holding a meeting with another businessman, Timothy David Mackay of PT Holcim Indonesia Tbk, who was killed.

President Yudhoyono in a speech connected the bombings to political threats his campaign had received during the elections, that if he won events in Indonesia would follow those in Iran after that country’s presidential elections.

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  1. ET says:

    President Yudhoyono in a speech connected the bombings to political threats his campaign had received during the elections, that if he won events in Indonesia would follow those in Iran after that country’s presidential elections.

    According to a recent debate on Metro TV in which Hendropryono, former chief of BIN, participated, the threats SBY was referring to date from the previous elections in 2004.

    What a bummer this SBY is, coming up with outdated threats from 5 years ago to divert the attention from the real threats. And a slap in the face too for the victims of the bombings!

  2. Andy says:

    diego-They get 72 virgins, we don’t (I don’t know about you, but I will reincarnate so I’m not really worried).

    boohoo I get nothing but I also believe they don’t either. As for the 72 virgins have you ever noticed how it seems those who willingly choose to convert to Islam are almost always males. Women do only for marital and family pressures and are severely punished for trying to convert to another religion.

  3. Pena Budaya says:

    The worst scenario could be that these suicide bombers were used by other group that has nothing to do with their (suicide bombers) beliefs…how ironic could that be..

  4. rima says:

    I am so saddened by this bombing, but the saddest thing is that I wasn’t surprised at all that this happened (yet again).

    The thing is, the general atmosphere in Indonesia is that many people still do not condemn these attacks, they almost seem like supporting it. And then there are the small (stupid) group that insist that these attacks are master minded by the CIA/Zionists/Jews/Americans/Aliens/dontcarewhoaslongastheyrenotmuslims/(put your favorite villain here)..

    It’s sad to see that many Indonesians in 2009 seem to be a lot less smarter and tolerant than those during Suharto’s reign which is more than 10 years ago. Isn’t time supposed to make one more mature and knowledgeable? Why are we on a train that goes in reverse??

  5. Ross says:

    Berlian’s comments are timely, but it is also time to erase the ‘squeaky-clean’image Malaysia has.
    It is a cess-pool of Islamonazi cretinism, viz. last week’s report in the Globe about a no doubt really cute model, Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarno, aged 32, who was found ‘guilty’ of having a beer by a nasty bigot judge, Abdul Rashman Yunus, who sentenced her to 6 lashes, plus a fine of over $1000.
    He reportedly said her penalty was ‘aimed at making the accused repent and serves as a lesson to Muslims.’ It certainly is a good lesson for normal folk, as to how shamefuilly Malaysia operates.
    Islamist goons captured Dewi in a raid on a nightclub in August 2008. Such ‘crimes’ are handled in shariah courts, allowed by the government, which dispense their ludicrous Arabised concepts of justice to Muslim citizens, a discriminatory system, for a non-Muslim girl would not have been apprehended. Equal before the law? Not in Malaysia.
    If you look back over the news reports coming out of KL over the past few years, (eg government hounding a Catholic newspaper for calling God Allah, the high court bullying that Lina Joy woman who wanted to convert out of Islam, etc.) you’ll see they are as bad as if not worse than Indonesia’s crackpot ustads.
    When will these goaties enter the 21st or even the 20th Centuriy?

  6. David says:

    Here’s another one for the Malaysia haters

    Densus 88 Antiteror Polda Sulawesi Selatan dan Barat (Sulselbar) memeriksa pria asal Malaysia, Jusri alias Ikel alias Buto alias Ano Bin Maslan (29), yang diduga punya kaitan dengan jaringan teroris Noordin M. Top.

  7. diego says:

    Thanks Patung! 😀

  8. David says:

    Latest Noordin pics!

  9. David says:

    And terrorist fried rice!

  10. Cukurungan says:

    Cukurungan, just wondering….are you , Purba and AAB the same guy? Your writing styles and beliefs are much the same. Xenophobia, religious extremism and out and out western hating makes me wonder.

    As for this particular post, you will wonder at the end of your life why you bothered praying at ridiculous times, not drinking and eating the most delicious of meats (babi) when you know all that will happen is you will be buried much the same way as me. And you will regret not living life to the full.

    Dear Mister Andy,

    Herewith, I would like to express my sympathy upon your personal life, it must be very hard for you being dumped by the woman you love, rejected by your own student and on top of your miserable life, You are only a poor bule Khafir. There is still an excuse to become a poor Muslim because Muslim can not do this do that with so many rule about Haram and Halal in our life however to become a lonely bule poor khafir is unbelievable … come with so many freedom and privilege you can take for granted but you are only end-up become a bule kafir & kere ……oh my Gun…but please do not be despair you are still a lucky guy because you can hear advice directly from me the Master Guru who can lead you to better life as long as you want it.

    Yes we do not eat pork beside it is clearly forbidden in our belief, we consider the pork is a very disgusting meat and I thank to GOD who give us this paradise land where there are so many abundance good meat and foods available for us, therefore, we do not need to consume those disgusting meat to fulfill my protein needs.
    Last but not the least, the old wisdom say: the good human should only eat the good food whereas the disgusting human can eat anything they want it just like a pig.

    Servant of the Truth

  11. Ross says:

    Hi Servant. Yes, you should eat what you think appropriate, and so should we. So let’s sack that nitwit bigot in Bogor, Hizzoner the Mayor, who wants to make it a halal city.

    Incidentally, let’s also applaud Jakarta’s t-shirt salesmen, who quickly over-printed their Man U wares – rendered useless by the footie cancellation -and sold them with the admirable motto of ‘F— Terrorists.’

  12. Oigal says:

    let’s also applaud Jakarta’s t-shirt salesmen, who quickly over-printed their Man U wares – rendered useless by the footie cancellation -and sold them with the admirable motto of ‘F— Terrorists.’

    That was clever!!,,,is this perhaps the start of a popular movement against the myopic cave dwellers.

  13. Andy says:

    cukky-You are only a poor bule Khafir.

    Ah cuky mate, if you can’t debate someone at their level try and hit them below the belt. You know I am right thats why you resort to personal insults. But if you want me to go into the gutter with you i’ll take the challenge. Look at the above link and click on it. If I am a poor bule (and how would you know what I earn?? as i’ve never said what I earn) I still earn way more than you don’t I….But then you are just a pathetic goat bearded rag headed lowlife. Why not become a terrorist?


    just check out where the rag head nations rate on this the major economic indicator. NO MUSLIM countries amongst the best. That’s why you need to pay our boys enormous emounts to come and work as we have the expertise and you only know how to bow to a fake god. I guess if you had a good nights sleep and didn’t wake at 4am maybe your brains would work better. In case you can’t add up Indonesia has 230 million people. My country has 21 million. We produce MORE than yours. Says something about work ethic too. Read and weep poor loser. Hope you can afford a meal of indomie tonight while I gorge on a Pork roast. Maybe my drool can feed your family at the end of it……

  14. diego says:

    Hey, let’s not forget to bring malaysia into this conversation….

  15. Oigal says:

    Isn’t Andy Malaysian 🙂

  16. diego says:

    Isn’t Andy Malaysian 🙂

    Oh…, now I understand the indonesia-bashing on his part!

    But from what I understand from his posts…, eh, Andy… you’re non-muslim, right? You must be chinese. Why are you still siding with malaysians who’ve been treating you like, uhm, pig?

  17. Andy says:

    Oh geez, you guys have blown my cover…Yes i’m really a Malay muslim and my role here is to spank Cukurungan’s bottom with a rattan for being a bad bad muslim brother.

  18. redix says:

    diego,diego, you are plain stupid…these are all SBY political ploy. Do you think Nordin M top will be killed if Yusuf kala be the president ? Duh!! Where’s your brain ? I guess it already up your ass…
    As stupid as you are now, don’t talk too much if you don’t really know what you’re saying. SBY showed all indonesian a photograph of a terrorist in training shooting at his pic (SBY) after the ritz carlton bombings. Where did he get it from ??? Who gave it to him ??? He knew it all along where the hell are all the terrorist. This is what the politician call a LEVERAGE you dumb ass. American played with it well, Indonesian follows. You said Malaysian this and that, hey man what happen in Irian Jaya ??? Poso ??? Ambon ??? and you know what….most of the inhabitants there comes to Malaysia to work so they can earn a living which they can’t do that in Poso, Ambon and most of indonesia. In Ambon it’s about a fcking christian who wants to show the muslim way of doing things… A stupid jesus ass licking asshle started the whole affair….. THINK DIEGO MORON.

    p/s What started the H1N1 ???? Its Babi you fool. Mannn…. how stupid are you diego.

  19. Oigal says:

    In Ambon it’s about a fcking christian who wants to show the muslim way of doing things… A stupid jesus ass licking asshle started the whole affair

    What started the H1N1 ???? Its Babi you fool.

    Another classic…Where on earth do these people get their education (Ok obviously the wrong word).

    Redix…First rule of debate, the moment you revert to childish personal insults you have lost the debate.

  20. Oigal says:

    By the way interestingly they believe they have found patient zero for Swine Flu and it was in a urban area with no contact with rural animals, the investigation is ongoing.

  21. Dragonwall says:

    Here the thieving Servants speaks again. I thought the Sharia had you convicted for that crime confess and had your hands amputated. I suppose now you must be typing with your legs or perhaps Boring minyak with your legs?

  22. Juhna says:

    I belive not only our suspects were involved in the atack but some of the Ritz-Carlton hotel imployers played a mager part in the atack, aparently the imployers of the Ritz-Carlton holtel supplied the bolts and nuts. I am very discusted that the atacker was planing on doing such a thing. What is the point in destroying a hotel, and killing inecent people? I just dont get it. I have heard that not only in Jakarta but in the Phillipiens there has been a large atack, with bombs, like Bali bombings.
    Please respond to this letter, I am doing an assignment about the Jakrata bombings and need informaton fast.

  23. dragonwall says:

    Can I know where are you hailing from? Indonesia or elsewhere?

    If there is a speculation that employees in the hotels are involved then this would have been the most ridiculous imagination. Simple reason is that if they had provided certain assistance to the bombings then they were risking their lives for an unworthy cause. The unworthy cause would have been financial gain and nothing else.

    Perhaps some of the employees may have been attracted to some money gain for these people to get into the hotel easily by checking into a room under an assume name.

    The ulterior motive may perhaps be that these American owned properties were their primarily target making those foreigners to be their unsuspected victims because most of them knew that those staying in the hotels were hardly locals. There may be locals who goes there to meet people or who worked there.

    Not forgetting there were several bombs that did not go off because when they saw locals they abandoned their plans. Therefore we could deduct from their action it is the loss they wanted to cause to foreigners like Americans, Australian, British and maybe French etc.

    They were actually following the footsteps of those from the 911 incident as well as the oklahoma incidents. Their primary target may not even be local properties. Their motive is to create as much losses to foreign investment and chasing away investment. There are absolutely no new investments. The rupiah strengthen because the USD weakened against oil and gold. Not because Indonesian’s economic situation had improve.

    The other one reason is because for the time being SBY is still in power giving foreign country to continue providing support to Indonesia. But in term of terror there are still set back when foreigners shy away from Indonesia. As long as foreigners stay away from Indonesia there is nothing much indonesia could do in their economy because the cycle just does not continue to move the way needed to boost trade.

    Now new evidence have showed that Arabs played a certain role in the bombings according to intelligence investigator.

    The Indonesian should convert the Densus 88 into a CTU bringing in more new and younger blood to exert as much pressure to these people. I would also suggested torture interrogation to ensure these people spill their guts to ease investigation and making more arrest. I am sure there are people from the elite being involve because if those that were involved comprise of people who are son of religious leaders and plitical elite then the more likely the possibility it exists other faction could be involve.

    To me the most important person is still from the Head of Police, Intelligence and AG’s office. They play a very crucial role in apprehending the situation. Nothing else matters most to Indonesia.

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