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Sri Mulyani about to leave for Washington as a Managing Director of the World Bank Group.

47 year old now ex-Finance minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati has been appointed as one of the three Managing Directors of the World Bank, replacing Juan Jose Daboub who completes his four year term as Managing Director on June 30th. The two other remaining Directors are Graeme Wheeler from New Zealand and Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala of Nigeria.

She will function as a top adviser to World Bank President Robert Zoellick, and will take responsibility for three World Bank regions: Latin America and Caribbean, Middle East and North Africa, and East Asia and Pacific, as well as overseeing the Information Systems Group.


A press release from the World Bank has Robert Zoellick saying

I am delighted to announce the appointment of Sri Mulyani Indrawati. She has been an outstanding Finance Minister with in-depth knowledge of both development issues and the role of the World Bank Group. As a member of the Senior Team she will play a key role in helping to lead the Bank as we move to strengthen client support, implement our reform program, and anticipate future challenges.


Ms. Indrawati brings a unique set of skills and experience to the World Bank Group, from the vantage point of an advancing Middle-Income country that still faces significant challenges of poverty. She has received global recognition for her success in combating corruption and strengthening good governance. She has been a leader in the developing world on climate change, and active in the international arena through the G-20, APEC, ASEAN and other groups.

The lady herself:

It is a great honour for me and also for my country to have this opportunity to contribute to the very important mission of the Bank in changing the world.

Indrawati earned a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Illinois and a BA in Economics from the University of Indonesia. She has received many accolades including Euromoney Magazine’s Global Finance Minister of the Year, and Emerging Markets’ Best Finance Minister in Asia. She has also been regularly on Forbes’ List of the 100 Most Powerful Women. worldbank

World Bank
Soon to be on the team

Meanwhile the reaction at home was a mixture of glumness and pride. Said Democrat Party politician Meilizar Latif

We lose because she is one of the nation’s best assets. Even President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono called her one of the nation’s “finest daughters”.

North Sumatra University lecturer Warjo MA was one of the cheerers: antara

This proves that Indonesia also possesses top human resources.

Anti Corruption Commission/Komisi Pemberantasan Korupsi (KPK) head Bibit Samad Riyanto said the new appointment would not hinder the ongoing investigation into the Bank Century bailout scandal, and that the KPK had experience of questioning people whose work took them to Washington DC. antara

72 Comments on “World Bank Director Ani”

  1. Odinius says:

    Ya, and appointing Aburizal Bakrie as the finance minister will be a great effort to protect our natural resources from being sold out to foreigner.

    Let’s not forget that he runs a neo-liberal think-tank with the Mallarangengs. So a move from Mulyani to Bakrie is hardly a repudiation of neo-liberalism.

  2. diego says:

    Another news to help you enter a deeper state of depression…:,20100508-1278,id.html

    The snake (Bakrie) is now in da house. Me think SBY is such a coward person 🙁 Where’s the ball? Selfish, narcisistic, coward. Jesus friggin’ christ.

  3. bayuputra says:

    I believe the best Sri Mulyani mother, carrying the name of the country and it the name states, not many people would like him so I am very proud of him and told him ..
    always successful for the mother ..
    Our prayers are always with your work step.

    always successful for the mother of Sri Mulyani.

  4. Oigal says:

    Not fair to expect Assmad/Dikki to be very sensible as he would have been celebrating with his “sponsors” over this one (well serving the drinks like good little token bule anyway). Crocodiles have won a major victory here, like watching a national train smash in slow motion.

  5. Oigal,

    Yes, I hope to be personal bongo player for Pak Ical.

  6. Hans says:

    Interestingly, many very good women in the world has gone this way, proficient, skilled, popular, but dangerous and uncomfortable

  7. Oigal says:

    Bongo Playing??..Is that what they call it these days? Always do like a euphemism though.

  8. diego says:

    ALARM! Feel offended! She mentioned the “b” word (!) at 0:55.

  9. Oigal says:

    appointing “the muddy kingmaker” as the finance minister will be a great effort to protect our natural resources from being sold out to foreigner.

    So sad that so many don’t realise that just how much and how far forward the mud king has sold off to “foreigners” to keep the parasitic empire afloat. Still someone has to pay for those weddings and ..ahem..crowds..

  10. deta says:

    Shh…don’t spoil pak dikki’s joy

  11. @ Deta,

    Mr. Oigal is just trying to discredit Indonesia and force its break up so Australi can come in and control our natural resource.

  12. Oigal says:

    As opposed to Chinese Loans? How is the ownership/debt structure of Indonesia’s largest resource company these days. rofl

  13. deta says:

    I suppose pak ical will set a long term coal, rather than goal to pay it off

  14. diego says:

    Sharing a link, just for reminder six months in the future after this…:

  15. diego says:

    If madrotter can embed ‘interesting’ graphic at the end of his comments, well, I can do it too…:

  16. Oigal says:


    I have never really understood what that means, other than some kind of insult in absence of anything concrete. Ody you used the term, can you help me out?

    Diego, at the risk of appearing assmad, you are getting way to obtuse for me now..

  17. Mr The Oigals: is the philosophy associated with Hayek and economics associated with Milton Friedman.

  18. diego says:

    Me? Obtuse? What about this?:

    Who said we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover? I didn’t. I prefer to agree with the ancient greeks on this matter, for this specific case.

  19. Mr. Diegos,

    That’s not all you like about the ancient Greek ways ! Astaga and Aduhaaai !!

  20. Oigal says:

    Sorry Assmad, neo-liberal as used in the context of Indonesian insult?? Care to help out?

  21. Oigal,

    Kind of vaguely, indirectly means a sinister neoimperialist corporate-Western government conspiracy to control the Indonesian economy cloaked in IMF-speak. But only a handful of NGO activists and academics in weird think tanks in Jakarta’s industrial belt even know that definition. To the average PKS or DPR member, it just means ‘jelek.’ Whilst there was a debate about neoliberal policies in the Philippines and Latin America, it didn’t seem to reach these shores.

  22. Oigal says:


    Ah…it all becomes clear..ish

  23. Oigal says:

    Thanks Assmad,

    I could never figure out the application in Indonesia as it appeared(s) to be applied without any rhyme nor reason to people no matter their economic or political leanings other than anyone with a higher education than the local kampung school.

    I figured I must have missed a local translation aka wets and drys mean different things in the UK than say OZ.

  24. deta says:

    Mr. Dikki-the-man,

    But only a handful of NGO activists and academics in weird think tanks in Jakarta’s industrial belt even know that definition.

    I think so. It is only a tool used as the propaganda to oppose the ‘ekonomi kerakyatan’ which God only knows what.

  25. budies says:

    success sri mulyani

  26. realest says:

    I hate that fat piggy, damn populist piece of lard.

  27. Mbak Deta,

    Pak Oigal,

    Ekonomi Kerakyatan means:

    – Expansion of funding to cooperatives
    – Expansion of state enterprises.
    – Tariff protection, tax breaks, sweetheart deals for Bakrie/Kalla/Bukaka group because they’re ‘pribumis’
    – Deficit blowout
    – Trade protectionism (in line with point # 2.

  28. Oigal says:

    – Expansion of funding to cooperatives
    – Expansion of state enterprises.

    Tariff protection, tax breaks, sweetheart deals for Bakrie/Kalla/Bukaka group because they’re ‘pribumis’

    Well that’s pretty much directly opposite to the generally understand definition of neo liberal economics then. Smart guys these, still they did manage a fairly spectacular coup.

  29. Oigal,

    Those things are ‘ekonomi kerakyatan.’

    And it’s still on the defensive: Indonesia’s more or less dominated by neoliberal orthodoxy in economic policy now.

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