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The rules for commenting:

Comments are moderated, this is not a free-for-all, people who persistently make comments of very low quality will have their comments pre-moderated.

  • Don’t make threats, direct or indirect.
  • Type words properly, I not i, don’t not dont.
  • Write in English.
  • Don’t over-personalise things, deal with the issues.

Your comments may be edited to fix any problems as above.

If you have an issue with the comment moderation ask me a question from the About page.

12 Comments on “Comments Policy”

  1. Jack Hawkins says:

    A poster on the thread about Rika Tolentino Kato has used to the word “bitches” to describe Western women – I find this extremely offensive and would like this removed please

  2. David says:

    Ok Jack it’s done but with swear words I just ask that the vowels be replaced with * or the word be mis-spelled so that the sting is taken out of it.

  3. Fanglong says:

    Hi Patung !

    I have not been able to get “my” Gravatar. Is it because I am not on IE, but on Mozilla ?
    By the way, as an editor, I appreciate the general rules you propose.
    Terima kasih lagi !

  4. Mohammed Khafi says:


    Totally off topic I know, but I know of no other way to communicate with you, so my apologies.

    Why is your avatar the only one which I can see on Indonesia Matters, I registered with Gravatar, and for a short while was able to see my avatar, but for the last few weeks nothing, is it a problem with the gravatar servers or with Indonesia Matters?

    Regards and Respect

  5. David says:

    Fanglong and Mohammed, the site which serves the gravatars,, is under re-construction, so it’s not working. My gravatar still shows up because it is locally hosted on By the way you can contact me from the about page.

  6. Fanglong says:

    Selamat pagi Patung !

    Thank you for all.
    Now that I feel “allowed” to post here, I’m shy…

    Salam !


  7. David says:

    Well, we’re all waiting.

  8. Fanglong says:

    Really shy…
    And thankful.

  9. Eddy Sendouw says:

    By: Eddy Sendouw

    (This poem is purposely issued to support the Human’s Rights for all)

    If I could have a chance to build
    I wouldn’t like to build a starry palace
    Neither a mansion nor a big house on a hill
    But a hut, the only hut for human-race.

    If I could do something for a pleasure
    I wouldn’t like to please the rich people
    Neither the capitalist nor the millionaire
    But to sing a simple song for the poor neighbor.

    If I could be a ruler for to reign
    I wouldn’t like to be a man of authority
    Neither a caesar nor a king
    But a citizen in a Republic of Humanity.

    There, I can have a chance to own my property
    There, I can do something in a real reality
    There, I can be a big ‘Big-boss’ with a dignity
    Yes in there, in a hut of a Republic of Humanity.

    (“Forever Spoken” page 1, by Eddy Sendouw. Published by The International Library
    of Poetry in Maryland, U.S.A., 2007)

  10. Terry Munofo says:

    The police who perpetrate crimes against children should be held more accountable, and punished greater than people who are not sworn to uphold the laws.

  11. Dita says:

    dear Patung,

    this is a stupid question, but i have to ask it nevertheless since this is my first time ever logging in to this site. (yes, i know. i should get out more often ^^)

    is there a membership on this site that one must register to before one is allowed to comment on the discussion board?

    i have written and submitted one comment on the lively Dating Indonesian Girl topic
    when i realised that there is a fair chance that my comment won’t be posted
    since i am not a member of this site.
    i’m afraid that it’s my heart overlapping my head again ^^

    looking forward to hearing from you. your answer will be much appreciated.


  12. David says:

    Hi Dita, the first ever comment you make regardless of whether you have registered has to be manually approved by me, so anyhow your comment on the Dating thread is there now.

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