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Sri Mulyani about to leave for Washington as a Managing Director of the World Bank Group.

47 year old now ex-Finance minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati has been appointed as one of the three Managing Directors of the World Bank, replacing Juan Jose Daboub who completes his four year term as Managing Director on June 30th. The two other remaining Directors are Graeme Wheeler from New Zealand and Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala of Nigeria.

She will function as a top adviser to World Bank President Robert Zoellick, and will take responsibility for three World Bank regions: Latin America and Caribbean, Middle East and North Africa, and East Asia and Pacific, as well as overseeing the Information Systems Group.


A press release from the World Bank has Robert Zoellick saying

I am delighted to announce the appointment of Sri Mulyani Indrawati. She has been an outstanding Finance Minister with in-depth knowledge of both development issues and the role of the World Bank Group. As a member of the Senior Team she will play a key role in helping to lead the Bank as we move to strengthen client support, implement our reform program, and anticipate future challenges.


Ms. Indrawati brings a unique set of skills and experience to the World Bank Group, from the vantage point of an advancing Middle-Income country that still faces significant challenges of poverty. She has received global recognition for her success in combating corruption and strengthening good governance. She has been a leader in the developing world on climate change, and active in the international arena through the G-20, APEC, ASEAN and other groups.

The lady herself:

It is a great honour for me and also for my country to have this opportunity to contribute to the very important mission of the Bank in changing the world.

Indrawati earned a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Illinois and a BA in Economics from the University of Indonesia. She has received many accolades including Euromoney Magazine’s Global Finance Minister of the Year, and Emerging Markets’ Best Finance Minister in Asia. She has also been regularly on Forbes’ List of the 100 Most Powerful Women. worldbank

World Bank
Soon to be on the team

Meanwhile the reaction at home was a mixture of glumness and pride. Said Democrat Party politician Meilizar Latif

We lose because she is one of the nation’s best assets. Even President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono called her one of the nation’s “finest daughters”.

North Sumatra University lecturer Warjo MA was one of the cheerers: antara

This proves that Indonesia also possesses top human resources.

Anti Corruption Commission/Komisi Pemberantasan Korupsi (KPK) head Bibit Samad Riyanto said the new appointment would not hinder the ongoing investigation into the Bank Century bailout scandal, and that the KPK had experience of questioning people whose work took them to Washington DC. antara

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  1. deta says:

    – Expansion of funding to cooperatives
    – Expansion of state enterprises.
    – Tariff protection, tax breaks, sweetheart deals for Bakrie/Kalla/Bukaka group because they’re ‘pribumis’

    Haha… Bakrie/Kalla/Bukaka are hardly ‘pribumis’ if we see the shareholder structure.

    More fund to cooperatives? Which cooperatives? Small cooperatives in village areas or big cooperatives owned by big companies?

    Expansion of state enterprises? You mean increasing the monopoly in managing the country’s resources without improving the management and service?

    Ya, very promising this ‘ekonomi kerakyatan’.

  2. Deta,

    Well, even Bakrie is of Arab descent, much less ‘pribumi’ than a ‘Benteng Cina’ person. Yeah, the whole thing is a scam to rip off public money for politically well-connected companies. Adi Sasono the coops minister in ’98 made a bid to rip off IMF money, but got punished in the political melee.

  3. Oigal says:

    are hardly ‘pribumis’ if we see the shareholder structure

    Very true Deta, it would make very interesting reading to see the debt for equity swaps and other transactions over the past 18 months. Indonesians own virtually nothing of the so called pribumi owned natural resources, in fact they are now at the stage of paying chinese and others to plunder them, simply incredible. Even more amazing, Indonesians don’t seem to care more concerned about an Indian Dock worker. As I said before its like watching a train smash in slow motion.

    It is a real mystery to me how so many people still think some of these guys are in any shape or form actually good for nation.

    Still one has to be careful, dangerous game naming the most powerful man in Indonesia and defacto President.

  4. Oigal,

    Not sure if Indonesians don’t own ‘anything’. There’s still the divestment laws and technically, oil and gas companies own nothing. They’re just contractors to Pertamina. Then there are the SOEs — Bukit Asam, for example, I think is # 3 coal producer, but haven’t checked lately.

  5. Oigal says:

    Indeed that is true, however I think the really interesting issue is how they have restructured their debts and what are their real liabilities going forward. Just because your name is on the land title of your house doesn’t mean you own it. Not for one second we will ever really know.

  6. Dragonwall says:

    I am surprised then when she was elected to the Finance and with all the squabbling she still gets to the IMF. I suppose that was an easy way out for the Indonesian Government unlike Yusril Ihza Mahendra. How lucky she is.

    Well at least she had slapped those corrupt bastards many time over, so I give her the consolations, the least one can do.

  7. Oigal says:

    Did we see the latest S/Court decision re The Bakries and their tax compliance. S/Court ruled in Bakrie favour… Gee what a surprise!

  8. dragonwall says:

    this is what happened when you have people like Gayus HaloMan Tambunan. Similar mass manipulation of tax to deprive the country of their shares makes an easy way out for Bakrie to get away with that easily in the Supreme Court but of course wihtout extra pelicin nothing works, I suppose the tax department should also offer similar pelicin for the Court to rule in their favor. It is relly pathetic. Imagine recently China just executed or sentences almost 3000 to life terms for corrupt officials. I suppose the Supreme Court judge should be also investigated for his part. I am sure they could start with those foreign banks along Sudirman. They tell a lot of tales. I didn’t understand how come people from Justice Department visiting banks during office hours.

    I will bet you not long after Bakrie will regain his position to become another rich man. Like they used to say “Ikan asin hidup kembali” Tasty.. How stupid of SBY to be used by people like him or shall we say another Yusuf Kalla in the making.

    I was not wrong when she was appointed as Finance Minister that this day will come and so unfortunate that she get away quick enough before Banks Century’s scandal could be further dug for more involvements.

    Susno blew one whistle too fast after climbing that high. Similar fate fell on to the KKO of Indonesia Navy who tried to expose Wiranto, Safrie Samsuddin and Prabowo during the 1998 riot involvements.

    When would Indonesia change for the better of tomorrow’s offspring. Like I said before, it takes another Soeharto to make Indonesia a better place to live but unfortunate thing is that people eye more on money than the future of the country. Just too bad.

    Sharia Law is getting closer despite assurance by SBY. We just wait and see.

  9. Jen says:


    Yes Sri Mulyani, go running back, crying, to mother World Bank and help make it smooth for “Indonesia” (SBY, all the ministers and pejabats) to get more loans, funds, hutangs that Indonesians could never pay back in at least 7 generations to come..

    And I was being kind there, seriously we’ll never pay back all our debts :/

    SBY and his cronies are so smart to make us think that the economy is getting better when actually unemployment grows, manufactural & agrocultural industries are slowly dying from competition with the other emerging economies (China, Vietnam, India).

    Yes the GDP has risen but only because the rich is getting richer and the poor STILL getting poorer. 1% tambah kaya 99 % tambah miskin LOL

  10. dragonwall says:

    Indonesians should not look up but at those below the Number One (SBY).
    Those that is under SBY are the main culprits in Indonesia’s misfortune.

    Even the Secretary of State was implicated in money laundering and force to step down in disgrace further more he was the Minister of Justice. Just because he thinks that he was the Justice Minister he felt that he knows the law better to such extent he openly assist a criminal in laundering money corrupted from the Indonesians.

    Is he disgusting?

    He cause the oppurnity to arise for those Immigration Officers to openly help themselves to those visa payment meant for state coffer to run into their own pocket.

    He even bribe members of parliament in order for them to pass the Sharia Law.

    They are all those garbage swept under the rug not to be seen by the President. This is something most fearful in any administration.

    If not because of Zhu Rongji, China will never be tranformed into such glorious state of recognition in the eyes of the world.

    Take a look at the Shanghai World Expo and see the technology displayed to such awe and envy of many countries.

    Ani would be the last straw. If Indonesia instead of helping themselves choose to take the bait and prolong the illness and spread the disease then, it would not just be seven generations but many more generations to come, Indonesia will not be able to stand on its own two feet.

    FOrget about the natural resources because they are the main cause of Corruption, Collusion and Nepotism.

    Let see how she get along with the other two directors at the WB. I guess laughing all the way to the bank.

  11. retarders says:

    Sri Mulyani looks like wayang…

  12. diego says:

    I guess dragonwall is out again to invite us playing “connect the dots” game:

    – Justice Minister of Indonesia
    – Zhu Rongji and Chinese Technological Advance that Awe the rest of the World.
    – Sri Mulyani Indrawati.

    Maybe I’ve missed several more dots?

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